tagMind ControlTorturous Teasing

Torturous Teasing


Ian stepped out of the shower, his body clean but his mind as dirty as ever.

"Miss me?" he asked Andrea, walking back to the bedroom - a rhetorical question it seemed as slinking along the bed, she knelt on all fours, her tongue circling her full lips. She eyed his glistening thighs but was more interested in what lay between his toned upper legs.

"Come over here and let me show you," she replied, curling her tongue up to the roof of her mouth, teasingly inviting him into its warm depths.

Ian moved closer and reached down to guide his cock to her eager mouth, but she rabidly pushed his arms away and wrapped both hands around his girth, palming his balls and she slid the throbbing member into her throat. She sucked hard, clamping down on his manhood and flattening the veins as she drew back slowly. When she reached the top, she danced her tongue over the tip of the eye, almost breaking away completely before plunging back down, her muscles calming absorbing the thick meat. As she withdrew again, Ian could not stand the tickling sensation of her tongue and linked his hands over her head, pushing and holding it onto his aching rod. Andrea took the hint and stayed where she was, just suckling, fondling his balls and then rolling them in her mouth in turn. Ian could feel himself about to come, and moved his arms to his side, clenching his fists as the flow of juices rose. Andrea slid back along his cock just as he exploded, his hot semen splashing against the back of her lips before rushing into her throat. She gulped, then hungrily took the cock back inside her mouth, licking the head clean.

Ian and Andrea stared at each other, both with a look of satisfaction on their faces. Without warning, Ian placed his hands on Andrea's shoulders and pushed her flat on the bed with rabid hunger, spreading her legs and salivating at the fresh moist womanhood before him. The white marks surrounding his fingers testified to the lustful force holding her thighs apart. Before the slight pinching pain registered, it was quelled by the sensation of Ian's tremoring tongue sliding between her juicy lips. The sweet honey trickled over his taste buds, inspiring him to venture deeper. His lips pressed hard against her vulva, his tongue stretched to its limit, fruitlessly trying to inch a little further. To continue his journey into the depths of Andrea's glorious body, Ian opened his mouth wide, his upper lip rolling over the base of her clit, tugging it a little before it snapped back down into the damp warmth of his mouth. He sucked, the supple curtains of her labia spreading against his teeth. His hands released their grip on her thighs, as her relaxed state let them stay apart naturally, and they smoothed around to her rear. Andrea arched, allowing them to trail underneath, then lowered her cheeks again, savouring the contrast of the soft cushions of his palms and the clenching of his fingers into her flesh. His tongue was still busy furrowing into her mound, swimming against the waves of sexual secretion. It felt her walls drawing closer, and her impending orgasm was confirmed by the tensing of her ass, Ian’s fingers trapped between her cheeks.

Andrea had been holding in her climax, enjoying the oral attention too much to want to release earlier, and it showed. She erupted with fury, bucking and throwing Ian’s face from her body. He looked at her, a trickle of her fluids on his chin, smiling as he watched her writhing, her eyes closed, mouth wide.

“Fuck me,” she emphatically ordered, her trembling body controlling her words.

Ian knew what she wanted, and the rumbling in his loins indicated they wanted the same. But he had come once already, which meant his hormones were not built up enough to overpower his wicked mind. He didn’t just want her to want it, she had to need it, beg for it, plead for it. He was not physically dominant, but loved being able to mentally control her through pleasuring her body. And as much as part of Andrea hated the teasing, she knew when the time came, he would deliver ecstasy beyond her dreams and that the end justified the means.

“Patience my rose, patience,” he whispered, his fingertips tapping along her legs as he got off the bed. Her eyes followed him as he walked to the wardrobe and grew as he removed his rack of silk ties. He meant business today, she could see that, but she was determined to fight back against the imminent sexual torment. She happily let him tie her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, confident that she could control her physical urges. This time she was going to break him, just let out the subtle moans that she knew turned him on and not cry out as he wanted her too. This was going to be an interesting battle indeed.

Andrea’s fight started badly, as Ian took another tie and used it to blindfold her. If she couldn’t see what he was doing, she couldn’t prepare for it, and her body was more susceptible to making her mind betray itself. Part of her wanted to control her breathing, to put herself in a meditative state and repel his teasing. But although she didn’t want to give in to the pleasure, she wanted to feel it. No, she was going to have to take the challenges as they came, to play the game without letting the game play her.

The first test came as Andrea heard Ian flick open the bottle of massage oil which lay on the bedside table. She winced at the irony - she had bought the oil with the intention of using it on him. She braced herself a little, but although she knew what to expect, the question was where? Her answer came as the cool liquid splashed into her navel, followed by Ian’s thumbs scooping it out, guiding it towards her hips then cupping the falling lotion in his hands and smearing it up and back towards her stomach. His hands were now completely covered in the fluid as they engulfed her breasts, spreading the oil around them. Andrea tried not to react when Ian’s thumbs brushed her sensitive nipples as they veered into the centre of her chest. He squeezed her globes, his fingers almost clawing as they tried in vain to grip against the soft slippery surface.

Ian felt the gentle breeze of Andrea’s breath against his face as she tried to silently exert her pleasure. He realised that she was purposely holding back but he decided to continue at his usual pace. He wasn’t going to satisfy her by letting her see he was heightening his attack, although he had a feeling he was going to have to use some more innovative sexual weaponry.

His targeted her nipples again, this time with intent. He gently pressed on the tips and swivelled them, feeling them grow firm beneath his thumbs. Andrea smiled in a way that said “nice try but keep going”, so Ian went for a three pronged attack. Whilst still rotating her nubs, his fingertips pattered on the underside of her orbs and the peak of his tongue lightly swept over the skin between her cleavage. Andrea calmly accepted the triple tender temptation but was caught off guard when Ian clenched and pushed her breasts against his tongue. She had to tense to stop vocal expression and Ian felt the tightening of her stomach under his elbows. He sucked hard, small pieces of either breast drawn against his teeth as he roughly massaged the rest of the flesh on her spheres. His tongue repeatedly darted over and under the small barrier of skin created by the pressuring of her breasts together. He was relishing every second of this challenge, and his plot was only just forming.

He stood and leant over her, delicately dotting his fingertips down her chest, over her hip, swerving towards her dew-soaked mound then back again, continuing along her leg. His touch felt like drifting snowflakes on her body and she yearned to feel them more. She felt like she was in a prison cell, reaching out between the bars trying to grasp the keys on the floor just beyond her. Her mind was the cell, its stubbornness to win this torturous game restricting her from receiving what her body really wanted. She almost ripped the cell door from its hinges as he wrapped his hand around her ankle and began to stroke the base of her foot. The muscles in her sole stretched as she strained to hold back against the tickling sensation. She tried to block it out, focusing her thoughts on the evil revenge she would wreak on Ian. Yes, she would wait until he fell asleep then tie him up and then she would… Her mind was abruptly brought back to the experience in hand as Ian’s fingers were replaced by his tongue. It wriggled on the ball of her foot, then slithered straight up the middle. Andrea cursed Ian’s ability to find all of her erogenous zones as he ran his tongue along all of her toes then toyed with each one, plucking them like the strings of a harp and letting them start to slip slowly into his mouth before sucking them all the way. As he came up from the last toe, he let go of her ankle, and her foot flicked up at the release. Ian narrowly avoided being kicked in the chin, and grabbed her foot again so he could devilishly suckle the taut skin of the sole against his teeth.

His hand brushed up the front of her leg causing a manageable mild tingling that persuaded her to lower her defences. This was a mistake, as his palm continued over her crotch, flexing so her clit rolled across the bones of his hand making it react, defiant against the rest of her body and mind. Her hungry labia had now received a taste of things to come, and was determined to convince its owner that the resulting pleasure would be worth total submission and declaration of her desires. Ian’s tongue arched over her quim, its touch just outside of her most sensitive zones, just making them aware of the dampness above them. Her mind agonised with itself as her quim cried out when the tongue left the area completely, retreating back into his mouth which began painfully slow wet kisses down the second leg. Andrea felt the urge rising, quickly through her chest but then meeting some resistance in her throat as she swallowed to try and hold it in. She knew she could handle the more direct foreplay but the delicate nature of his initial tempting was making her want that almost as much as full penetration. As Ian began the same leisurely paced process on her other foot, her mouth started to open, ready to release the scream building up inside.

Suddenly, Ian’s meticulous meandering ceased and he pounced on her unsuspecting but very welcoming womanhood. Her scream would have turned into a heavy sigh were it not for her body tensing sharply, preventing any strong oral emotional release. Instead, she regained control in the battle, letting out tactfully timed tantalising moans. Ian’s tongue was randomly darting around her labia and into her hole and received light sighs in different places. The sweet tones satisfied Ian’s body, but his mind became frustrated, as no indication was being given about which spot was being hit with most success. Yes, she was back in the driver’s seat, she could get his manhood throbbing, aching, yearning and finally able to break free of his wicked mind and take what it wanted.

Ian stepped up his assault, his tongue violently stabbing her vulva. He sucked strongly, pinching her lips as attempts were made to squeeze them through the gaps of his teeth. Andrea moaned louder and faster but then quietened and slowed again. Ian did not feel her orgasm so knew she was teasing him. He was knelt on the bed with his face bent down to sample the delights of his prey. His cock head rubbed against the sheet and the gentle excitement caused by the brushing of the fabric over his penis tip made his hormones enter the contest between body and mind again. His hand moved under his body, firstly to squeeze his cock at the base, discouraging any build up of fluids and to try and pull his foreskin over to shield the sensitive apex. Then it continued between her thighs, his middle finger stretching out past the others as it pressed along the path between her pussy and anus. Without warning, it then spiked her ass, inserting halfway then retracting a little, flicking so his nail just scraped along the most responsive area of her secret hole. Andrea’s body turned to her mind and said “Sod you, I’m going it alone” as it burst out it’s climatic liquids, giving Ian his second facial shower. Andrea nearly choked holding in her vocal appreciation, but Ian knew he’d won a battle, even if the war had just begun.

Ian lay beside Andrea, supporting himself on one arm, and just stroked her for a while as she came down from her high. His feather-like caress tightly followed the curves around her breasts but didn’t actually touch them. All her supple spheres could feel was the warmth radiating from his palm, until he lowered his hand a little and ran it across her chest, her hard, prone nipples grating along the crevices of his fingers.

Andrea had relaxed and wasn’t quite ready for her pleasure to ascend again, giving her mind time to think about her next move in this game of sexual chess. Her leg began tiny pedalling motions, which Ian suspected was delightful discomfort. That was a fleeting thought however - he soon felt her real motive as her thighs repeatedly rubbed against his increasingly agitated cock. He was glad she was blindfolded, as his face screwed while he tried not to flinch. This was turning into a race against time, to see whose body would first demand the end of this foolish game.

Ian determined that Andreas body was not particular opposed to the words he wanted her to say but that it was blocking any vocal reaction in general. So he opted for more assertive forms of persuading the release of her desires, even if it meant sacrificing the pleasure his normal teasing gave her. Andrea felt the mattress rise as Ian stood off the bed and then heard the opening and closing of the bedroom door. Part of her wanted to quietly release the tension inside her but she suspected that it may be a trick and that Ian was still in the room. She cursed her paranoia as she was proved wrong when Ian did come back into the room and she heard something being placed on the bedside table. She then heard him rummage in the drawer and the slight rustle of cardboard as he tipped something out onto the top.

Ian looked at these two cruel last resorts and softened a little. He would give her one more chance to succumb to subtle delights he thought as he went to the wardrobe. Andrea’s body was at a crucial point so he had to work fast. It was still starving for him, but as it had been left alone for a few moments, it’s barriers against his teasing had begun to regenerate. Ian’s tool of temptation managed to fling itself between the barriers before they closed completely, and the immediate destruction of its defence caught Andreas body by surprise. The touch of his tongue and fingers had been gentle, but nothing had prepared her for the light tickling caused by the feather boa as Ian flicked his wrist, making it snake across her chest. She couldn’t hold it all back any longer and her body caved in first and started writhing. But even this was controlled to some extent, her hips swaying in such a way that they were not only avoiding the boa, but slowly seducing Ian’s cock and making it see what it was missing. Her physical restraint collapsed completely, however, when the pointed tip of the boa scratched along her clit, making her buck wildly.

She still managed to stifle her facial reaction, however and Ian knew he would have to use the heavy artillery. He reached to the table and Andrea heard the crackling of plastic. She knew exactly what it was but before she could brace herself, Ian put the tray back down and thrust the cube of ice against her breasts. He rubbed it slowly and methodically around one nipple and then the other. Andrea clenched her fists tight, then when he pressed her cleavage together and dropped the cube between it, she bit her lip so hard that she almost drew blood. She was still fighting, but on instinct alone and Ian suspected what would come next would break her resistance totally.

Andrea felt Ian’s fingers on her nipples. She thought they seemed wet, but assumed it was still from the ice. What she realised within a few seconds though was that he had massage tiger balm into her sensitive nubs. As the heat rose quickly, she viciously cursed him in her head. Her body could not contain itself though, and she frantically and violently pulled at her restraints, bucking fiercely as Ian knelt between her legs, smiling, admiring his handiwork.

He moved in for the kill, leaning over her and guiding his aching cock to her sweet pussy lips. He hovered over her entrance as he bent to her ear and goaded

“Come on baby. Let it out. I know what you want. Tell me. Tell me what a good little nympho you are!”

Ian’s knees were holding her thighs apart, preventing her from bucking, so the bare purple head of his cock rubbing at her lips felt so near yet so far. She had tried, she really had, but she had to give in. She opened her mouth to scream, to let Ian know what she wanted, needed. But at the same time as her throat opened and released her cries, the temptation of her inviting womanhood became too much for the throbbing member outside and Ian drove into her, impaling her on his hungry girth.

Who had won? Was it a draw? Neither Ian nor Andrea cared as they rocked together, their dams of juices breaking almost instantly but their adrenaline fuelled body’s bucking harder and faster. They absorbed each other deeper with each movement and as they both climaxed, they shouts competed to be louder.

Ian fell onto Andrea’s chest, panting. He slowly undid her restraints, expecting her to be exhausted as well, but she took him by surprise and pinned him to the bed and tied him up.

Oh, revenge was going to be sweet…

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