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Hey, folks. This is Rotten Pines. I love to write erotic and non-erotic fan fiction, and I thought I'd share one of my stories on Literotica. This story is based on the Total Drama Franchise, a Canadian animated series which ran from 2007 - 2014, and had a spin-off series, called Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, in 2015.


Courtney and Gwen: Total Drama University

Description: Set after the events of Total Drama All-Stars, Courtney wants nothing more than to move on and forget about the past, but when a familiar face becomes her new college roommate, the two girls are forced to come to terms with their feelings towards one another.

All characters presented in this story are over the age of 18.


Chapter 1

It was already pretty late in the afternoon when Courtney began driving up the narrow street leading to the campus' residence halls.

"Finally, I'm here!" she sighed, taking in the scenery. It had been a long and grueling couple of months, but after passing the LSAT and applying to the best law schools in Canada, the young overachiever had finally reached her goal. She had been accepted to the Faculty of Law at McGill University.

Never mind that her first choice was The University of Toronto

"You can't always get what you want . . ." She hummed along to the radio with a giggle as The Stones played on some crummy college rock station. She couldn't help but laugh at her own laid-back attitude. A year ago, she would have been furious. She probably would have jumped in her car and made the trek up to Toronto, just so she could personally berate some poor girl from admissions, but after everything she's been through; the backstabbing, the betrayal, the . . . mistakes, she realized, quite simply, you can't always get what you want.

You want to win a million dollars? You get stabbed in the back by a bunch of liars and cheats.

You want a stable, reliable boyfriend? You get to watch him make out with a Goth Slut on national (no, international) television.

You want to bury the hatchet and finally put that horrible ordeal behind you? You get your secret plans exposed by some spazz with multiple personality disorder, and now things are worse than ever!

"Although, I guess that last part was kind of my fault . . ."

Whatever! Sure, Total Drama All-Stars might have been a disaster, and yeah, Courtney might have watched both her dreams of winning a million dollars and her newly reforged relationship with Gwen get flushed down the toilet, literally! Yes, Courtney blamed herself, in part, for what happened, and wished she could go back and stop things from ending up the way they did, but hey, it's just like the song says, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you find you get what you need!"

Courtney needed this. She needed to forget about the past. She needed at least one thing in her life to go her way. It might not have been her dream college, but she was going to one of the best law schools in the country, and that was a win in her book. Courtney smiled as she parked her small hatchback a block away from McConnell Hall.

Just then, her phone rang.

"Hello," she answered. "This is Courtney."

"Finally," the voice on the other end responded. "I've been trying to call you all afternoon!"

"Oh . . . sorry," replied Courtney. "I never answer my phone while driving. You know, studies show that you're five times more likely to get in an accident-"

"I don't care. Listen, this is your resident advisor. I'm calling because your crap has been clogging up the hallway all morning."

"Right, I had a moving company deliver my things this morning. I guess they must have left it in the hallway." Courtney laughed uncomfortably. "I just pulled up to the hall. I should be there in a minute if you-."

"Don't strain yourself, girly. We're hand trucking your crap out of the hallway as we speak- Ow!" the RA yelped. "Don't follow so close with that thing, you idiot!"

". . . sorry." A voice in the background replied.

"So yeah," the angry woman continued. "We're leaving your stuff with your roommate, okay?"

"My roommate?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah, I got her info right here," the advisor paused. "Let's see . . . It says here her name is- WHOA!"

A loud crash followed as the phone call suddenly ended.

"Hmm," Courtney pouted. "They better not break any of my things, or I swear I'm calling my lawyer!"

Just being lucky enough to find a place on campus was a sign that things were finally going her way. Courtney originally wanted to get a place for herself in the McGill Ghetto, the neighborhood east of the school's campus, but she couldn't find a place she liked in her price range. Granted, in retrospect, her expectations were a bit high, but really, how can you call yourself a respectable apartment complex and not have your own private gym and sauna room?

Thankfully, at the eleventh hour, she was able to snag this spot at the residence halls, or else she would've been homeless. There was a cancellation or something, she didn't know the details, but their loss was her gain! Of course, that meant she was stuck with a roommate for the year, but hey, after four seasons of Total Drama, sharing a room with just one girl would be a piece of cake, and that was the best part of it all, really; being able to say goodbye to all of that Total Drama nonsense. With each step towards her new dorm room, she felt the weight of that wretched show finally lifting.

"Goodbye Chris McLean, you egotistical sadist!" She thought and she ascended the staircase.

"Goodbye Duncan, you two-timing son of a bitch!" She beamed as she glided down the hallway.

"and finally, goodbye forever, you two-faced, vindictive harpy . . .


Courtney practically screamed as she entered the cramped, symmetrical two person dorm room.

"Courtney?!" The green-haired goth froze, her already pale face practically white with shock. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Your room? This is my . . . Oh God!"


"You've gotta be kidding me!"

You're my new roommate?!

Chapter 2

It was already pretty late in the afternoon as Gwen unpacked the last of her things from the brown cardboard boxes that littered her half of the room.

"Whoo!" She exhaled, wiping the sweat from her brow as she admired her handiwork; her various books, DVDs, and other personal effects strewn around haphazardly, posters tacked to the walls at odd angles, a closet filled with clothes; colors ranging from black, to darker black, to even darker- look, this chick really loves to wear black, okay! All and all, it was the type of room that would make a neat-freak overachiever completely lose their mind.

"Perfect." Gwen smiled as she reached into the last box of junk sprawled on the floor and placed its contents on the desk. There was her diary; a thick, bounded black leather tome, double-locked after an . . . unpleasant incident a few years back, her heavily annotated copy of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre (It was her favorite book, because of course it was!), and finally, buried deep at the bottom . . .

"Oh, I forgot I had this." Gwen said quietly to herself.

At the bottom of the box, wrapped in brown packing paper and slightly worn, was an old photo book. Gwen had started keeping it after she made friends with Geoff back during Total Drama Island. The old album was filled with all of her experiences on that ridiculous show, and the others since then, both the good times and the many, many bad ones. Still, it was nice to have around, if only to remind herself of how far she had come. As she thumbed through its pages, old memories came flooding back to her mind; pictures of her and Trent, well before their breakup, one of Owen trying, and succeeding, to down a 6ft hoagie all by himself, one of Duncan, that jackass!

Why did I ever waste my time on him?

There was one of Leshawna, of Lindsey and Beth, of . . .

Gwen paused and stared at the last photo in the book. She remembered it as clear as the day it was taken, and for a moment, her heart sank as she saw those two smiling faces, so carefree and filled with hope, arms wrapped around one another in a casual embrace, completely unaware that their worlds were about to come crashing down.

Inside the worn-out old photo album was a picture of her and Courtney, together again and happy after months of being at each other's throats.

Gwen had always regretted stealing Duncan away from Courtney. Even if they were already broken up, she knew what she did was wrong. She betrayed Courtney's trust and felt disgusted that she let her hormones get in the way of their friendship. She wanted nothing more than to go back and fix that awful mistake. So, when she learned that Courtney was going to be on All-Stars, she jumped at the chance to finally make amends.

Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned.

It took weeks of trying; of begging and pleading that brought the goth girl to tears, but finally, Courtney begin to open up to her. Slowly, the two girls began to rebuild their friendship, much to Gwen's relief. Pretty soon, it was like it was back in the old days, before Duncan, before she screwed things up. Things were so clear, for a time. For just a moment, Gwen believed that Courtney was more important than her relationship with Duncan, more important than winning the million dollars, more important than . . . anything.

Of course, that moment didn't last. Just a day after that picture was taken, Mike (or Mal, whatever he wanted to be called!) revealed Courtney's real plans. She was plotting to have Gwen and the others eliminated one by one, manipulating them just so she could get what she really wanted.

In the end, all she ever cared about was the money.

Gwen pulled the photo out of its place in the album and held it up close. Part of her wanted to just tear it up right there and be done with it . . . but she didn't. Maybe she wanted to remind herself of what a fool she was. Maybe she was afraid of letting go, but for reasons not even she fully understood, Gwen took that photo and pinned it to the cork board overlooking her desk.

"If only . . . " Gwen started, but nothing else followed. She honestly didn't know what more she could've done. Was she too hard on Courtney? After all, she was just playing the game like everyone else, right?

No, Gwen thought quietly to herself, it wasn't the same.

Gwen would have expected getting back-stabbed by someone like Heather or Alejandro. Hell, even Mike turned out to be a total psychopath towards the end, but not Courtney, not after everything they had been through. She trusted her, opened up to her more than she had opened up to anyone; more than Trent, more than Duncan. She really thought they had something; that they were . . .

"NO! No, not again!" She shouted, jamming her open palm to her forehead, as if to physically beat back the surge of emotion that suddenly flooded her brain.

"Don't do this to yourself, Gwen. Just . . . forget about it." She stared at the photo before turning back towards the boxes littering her floor.

It's over.

Suddenly, from outside, there was a loud crash. Gwen perked up her head and moved to the door to see what was causing the commotion. Outside, she spotted an older woman sprawled out on the floor, covered in spilled coffee and nursing a bruised shin. Gwen recognized her as one of the floor's dons. Behind her, a young man with a blank expression was hauling a hand truck filled with boxes.

"You idiot!" the coffee stained RA exclaimed, "I told you not to follow so close. Look at this mess!" The young man's only response was a low, muttered "Sorry 'bout that."

Gwen had seen enough. She turned back to the privacy of her dorm room, only to be once again greeted by the noisy pair seconds later.

"Are you Gwen . . . umm . . ." the woman asked, staring at the coffee stained pages attached to her clipboard. "Damn it! There's just a smudge where the last name is!"

"That's all right. Yeah, my name is Gwen. What's up?"

"Got some bad news about your roommate." The sour-faced advisor stated, still trying to clean herself up.

"Oh, well she's not here, yet. Do you want me to-"

"Yeah, she's not coming." The RA continued.

"What! Why not?"

"Got herself kicked out. Rumor is she got caught paying someone to take an exam for her . . . you didn't hear that from me." She concluded, realizing her mistake in spreading such gossip.

Gwen had met her would-have-been roommate only once during an orientation ceremony a couple of weeks back. She was a nice girl, but a bit lazy looking; didn't really seem like the college type. In retrospect, that kind of made sense now.

"Anyway," the RA continued, "someone came and filled her spot last-minute. This is all her crap." She pointed to the man with the hand truck, who, much to the RA's dismay, spilled his cargo onto the floor with a thud, causing one of the boxes to split open, revealing its contents.

"What is wrong with you!?" the RA shouted.

". . . sorry." the hand truck man muttered once again.

"Jeez." She sighed, turning back towards Gwen. "Look, I just called her. Your roommate should be here any minute. Her name is . . . " she paused, looking back at her clipboard, the contents of which was completely illegible.

"Whatever. She'll tell you herself when she gets here."

With that, the disheveled pair exited the room, the floor don berating her associate all the way to the elevators. Gwen turned to look at the mess that had been left in their wake.

"Damn, this chick is not gonna be happy when she sees this!" Gwen smirked, trying to put the spilled items back into their damaged container. There was a bunch of law books (Guess I know what her major is, Gwen thought.), an old PDA that couldn't possibly still be in use (Hmmm, where have I seen one of those before?), and a framed certificate for completing a counselor-in-training program at some camp in-

Wait A Minute!

"No!" Gwen said out loud. "It can't be. It just can't! It isn't possible!"


Courtney practically screamed as she entered the cramped, symmetrical two person dorm room.

"Courtney?!" The green-haired goth froze, her already pale face practically white with shock. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Your room? This is my . . . Oh God!"


"You've gotta be kidding me!"

You're my new roommate?!

Chapter 3

So, there they were; two young women who never wanted to look at one another again, suddenly face-to-face. After everything they'd been through; years of friendship and betrayal, of making amends and dashing dreams, of hopeful reunions and terrible goodbyes; only one thought raced through their astonished minds.

"Where the hell are the god-damned cameras!?"

In what could only be described as a mad-dash, the coeds went to work tearing their dorm room apart; flipping over mattresses, checking behind desks, under chairs and in closets, searching desperately for signs of camera equipment, listening devices; any shred of evidence to prove this meeting was not purely random, but a calculated ruse for entertainment purposes . . .

. . . in other words, a show.

"Get the hell out here, McLean, you son of a bitch!" Gwen exclaimed as she searched her closet for bugs.

"I swear to God, if that bastard's behind this, I will sue him for everything he's got!" Cortney screamed as she inspected every one of her desk draws, searching for signs of foul play.

"Do you hear me, Chris? I will sue you, and I will own you!"

"What the hell is going on in here!?" came a voice from just beyond the doorway. The two freshmen turned around to find their RA, practically fuming at the scene playing out before her eyes.

"Have you two lost your minds, or are you just tearing your dorm rooms apart for fun?"

"Uhh . . . No, we . . ." Gwen stammered.

"Umm . . . Sorry," Courtney started. "We- we thought-"

"Listen, I've been through enough grief for one day because of both of you," the RA declared. "If I have to come here again, I promise that the two of you won't be here in the morning. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"We understand."

"Good," said the floor don as she turned to leave. Awkwardly, Courtney shuffled her way through the mess of boxes and other assorted items they had tossed feverishly to the floor, towards the open hallway door, and closed it, trying desperately to regain her composure before turning back towards Gwen.

"I guess this isn't part of the show," Courtney said, her face flush with a mix of adrenaline and embarrassment.

"I guess not." Gwen replied as she sat on her bed, her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the floor. "How have you been?"

"I've been better," Courtney mumbled, still unsure of what had just happened. "Didn't expect to see you here."

"Me neither. . . Weren't you supposed to be going to Toronto?"

". . . No." Courtney stated with a hint of frustration that let Gwen know it was best to just drop the subject.

"Gwen, I . . . I want to apologize for how I-"

"Just . . . Stop, okay. I don't want to hear it right now."

"But, I-"

"Listen, Courtney," yelled Gwen. "I tried everything I could to regain your friendship, to show you how sorry I was. Clearly, I must not have tried hard enough, because you had no problem stabbing me in the back."

"Me stab you in the back; are you kidding me?" Courtney snapped. "After everything you did to me; stealing my boyfriend, humiliating me on live television, having me kicked off the show without a second thought, and you're mad because of a stupid little chart? What the heck is wrong with you!?"

"It's more than just the damn chart, Courtney!" Gwen fired back. "I trusted you. I really believed that we were . . . were . . . you know . . ." she stammered.

". . . friends . . . or whatever."

"We were. We are!" Courtney yelled.

"Then why, Courtney!" Gwen shrieked, her voice becoming horse with rage. "Why did you betray me like that!"

"I . . . I don't . . ." Courtney stalled. Gwen readied herself for a smart-ass remark.

Instead, Courtney just stood there with a look of confusion on her face.

". . . I don't understand."


"Gwen, we were in a winner-take-all competition for a million dollars," Courtney stated the fact. "I thought . . . I thought no matter which one of us won, we'd still be friends afterwards. I mean, God-damn, Gwen, we were on that stupid show for four seasons! Hell, you broke up with Trent for trying to help you win that one time. I just thought . . ." Courtney paused, unsure of what she wanted to say next.

"I mean . . . it was all part of the game, right?"

It was as if a dam had broken. Somewhere, deep inside, Gwen snapped. Tears began rolling hot down her face. Within seconds, she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh God!" Courtney exclaimed as she watched her new roommate implode. "Wha- what did I say?" She reached out a hand to try to console the young goth, only to have it slapped away.

"Don't touch me!" Gwen screamed as she pushed past the confused Type-A girl.

"You really don't get it, do you!" Gwen spat as she rushed out the door and down the hall; trying desperately to escape the humiliating situation. As the other students in the hall looked to see what had happened, Courtney could only stand in the doorway, confused and embarrassed by her own ignorance.

No . . . I don't.

Chapter 4

What the hell is wrong with me!?

The words repeated over and over in Gwen's head as she raced down the street; running from the confused roommate who didn't know what she had done wrong, from the crowds of people who stopped to stare at the poor little goth girl with tears in her eyes, from her own stupidity for thinking that Courtney would understand what she was feeling, and from herself; from the truth she refused to acknowledge, even though she knew what she felt was real.

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