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"I'm so glad we decided to blow off classes today and get an early start," Karyn said as she drove.

"Oh, God, yes," Tia agreed. "I would have fallen asleep in my econ class anyway. That professor is so boring. And on a beautiful Friday too."

"The weather is perfect. We deserve a little break."

"You got that right, girl. Thanks for inviting me along."

"Thanks for coming. I love visiting my family, but you know how it is." Karyn had been promising to make the two hour drive home for a while, so when the weather turned nice she asked her college roommate to join her. "Besides, I can't wait to see how tongue-tied my little brother gets around you."

Tia laughed. "You said he was a bit shy."

"A bit? He's shy around girls and terminally shy around pretty ones." She glanced at her friend. "And you, sweetie, are drop dead gorgeous."

"Oh, stop that. I'm too tall and awkward -- and my tits are too small."

"Don't pull that false modesty crap on me. You are supermodel material and you know it."

"Right," said Tia dismissively.

But Karyn was right. Her roommate was almost six feet tall, slim, and had the high cheekbones and big eyes that turned heads -- male and female -- everywhere she went. Add the long jet black hair and prefect, light brown skin of her mixed ancestry, and it was very easy imagine her on the cover of a magazine. That she was about to get a degree in mathematics came as a shock to the few people she told.

Shifting in her seat, Tia looked Karyn over. "You know, you awfully pretty yourself, Karyn."

"Yep, I do know it," Karyn said with a smile. "But there's pretty and then there's gorgeous. I'm the former and you're the latter."

Tia reached over and gently tugged at her friends pony tail poking out of the baseball cap she always wore. "Look at this lovely blond hair. You really should let it down now and then. And if you would wear something feminine occasionally...."

"You mean slutty."

"Oh, now that's not what I mean at all."

They had this conversation at least once a week since moving in together at the beginning of the term. Tia was attending college on an academic scholarship, Karyn on an athletic one. Her game was soccer and she had the super-fit body of one for whom sport was a serious endeavor. In a sense the two women couldn't have been more different. Karyn, a blond from the Midwest, was a half foot shorter than Tia, the exotic beauty from the west coast. Yet the two had become fast friends almost from the moment they met.

They dressed differently too. For Tia casual traveling attire was a short skirt and silky tank top that left her midrift bare accompanied by open-toe sandals with two-inch heels and a hair band to keep her lush black mane away from her face. The effect was startling, accentuating her height and showing off her long slim arms and legs as well as the swell of her small, pert breasts. Karyn, in addition to her baseball cap, wore a well-used tee shirt with the school logo on the front and her soccer number on the back, running shoes with knee socks, and -- in a concession to her gender -- a light blue skirt. As usual, Tia had chided her that morning: "At least the colors match."

They had turned into a rest area along the highway so Tia could use the facilities when time Karyn's phone rang. It was her mother. When Tia came back out Karyn explained, "Mom called. I can't believe it. She and Dad aren't going to be home. My uncle fell off a ladder and broke his leg so they've gone over to be with him and his family and help out for the weekend."

After making sure Karyn's uncle was going to be all right, Tia said, "Well, I was really looking forward to meeting your parents but at least your brother will be home."

"Not sure how much we'll see of him. He's got school today and I heard something from Mom last week about a girlfriend. That was a shock. Jake and a girlfriend. Who'd have thought? She must have made the first move. He may be shy but he's as horny as any 18 year old guy."

"And from the pictures you showed me he's a looker."

"I guess. He's my brother, you know. So I just don't see him that way. Anyway, he's usually pretty busy on the weekends. Soccer practice, going out with his friends -- the usual high school stuff."

"And now his girl too."

"Yeah, there's that, but I'll have to see it to believe it."

A half hour later they pulled into the driveway of Karyn's home. On entering what they had thought would be an empty house, the first thing they noticed was the music. Karyn looked at Tia. "Well, maybe little brother skipped school today just like we did. Come on, let's check it out." Carrying their bags the two friends crept through the house toward the source of the sound. "Seems like it's coming from his bedroom."

"Think we should? Maybe he's got his girl in there."

"Not a chance. Besides, it's like, what, 10am?"

As they walked quietly down the hall Karyn whispered. "Damn, it's coming from my bedroom." Then song ended and a quiet, slow, sexy piece began as they came to the open doorway and looked in. Their jaws dropped at the sight. They looked at each other, then back into the room.

Two male feet were propped on the bed. Someone -- it could only be Jake -- was sitting on a chair with his feet on the bed, but the open door block their view of the rest of him and his view of them. What caused their jaws to drop was the redheaded girl swaying to the sexy music with her back to the door all the while inching up the back of her pleated plaid skirt revealing more and more of the backs of her thighs.

"I have a surprise for you," the redhead said in a husky voice.

"Another one? I thought the surprise was getting a lap dance this early in the morning."

The skirt inched up higher exposing the bottom of a nicely rounded and quite bare behind.

"No panties? Now that is a nice surprise!"

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," replied the girl. Then she pulled the skirt higher, spread her legs, and bent over.

If it were possible Karyn's jaw would have dropped to the floor. She stood there staring at the girl's naked ass and perfectly bare pussy.

Wiggling her bottom at her boyfriend, the girl said coyly yet with pride, "I shaved. I even waxed it."

"Jesus Christ!" Jake exclaimed saying the words the jumped to Karyn's mind. "Holy fuck!"

"Maybe you'll get that lucky." The ass wiggled again. "Like it?"

"Like it? Megan, I'm speechless."

"Good. You're in for a treat." Still bent over, Megan reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. "Ever watched a girl masturbate?" Apparently Jake couldn't find his tongue, he remained silent. "I've been fantasizing about doing it in front of you, you know. Just the thought of it really turns me on." Her finger slipped between her lips. "God, I'm wet already."

Tia and Karyn exchanged looks. Rooted to their position in the hallway by the open door, they watched the erotic scene dumbfoundedly, each wondering what the other was thinking. Then Megan pushed her finger into her vagina as far as it would go and looked back at Jake from between her legs -- at which point she saw the two girls. Karyn found herself blushing at being caught as a voyeur.

Megan didn't bat an eye. She asked Jake, "Are you sure your sister isn't going to come home before this evening?"

"Yep. She has an afternoon class."

"You sure? It'd be pretty embarrassing to be caught like this in her room. Maybe she'll blow off her classes today. We did."

"Nawh, Karyn's a straight arrow. She wouldn't do that. Mom said she'll probably get here around seven."

Megan pulled her finger out and stood up. Turning to face him, she put it in her mouth. "Mmm. I taste good."

"God, you're naughty."

"It really turns me on." She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled up her skirt. Stroking her bare pubis she said, "It's so soft." But when Jake reached for it she swatted his hand away. "Not so fast, buster. You gotta wait." Her eyes went to the women in the doorway again. "Karyn's bringing friend with her, isn't she?"

"Yeah, Tia, her roommate."

"Didn't you say Tia was tall and gorgeous?"

"This is hardly the time to be talking about other girls."

Shifting one leg so the Karyn and Tia couldn't miss what she was doing, Megan pulled back the hood over her clitoris and teased the little bud. "Don't spoil my fun, Jake. Part of my fantasy is doing this while carrying on a normal conversation. In fact, sometimes I imagine I'm in front of a group of people. They're all dressed and we're just chatting away about everyday things, but all the while I've got my skirt hiked up and am playing with myself just like this." She pushed two fingers into her pussy. "Oh, yeah!" Squirming, she continued, "You've told me a lot about Karyn. What do you know about her roommate?"

With a sigh, Jake seemed to accept Megan's insistence on talking during her show. "Not much, she wasn't there when I helped Karyn move in. She showed me a picture though. Tia's hot." Karyn poked Tia in the ribs at that. The roommates were rather like deer in the headlights just staring at what was before them.

"Mmm," moaned Megan, pushing up her tee shirt to expose her braless breasts. "How hot?"

"Christ, you're killing me, Megan. Have a heart!"

Megan pulled at her nipple and repeated the question. "How hot?"

"Not sure, it was just a snapshot. She's tall, exotic looking, slim like a model."

Working her breast and pussy with more vigor, Megan said, "That sounds really hot. Are her tits bigger than mine?"

"Not that I could tell. You have great tits, baby. Sure I can't lend a hand?"

"No, just wait. I'll make sure you're happy by the end of the day."

"End of the day!?"

Megan stopped. "We could just go out for a walk, you know, or watch some TV."

"Okay, okay. You win. Don't be mean."

"All right then." She got back to business. "I can't tell you how turned on I'm getting doing this in the full light of day. Sure beats the back seat of a car. And being watched! It's so hot. I guess I'm an exhibitionist." She spread her legs wider and angled herself more toward the doorway. "I have to tell you just thinking about your sister and her friend walking in on us all most makes me come." One hand fingered her clit while two fingers of the other explored her vagina. Her eyes went to the girls in the hallway.

"Well, you keep imagining it then," Jake told her in a voice filled with lust

From the hallway Karyn watched in awe, never having even imagined such a scene. Megan was shorter than her by a few inches but perfectly proportioned with shoulder length red hair and full breasts topped with turgid pink nipples. She found herself rubbing her thigh and resisted the desire to move her hand to her pubis. From the corner of her eye she saw that Tia was unconsciously massaging a breast while gazing with open mouth at the lewd display. The smell of Megan's arousal filled the air.

Jake's girlfriend changed positions. Getting on all fours on the bed with her knees spread, she lowered her chest to the comforter and turned her head so she could look back at the doorway. One hand played with her pussy while the other massaged her ass. "Oh, God, you can see everything can't you?" she asked rhetorically and winked at the two girls watching silently.

"I can't see your face," Jake told her.

"Don't worry I'll show you something else." The hand on her ass worked its way over to her pussy and slipped a finger in beside the other two already there, then drew it out and up to her anus. "We never talked about anal play, Jake. Does it gross you out?"

"Hell no. I've seen it on-line, but I was worried what you might think about it."

"Let me show you," Megan told him as she pushed her finger tip into her bottom. Hearing Jake groan, she said, "Yeah, I like it too. I wonder if your sister likes it -- or her friend. What's her name?"

Karyn almost said "Tia" but luckily Jake was quicker. "Tia, and how would I know what they like? We don't talk about sex."

"You should, you know. She's a college girl I bet she knows about a lot of interesting thing. Has she been with a girl yet? They say that's pretty common in college -- girls experimenting and all that." As she talked, her finger wiggled deeper into her ass while those in her pussy never stopped moving. "I'd love to try it some time. I love what you do to me but I've always thought a girl would, well, instinctively know just what to do. And I'd love to put my tongue in another girl's cunt."

"Jesus, Megan, you're too much. But the thought of seeing you with another girl is really hot."

"You'd like to see that?"

"Of course I would. Doesn't every guy?"

"Do you think Karyn or Tia would give it a go?"

"You can't be serious!"

"Why not? They're going to be here all weekend."

All the while Megan's eyes never left the two women in the doorway, as if she was making a direct request. That look, the dirty talk, the blatant exhibitionism, the presence of her brother and Tia, the way Megan was exposing herself -- literally and figuratively -- combined to make Karyn feel like she was caught in some overpowering sexual tsunami. Tia seemed to be feeling the same way and stepped behind Karyn as if for protection. However it was Karyn who felt reassured when Tia's long arms wrapped around her and pulled her close.

With her fingers working her nether region, Megan asked, "Have you ever seen Karyn's cunt, Jake?"

"Christ, you're a naughty little minx, Megan. But I did once when I walked in on her while she was in the shower and forgot to lock the door."

"And what did she do?"

"She never knew I was there. The shower has a glass door. She was washing her hair and had her eyes closed."

"Oh my, so you saw her completely naked. What'd you think?"

"I thought I better get out of there before she saw me."

"You know what I mean. Did seeing her turn you on?"

"Well, ah, you know, I..."

"Come on. Tell the truth."

"Okay. Yes. I stood there and stared for a while. She has a fabulous body. You know, she's serious about being an athlete. Got the scholarship for playing soccer and all that. Her body has like zero fat."

Karyn shivered and Tia squeezed her tighter.

"Tell me."


"Describe it. Was her cunt bare or hairy?"

"Not bare. But not much of a bush either. She's a real blond, you know, everywhere. So it's light and sparse. Doesn't hide much."

"Tell me about her cunt lips then." Megan pulled at her own. "Are they like mine or does she have one of those neat little pussies that doesn't pout?"

"Geeze, at the time I didn't think there'd be an exam. I didn't take notes and I can't believe you've got me talking about my sisters pussy." Karyn couldn't believe he was talking about it either.

"Come on, give. I bet that sight is burned in your brain."

Jake laughed. "Well, I have to admit it is. I mean like any guy, especially a few years ago, I was dying to see a real naked woman, and then to see her there like that, naked, wet, her hands massaging her head, breasts swaying, water dripping off her nipples... She has big nipples."

"Big around or do you mean ones that stick out?"

"Ones that stick out."

Karyn jumped as Tia's fingers brushed over her nipples. When she looked back Tia mouthed the words "they are big" and smiled.

Jake continued. "But not out of proportion. She's got nice tits. Not huge but more than a handful. And those thighs." He sighed. "She's always had great legs from all that soccer. Strong, good muscles, but really sexy. Then I couldn't believe it. She...." He paused.

"She what?"

"She turned around and bent over to rinse her hair."

"Oooh! That must have been a sight." Megan's fingers reacted to the image by plunging into her orifices.

"I almost came in my pants."

"You were hard?"

"I think my dick got hard the moment I saw her."

Karyn couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her own little brother had spied on her while she was naked in the shower and got an erection. More mortifying was that it made her excited just hearing about it. As one of Tia's hands began to slide down over her belly, without a thought Karyn clasped it in her own and guided it down to her pubis. When Tia began to rub, Karyn reached behind and found the inside of the tall girl's thigh, then, feeling Tia respond to the touch, brought it up underneath the short skirt.

Megan turned on her side with one knee in the air. Putting her fingers back in their respective holes she continued to masturbate. "Keep going. Tell me what you saw and make me come."

Karyn and Tia heard the sound of a lighter followed by a deep inhalation and exhalation, then a cloud of bluish smoke gathered at the ceiling and the smell of pot filled the room. Another thing I didn't know about my brother, thought Karyn.

"Good pot," said Jake. "Let's see. How to do Karyn's ass justice? Like I said she's always been in great shape so it was nice and firm. Her legs were spread and that beautiful pussy was pushed right out."

"Were the lips parted?"

"A little bit. I could see pink."

Megan moaned. "Oh God. Tell me more."

"What's to tell?"

"Did you want to touch it, to lick it?"

"She's my sister!"

"Oh, yes, she is! Imagine licking your sister!" Megan lost control as her orgasm exploded.

Watching the frenzied girl squirm on the bed Karyn and Tia rubbed each other pussies, and Tia's finger slipped beneath the panties and found Karyn's slit. She was very wet. Megan went on for some time and quite loudly, combining cries of "Oh God," "yes, yes, yes," and "lick your sister, lick your sister" until she finally descended from that erotic peak to lay back exhausted on the bed, breasts heaving. For a moment the only sound was the music, and Karyn and Tia disengaged awkwardly as Megan sat up and put her clothes back in place.

Just as the college students were about to walk away, Megan jumped off the bed and said, "Look who's here! You must be Karyn and Tia. I've been looking forward to meet you, but forgive me. I'm dying to use the bathroom. Be right back." She slipped past them and ran down the hall. The other girls had no choice now but to enter the room and say hello to Jake.

"Geeze, er, hi, Karyn." Jake stuttered utterly flummoxed at this turn of events. "Didn't expect you so soon."

Tia hung back as Karyn put on a stern look and crossed her arms over her chest. "Normally I'd give you a hug but I don't think that'd be appropriate now," she said looking down at Jake and the big erection making a tent in his jeans. She sniffed the smell of sex in the air. "Here's my formerly shy little brother using my bedroom for sex, skipping school -- and smoking pot too."

Caught red handed and unable to hide his stiff dick, Jake turned deep red. "Gosh, Karyn, I'm really sorry. I didn't think you'd be home until this evening." He paused thinking. "Hey, you must have skipped classes too!"

Karyn tried to think of a good retort but she couldn't keep up her act and started laughing, and Jake, relieved, laughed with her. Tia smiled and put out her hand. "Hi, I'm Tia, nice to meet you at last. Don't bother to get up." Glancing down at the bulge in his pants she added, "I have no idea why Karyn called you her little brother" -- emphasizing the word "little."

Jake shook her delicate hand. "Hi, Tia. I can't imagine meeting you under more embarrassing circumstances."

"Oh, don't worry. You wouldn't believe how silly college boys can be." Kicking off her sandals, she sat down on the bed and crossed her legs under her which, given the short skirt she was wearing, meant Jake was now looking at the small triangle of cloth covering her pussy -- actually not quite covering it completely. Noticing where his gaze went, Tia smiled. "I figure it's my mission to tease you all weekend. Karyn told me you were shy around girls, but now I figure she doesn't know her brother half as well as she thought."

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