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Total Woman Academy 06


Ned briefed Mrs. Smith regarding Emily's sensual massage skills. Based on her performance, he would file a revised score of excellent and no added instruction was necessary. He shared her concern for the grading system's lack of uniformity. First Emily, then Destiny had received unfair evaluation assessment reports. If the students supposed the grading system to be arbitrary, they would be disheartened from expending optimal efforts to improve.

Mrs. Smith said the control experiments' hotel bookings were confirmed. She thought four simple tests should give an adequate measure of the evaluation grading procedures. The tests would include horizontal oral sex, stationary seated vaginal cock milking, missionary position and after sex bathing. She had briefed the two students participating in the duplicate assessments. They agreed that they must strive to perform the exact same way for each transporter. They were told the transporters would compare notes later to expose any inconsistencies. They thought they were being gaged for their consistency rather than the evaluators.

There was a knock at the door. Mrs. Smith voiced her permission to enter and a fashionably dressed student demurely passed through the doorway. Ned's eyes surveyed the black strappy heels, left ankle bracelet, taupe stockings, grey wool pencil skirt, and white silky blouse covering the statuesque physique. The column of beauty was classic East European topped with long, dark wavy hair and brown eyes. Her face was accentuated with smoky eyelids and rosy lips as it expressed quiet anticipation.

"Ned, this is Flora. She is your first evaluation assessment subject. She has been briefed on the procedures. Flora has agreed to strive for excellent and consistent performance during both evaluations. Flora, this is Ned. He will transport you to your first evaluation assessment. When he has completed your evaluation assessment, he will steer you to your second evaluation assessment. Any questions?"

Having none, Ned stood and led Flora by the hand from the building, into his car and drove her to the hotel where the dual evaluation assessments would take place. They arrived early in the afternoon and had until noon the next day to complete their assigned tasks.

Ned directed Flora to undress and put away her garments. Clothes were superfluous until noon tomorrow. She shed her clothes and hung them in the closet. Full nudity suited Flora. Ned undressed to his boxers and, sweeping back the covers, lay on bed. Without further ado, Flora climbed in and her hair brushed his genitals as she pulled his shorts off. Taking his manhood inside, she employed long strokes, then short strokes and held the knob lightly by her teeth as he exploded.

They rested and in the evening Flora spent an hour sitting on Ned's groin as she pulsed her cunt muscles rhythmically up his cock. Ned relished the sensations and eventually ejaculated. Flora dismounted and settled herself in bed. Ned fell asleep with Flora's head draped on his arm, her boobs pressed to his side and her hair draped on his chest.

Morning broke and they positioned themselves for the next evaluation step. Ned lay atop Flora, groin to groin. They kissed and tongued each other's mouth for some time. Ned raised his hips, Flora spread her loins, her hand placed Ned's cock and he entered her. She bent her knees and touched her heels to his butt. He settled into the saddle and pumped. Flora rolled her hips in time with the pulsation. She opened her mouth and they bobbed their tongues. Ned wrapped his arms around hers and crushed her boobs to his chest. Her rubbery mounds wiggled between them. No words were spoken but the room was filled with noises: mattress squeaking, panting breaths, fleshy squishes and suppressed moans. At last, the consummation of their efforts arrived and they crashed into simultaneous orgasms. Ned exhaled and Flora's contorted body buoyed his relaxed bulk. She rubbed his sweat streaked back. Ned lifted his head, stared into Flora's eyes and kissed her ardently as he slowly shrank inside her.

Ned rolled over and closed his eyes. He awoke to the sound of running water. Flora was preparing his morning bath and he wandered into the bathroom for the final evaluation step. Flora was standing beside the garden tub. Her hair was piled atop her head. Ned lowered his bulk into the warm water. Flora kneeled by the tub and thoroughly cleaned, massaged and satisfied Ned. After Ned was dry and wrapped in a bathrobe, she bathed and restored her makeup. They watched TV until it was almost noon. Ned dismissed Flora who grabbed a bathrobe and departed quickly to be on time for her second evaluation. A short while later there was a knock on the door. Ned opened to find Flora standing in her skimpy bathrobe.

Ned smirked at her half exposed body. "Forget your clothes, Flora?" She laughed and slipped past him into the room. After Ned closed the door, she turned and dropped her robe. Ned's head motioned towards the closet.

"I'm not Flora. I'm Fawn, her twin sister. We wear ankle bracelets on opposite legs for others to tell us apart. See mine is on the right and Flora wears hers on the left. I was told your name is Ned. Are you ready to start my second evaluation assessment?" Ned smiled a very broad grin. Mrs. Smith had removed the visual stimulation test variable by using identical twins.

Ned removed his robe and lay on the bed. Fawn performed a first class blowjob and then they rested. In the evening, she duplicated her sister's hour of upright vaginal cock milking. Ned couldn't feel any difference between the sisters' cunt wall textures. Morning dawned with Ned and Fawn's bodies locked in passion duplicating his previous day. If he hadn't confirmed that the ankle bracelet was welded and not clasped, he could have believed Flora had simply switched ankles. Fawn's bath techniques were more complete and sensual than Flora's. Late in the morning, Fawn donned Flora's closeted clothes and Ned delivered Fawn back to the senior facility.

Ned filed his evaluation assessment report on both twins. Mrs. Smith thanked him for his labors. She had no immediate coaching requests, so Ned returned to his onsite residence suite to await his next assignment.

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