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Total Woman Academy 09


Ned sat naked in the limousine headed for the senior facility. Across from him sat Indira wearing perfect makeup and, for now, all of her clothes. Between them was a low table with flash cards. In the interests of time, Ned had designed a combined intelligence and poise test method.

Indira was a Mechanical Engineering major with a high GPA. Ned uncovered the first card which presented a question about entropy, a property of heat transfer. Indira indicated her answer and Ned turned over the card. They reviewed the flash card's answer and agreed Indira had gotten her answer wrong. She removed her right stiletto heel and placed it on the left side floor, the scoring area for wrong answers. Then Indira leaned forward and identified a sensual point on Ned's earlobe with a kiss. She leaned back to her seat and Ned uncovered the next card. Indira answered correctly. She removed her left heel and placed it on the right side floor, the scoring area for correct answers. Indira leaned in and kissed the tip of Ned's nose.

Another card was uncovered with a question on dynamic material analysis. Wrong. Indira unhooked her skirt, lifted her butt and slid the skirt over her nyloned legs. It joined the wrong answer pile. Indira leaned over and kissed Ned's eyelids.

Indira and Ned worked through the pile of cards as Indira worked through her diminishing outfit. When the full test was over, they would count the clothing articles in each pile and determine Indira's intelligence score. A passing grade was 75%. The order and method she used to strip her outfit would demonstrate her understanding of the subtle colleague diversion tactics taught by the guest lecturer and counted towards her poise score. Her ability to identify Ned's sensual points also counted toward poise. There would be a final poise step when Indira ran out of clothes.

For the remaining flashcards, Indira removed her sweater, and then shrugged off her blouse causing her bra covered cleavage to jiggle. The next flashcard was followed by the left stocking peel which flashed a deep cleft cameltoe in her thong. The right stocking repeated that exposure before the garter belt also joined the floor piles. After correctly answering a flashcard question, Indira unhooked her bra but shimmyed it off her breasts without using her hands, exposing makeup enhanced nipples.

Following each flashcard answer, Indira had likewise cataloged Ned's sensuous areas by kiss: lips, each nipple, navel and inside each thigh. The final clothing article, her thong panties, had side ties. Indira loosed the bowties and dragged the scrap of material forward under her ass and over her clit. That completed the intelligence question & answer period.

Indira smiled as she rose from her seat and kneeled in front of Ned for the last poise evaluation step. Indira's hands lovingly fondled Ned's semi-stiff member and she planted her last identifying kiss smoothly on the knob with a pointed tongue quarrying briefly into the tip slot. She kissed the cock more fully, licked its length and finger-fluttered his balls. Inventory complete, Indira rose to Ned's lap and let him check her lubrication. She looked down as he wiped a finger along her slit and found the soft lips naturally oily and ready for exploration. He moved his hands to her upper thighs and held her firm ass cheeks. She followed his guidance as he maneuvered her ass until she was properly aligned.

Ned helped her with the insertion of his cock by holding it upright as his other hand led her slash to his tip for imminent entry. She dropped her tube over his rod, moving slowly down and getting him fully encased. Indira parked her nipples on his and hugged his neck. Ned's nose filled with her scent. He heard her groan and strain and his cock felt milked by her vaginal compressions. Then Indira slowly rose and lowered her butt, using side to side movements and sliding her nipples around his chest. Ned simply went along with her lead. She was greasing his entire length with the different textures and temperatures resident along her cunt walls. Ned percolated steadily. Indira neither hurried nor slowed the pace. Indulging the leisurely pace, Ned was beginning to feel the pressure build in his core.

Suddenly, the limousine bounced and swayed as it turned into the senior facility driveway. They had been riding higher on the seat to brace for their snuggling. The coupled test subject and evaluator were knocked back on the rear seat with Ned's cock still embedded deeply in Indira's box. Ned, prone on top, took over the pace. He stepped up rhythm and the pair finally walked off the cliff of orgasmic bliss. As they panted down to normal breaths, the limousine stopped at the senior facility's front door. The limousine rear doors automatically swung open with a mechanical hiss.

Untangling themselves and getting properly re-seated, Ned and Indira counted the clothing piles on the car floor and determined Indira had passed the intelligence evaluation. She had also demonstrated her ability to think intelligently while disarming susceptible targets with her poise. Ned now wanted to see if she could find innovative ways of keeping her sexual quarry corralled after trapping him.

Ned picked up the car phone and called Mrs. Smith direct line inside the senior facility. "Indira has shown good progress since I transported her last year. We still have a few more evaluation assessment steps to do and will be working all night. Can you have our supper brought to the coaching tune-up suite? Good and thanks." Indira overheard the conversation and felt happiness. She was probably going to pass but must not falter in her efforts now. Indira re-donned her heels and gathered her remaining garments in her arms. She stepped out naked and walked confidently up the steps and through the front door. She strode down the hallways of this facility, her home for the next year.

Ned followed behind, admiring Indira's undulating derriere. Ned directed her left turn and right until they reached his personal coaching tune-up suite for her final evaluation steps. Indira was certain to receive a very good evaluation assessment if the rest of the night was as good as the ride coming here. He stepped ahead of her and unlocked the door. She followed him inside and surveyed the room. It was a marvel of functional furniture and open space with a luxurious attached bath.

Ned closed and locked the door. Indira turned to face him and awaited instructions. He commanded her to hang her clothes in the closet but retain her heels. The evening meal soon arrived and they ate the lite supper on the attached balcony. Indira remained nude but for heels and Ned wore just a loose pair of gym shorts. Ned ate his delicious meal as he savored the panorama of keen flesh in front of him. While they sipped their wine and coffee, Ned was planning out the resumption of the evaluation assessment.

Ned led Indira back inside and they stood facing each other at the edge of the bed. Silently, with a palm down motion, he directed her to her knees. She understood. She kneeled upright, nimbly loosed the waistband of Ned's shorts and lowered his sole apparel to his ankles, bending forward and down as needed to perform her task. He saw her full breasts dangle in sidewinder view beneath her torso. Ned lifted each foot in turn and watched the boobs jiggle as Indira removed his garment and set it aside. Ned sat on the edge of the bed. Indira kneeled up and eyed Ned's groin. He clicked his fingers and she looked up. Ned nodded that she could proceed.

Indira leaned in as she extended her tongue. The tip curled under his knob as she captured the head in her lips and drew him in. This was how she would get her after-dinner creamy dessert. Her palms rested against his thighs, ready to brace herself for the long, deep strokes to come. Ned looked at the wall mirror as he rested his hands on her finely coiffured head. He felt his cock swell in her mouth and received her best ministrations. It felt really, really good! Indira was certain to receive a delightful dessert and a decent evaluation assessment score if the rest of the evening proceeded as well as it had so far.

Indira sucked, licked, deep throated, lapped, kissed and fondled Ned to his complete satisfaction. She held him deep and swallowed her treat with gusto, adding the throat throbs to her buffet of stimulations. Ned collapsed back and Indira stayed locked on, dedicated to prolonging Ned's bliss, embracing him contentedly in her mouth as he slowly deflated. When he was flaccid, she rose and positioned Ned in bed. She crawled in beside him and remained attentive to his face and breathing until he fell asleep.

Indira woke when the mattress dipped. Ned was sitting up and gazing at her. Indira waited for signs of his requirements. He laid her on her back and straddled her chest. She understood and wrapped her chest meat around his newly stiffened groin meat. The strokes were long and heavenly for both participants. He fingered her nipples as she satisfied his needs. Her efforts garnered a pearl necklace and a volley that glazed her 'cum stung' lips. Ned grinned as she slurped the sperm into her mouth. Indira was delighted and pleased that Ned was seeing her full capabilities. She coveted a good evaluation assessment score.

In the morning, they played in the bath and caressed away the accumulated sweat and spunk. Newly refreshed, Ned dismissed Indira so he could file her grade report. He would give her 'excellents' in all categories. He was looking forward to upcoming Freewill Weekends where he hoped to get acquainted with more of her skills. Ned expected Indira would become a brilliant pupil at the Total Woman Academy senior facility.

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