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Total Woman Academy 15a


Karl heard a knock; it was his 2 o'clock appointment. "You may enter" he called. His next coaching tune-up appointment, topless, toned and pensive, glided meekly through the door.

The buxom blonde student stood silently, head faintly bowed, shyly observing Karl's face for an indication of how to proceed. Karl let her wait while he surveyed her near nakedness. Her black high heels were strap-ons, buckled around her ankles. She held her hands clasped in front of her cameltoe-forming green thong panties. Her blond hair hung past her shoulders, half in front and half behind. She saw him examining her and finally flinched under his gaze, giving Karl the excuse he needed speak sternly to her.

"Odette! Why have you asked for a coaching tune-up?"

The little blonde stuttered a reply that confirmed what Karl had been told: "I need to exercise my seated vaginal position."

Karl thought a while about how to proceed. The standard coaching routine for face to face seated vaginal took several steps. Each step usually ended when the male partner orgasmed. He would then take time to 'refract' his fortitude. The student and coach would regroup, often the next day, and continue.

Face to face seated vaginal training was a combination of 'threes'. The student was instructed to use three long axial strokes, three hip waggles and three vaginal clamps in a sequential repetition. She would repeat each set non-stop and was required to bring herself to orgasm as often as she could before her partner's first orgasm. Three times for her was the mandatory minimum to pass an evaluation assessment. The training routine was successful when the student achieved three cums before her coach cums in any one session.

Just prior to Odette's arrival, Karl had cum hard inside Olivia during her hands and knees position coaching tuneup. He thought it would take him an hour to cum again. But he hoped to be able to hold an erection while percolating his prostate. This lucky student Odette would get the full face to face seated curriculum in one hour-long session.

Karl rose from the arm chair and retrieved a stool which he placed in the middle of the room. He stood in front of it and commanded her, "Approach me, Odette!"

Odette walked forward; her heels clicking on the parquet floor. She stood at arm's length in front of Karl.

Karl said, "Take my shorts off."

Odette squatted upright in her heels and loosed the waistband wide before carefully lowering them over Karl's flaccid cock. He stepped out and Odette neatly folded them and laid them aside out of the way. She looked up at Karl surveying her from above. Karl ordered her to stand up. He held her eyes with his gaze as she smoothly stood and returned her hands across her hips. Karl yanked her thong's drawstring ties. He grasped the waistband above her vulva and rudely swept the silky scrap off her crotch and threw it over his shoulder.

Karl sat on the stool and adjusted his rump to a comfortable position.

"You need to prepare me for the coaching session. As a sophomore, you haven't received oral training but this is not a formal evaluation assessment. Do whatever you can to get me erect."

Odette kept her knees stiff as she bent at the waist. Her ass jutted high behind her as her hair draped Karl's groin. Her nipples contacted his thighs. Resting her weight there, her tits compressed like soft pillows. Her face and hands tunneled under the hair until her lips found Karl's flaccid tip hanging between his spread hips. She kissed, tongued and sucked the knob. She used one hand to cradle his balls and the other to support the shaft for better access. Odette felt Karl's successive twitches. She used a hand to sweep back her hair so Karl could see her actions. The tactile and visual scene got Karl harder until his cock tilted on its own to horizontal. Odette backed off her mouth and now stroked him with her hands, using palms full of her hair to slick along the rising tube. Her thumb rubbed the underside of the crown until Karl was suitably erect. Karl stopped her by jerking her hair up. He pushed her shoulders back and Odette stood up.

Karl closed his knees. "Shuffle forward and straddle my legs. Remain standing. Don't sit down."

Odette trundled forward until her inner thighs framed Karl's legs at mid-thigh. Karl run his palms up Odette's finely tuned inner thighs. He further and wiped a finger along her shaved gash. Finding oily moisture at the entrance, he inserted his finger to the second knuckle and waggled it. Dragging it out, he rubbed the wetness between finger and thumb to test the viscosity. She was juicing nicely. It was really the first he had touched her. More likely, she was excited by her unease in his presence. That boded well. Karl would use that nervousness and trepidation to intensify the effect of his coaching.

Karl grasped the sides of Odette's naked hips.

"Come closer now. Stand close to me so we can get you into a good position to 'mount'. I will help guide you over my cock but don't sit until instructed. Keep your heels on the floor; you will need the leverage. "

Odette moved until their stomachs touched. Karl's could no longer see his groin. He reached around under her ass and found the germane body parts. Odette was close enough for Karl to smell her mélange of odors: minty breath, floral body wash and vaginal musk.

"Sink down a bit...a little to the left...my left...down a fraction. Hold! Do you feel my tip at your slit?...Yes?...Okay, rise up." Karl moved his hands to her hips. "Now find the tip again unassisted and hold it lightly in place with your sticky cunt lips."

Odette cautiously maneuvered her ass around until she located Karl's knob again. She held the tip barely inside her cunt lips. Karl moved his hands to her ass cheeks.

"When I tell you to start, you will use one long push to bury me in in your cunt. You can do it; you're amply lubricated. You may brace your hands on my shoulders. "

Karl took a deep breath and exhaled. He braced his feet for stability and adjusted his hands on her hips.

"Okay, we are correctly arranged. I'm ready for you to showcase your capabilities. Enlighten me with an enjoyable first plunge into your cunt. Start now."

Odette clenched her jaw and glided down. Karl suppressed his moan as she slid his erection all the way in with one nonstop stroke. Her tube was textured and wet and warm. She wiggled her bottom as she placed her arms on his shoulders and held the back of his head with her hands.

Karl explained the three-three system. Three strokes, three waggles, three clamps, then repeat. Odette must follow his lead for his desired pace and rhythm. He made it very clear that she must bring herself to three orgasms before she brought him to his first orgasm. And he counseled her to maintain his desired rhythm no matter what. Her signal to end the continuous stimulation would be his first rope of cum shooting into the deepest depths of her cunt. Thereafter, she must cuddle his tool inside her receptacle until he instructed her on how to cleanly dismount.

"Is that all understood?"

"Yes, I will not stop until you cum."

Karl let her begin and patted her ass to signal the speed he desired. Odette rose until Karl's crown rim barely peeked out between her juicy cunt lips. Then she stroked down his entire shaft,, banging her clitoris against his pubic bone at the bottom. On the upstroke, Odette braced off her high heels to get the leveraged lift Karl had advised. She could feel his sensitive knob rim scour her tunnel and it felt good. She hoped Karl liked it, too.

At the bottom of the third stroke, Odette's clitoris banged Karl's pubic bone again. She rolled her hips and rubbed her clit hard against his skin. Two more hip rolls, two more hard rubs of her clitoris. She felt a deep tingling building there.

She bore down and clenched her vaginal muscles as hard as she could, three pulses. Bracing again, she rose and fell on the long strokes to begin the next set of repetitions.

Karl enjoyed how his rim skimmed along the walls of her wet tube. He sat still as Odette cycled through countless sets. For an evaluation assessment, Karl would have counted and later recorded the number of cycles. But this was training, so he spent the time mentally rehearsing his speech. Coaching was like acting; he was playing the role of teacher, disciplinarian and cheerleader all at the same time. The script never changed. He always delivered it after first time students had their first orgasm.

Karl knew that Odette was approaching her first orgasm. Her breathing changed and she emitted small moans at her hip roll-clitoris rubs. Her breathing, her rhythm of motions and her moans were accelerating. Odette drew in a deep breath, sank to the bottom of her last stroke, arched backwards and hugged Karl's neck, garbling out a cry of ecstasy. Karl kept his hands firmly on her ass to be sure she didn't move about errantly and hurt him.

When Odette had regained her regular breathes and senses, Karl moved his hands to her sweat streaked breasts, fondled the globes and tweaked the nipples. He pushed her gently back so he could talk to her. Odette clasped her hands behind Karl's neck for support. Karl's stiff cock remained warmly entombed in her warm, juicy cunt. But his face expressed his dissatisfaction and his voice was demanding as he admonished her.

"That was not what I told you to do! You agreed to provide continuous stimulation, unabated, until I cum deep in your cunt. Have I cum yet? Even before you stopped, you changed the pace without my permission. "

Odette's face looked shocked. She was dumbstruck by his ire. Karl allowed time for the words to sink in. Then he continued to invoke his professional training program.

"Let review the procedures again for the TWA curriculum in face-to-face seated vaginal sex. Mastering the techniques of this position and all the other curriculum positions is mandatory for graduation.

"First, you must cum often before your partner, three times is an acceptable minimum. Your orgasms will be an undeniable sign that you find your partner sexy, viral and desired. It will boost his self-esteem and deepen his lust for you.

"Second, you must commence with the three-three's stimulation at a rhythm that your partner demands of you through his variety of visual, tactile and vocals signals. If or when he demands a different stimulation rhythm, you must follow his new directives.

"Third, you must maintain the rhythm steadily until your partner cums. Gain control of your mind and body. Bring yourself to orgasm in such a way that you can enjoy the mental rapture while your muscle memory subconsciously sustains the carnal coitus motions. You may lose focus during your mind dazing tremor but your partner is still lucid and he expects your continuous stimulus.

"Lastly, relax and enjoy the ride. Your focus as a Total Woman Academy student is to give full devotion to your partner's desires. With practice and experience, you will learn to succeed in all the standard curriculum positions, just like graduates before you. You can do it!"

Karl smiled and gave Odette's nipple a playful tweak. He felt a reflexive twitch in her cunt around his erection. He would make note of that in Odette's training report and recommend further investigation into her nerve sensitivity. A thorough study could discover special ways to cultivate her sexual gifts.

Odette remained leaning back and waited for Karl's next command.

"Ready to try again?" he asked.

"Yes, I will follow the procedures this time."

"See that you do."

Remarkably, his erection was full and hard and still buried deep in Odette, despite the intermission.

Karl gave Odette's tits a quick firm squeeze, felt another twitch, and moved his hands to her back. He hugged her to his chest, squashing her boobs.

"You may begin" he said as he indicated his preferred pace by pattering the beat on her butt cheeks.

Odette commenced the three-three cycles. Karl let his mind drift as he assessed how well Odette regulated her movements. He wanted her to concentrate on her technique but he wanted her to achieve the second orgasm soon. He would wait out her third one before cumming himself but he was beginning to feel the pressure build from Odette's delightful manipulation of his dick.

Odette wanted to peak soon as well. She was anxious to prove her success in this position. She worked the stroke-roll-clamp cycles until she felt her pussy tingle and her neck and face blush from the excitement. She concentrated on maintaining a continuous steady pace that Karl expected from her. Her fervor climbed until, at the peak, she was overwhelmed by the intensity of this second orgasm and broke stride, halted and quivered violently.

After the surge of her passion dissipated, Odette's anxiety butterflies flicked nervous sparks from her stomach to her still glowing clitoris. She dreaded Karl's inevitable admonition for her repeat failure to govern her mind and body during their second episode.

Odette felt a quick palm slap burn her ass cheek. Karl gripped her tits hard as he pushed her back roughly for the pending second rebuke. Again he felt her cunt twitches on his dick. His report would definitely include a recommendation to investigate those charming tics.

"What was that?" he snarled. He saw her face crinkle towards a suppressed sob and hesitated before continuing. Coaching tuneups were always a fine balance between encouragement and disheartenment.

"Oh....stop that! Everybody starts slow, some slower than others. But every student who graduates learns these skills. You were better this time. You can do this. You simply need more practice."

Karl let these new words sink in. Odette's face calmed. Karl softened his voice.

"Let's try again. You haven't had your third one yet. I will wait you out and finish a little bit after you. Remember, when you feel my first rope burst out, go for the bottom and just roll and clamp, no stroking. Ease off on those after your feel my last rope, usually the fourth or fifth one. Then rest quietly. When I am re-composed, I direct you to dismount. Okay, straighten up your alignment and begin your cycling."

Odette hugged her body to his and held extra tight, determined to execute the procedures correctly on this third attempt. She braced her feet and elevated until Karl's knob rim reached the limit of her entrapping cunt lips. Three strokes, three hip rolls with clit rubs and three clenches, then she rose all the way up again. Odette now understood why the TWA curriculum included the strenuous aerobics, yoga stretching and muscle toning. She had been pumping her legs and hips continuously for most of an hour. Odette's legs felt the 'burn' but she pushed through it. She was resolutely trekking towards her third orgasm and applied her mind and body to the final missions.

Karl hoped Odette would peak soon. He sensed the energy returning to his own sexual batteries. He had been able to maintain his erection throughout the session. Now his prostate was teeming with creamy nectar eager to inundate Odette's tight snatch and he was toiling to hold it back.

Karl heard Odette whimper, struggling to control her moans. He mentally checked his groin and found no vacillation in her pace. He caressed her ass cheeks trying to help her arousal and cooed praises in her ear.

"That's it...keep going...don't stop...you're almost there...let your muscle memory drive the pace...let your mind ascend to the heights."

Odette responded with "ah...ahh...AHH", hugged Karl's neck and then blew out a long constricted "Ohh" as her legs, hips and ass kept churning without missing a beat. As she descended from her summit, she caught the sob of joy that rippled from her throat. She had done it! She knew she had done it. Karl would surely confirm it later.

Odette now focused on her final duty. She must maximize Karl's orgasm. Her hips kept beat to the unchanged cycle of three strokes, three rolls and three clenches.

Odette had continued the rhythms non-stop through her orgasm. She had worked Karl's genital nerves to a frazzle. His semen was ready at the gate. He was not obliged to use any more restraint.

Karl let his breath puff in and out through his half-opened mouth and, with a final ferocious gust, his back went rigid and he squeezed his eyes shut. Karl roared. His hands spontaneously gripped handfuls of Odette's ass flesh and he held her still on his lap with force. His first cum rope dashed from his tip and struck Odette's cervix.

Odette felt that first rope and bottomed out. She rolled and clenched but no longer stroked. Karl's severe clutch of her ass made her pussy almost vibrate. Karl felt them despite his swoon. His following ropes packed Odette's sensual grotto. Odette counted the fifth rope and stopped her vaginal contractions. She rested her weight in Karl's lap while breathing deep tranquil yoga breaths.

Karl's mind emerged from its stupor to sense his body swathed in warm female flesh. He disturbed Odette's 'chi' by pushing her away from his chest. They paused to regain their composures. Karl initiated the final steps.

"Carefully dismount but hold my sperm inside by clamping your cunt muscles. Don't spill any."

Odette tensed her core and slowly drew herself off Karl's cock. She clenched hard but an hour of Karl's cock probing her cunt had stretched her abilities thin and her hole wide. The life essence dribbled onto Karl's lap. Karl frowned.

Odette bounced to the bathroom and returned with towels. She wiped Karl's sullied legs and her cum smeared crotch. She retrieved her discarded panties. She stood impatiently before him as she had arrived, hands clasped in front, but now holding the thong in her hands. She awaited his verdict.

"You made a mess. Don't worry. You will err less with practice. I will file your training report with the housemother and she will review it with you. You did progressively better throughout the session but still need much practice. We're done here. "

She beheld Karl as she thought 'Man, what a ride!' Or should she say 'What a man-ride!' Karl had coached her through an entire position in a single session but she had much more to learn. Karl had been stern and tender with her in a masterful combination. She would ask the housemother for a regular schedule of coaching tuneups during her time at the Academy. She hoped Karl could find time to be her coach tutor for a lot of them.

Karl stared back at Odette. She seemed lost in thought.

"Odette! Odette!! We're done here." Karl waved the back of his hand at her as he added "You're dismissed!"

Odette departed the coaching tuneup suite. Karl spied his rosy hand prints marring the delicate skin on her undulating ass. That was not his fault. Odette responded erotically to fear and anticipation, even to discomfort. Odette's discomfort reaction had pulsed in her pussy. It had been beguiling and made him lose control. He would report on those special nerve reflexes which warranted further investigation. The housemothers rotated assignments randomly among the coaching roster to afford students different styles of coaching expertise. Karl would especially ask to be her lead researcher so he could robustly examine Odette's appetites.

These long afternoons could fatigue him. Karl checked his schedule to find he had an hour break before his next assignment, a 'reverse cowgirl' session. He hoped the student had a cute butt. The visuals of rebounding ass cheeks would help him maintain his ardor.

Karl staggered to the bathroom to clean up and refresh before his next assignment arrived. He would rest before setting the stage for another virtuoso performance as a coach at Total Woman Academy.

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