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Total Woman Industries 02


The shiny new concept automobiles were on display. String bikinied models draped the vehicles, their surgically rounded boobs and butts receiving more consideration than the sleekly rounded hoods and fenders supporting them.

One such model draped machine was the TWI Electric Car. It was a concept vehicle with the manufacturing still being organized. It boasted affordable energy efficiency thanks to its space age metal alloys. Total Woman Industries had locked up an economical source of rare earth elements, providing an economic quantum leap in battery life and electro-magnet power.

Francine wore a micro-bikini and draped the hood. Jeffery, truly uncomfortable away from his beloved manufacturing floor, answered questions from reporters who only half listened to his extensive responses as they drooled over Francine. Jeffery was getting irritated. He liked order and proficiency. As an industrial engineering manager, he was feeling the same with these journalists as he did with his few employees. Not many could attain his standards of precision and commitment to quality. That's why he favored robotic manufacturing. Robots were precise, dependable and tireless. Jeffery was a hard man to please.

The reporters moved on with backward glances at Francine. Jeffery welcomed the break from their stupid questions. Francine slid off the auto. Her skin rubbed the acrylic finish with a squeaky noise. Jeffery took note and looked over at his mechanical progeny. Francine was thankful that her minimal attire had no clasps that might scratch the polished finish.

Francine smiled and said "Don't mind them; they're just paparazzi. They need something to sell to their readers, whether it's fabulous stars or fabulous cars. The real audience is the buyers and when they understand that your baby will save them a lot of money, they'll come running. I know I will"

Jeffery's mind began a slow motion movie of Francine running in her micro bikini. Her large boobs were rebounding up and down and side to side, straining her minimalist clothing. The engineer inside him thought about the tensile stresses in the fibers, whether the thin straps could resist the bursting forces. Those forces were governed by acceleration and mass. Before he could calculate that, he needed to know the mass and density of her breasts. That would depend on their size and whether they were natural flesh or plastic implants.

Lost in his thoughts, engrossed in calculations, he absent mindedly pointed at Francine's chest and asked "Are those real?"

Francine was used to being cat called and wolf whistled but this was new and rather forward, especially from her client and in public. Over the last few days she had recognized whenever Jeffery was off on a mental tangent. He struggled to give simple answers to journalists' simple questions, trying to be exact and dazing them with too many complex answers. She was amused and curious. So where had this question come from?

"Why do you want to know?"

"Your bra might snap when you run to buy our car."

Francine was speechless but took it in stride, realizing that Jeffery was a genius who sometimes failed to adapt his thoughts to his surroundings. She reached out and hugged Jeffery's arm to her breasts, guiding him behind the booth curtain to a chair.

"Let's sit you down over here, cherie. Your head might catch fire from thinking too hard."

Francine decided the best way to get Jeffery back to the Car Show was to answer his question. She took his hands, held them to her breasts and helped him squeeze to search for implants. Finding none, Jeffery happily completed his mental calculations using the natural density of breast flesh. Francine could run amok. Her bra would hold the globes but barely.

The crowds had dissipated. Francine was wearing a light robe over her show costume, picking up the leaflets left over at the end of the day. Doing shows was good pay but unsteady work. She had earned a degree in Sales and Marketing but found early in her career that her bodacious body marketed products quicker than her witty sales pitches. She liked working these shows and, despite his cerebral safaris, Jeffery really knew his product. She was intrigued by this concept car. She wanted to find out more about Jeffery and his car.

Francine threw a pitch at Jeffery. "Let's go get changed and get some dinner. I want you to tell me more about this car."

The waiter took their order, brought some wine and appetizers. They were seated at a sidewalk café facing the sea.

"So, Jeffery, can you tell me in 10 words or less what makes your car so special?"

"Well, it's state of the art, uses advanced batteries, most of the components are crafted and assembled to precise tolerances by robots, it has good performance dynamics and comes in radiant colors. Then there's ..."

Francine held up her hands to stop Jeffery's soliloquy. "That's a whole lot more than 10 words and I can tell you're just warming up. Can you summarize it or something?"

"But the details are important" he said.

"Yes, in a marketing presentation or a glossy brochure where there's space and time. But when someone asks a simple question, you need to give them a short concise answer. You're a brilliant scientist but so was Einstein and he described the entire universe with just 5 characters: E = M C 2."

Jeffery gave that some thought. Francine seemed to know her stuff about marketing and product promotion.

Francine continued "When you were curious about my boobs, you got right to the point, a short question, and a short answer. So apparently you can be concise when it's something you need to get to quickly. Maybe we can work on that." She slid around the table a little and placed her hand on Jeffery's crotch.

"Let's try again, 10 words or less."

Jeffery felt Francine rub his cock through his trousers. He said "It will outperform, outlast and cost less to run than your neighbor's car."

Francine liked the way that sounded. She counted the words in her head. "Thirteen. That's much better and close enough. Now, why will it outperform my neighbor's car?" She rubbed his cock some more.

"The rare earth alloy electromagnets in the wheel motors perform better."

"And why will it outlast my neighbor's car."

Jeffery said "Fewer moving parts."

Francine rubbed some more and said "Wow. Great answer. And why will it cost less to run than my neighbor's car?"

"Rare earth alloys in the batteries recharge faster and discharge slower. The car is manufactured to the highest standard of fit and finish eliminating potential corrosion spots and airfoils. The whole car weighs less due to carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. The aerodynamics alone will add mileage by reducing air friction. And we also..."

Jeffery droned on and Francine let him go. She had gotten two out of three respectable sales pitches from Jeffery. That was a good start. She decided that TWI might be a good career choice. Jeffery was the best source of a full description of her prospective new product line. There was big potential in collaboration.

When Jeffery took a breath to sip his wine, Francine asked if he would show her all the features, advantages and benefits of the car. Jeffery was excited to fully demonstrate his newest obsession. They strolled back to the car show arena.

The guard checked their ID's as he checked out Francine. She wore a bit more than her car model outfit. Still, her knit miniskirt hugged her toned butt and the stretchy sport top hugged her boobs as she hugged Jeffery's arm. They entered the darkened display floor and ambled to the TWI Electric Car. It was a sporty two-seater. Francine climbed in the driver seat and Jeffery leaned in, describing the dash displays. He peered down Francine's top at the hefty cleavage she was displaying. His descriptions were short and concise. When he moved to the passenger seat, he continued to describe the cars features but his answers became longer and more complex, filled with pedantic details.

Francine decided to experiment. She climbed across and straddled Jeffery's lap facing him. "So where is the power plant located?"

Jeffery stared at her spandex covered breasts and said "In the trunk."

She popped off her top, letting her golden waves of hair splay and then settle down her back. "How long does it take to charge the batteries and how long will they perform?"

"All night long; then all day long."

"That sounds like your describing my performance. Are you sure that's the batteries?"

Francine pulled her miniskirt to her waist, exposing her cunt. She took Jeffery's hand, placed it there. He explored digitally.

She asked "Does the car require special lubrication?"

"All the moving parts are permanently lubricated. She's always ready to go."

Francine was satisfied that she had discovered the key to getting appealing sales pitches from Jeffery. Francine reached between them and levered Jeffery's cock out. He was tuned up and ready to go. Placing the tip, she sprang lightly, tapping his erection into her vagina. Jeffery quaffed her exposed nipples. Francine set a moderate, steady pace, enjoying the smoothness of the ride. Jeffery's motor was definitely running. He felt the rim of his knob brush her G-spot nerve bundle with every stroke of his piston and she purred like a finely tuned engine. Sometimes her scalp brushed the ceiling and she bowed in, pulling Jeffery's head tighter to her bosom, trying to avoid knocking her head on the roof.

They raced towards the checkered flag, acting like coldhearted rivals, ignoring the risk of overheated equipment. Barreling over the finish line, Jeffery roared and jetted his essence into Francine's cylinder. She swooned and clutched Jeffery's head to her chest, burying his face in her soft headrests. As they idled down, Francine pecked kisses over the top of Jeffery's head, finger stroking his cheeks and ears as he lazily kissed and sucked her nipples.

"Jeffery, I want to sell cars for you. I think I can honestly say that this car excites me and that I can portray that to potential customers. Will you give me a chance to prove myself as an able saleswoman; more than just a showgirl?"

Jeffery should run that by his wife, Nadia, but it sure sounded good to him. Although he had found a new advantage of the car, namely 'babe magnet', sales work was best left to professionals like Francine. Now that he had taken the car for a different kind of test run, he was anxious to return to his beloved factory and improve the passenger compartment with added features, like vibrating seats and more head room.

Short, concise and to the point, Jeffery replied "You're hired."

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