tagIncest/TabooTouch Me Daddy Ch. 03

Touch Me Daddy Ch. 03


Eric walked into the kitchen, closing the door behind him. He lay the bags of groceries on the kitchen counter. Hitting the message button on his answering machine, there were the usual wrong numbers and telemarketers trying to sell him something.

As he put the groceries away, he heard Julie's frantic voice, "Oh Daddy! Where are you? I need you!"

Eric pressed "rewind" and listened to the message again. It sounded like Julie was crying. Heart racing, he picked up the phone and dialed Julie's number at collage. The phone rang and rang, with no answer. He slammed the phone down, lifted the receiver and dialed her number again. Still no answer!

"Damn!" Eric cursed. He was frantic! "Julie, where are you?" he asked out loud. Just as he was about to try Julie's number again, he heard the front door open and close.

Relieved, Eric called out, "Julie, is that you?"

"Yes Daddy," Julie answered.

Julie walked into the kitchen and with one look at her father, she burst into tears. Eric pulled his sobbing daughter into his arms.

"Honey, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" Eric asked.

Julie was crying so hard, she couldn't speak. Her father held her close, trying to calm his distraught daughter.

"Shhhhhhh sweetie, it's okay, tell Daddy what's wrong," Eric cooed soothingly.

He led her to the overstuffed chair by the window, sat down and pulled her onto his lap. Julie snuggled into her father, burying her face against his chest. Her tears soaked his shirt. Eric held his daughter and gently rubbed her back. The two sat for a long time.

"Oh Daddy," Julie commented as her sobs subsided.

"Now can you tell Daddy what's wrong, honey? You know you can tell me anything," Eric said.

Nodding her head, Julie took a deep breath and pressed herself closer to her father's broad chest. Eric waited patiently for his daughter to explain why she was so upset.

"I....errr....we...ohhhh I can't say it!" Julie stammered, unable to look at her father.

Eric gently pushed her back and looked into her eyes, "Julie, are you in trouble? he asked sternly.

"No Daddy, I'm not in trouble, not the kind you mean anyway," Julie replied, looking away from her father's staring gaze.

"Then tell me, sweetie, what is it?" Eric pleaded.

Sighing deeply, Julie started, "Daddy, if a girl touches another girl, does that mean she is a lesbian?"

"Well honey, not necessarily, some women are together out of curiosity, and some are what they call "bi-sexual". they like both men and women." Eric explained, "why do you ask?"

"I can't tell you Daddy!" Julie gasped, "you will think I am bad!"

"Honey, I would never think you are bad, I love you," Eric promised, " now please tell me what's upsetting you so."

Taking a deep breath, Julie hesitated, " Lisa and I touched each other, well more than touched each other. I don't know how it happened, it just did!"

Eric smiled at his beautiful daughter. He pulled her into the circle of his arms and kissed the top of her head. His cock twitched slightly at what Julie had said.

"Oh honey, that doesn't make you bad! Tell me what happened," Eric said.

Julie sat up and looked at her father.

"You don't think I'm a bad person?" she asked

"Never baby! There's not a bad bone in your beautiful body," Eric laughed, "now tell me."

"Two nights ago, I was having a bad dream," Julie started, "I guess I was crying in my sleep. Lisa came over to my bed and tried to calm me down. She woke me up. I was so afraid, I hugged her. She held me close and whispered that I would be all right. It felt so nice to have her holding me like that. I could feel her breath on my neck."

Julie hesitated in telling her story. She squirmed slightly, still sitting on her father's lap. Eric was conscious of her ass brushing against his cock. He felt it throbbing harder.

"Go on, honey," Eric encouraged his daughter.

Julie continued, "Lisa looked me in the eyes. Then she leaned in and kissed me. Oh Daddy, her lips were so soft. I liked it. Is that wrong?"

"No honey, it's not wrong for two people to make each other feel good," Eric replied, "then what happened?"

Julie sighed and went on, "As we kissed, Lisa rubbed her hand over my breasts. I was wearing your old T-shirt with no bra. My nipples were hard, Daddy. I liked how it felt."

Julie could feel her father's reaction to her words as his cock pressed harder against her ass.

"Go on, honey, tell me what Lisa did then," Eric pleaded.

"Well, she slid her hand under my T-shirt and rubbed her palm over my nipples. She was wearing a short nightie and I moved my hand under to feel her tits as well. Oh Daddy, her nipples were so hard. Then she pulled my T-shirt over my head and pulled off her nightie. We were both naked. Her tits are small with large pink nipples," Julie told her father, taking a deep ragged breath.

Julie realized she was getting turned on telling her father what happened with Lisa. She knew he was as well, because his cock was pushing harder against her ass. Julie shifted slightly on her father's lap, settling his cock in the valley formed by her legs.

Julie continued, "Lisa moved closer to me, pressing her tits against mine. She slid her lips down my neck and across my shoulder. When she started kissing down towards my nipple, I felt my pussy throb. Oh Daddy, when she took my nipple into her mouth, I nearly fainted!" Julie whispered hoarsely, sitting straight up.

Eric pulled his daughter back against his chest. His hands moved around her and cupped her breasts. He could feel her nipples pushing against his palms. He made a circular motion over her firm tits.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," Julie moaned, laying her head back on her father's shoulder.

"Tell me more, baby," Eric murmured in her ear.

Julie swallowed hard and started again.

"Lisa pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs, moving in between them. She leaned closer and, starting at my knee, she kissed all the way down my inner thigh. My whole body was trembling. When she kissed my pussy mound, I put my hands in her hair and held her there." Julie said breathlessly.

Eric hands moved down over the gentle swell of Julie's tummy and rested on her pelvis. Unconsciously she moved her hips upward. Eric's cock was fully engorged and pressing hard against his pants; but he didn't want to move Julie, for fear she would stop telling her story.

Julie was close to panting as she carried on.

"Lisa moved down on my pussy, using her tongue to spread my lips open. I felt her circle my clit and suck it into her mouth. Then she pushed her finger into me. Oh Daddy! I wanted to stop her, but I couldn't! It felt sooooo good! I told her to fuck me! Fuck me hard! And she did Daddy! She slid another finger in beside the first one and fucked me hard while she sucked my clit!" Julie gasped.

Eric couldn't control himself any longer. He reached down and unzipped his jeans and pulled his swollen dick out into the open. Julie took her father's cock into her hand and started pumping, moving up and down the shaft. Eric slid his hand under Julie's skirt and moved his fingers along the edge of her soaked panties. Julie spread her legs and Eric pulled them aside and plunged his finger deep into his daughter's wet cunt.

"Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" Julie moaned as she jacked her father's cock.

Eric buried his fingers and started pumping them in and out of his eighteen year old daughter's sopping wet cunt! His thumb rotated against her swollen clit.

Gripping the shaft firmly, Julie fist fucked her father's throbbing cock harder. His precum oozed out of the slit, dripped off the purple head, and ran down her fingers.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Daddy! I'm cummmmmmiiiinnnnngggggggggg!" Julie cried, as her cunt muscles contracted around Eric's fingers.

"Oh sweet baby, jack me harder!" Eric groaned, as his balls drew up close to his body.

He was shooting hot cum all over Julie's hand and leg.

Julie gradually released her grip on Eric's cock. With a wicked grin, she brought her hand to her lips, sucking her father's seed off her wet fingers.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Daddy," she moaned, "you taste so good."

Eric watched as his daughter licked her fingers clean. He leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of his daughter's sweet face. His mouth covered her soft lips as he moved his tongue against hers. The taste of his cum on her lips excited him. Eric slid his fingers into his mouth, tasting Julie's love honey. Her taste and her smell intoxicated him. Julie relaxed against her father's broad chest, laying her head on Eric's shoulder.

Julie's even breathing told Eric she had fallen asleep. Carefully he carried her to his bedroom, gently laying her on the bed. He pulled off her clothes, admiring her golden body. As he covered her, he noticed the tracks of her tears on her soft cheeks . He bent over his sleeping daughter and kissed her goodnight.

The next morning, the sun streaming in the window woke Julie. Smells from the kitchen caused her stomach to growl from hunger. She remembered she hadn't had dinner the night before.

Throwing back the covers, she went into the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet and peed, she thought of the night before. She remembered how upset she was and how she sobbed uncontrollably in her father's arms. Her pussy twitched as she recalled what she and Lisa had done.

"Good morning sleepyhead," Eric teased as Julie walked into the kitchen, "did you sleep well?"

"I slept like a baby," Julie replied, "what's for breakfast."

"Mushroom omelet," Eric told his sexy daughter.

Julie walked up behind her father and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body against his back. His cock reacted again to her closeness. He turned around and took his daughter into his arms. Julie sighed against Eric's chest. She felt so safe and content in her father's arms. She wished she could stay there forever.

Julie and Eric talked as they ate breakfast. Eric encouraged his daughter to talk about her classes and her professors. She seemed to be doing quite well. Eric smiled proudly.

"Honey, are you still upset about you and Lisa?" Eric asked.

"Nooooo, well maybe a little bit," Julie confessed.

"You shouldn't be honey, it's perfectly normal to be curious," Eric told his daughter, "and besides, if it feels good, do it."

Julie laughed at her father's attempt to make her feel better.

"I don't know if I can face Lisa again," Julie admitted, "I probably made her feel bad, taking off like that."

"Oh honey, I'm sure she will understand. Just be honest with her," Eric replied.

Julie chatted away to Eric on the drive back to school. He could tell she was nervous about seeing Lisa again. He offered to walk her to the dorm room, but Julie said she would be fine. She kissed her father goodbye, promising to call soon and made her way inside.

Two weeks later, Eric decided to make a surprise visit to his daughter. Lisa and Julie had moved into a small apartment near campus and he was anxious to see it. The two teens had talked and things were great between them, chalking the whole thing up to experience.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Eric, dressed in khaki shorts and polo shirt, looked handsome and much younger than his 40 years. Julie would be so happy to see him.

Following the directions Julie had given him, Eric found the apartment building easily. It was in a nice neighbourhood and he was pleased. He walked up to the door at the top of the stairs and knocked. There was no answer. Eric sighed, thinking, maybe he should have called and let Julie know he was coming. He knocked again, then tried the door.

Eric was surprised to find out the door was unlocked. He would remember to mention it to Julie. The girls were being careless. He walked inside and closed and locked the door behind him. Just as he was about to call out Julie's name, he heard something from another room. He walked towards the noise and noticed the door was ajar. He pushed it open into what was the bedroom.

Julie and Lisa were naked on the bed.

"Da-yum," he moaned under his breath, as he watched from the doorway.

Lisa sat on the bed beside Julie, their lips meeting in a deep kiss. Lisa pushed her tongue into Julie's mouth, sucking gently.

Lisa's hand lightly grazed the side of Julie's breast. She gasped as Lisa cupped her tit, sliding her thumb over her hard, erect nipple. Julie did the same for Lisa, gently rolling her nipple between her thumb and finger.

Lisa moaned softly into Julie's mouth. The two eighteen year olds, presssed against each other. Nipple upon nipple, lips against lips.

Eric felt his cock harden, creating a large bulge in his khaki shorts.

The action in front of him was almost in slow motion as Lisa moved Julie back onto the bed, laying beside her. Lisa slid her thigh in between Julie's long tanned legs and rubbed up and down his daughter's pussy. Julie humped against Lisa's thigh as they continued to kiss.

Eric imagined his baby girl's pussy juices covering Lisa's slim thigh. He wished he could lick her soft skin.

Lisa's hand moved over Julie's pussy mound, squeezing her pussy lips around her hard swollen clit.

Eric stood transfixed on what was going on in front of him. His mouth went dry and he could barely breathe. With a trembling hand, he pulled his zipper down, releasing his throbbing dick. It stood straight out as he wrapped his hand around the hot shaft.

Lisa moved up on her knees and kissed her way down Julie's soft skin of her tummy. Eric gasped as Lisa's face disappeared between Julie's legs. Julie moaned as Lisa's mouth made contact with her cunt. She slid her fingers in Lisa's hair and pulled herself hard against her friend's mouth.

Eric's hand moved back and forth on his cock, as precum oozed out of the tip and dripped onto the floor.

Julie arched her back as Lisa continued her assault on her girlfriend's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh Lisa, I'm cummmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggggggggggg!" Julie cried, pushing her cunt further into Lisa's face.

Lisa licked and sucked harder, drinking down her girlfriend's juices.

Eric could hear Lisa making slurping noises as Julie rode her face. He knew what Lisa was tasting and it drove him crazy. He wanted to push her aside and drink from his daughter's sweet cunt, but he held back.

He was stroking his cock faster now, on the verge of erupting any second. Forgetting where he was, Eric moaned as his cock shot gobs of cum onto the carpet.

The girls jumped up off the bed, shocked and embarassed for the moment at what they saw.

"Daddy!" Julie cried.

"Mr. Templeton!" Lisa exclaimed, pulling on the the bedspread to cover her nakedness.

Eric grinned sheepishly at the two eighteen year olds. He made his way into the bathroom to clean up. Taking a deep breath, he walked into the living room. The girls had quickly gotten dressed and were sitting red-faced on each end of the sofa.

"Daddy, why didn't you knock?" Julie asked.

"I did knock, honey, you didn't hear me," Eric explained, "you left the door unlocked. That's not very safe."

Lisa cleared her throat, "That was my fault, Mr. Templeton, I had my hands full of packages when I came in."

Julie thoughts went to her father standing in the doorway, his cock sticking out of his shorts, jacking himself off, while he watched them. Her pussy throbbed as she remembered Lisa's tongue licking around her clit. With a naughty grin, she moved over to Lisa and leaned in to kiss her.

Lisa pulled away, "What are you doing?"

"Relax Lisa," Julie whispered, "it's okay."

Julie covered her roommate's lips with her own, their tongues meeting in a deep wet kiss. As Eric watched, his cock was once again throbbing. He wasted no time releasing his rapidly swelling meat.

"Ohhhhh that's nice girls, why don't you take your clothes off," he suggested.

Julie slowly unbuttoned Lisa's blouse, exposing her pert breasts. Her pretty pink nipples were hard and erect. Julie leaned down to take one between her lips. Lisa slid her hands into Julie's hair and held her to her breast. Julie's tongue licked around the nipple, her lips drawing it into her mouth.

Julie slid the blouse down over Lisa's shoulders and tossed it onto the floor. As Julie pulled off her own T-shirt, Eric moaned. The contrast in the two sets of tits was like night and day. Julie's magnificent orbs stood out on her chest. Lisa's smaller titties with the large nipples almost lay flat on her chest. Both were beautiful in their own way.

Eric squeezed his cock firmly as the teens hugged each other, presssing their tits together. Both girls broke their embrace and pulled off their jeans. Neither girls were wearing panties. Julie's smooth baby pussy was glistening with her juices. Lisa's neatly trimmed, dark haired pussy was wet too. As the two girls stood naked before Eric, Lisa pulled Julie against her.

Julie looked over at her father, "your turn, Daddy," she coaxed.

Eric stood, his cock bobbing gently, as he pulled off his clothes. His dick was rock hard and already leaking. He couldn't believe what was unfolding in front of him.

Julie walked over to her father and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Her small hand stroked back and forth on the shaft. She rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy mound, his wetness making a silvery trail down to her already wet slit.

Lisa watched in amazement as Eric cupped his daughter's tits. His palms lightly grazed over her hard nipples, as Julie continued to rub against her father's cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Julie moaned, "oh Daddy, that's so good."

Lisa moved closer to father and daughter. Eric placed his hand on Lisa's tit. Her nipples were like succulent red cherries. He pulled her against him and ran his tongue around her swollen aerola.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Lisa gasped, as Eric sucked most of her tit into his mouth.

Julie moved her face close to her father's and took the girl's other nipple into her mouth. Father and daughter, licked and sucked Lisa's nipples till she was weak in the knees.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Eric suggested, pulling away from Lisa's trembling body.

Eric lay on the bed, between the two girls. Julie wrapped her hand around her father's cock, kneeling beside him to take the head into her wet warm mouth. Lisa, kneeling on the other side of him, moved down to lick and suck Eric's balls. He moaned as the two girls worked him into a state of total bliss. He tangled his fingers in the girls' soft hair as he gently held on, enjoying the ride.

Julie took his rock hard man meat into her mouth, using her tongue to flick back and forth on the underside of the head. Her mouth sucked steadily up and down the length of the shaft as Lisa dined on his balls, sucking them into her mouth and gently pulling back till they popped from between her lips.

"Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk! That's sweet!" Eric moaned, thrusting his hips upwards into Julie's mouth.

His hands were all over the girls, down over their tight, round asses and back up their wet pussy slits. Lisa moaned as she felt Eric's finger plunging into her tight cunt. Her pussy muscles contracted around his fingers as he finger fucked his daughter's friend. Julie pushed back on her father's hand, easing his fingers deep in her wet cunt.

Julie pulled back on her father's cock and pumped it several times to encourage another drop of precum to gather in the slit, offering it to her friend. The clear drop of wetness magnified Eric's slit making it appear much large that it actually was. Lisa dipped the tip of her tongue in the well of Eric's fuck juices and then closed her mouth around the spongy tip. She sucked on his dick like it was a straw in a bottle of soda.

Eric was so close to spewing his load into Lisa's mouth, but he held back when Julie whispered hoarsely, "Oh Daddy! I want to fuck you!"

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