Towel Story


This true story happened a few years ago when I was a college freshman. The residence hall that I lived in was a high-rise building with two students in each room and a bathroom down the hall. The men and women were on different floors.

This was my first time living away from home and I wasn't used to the lack of privacy. It was a bit of a shock for me to be living in the college dormitory. Now I had a roommate and I shared the bathroom with twenty other girls.

I wasn't used to taking a shower with other girls. There was one girl, Laura, who happened to be taking a shower when I was. She had red hair and blue eyes and beautiful breasts that were larger than mine. Her skin was very fair and it looked like she avoided the sun. I noticed that she had very little pubic hair! I realized that she must have shaved down there. I tried not to stare at her.

I noticed that Laura was also looking at me. Now I felt very self conscious. I am only 4 feet 11 inches tall and very petite. I am of Asian descent. I have long straight black hair and brown eyes. I had spent the summer at the beach sunbathing in my skimpy blue bikini and I still had a tan. My tan lines hadn't faded yet. My breasts were not as big as Laura's but they filled out my bikini top just fine. I also have little feet. My skin is very smooth.

As I took my shower, I remembered the hot summer day a few weeks ago when I was at the beach and a cute boy sat down on his towel next to me. We got into talking about a number of things. I noticed that he couldn't help but to look at my breasts.

I laid down on my back and untied the strings from behind my neck, leaving my bikini top fastened with only the tie behind my back. I don't like tan lines. I talked with him while I worked on my tan.

After a while, I sat back up, but I didn't bother to re-tie the bikini strings. Instead, I tucked them into the bikini top. I sat up facing the boy with my breasts dangling in front of him.

The poor boy was obviously distracted because he appeared to have some difficulty carrying on a conversation. He was wearing a tight nylon bathing suit and I could see that he had an erection.

Anyway, to get back to my story, I noticed that Laura was looking at me while I took my shower. I shut the water off and reached for my towel. The cool air was making me cold and I suddenly felt my nipples becoming erect. Laura smiled at me. I thought I noticed her looking at my erect nipples, but I wasn't sure.

Laura said, "You have beautiful long hair!"

I said, "Thank you. You have nice hair too!"

At first, when I would take my shower, I would wear a robe on the way to and from the bathroom. That is also what most of the other girls did, except for Laura, who didn't bother to wear a robe when she took a shower. She would wear only a towel. I thought this was so daring! I wished I had the nerve to do that.

One time, Laura was walking down the hallway after taking a shower when one of the girls grabbed her towel and pulled it off of her. There she was, totally exposed! Anyone could see her beautiful breasts and the lips of her hairless pussy. How soft her breasts looked! Instead of being embarrassed and running down the hallway, she just continued walking at her usual pace, with her breasts bouncing up and down, as though nothing were out of the norm. I know that I would have been embarrassed. What if there had been any boys there at the time?

Laura and I became friends. One time, I confided to her, "I wish I had the nerve to do what you do!"

Laura replied, "What do you mean?"

I said, "I mean, I wish I had the nerve to not wear my robe when I go to take my shower."

She said, "You know, it really it isn't that big a deal. After all, there aren't any boys on this floor!"

I said, "I know, but I've been brought up to be very modest. At home, I would never walk around with just a towel on unless my parents were away."

Laura said, "You should try it."

I replied, "I don't know. If there happened to be a boy around I would be very embarrassed!"

Laura answered, "Look, even if a boy happened to catch you in the hallway with just your towel on, it wouldn't be as though you would be completely nude. Besides, I've seen you in the shower and you really do have a lovely body!"

I blushed when Laura said that to me! I certainly hadn't expected her to say anything like that and I didn't know what to think. Of course, all of the girls had seen me naked at one time or another taking a shower.

I said, "Do you really think so?"

She said, "Yes!"

I thought about what Laura had said and I replied, "Thank you. Maybe I will try it."

Typically, I would get up early on the weekends to take my shower. These are the days when most students would sleep in. One early Saturday morning, before taking my shower, I got undressed in my room while my roommate slept. Rather than wearing a robe, I decided to wrap a towel around myself. Then I scooted across the hall into the bathroom to take my shower. I felt such a thrill when I did this!

As I took my shower, I felt so excited. I squeezed my breasts and touched my pussy. I shut the water off and dried myself and then I wrapped myself with the towel. Then I exited the bathroom.

I quickly scooted down the hallway back to my room. I could feel my breasts jiggling underneath the towel. What if a boy happened to be visiting on my floor now?

I got back into my room and quietly finished drying myself. I did not want to wake up my roommate.

I smiled. I was relieved that I hadn't got caught.

Later that day, I told Laura what I had done. She said, "That's great! I'm proud of you."

I did this many times. I felt very naughty. I knew that there was always the possibility that a boy might be visiting on our floor at the time and catch me in the hallway with only my towel on.

A few weeks later, after taking my shower, I was scooting back to my room, wearing my towel, when I heard someone call out my name. It was Laura. She smiled and asked me if I would like some coffee.

I said, "Yes. That's very nice of you!"

When I entered her room, I was surprised to see two boys I knew from the residence hall. I suddenly felt embarrassed. I grasped the towel with one hand to make sure that it did not fall off.

I said, "Oh! You have company. Maybe I should go put some clothes on."

Laura said, "No. It's okay. Stay and have some coffee."

I nervously thought about going back to my room to at least get a robe, but I suddenly felt very excited that I was standing there in front of the two boys with only a towel protecting my modesty.

I said, "Okay, but just for a few minutes."

One of the boys offered me a chair, but I realized that I would be too exposed in the short towel if I sat down.

I said, "No, thanks, I think I'll just stand."

Laura handed me a cup of coffee.

I felt very self conscious. After all, all I had on was the towel and I was all wet from the shower. I held the towel with one hand to keep it from slipping while I sipped nervously on the coffee.

We talked about our classes and teachers, but it was obvious that the boys were having difficulty concentrating. They were looking at my bare legs and my cute little feet. I could tell that they were hoping to see more.

I knew that the skimpy towel just barely covered my hips and upper thighs. The boys could see my bare shoulders and upper chest. I had wrapped the towel tightly around my breasts and I was hoping that it wouldn't become loose now.

As we talked, I continued to pretend that there was nothing out of the ordinary. After a few minutes, I finished drinking my coffee and held the empty cup out for Laura to take.

Suddenly, instead of taking the cup, Laura grabbed my towel and pulled it off me! Now I was completely naked!

I shrieked in embarrassment, "Laura, I can't believe you did that!"

I was shocked by what she had done. Laura had stripped me! There I was, standing there totally exposed. The boys could see everything! I stood there blushing. I tried to cover my breasts with my hands.

The boys didn't say a word. They looked very surprised and they were staring at me with their mouths open.

Laura laughed. She had this proud satisfied look, obviously taking great pleasure in my embarrassment.

I said to Laura, "May I please have my towel back?"

Laura pretended that she was going to hand the towel to me, but, when I went to reach for it, she snatched it back. The boys could see my breasts dangling in the air when I tried to grab my towel.

I was very embarrassed, but, at the same time, I was also very excited that the boys could now see my naked body. I could tell that they were enjoying the show. I realized that I was glad that Laura wasn't so quick to give me back my towel. I was enjoying "innocently" exhibiting myself to the two boys.

Laura said, "Take your hands away from your breasts and I'll give you your towel back!"

I did what she said and I stood there with my arms at my sides, completely bare from head to toe and vulnerable before Laura and the two boys.

Now the boys could see my most private areas. I saw them looking at my pussy. I wondered if they could tell how aroused I was.

As I stood there in the cool air, I could feel my nipples becoming erect. My tits were standing up as if they wanted attention. Of course, the boys couldn't help but to see that. Now I was even more embarrassed!

Laura said to the boys, "Doesn't she have nice tits?"

They both simultaneously exclaimed, "Yes!"

Now I felt my knees becoming weak. I wanted the boys to suck on my tits and to play with my pussy.

Fortunately, before things got too out of control, Laura gave me back my towel and I wrapped it around me. I quickly did an about face and exited from her room.

I felt so horny after what had just happened that, instead of immediately going back to my own room, I walked back down the hallway to the bathroom. I decided to take another shower, this time a cold one. I let the cold water run. It must have taken ten minutes until I had settled down.

Later that morning, Laura knocked on my door.

She asked, "Are you angry at me for what I did?"

I said. "Why did you do it?"

She replied, "Because I wanted to embarrass you."

I said. "Well, you succeeded!"

She said, "Look, I told you there's no reason for you to be embarrassed. You have a beautiful body. The boys enjoyed looking at you."

I said, "They did?"

Laura replied, "Yes. You really teased them. Couldn't you see that they both had erections?"

I said, "I was too embarrassed to notice that!"

She said, "Well, they did. You need to be more confident!"

Anyway, I continued my routine without further incident until one morning when I came back to my room after taking a shower. As usual, all I had on was a towel. To my surprise, a boy I knew from one of my classes was standing in the hallway outside the door of my dormitory room. I noticed that he was holding a chemistry book. I hadn't expected anyone to be visiting so early in the morning.

I smiled and gave him an awkward "Hello" and asked him, "What are you doing here?"

He said, "I need to study for a chemistry exam. Would you like to go to the library with me?"

I stood there in my bare feet talking with him. My long black hair was all wet and dripping from the shower.

I said, "Okay. Just give me a few minutes to get dressed."

I noticed that he was trying not to stare at me, but the towel just barely covered my private parts. I am a short little thing, only 4 feet 11 inches tall, and I realized that, despite the towel, he could look down and see a considerable amount of my cleavage.

He said, "You look very cute in that towel!"

I nervously blushed at his compliment and said, "Thank you, but I don't usually make a habit of parading around almost naked in front of boys."

I noticed that he was trying to be a gentleman and to not stare at my breasts underneath the towel. He looked down at my little feet instead.

My hands were full trying to hold onto the soap and shampoo and, most importantly, my towel. I felt very naughty. My heart was beating quickly. I wanted the towel to fall. I wanted him to see me nude.

I pretended to fumble for the key to my room. I then "accidentally" dropped the shampoo. Then I allowed the towel to become unfastened and it, too, fell to the floor. All of a sudden, there I stood, totally exposed!

I exclaimed, "Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen!"

The boy looked a bit shocked at my sudden exposure and his face was all red. I pretended to be embarrassed. We both awkwardly laughed at what happened. I think he knew this wasn't completely an accident.

I noticed him looking at my breasts. They were flushed and my nipples were erect from the cool air and from my excitement.

I glanced at his crotch and, even though he was wearing jeans, I could tell that he had a very stiff erection. My pussy was becoming very wet with the thought that I had gotten his cock stiff.

After what seemed like an eternity, he picked up my towel and handed it to me. He asked, "Aren't you cold?"

I said, "Yes!"

I figured that there was no point in covering myself now. After all, he had already seen what I looked like and there was nothing else to hide. I was enjoying flaunting myself. I just stood there for another few seconds, talking with him. I noticed that he was trying to maintain eye contact with me and to not stare at the rest of me, but, he couldn't help but to look.

Finally, I turned to go into my room. I pretended to have difficulty getting the key to unlock the door, allowing him to get a good view of my nice, firm and squeezable little bottoms.

I entered my room, closed the door behind me, and proceeded to get dressed while my roommate slept and my friend waited outside. I was so horny at the thought of what I had just done. I had been so naughty!

Later that day, I told Laura what happened.

Laura giggled and asked me, "Did you like exposing yourself to him?"

I said, "Yes. He was very embarrassed! You should have seen his face. It was all red. I felt very devilish!"

She said, "Did you take advantage of him?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

She said, "I mean, did you take him into your room and take advantage of him?"

I said, "No!"

Laura replied, "You know, I think one day we should go pay a visit to the boys' floor. There's this cute boy that I know who also likes to wear only a towel when he takes his shower."

I said, "What are you saying?"

She said, "I'm saying that we should surprise him one day and pull off his towel. Then I'll show you how to really tease a boy!"

I giggled and said, "Okay. That sounds like fun!"

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Part 2

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