tagNovels and NovellasToy Stories Pt. 01

Toy Stories Pt. 01


Chapter 1: Urinal Gag

This one is dedicated to M.S. It was during an email exchange that I sketched out the fantasy I'd had when I first came across the Urinal Gag online, and that gave me the impetus to write this out. That shows how valuable that feedback (especially emails and private messages) can be. It makes it feel worthwhile to know that these stories are as arousing for other people as they are for me, and sharing fantasies can help with inspiration for the next story. If this or any of my stories turn you on, feel free to drop me a line, whether you'd just like to share your own secret desires with a sympathetic listener, swap pictures, or anything else. Thanks for reading!


After I got my promotion, I found out that I was going to have to travel a bit more. Nothing too bad, just short trips from our branch office to the corporate headquarters every few months. The prospect of getting to the big city was exciting for me, and right from the start I took advantage. My sex life had been a dead zone for a while, so I decided to put some of my extra salary to toward getting laid. I'd never hired an escort before, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy -- even if the results were never great. The dead-eyed women that came to my hotel seemed to be in such a passionless rush to get me off and leave that it just didn't seem like any fun.

After a few trips to the city like that I was a little frustrated, and instead of browsing through the boards with the escort ads, I found myself on Craigslist. Maybe there's a bored housewife that wants to get her bell rung, I thought to myself. And once I was looking at those, it was just one click over to look at the "M4M" ads. I couldn't believe how much looking at those turned me on -- something about the forthright, no-bullshit directness of simply saying what you want to do, I guess. It also re-awakened something I thought I was done with. I'd had a few gay experiences in my younger days, back in college when everyone was being "experimental". I'd enjoyed them with no regrets, but once I was out of school, it wasn't something that happened again.

But now, man I was ready. Over my next few trips, I found that a Craigslist ad with "downtown hotel" in its location got lots of replies, and I had one great hookup, two good ones, one okay one and one unpleasantly awkward one. (It's a long story.)

So anyway, I wasn't making any trips to the city during the summertime, so on my first time back in September I felt a real tingle of anticipation down in my belly. I'd been waiting for this all week, and I had a big four-day load that I was ready to give someone. Usually I'd been waiting for the last night I'd be in town to set up my hookup, but there was no way I was going to be able to hold off. To my great frustration, on my first night in, there was an after-work dinner I had to go to, and I was fidgety all through it, thinking about what might happen to me that night. In fact, I cut out after one post-dinner drink, telling everyone I wanted to walk back to the hotel.

Which was true enough. I wanted to let dinner settle as I turned over in my mind what I was going to put in my ad that night. The stroll took me through a district that I wasn't normally in, so I was also looking at the cool old buildings with approval. Very restrained, very dignified, even if they were a bit worn down. It looked like the sort of neighborhood that was about two years away from being filled with hipster artisanal cupcake boutiques.

Maybe that's why one sign that was a bit out of place caught my eye. It wasn't flamboyant, just a brass plate like a lot of the other businesses on the street had. But it read: "CLUB PLUNDER" and underneath, in smaller type, "a pansexual playground". That stopped me in my tracks, and I found myself looking at the posters by the door. There were couples nights, swingers' parties, "dis/ability sex workshops" and something called "shemale sundays". The freshly-printed one on top read, "TONIGHT! Boys' night! No cover -- live fetish shows all night -- join in -- get lucky!"

Now, a few months back, I probably would have just kept walking. This seemed strange and a little dangerous somehow. But all the discoveries I'd been making on my business trips must have emboldened me a bit. And anyways, I was really horny. Why not? I thought, as I opened the door and stepped in. Let's see what this is like.

There was a long stairway up from the street, and at the top something more like a reception room than I was expecting. A slim, attractive twink at the desk, with spiked blond hair and glitter on his cheekbones greeted me with a smile, quickly evaluated me as someone who was new here, and explained to me how it worked. Five bucks made me a temporary member of the club, and I had to sign a form that said something about acknowledging that I would be in the presence of sexual activity and... well, I signed it quickly enough that I didn't read it very closely.

A couple minutes later I was in the change room, and handed a cloth laundry bag to check my clothes. When he saw me looking confused, the attendant mentioned that footwear was mandatory and helpfully suggested I might put keys and wallet in my socks. It was a bit like a bathhouse, I gathered (though I had never been to one) in that you were otherwise expected to be naked or in a towel. There were also small rooms you could go to if you found someone you wanted privacy with, but as I entered the main hall, towel wrapped around my waist, I realized it was mostly just like a bar.

Well, somewhat. There was a large lounge with tables for mingling, and dance room with disco lights off to one side which I wasn't particularly interested in. But the stage area wasn't like anything I'd seen at a bar before: a raised circular platform with tiered seating all around it. A pair of older men, naked but for crocs and fanny packs passed by me and said hello. I didn't quite feel like chatting yet, so I decided to go find a spot overlooking the stage. The padded benches weren't all that busy, with about a dozen spectators on hand as I found a spot away on my own. It looked like the live show was already in progress.

On stage, there was a guy giving head to another dude. As I settled in, it looked like the skinny guy on his knees was close to finishing off his partner, a tall, bald-headed black man. After a minute, the black guy pushed the other guy's head back, and started furiously stroking his cock for a few seconds before launching a huge wad of semen on his partner's lips. There was some clapping and appreciative cheers as the pair left the stage, the skinny guy wiping the cream from his face with his towel.

A well-built guy wearing nothing but a bow-tie and a pair of dress shoes took to the stage with a microphone. He was Troy, the night's MC, and he fired off a couple jokes and bantered with the regulars in the crowd for a bit as another guy (in tight short-shorts and a STAFF t-shirt) carried a bench onto the stage. "A round of applause for Mitch," Troy said as Mitch sat the bench down and waved to a guy whistling at him.

"I see some new faces here tonight," he was now saying, flashing a smile in my direction. "Well, remember folks: at Club Plunder, you're not paying through the nose to watch bored strippers. You are the entertainment! The sign-up sheet is over at the bar, so go put your name down if you want to show your stuff tonight!"

He looked at his clipboard. "And up next, we have... George, who signed up for... Spank the Twink! George, get down here!"

A guy who was sitting on the other side of the stage from me stood up. He was young-looking, barely old enough to be in here, I figured. And he was a real cutie, too: blond, tanned and lean. He had a big grin on his face as Mitch set down a box beside the bench.

"Welcome back, George," said Troy. "In case any of you guys haven't seen him before, I'll just let you know that George likes a real hard spanking, so don't be afraid to use some elbow grease. Anyone want to get him started?"

An older guy in the front row hopped up and stepped on the stage. Still smiling, George blew a kiss at him and then turned around, spreading his towel along the bench as he leaned over, his taut buns facing up. The older guy ran his hand over George's globes for a few seconds and then, without warning, reared back and gave him a hard slap on his left asscheek. George's knees dipped a bit, but he didn't otherwise react when his other cheek received a similar smack. The older guy paused to rub George's ass again, and then gave him a few more slaps.

By then another guy, middle-aged and heavyset, came up on the stage. He looked in the box beside the bench and leaned down to pull out a small plastic paddle. He took the place of the first guy and was soon enthusiastically spanking George's bottom, which was now beginning to have a reddish glow. He kept going until another guy came on stage and selected a small flail from the box and took over. The sharp snap from that left a red line behind and George moaned for the first time. As the guy gave him more snaps in quick succession I could see that George was now sporting a big erection.

Several guys followed, each choosing a different tool and punishing George's ass with increasing vigor. The harder blows elicited louder responses, and though it sounded like he was in pain, the young twink was clearly really turned on by this. Finally, a couple of senior citizens (with no towels to cover up their wizened, droopy pizzles) went up together, and while one spanked George with a wooden spoon, the other leaned down beside him and gave him a handjob. When George came, his grunts were even louder than when his ass was being whipped!

As Troy jumped back on stage for some more jokes, Mitch was behind him, wiping the bench clean and carrying it off. I looked around and noticed that the crowd had doubled in size. What an amazing place! I thought to myself.

I watched a couple more acts. The next involved two guys who wrestled each other, Greco-Roman style, their muscled bodies grappling on the gym mats that had been laid down. And once one had been pinned for the third time, the other claimed his victory by fucking him from behind, stopping only to put on the condom that Troy (acting as referee) handed him.

After that, a fat guy in nylons gave footjobs to a couple volunteers. And then, circle of men on their hands and knees were serviced by a tall, skinny older gentleman who had offered to rim anyone who wanted their assholes licked.

This was all interesting -- and arousing as well. I had a hard-on under my towel, and I was glad to be in a place where there was no need to conceal it. In fact, there were a few men scattered here and there that were opening masturbating as they watched, which, far from bothering anyone, seemed to be looked on as something of a spectator sport. It seemed to be a signal that a guy was ready for action, and usually not long after a guy started jerking himself off, someone would come and sit beside him to whisper negotiations back and forth, usually leading to the pair heading off together.

I was horny enough that I felt like I was on the verge of doing the same thing and seeing if anyone would be interested in heading off with me. But just then the rimming session ended and Troy took the stage again. Mitch was behind him, awkwardly carrying something unwieldy. It turned out to be a small pink inflatable pool, the circular kind about four feet across that you'd put out in your backyard.

"All right! We're getting closer to the night's open gangbang, but before we do, we've got a special treat for all you yellow hankies out there. Wade -- are you out there, Wade? C'mon down! -- drove down here three hours for a golden shower... So we're gonna open this up and invite everyone up to give him a good dowsing."

Wade, a balding, middle-aged guy who looked like he could be a school teacher or something like that, climbed onto the stage, kicked off his flip-flops and stepped into the pool, lowering himself to his knees. He looked nervous and excited -- and his cock was so hard it was twitching. Before he followed Troy off the stage, Mitch handed Wade a pair of swimmer's goggles that he pulled over his head.

He wasn't alone for long as a young Latino-type was already hopping up the stairs to the stage, striding in front of Wade. He shifted his towel to pull his cock out, and quickly he was pissing on Wade, aiming his flow up and down the older man's chest, and finishing by pissing on Wade's cock. As he was finishing, another man stepped up beside him and also began pissing on Wade, again starting at his chest, then pulling up higher so his stream hit Wade's face. Before he was done, there were two more on stage, one in front and one behind who let his stream run down Wade's back and ass.

I was riveted -- in fact, I could hardly blink. My hands were gripping the bench so tightly I had to close my eyes for a second and breathe so they relaxed. This had long been a secret fantasy of mine, something that I could never mention to anyone I'd ever been with. It looked so sexy -- Wade looked so vulnerable as stream after stream of strangers' piss dripped off him. There was a semicircle around him now, with four guys spraying him all at once. It looked like Wade couldn't hold off any longer and began stroking himself.

I realized I had been rubbing my own cock as well, and just then I felt another body sitting down beside me. I turned my head to see a gorgeous hunk of a man -- well-muscled, but not overdone like the weight-lifting types. More like someone who used his muscles for honest work. I was momentarily taken aback. Why's he sitting next to me? He could clearly do way better! He wasn't wearing a towel and I looked down to see a beautiful, thick cock nestling between his legs.

"Pretty hot, hey?" He asked, as we both turned back to watch Wade's continuing piss degradation.

I could only nod. I cleared my throat and tried to speak, but only a mumble came out.

"Yeah, I was watching you, could tell ya liked it." His hand moved to my knee and quickly slid up my thigh under my towel. "So, ya wanna... ya wanna go back to the showers and do that one on one?"

My cock twitched, and for a second I thought I was going to come right there, with his hand caressing my thigh. I swallowed again.

"I can't... can't yet..." I muttered. "I have to... see all of this."

I turned to look at him and he must have caught the desperate look in my eye. He smiled, and leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the lips. Then he stood up again.

"Well, I take it that's not a 'no'. I'm Sean. I'll be around all evening, sugar."

Before I could say anything more, he was walking away from me... and right down to the stage, where he joined in as a fat guy was finishing pissing on the man in the pool. As Sean's stream hit Wade's chest, I felt a twitching sizzle on my own, and again I felt like I might start coming right there. Sean took a long piss on Wade, going up and down his body and as Sean hit Wade's face, he finally blew his wad, sending spurt after spurt of semen into the piss that was pooling inches deep around his knees. He shuddered and looked for a second like he was going to slump over.

Everyone seemed to understand that once Wade had come, the piss party was over. Quickly Mitch and another attendant were up on the stage. The new helper was also in a STAFF t-shirt, but he had nothing on below that except for a pair of high heels. He looked like the younger brother of the twink at the front desk with his styled blond hair, but more make-up, including prominent swirls of eye shadow. As Mitch set down a bucket and helped Wade stand, the other guy started toweling Wade's feet and legs off so he could step out of the pool without dripping piss all over. He led Wade down from the stage, as steady in high heels as Wade was wobbly, and as Troy returned, Mitch carefully lifted the pool, half-folding it to create a funnel to pour a considerable amount of piss into the bucket. He set the pool back down near the edge of the stage, picked up the bucket and carried it offstage.

"Well, I bet that got all you piss freaks pretty fucking excited, right?" There were some cheers from the crowd. "Well, you're in luck, 'cause we have a bonus for you. Sort of a door prize. You know that a lot of the sex toy companies send us their hot new products and I bet you're going to love this."

He was pulling something large out of a box. It was dark and rounded with a strap attached to it.

"This is just out from our friends at Bull Brothers, who we really love. They outdid themselves this time, with this brand-new urinal gag."

I was holding my breath.

"You can see, once this gets strapped to someone's face, he becomes a fully-functioning urinal. There's a wide-opening to the basin here, and the bowl is sealed tight so the only place the piss can go is out through the hole and into the wearer's mouth. There's also three separate attachments that hook up to that..." He fumbled with the box and held up a round, yellow plastic piece. "These go in the urinal's mouth. This is the beginner's gag, it's softer so the urinal can bite down and pause the flow if he needs to. This one is longer and channels the piss to the back of the throat, but the urinal can bite down on this one too. And this one is the depressor, holds the tongue down so the urinal has no choice but to keep drinking. It fits in real easy, like this..."

He attached the tongue depressor to the back of the opening and held it up, turning around for everyone in the crowd to get a look.

"So, like I said... we're giving this bad boy away to one of you bad boys. Which of you piss freaks wants to win a toy like this?"

He turned around again, showing it off to the crowd. He stopped when he was facing me. "You? All right! Come on down!"

It took a couple seconds before I realized that I had raised my hand.

At first, it felt like my heart had stopped. Then, it felt like my heart had exploded, and there was a warm, whooshing rush in my ears.

Troy -- and now everyone else in the crowd -- were looking at me. What have I done?

I had a whole back-and forth argument in my head that seemed to go on for awhile, but must have only been a couple seconds for everyone else. You know you want that. And no one here knows you! Just go down, get it, and you can take it home!

All right. I stood up and walked down to the stage. My face -- my whole body, actually -- felt warm, like I was blushing all over.

"Well, hello!" Troy said as I climbed the steps up to the stage. "What's your name?"

"Dave," I said, biting my lip as I looked at the urinal gag from close up.

"This your first time here, Dave?"

I nodded.

"Well, welcome to Club Plunder, and congratulations! I hope you're having a good time tonight."

He looked down at my crotch and pulled off my towel, doing an exaggerated double take when he saw my huge hard-on jutting out.

"Oh, I can tell he's having a good time," he said to the crowd, and there was general laughter.

The high-heeled attendant who had taken Wade off the stage was now back, stepping up beside me. "Molly, why don't you help Dave and show him what he won."

Molly took the gag from Troy, and turned to me, raising it to my face. As he brought the yellow insert to my mouth, I instinctively opened it, and with practiced ease, he moved the back of the urinal bowl right up against my face. The yellow plastic insert was wide enough that I felt my lips stretch around it...and then, the depressor pushing my tongue down.

Hey, wait! I just want to take it and go! You don't have to show me...

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