tagInterracial LoveTracey Helps a Friend in Need

Tracey Helps a Friend in Need


"So she's here already?" Bill asked as he stared at his uncle's house.


"For the rest of the weekend?" he continued.


"She's expecting me?"


"Oh, that's fine I guess. Probably won't change things. She got divorced?"


Bill stopped asking questions as his balls started squeezing rapidly, preparing to release a huge load. He placed his hand on the blonde head in his lap. Bill's aunt Tracey's head bobbed up and down on his big black cock. His aunt's lips felt amazing on his cock, working up and down rapidly as her tongue ran along the coal black head. Bill was sitting in the driver's seat of his uncle's truck, cumming in his aunt's eager mouth.

Tracey was just supposed to pick Bill up and take him to her house. Upon picking him up, she kissed him and he told her to sit her fine ass in the passenger seat. Watching her sexy black nephew got Tracey extremely aroused. She ended up pulling his shorts down and sucking his big black cock as he drove. God I love that big black cock, Tracey thought to herself. She should have known that she couldn't make the 10 minute drive to her house without sucking her nephew off. At every family gathering in the year since they first fucked, they always found an opportunity to sneak away for some kind of sex. Then of course there were Bill's visits when her husband Bob was away. Tracey was beyond thankful that she had married into Bob's family, and even more thankful that his sister had adopted Bill from Africa 19 years ago. Tracey was helpless when it came to big black cock. I'm helpless when it comes to Billy's Big Black Cock, she told herself as he started cumming. Good, she thought. I was so thirsty for this black seed. Tracey loved serving Bill's cock.

Tracey made sure she gulped down every last drop of semen before they both left the truck. They walked over to the house and Bill tried to confirm the plan.

"So she's no divorced?" he asked.

"No, they're just separated for a few weeks now. The jerk may have been cheating on her!" Tracey said as Bill grabbed her ass. She felt a jolt of excitement, being manhandled by the big black man. So sexy, she said to herself.

"Alright, so I will take care of her then" Bill said slyly.

"Mmmmhmmm." Tracey knew that he would.

They walked inside the house, with Bill still grabbing her round ass.

"Shannnnnn I'm backkkk." Tracey yelled.

Tracey's best friend Shannon emerged from the kitchen. Tracey quickly pushed Bill's hand from her ass.

"You remember Billy right?" Tracey asked sweetly.

Shannon looked up at the large black man before her. Bill was not 6'5 when Shannon had last seen him, and he was not nearly as muscular as the man who greeted her. He was standing before her in a white wife beater and black shorts. The black shorts basically blended into his skin, Shannon noted. Bill was the blackest person she had ever seen. He really was handsome now, she thought. Tracey was right, he is pretty damn sexy. As sexy as a black man could be. Shannon had assumed that Tracey had exaggerated due to her lust for black men, but Bill's sexiness was undeniable to her.

"Of course, but he wasn't so bl.. big and strong back then! Good to see you Bill!" Shannon pulled Bill in for a hug.

Bill was impressed with Shannon, even though he remembered what his aunt's best friend looked like. Shannon had slightly tanned white skin, shortish, light brown hair and bright green eyes. Her face has a rectangular shape, with a beautiful, wide smile. She was 28 years old and still possessed a great body. She wore a tight, v-neck tshirt that did little to hide the size of her large breasts. At least DD's, Bill figured. She was wearing sporty shorts that showed off her nice legs and ass. Her ass was not as firm or round as his aunt Tracey's, but Bill was still impressed. Shannon's legs were long for a woman of 5'6 and had a soft musculature. Bill could tell from looking at them that they had been shaved very recently. I hope she shaved the rest, he said to himself.

Bill was more than happy to be pulled into to Shannon's hug. He was further excited when he felt her large breasts push against his chest. No bra covering those big suckers, he said to himself. There was little that Bill loved more than large, white breasts. He reached down and pressed both hands into Shannon's ass. Nice, he thought.

Shannon was mortified. She did not want her body objectified, especially by a black man. Shannon was not overtly racist, but she had always been uncomfortable with black people. She considered them somewhat dirty, and she was glad that there were none in town. Well, there weren't any until Bill's parents brought him back from Africa. Who does he think he is, she thought as his powerful hands pressed into her ass. Typical of blacks. I'm no better though standing here without a bra, Shannon told herself. Tracey had not told her about Bill coming over.

"I picked Billy up on the way!" Tracey informed Shannon as the hug ended. She was amused that Bill had grabbed Shannon's ass.

"There's a big package getting delivered here later..." a big, sexy black package she thought to herself, "and Billy is responsible for it." I wish it was me getting that big black package delivered, Tracey lamented. I'm such a good friend.

Shannon was still surprised that Bill had grabbed her ass. She stayed silent.

"Anyway, I have to go for a while. Something big came up. When do you expect the package to get delivered Billy?"

"Oh sometime today, or tonight at the latest." Bill informed her as he laughed. He was extremely confident with older women since fucking his aunt last year.

"Oh good. I guess I'll be back tomorrow then! Have fun you two! Love you both!" Tracey said as she turned and walked out the door.

"Bye Trace" They both said. I can't believe Tracey is leaving, Shannon said to herself. Her best friend had offered to let her stay at her place while her separation with Tom was sorted out. She lived 4 hours away, and she thought the distance would do her some good. Now she was leaving her alone with her nephew, Shannonfumed. A big black nephew, no less. Shannon wasn't racist, she told herself, but she had always felt uneasy around black men. They only had one thing on their simple minds, she had always known. It had been particularly bad back when Tracey regularly dated them. Thankfully she married Bob and has been happily spoken for since, Shannon noted.

"Well what are we going to do?" Bill asked Shannon.

"Whatever we want I guess. I'm going to watch TV or something. You do whatever you like." She informed him. She just wanted to forget he was here. Ignore him.

Oh, I will. I will very soon, Bill told himself confidently.

Shannon sat on the couch by the window and turned on the TV. She was still mad that Bill had grabbed her ass. If he did anything like that again, she would slap him back to Africa, she told herself. Damn, she thought, there is never anything good on Saturday afternoons. Bored, she looked out the window.

Shannon could see Bill playing basketball on the net in the driveway. She had heard that he was the local star, and she could see why. He looks good playing basketball, she told herself. Well, I mean he looks like he's good at playing basketball. He looks... damn good doing it too, she admitted to herself. Shannon admired the power and grace Bill exuded as he played basketball outside. She was impressed with his body, hard and muscular everywhere she looked. Beautifully sculpted arms and legs. She even liked the way the sun reflected off his dark black skin, she admitted. He was definitely a good looking boy. No, Shannon corrected herself, a good looking man. Looking at Bill was more fun than watching crappy TV, she told herself. He wouldn't even know she was watching, she smiled to herself slyly.

Bill was well aware that Shannon was watching him. At first she had just thrown glances his way, but she was currently engaged in a staring session lasting over 10 minutes. Bill decided that she needed something new to look at as he took off his wife beater.

Shit he looks good. Shannon was even more impressed with Bill's physique now that he was shirtless. His chest bulged with hard black muscle, which then curved into a thin waist with the tightest abdomen that Shannon had ever seen. She had never liked black men, but it was impossible not to be attracted to Bill. She tried to imagine a white man with that physique but couldn't. It looked so natural on Bill though, and so good. Shannon began lightly rubbing her legs as she watched Bill. She was glad that she had gone for a wax the day before. Tracey had been adamant that she needed one, including on her vagina. Shannon did not understand why she needed the wax, as she was separated from her husband, but she was grateful now. She felt great.

Shannon thought back to when Bill had grabbed her ass and laughed. She should not have been so mad, she told herself. It's a good thing that a man is attracted to me, Shannon thought happily to herself. Especially a sexy man like Bill. It even felt good to have a powerful and masculine hand grab her... even a black one. Shannon shivered slightly as she bit her lip. She was still watching Bill and rubbing her legs. It's been so long since I've been touched, Shannon lamented. She knew it was almost two months. She had tried to masturbate, but found that her libido was limited since the separation. Tom had been visiting some strange woman multiple times a week at odd hours. This had led to fighting. Shannon was shocked that Tom would cheat on her, but she knew that she could not tolerate infidelity.

Still, Shannon was happy to have some sexual feelings again, even if they were being stirred by Bill. If only he wasn't black, she thought. Shannon reflected back on what Tracey had often said to her. Tracey had been with many black men in her past, and she swore by them. Shannon remembered Tracey talking about how good they were in bed, how she loved being dominated by them. Shannon wondered if it was true, about black men in bed. She knew that she would never be dominated by any man, and ESPECIALLY not by a black man. She thought about black dicks, or as Tracey had called them, Big Black Cocks. Tracey swore that they were all huge and amazingly thick, but Shannon didn't believe it she reminded herself. Still, she looked at the front of Bill's crotch and wondered if he had a big dick, or a Big Black Cock, like Tracey had talked about. Shannon's pussy tingled slightly. Tom's penis was good. Well, she told herself, it was fine. Tom loved Shannon's body, her breasts in particular, and had often given her tremendous foreplay. Still, Shannon couldn't count the number of times her arousal had been wasted when Tom couldn't finish the job while inside her. She was hornier after sex than before, Shannon thought sadly to herself. Tracey never complained about that with black men. Tracey was always satisfied with Big Black Cock, Shannon noted.

Bill was enjoying watching Shannon as she watched him. She bent one knee so that her leg mostly lifted off the lounger and she was stroking it gently. Bill wanted those sexy legs. He wanted those legs almost as much as he wanted those big tits. Shannon filled her t-shirt up to a cartoonish degree. Bill could not understand how a pair of breasts so large could possibly stay so high on Shannon's chest. He imagined grabbing on to them and pulling, squeezing and twisting them all over, licking and sucking on every inch. Bill was getting horny as he watched Shannon rise and walk toward the phone.

Stupid phone, Shannon thought to herself as she walked toward it. She didn't want anything interrupting the tingly feeling that she was enjoying in her pussy. It was the feeling she got from watching Bill and thinking about his big black cock, but Shannon would not admit that.


"Hi Shann! How is everything going?" Tracey asked eagerly from the other end.

"Fine, even thought you left me alone here, bitch!" Shannon spoke with mock anger.

"I know, I know... I had to take the baby to see Bob though. He's been so busy with work that he hasn't seen her in a week."

"And how is she?" Shannon asked about Tracey's daughter Ariel, who was just a few months old. Shannon and Bill were Ariel's god parents. Shannon had always thought that Bill was a strange pick.

"She's great, you know... and how is Billy?" Tracey quickly changed the subject.

"Oh he's... good." Shannon answered. Very good, on the eyes anyway.

"Great! He's such a sweetie! He should entertain you while I'm away." Tracey said as she smiled deviously to herself. Shannon had always complained about black men around their apartment in university. She would never admit one was good looking before.

"I guess... he's playing basketball right now." Shannon wished that she was still watching him.

"Ooooo are you watching? He's really good! Plus, he looks great doing it!" Tracey knew that she was. She was too horny not to.

"You know that I don't like blacks. He is good at basketball though." Shannon reminded herself that she did not like blacks, AT ALL, and neither did most of the people where she was from either.

"Oh, so you ARE watching then. " Tracey wished that she could watch Bill too.

"Shut up. You're such a slut for black dick." Shannon went on the offensive.

"First off, it's Big Black Cock. Second, you wouldn't look down on me if you knew how amazing it was having one inside you!" Tracey was speaking the truth.

"Yeah whatever, you married Bob so white guys must do something right." Shannon countered. She remembered the sound of Tracey's lusty screams as she fucked her black men in their university apartment. So satisfied. Imagine...

"Oh yes, and I love him more than anything..." Tracey lied. She knew that she loved Bill's Big Black Cock more than anything else.

"BUT, nothing compares to a Big Black Cock screwing your brains out. So long, thick and hard. So strong. And having a big, strong, sexy black man in control of your body, making you cum and cum and cum" Tracey continued

"You were such a slut!" Shannon interrupted. She was captivated by the thought of Big Black Cock. Shannon was desperate to get a good fucking. She wasn't even sure she had ever had one.

"Feeling that luxurious black skin against your own, like the best leather in the world. Smelling that manly musk as he gets ready to come. The sight of a big black man as he fucks you, so powerful, and watching that huge, dark black snake slide in and out of your white pussy, bringing you such amazing pleasure..." Tracey had to stop. She was getting herself too hot. She knew that she had to fuck her nephew when she got back.

Shannon was lost in thought. She could only think of being fucked by a sexy black man. She said nothing.

"Anyway, don't feel guilty ogling Billy. He's a sexy man. A sexy black man.

"Does he have a Big Black Cock?" Shannon blurted out. She was so embarrassed for asking, but it just slipped out. She needed to know. Tracey had dated many black men in when they had been university roommates, but Shannon had only been with white men. She wasn't racist, she told herself, but she did not find black men attractive. She also feared what other people would think.

"Well, it's not like I've seen it..." Tracey lied again.

"but he left his underwear at our place last time he was over. You should see it. It's all stretched out in front! Billy probably has a massive Big Black Cock!" Tracey giggled. It was at least 10 inches.

"Oh, and the smell! That musky black sex smell. I could still smell it coming from his underwear. Amazing!" Tracey kept Bill's underwear because the smell helped her masturbate when she was between fuck sessions with him, but she was not going to inform Shannon of this.

"Oh..." Shannon replied. I wonder what it smells like...

"They're still in the guest room closet. You should go get them to give back to him!" Tracey had left them there for her friend to find. She was confident that she would be captivated.

"I'm not touching a black man's und..." I'm not touching a black man's underwear! It was so easy for Shannon to say in her head.

"I'm not touching a black..." I'm not touching a black man, no matter how sexy it might be, Shannon said confidently to herself.

"I'll give them to him." It can't hurt to be helpful.

"Alright, good." She wants him, Tracey knew.

"OK. Have fun. Tell Ariel and Bob that I say hi! Give a kiss for me!"

"I will! Make sure to give Billy a kiss from me too."

Shannon's head swam at this suggestion. Disgusting, kissing that luxurious black skin.

"And Shann, don't call me a slut until you've experience what I have. Big Black Cock would change your life. Lova ya!"


Tracey was happy with herself. She remembered that a call from Shannon had reminded her of her love for Big Black Cock the day before she fucked Bill. At first she had been angry and wanted revenge. Now, having been so blissfully reintroduced to Big Black Cock, she was grateful. She wanted to return the favour to her best friend. Her nephew Bill would fuck her best friend. Fucking Billy will be the best thing that ever happened to her, Tracey told herself as she continued her drive to her husband. Shannon played a role in her succumbing to Bill's Big Black Cock. Tracey was happy to help Shannon in the exact same way.

Shannon's head was filled with thoughts of black cock. More specifically, Billy's Big Black Cock. God damn it Trace, she thought. I'm too horny for this shit. Billy could handle that for me. That's what Tracey would say, Shannon thought to herself. A more powerful tingling sensation had returned to her pussy.

"Who was that?" Bill asked Shannon from behind. She had not seen him enter the house.

"Just Trace, checking on everything." Shannon spun around. Billy looks so good up close, Shannon thought to herself. He was glistening with sweat, making his rock hard black muscles look all the more enticing. Shannon wished that she could touch them.

"Cool. Did she say anything about me?" Bill asked. He was confident that she would bring him up.

"Ummmmm... no." Give him a kiss for me. Give him a kiss. Kiss him. Kiss that handsome black stud. Shannon could think of nothing else.

"Oh ok." She's in denial, Bill thought to himself. He took a long drink from his water bottle. He gave Shannon a chance to look at him, without fear of getting caught.

Shannon took advantage of every moment. She watched Bill sucking down water and looked at his pursed lips. They were large and typically African. Shannon could not help but think of how they would look on her large white breast, sucking her pink nipple. She loved having her nipples sucked on. She quickly looked down to Bill's legs, black and powerful with bulging calf muscles. She looked up to his strong chest and tight abs. Shannon could see the definition of his abs more clearly up close, and wanted desperately to run her fingers across them, and feel their sinewy hardness. She looked down further. His shorts were riding quite low, but Shannon wished that they went lower. The shorts just barely clung to Bill's muscular hips. Shannon looked at his pubic region, but she could not see any sign of Bill's manhood. She wished that the pitch black shorts did not blend in with his skin.

Bill watched Shannon lustily eying his body. In his experience, all white women had craved his black body. Shannon had her right leg pointed inward, bent at the knee with only her toes remaining on the floor. Her legs looked long, lean and sexy. He watched as Shannon ran her finger along the V-neck of her t-shirt. She was subconsciously giving Bill a better view of her tits, showing at least 4 inches of bulging cleavage. Shannon's tits were at least DDs, if not Es, Bill happily thought to himself. I need to suck on those big white titties. Even though Shannon was not wearing a bra, her tits were still very firm, hanging highly on her chest. Bill wanted to see them wet.Hel began discretely unscrewing the top of his water bottle.

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