tagInterracial LoveTraditions Ch. 03

Traditions Ch. 03


Hey guys. I am SO SORRY about leaving you guys high and dry. I was trying hard to find an editor for my story, but you know how it is sometimes, life just keeps you busy. So I've decided to just submit this one in as it is. You'll find some typos and errors, but like I said, it's hard to find an editor with time to spare.

I do want to thank you guys for your great comments and support. I have really been taking them to heart. Hopefully this chapter will hold you over until the next installment.

I would like to warn some of you that there is one part in the story that might seem strange to you. Declan, at one point, talks about one of his former love interests that is extremely young for him. In the Traveler culture, girls tend to marry young with older husbands (although probably not as old as Declan). However, I will say that nothing sexual has happened between them and nothing is hinted about it either in later chapters. I repeat, NOTHING sexual happened.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. Keep the comments coming, there like crack to me. Chapter four is coming soon!

Declan was sitting on the couch with his father, watching the game on TV. The twins were occupying themselves, Joanne with her dolls and Patrick with his monster trucks. It had been a couple days since he had really spent any quality time with his family. Seeing how hard he had been working, Fergus had given him the next two days off to just relax. Sitting at home on the couch, Declan was doing just that.

"Oy, Margret," his father yelled toward the kitchen, "could ya grab a couple of cold ones for me and Declan over har."

Declan heard a door open and close before he saw his mother walk around the couch with two beers in her hand.

"I swear, I married one lazy man and raised another." She jokingly smiled at them.

"Eh, but you love us all da same." He reached for the beer in his mother's hand.

"Well, of course I do." She walked over and handed her husband the beer before sitting on the arm of the couch. "I got ta be loved and taken care of by two of da best men in the world." Margret rapped one of her arms around Ducky's broad shoulders.

Declan had those same shoulders, broad and powerful. He and his father were pretty much built the same way, tall and heavily built. Upon first seeing them, most people thought he and his dad were exact replicas of each other. But once you got past Ducky's swollen boxer face, you wouldn't see much of a resemblance. Declan looked more like his mother in that regard. Both of them shared the same high cheek bones and green eyes. His mother was a real beauty, even though age had begun to creep up on her. Declan could start to see a bit of grey growing on the sides of her black hair.

"How's the game?" She asked.

"Uhh," Ducky grumbled. "It's the kids these days. None of them know how to play. Patrick could do better than they can."

Hearing his name, Patrick lifted his head and gave them his toothless grin. "I'd beat them all, too."

Ducky clapped his hands and laughed at his eight year old son. "I bet you would, my boy. I bet you would."

"Don't encourage him like dat." Margret playfully hit her husband's shoulder. "I already have one boy ta worry about." She said, inclining her head towards Declan.

"Oh you ain't got no'ting to worry about. We were just talking about sports. That aint no'ting compared to being in the ring. Declan's tough as nails when it comes to fighting. That's pure talent he's got. That thar is what's gona take him to the Championships, and I'm gona be sitting here watching him on TV and cheering him on when it happens."

"I've got ta make it past the semi-finals first, dad."

"You will. I know you will." Ducky lightly patted his wife on the ass. "Why don't you go whip us up a couple of sandwiches for us?"

"Of course dear." Leaning down, she kissed her husband sweetly on the mouth before standing and heading toward the kitchen. Declan smiled as he watched her walk away. He had always admired the simple love his parents had had.

Unconsciously, his hand began fingering the phone next to his knee. It had been about a week and a half since he had last seen Cheyanne at the café. They had exchanged numbers before they parted ways, each promising they'd contact the other when enough time became available. Three days past, then another, then seven, and here it is, a Tuesday, eleven days later without even a word from the other.

Declan wasn't really bothered by the lack of communication between the two of them. They had each agreed to contact the other when enough time had cleared up on their schedule to hang out. Their agreement did not require that they text or call one another in between that time. No one needed to check up and see how the other was doing. No sir that was not the type of relationship they had. Then again, if that wasn't the type of relationship they had, what did they have?

Declan quickly scolded himself for even thinking such a thing. They didn't have anything. She herself had even said that they shouldn't try to put a label on anything. So why was he sitting here getting all worked up about it. It's not like she was anything special. As far as he was concerned she was just some girl; some girl he had sat down and had lunch with, some girl who he had told more than one Traveler secret too. Damn it. None of these stupid thoughts had even bothered to occupy his mind until he saw his parents together. Why would seeing the two of them bring up thoughts about Cheyanne?

Turning his phone over, he clicked on an icon and opened up a new text message. His thumb hesitantly hovered over the first letter when Darcy decided to march into the front room.

"Hey daddy. Hey Dec." she plopped herself next to her brother. "How's the game?"

Declan looked at his eighteen year old sister and sighed. Just like him, Darcy favored there mother, relatively short and curvy. She did, however, have a longer face then the rest of the McCarthy children, a face that she got from her dad. Over the years she had gone from a skinny freckle faced girl to a full figured young woman, and the result scared him. Many boys had begun noticing her more, and Declan had had to chase off quite of few of them. Right now she was wearing a tight white tank top with lime green shorts.


"Who ya texting?" She casually leaned over and tried to get a better look.

Declan quickly locked his phone and shoved it in the front pocket of his jeans. "None of yar business."

Darcy huffed and flipped her black hair over her shoulder. "I was only asking."

"Like I said, it's none of yar business." He turned back to the TV. "Mom's in the kitchen, shouldn't you be helping her with something."

"Yes, but I have a question to ask you first." Angling her body towards him, she leaned in a little and placed her chin on his shoulder. "George Anne is gona have this big party for her sixteenth birthday and I was wondering if you'd be willing to come wit me."

"Isn't her birthday in February? Why are you asking me now?" he asked, still concentrating on the game.

"It is. She just wants to plan ahead so all the preparations can be done on time. She's planning to make it a Valentine's Day, winter wonderland theme. I'm helping her plan it, and it would really suck if I ended up not going to the party after putting some much work into it."

"What did Da say?" The only reason he asked was because most Traveler girls weren't allowed to go anywhere without having permission first. He didn't want to her to go to a party, only to find out later that she was forbidden to go. That would mean he'd be getting the brunt of the yelling.

"He said I'd be able to go as long as I had a chaperone, which is why I need you to take me. If you say no, I'll be missing out on the greatest party of the year."

"There will always be another party Darcy." He said simply.

"Oh, please Dec, just take me. I promise I won't bother yous once we get there. I'll even leave an extra hour early if ya get to bored, and afterwards you can take me back home and go anywhere you want."

"I can go anywhere I want regardless. You forget, I don'a live here anymore."

"You still live on the plot, stupid. Just because you've got yar own camper doesn't mean you can ignore the fact your only ten feet away."

"Did it ever occur to you that I moved those ten feet to get away from you." He said simply, turning to give her a disinterested look.

"Please Declan, just take me to this party. It will be the one everyone talks about, and I'll just die if I can't go." Looking at her brother's unwavering face, Darcy sighed. "You know George Anne really wants you to go."

Darcy almost laughed as she watched a deep frown mar her brother's face. "Why are you looking like that?"

"If ya seriously thought tha she would have been enough to tempt me to go to tha stupid party, yar crazy."

"What? I thought ya liked her. She even told me that yous two were talking." Darcy moved her eyebrows a little as if she was hinting towards some big secret of his.

Declan just rolled his eyes. Yeah, he had tried talking to her at one point. Somewhere down the road last year, he had got it in his head that he should try settling down with a nice girl, and had set his eyes on George Anne. He learned quickly how big of a mistake that was.

This girl had turned him off in more ways than one. She had wound up being one of those attention seekers, and would always whine and bitch to him whenever he didn't cater to her beck and call. She was still a child, and wasn't ready to be in a steady relationship. She still needed time to learn her place a as a woman and how Traveler couples worked. From that experience, Declan realized he wasn't ready for a relationship either.

"I tolerated her. There is a difference."

"Fine." Darcy huffed and crossed her arms. This was going to be harder then she thought.

Suddenly an evil smirk crossed her face. "Ya knows what, its fine. I'll find some other party to go to. Ya know...I think one of yar friends might be having a party before then anyway."

Declan's interest peaked. "What friend?"

She ignored him. "Yeah, I think it might be a New Year's party. That should be fun."

"What friend, Darcy?"

She turned to her brother and smiled. "Um...I think his name was...Jagger."

Darcy tried hard not to laugh at the angry expression on her brother's face. Immediately his cheeks became red, and his jaw became tense. He began to look much like their father would whenever his anger flared. Both of them had the same quick temper, and were easily annoyed by anything.

"Are ya out of yar fuc-," he caught himself and quieted his voice. "Are you crazy? Dad is sitting right over there. If he hears ya talking about a boy like that, he'd beat yar arse til it bleeds red. Don't think he won't. And if you think I'd let you get near that son of a bitch, ya must be out of yar damn mind. The second I tell dad about what a cunt this guy is, he won't even hesitant to forbid you from seeing him. So don't even bother trying to work up the courage to ask him to go to that stupid party."

"God, Declan, would you relax." She looked down at her siblings and then at her father to make sure no one had heard her brother's whispered rant. "George Anne and her mother are going out of town that week to try and see if they could find a dressmaker for the party. Now, they did ask me to go wit them, but if I'm not going to be attending the party I guess..."

Declan could see where his sister was hinting at. Damn her. He didn't want to go to some frilly party. He had past that stage in his life where these types of celebrations were entertaining. But he'd be damned if he let his baby sister anywhere near that asshole.

"I'll take you." Darcy squealed and raped her arms around him. "But don't expect me to stay there the entire time. If I go, you go."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, you're the best brother ever."

"Whatever," he detangled himself from her grip and push her off. "Now go help mom in the kitchen.

She kissed her brother on the cheek before popping up and heading toward the kitchen.

"And you need to learn how to act when a man says no ta ya."

"Maybe when I'm married." She said over her shoulder before she disappeared.

Married. Ha. He couldn't even imagine his sister as a married woman. She had a bit more fire in her then most guys would like, and that had proven to her disadvantage. Most girls her age would have been married by now, or at least engaged. He wasn't worried though. She still had all the time in the world to find a husband, and he wasn't too keen on the idea of having her married off just yet. To him, she was still his baby sister.

Thinking about his sister dating brought to mind his own current situation. Sticking his phone in his pocket, he brought out his phone and stared at the screen.


Cheyanne sighed and stared down at her Chemistry homework. She had been staring down at the same equation for the past ten minutes and still couldn't quite figure out what it meant. It was safe to say at this point that chemistry was not her best subject.

Throwing down her pencil in frustration, she pushed her books away in fell backwards onto her pillow. She knew that she would get it eventually. She was a smart girl and she wouldn't stop until she got it right. She was just upset that it wasn't coming to her as easily as it was to some of the other students.

Cheyanne had always been a great student. She had graduated from her high school with honors and had gotten into the University of Liverpool with an academic scholarship. Most of her frustration, however, wasn't brought on by her schoolwork. It all stemmed from the fact that she didn't know what she was going to use her broad education for. The few friends she had back home all had their lives planned out by their junior year of high school. Here it was, her first year of college, and she still had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.

Cheyanne knew that a lot of people went into their first year with no set major in mind, and that she was no different. But she would have thought that she would have at least found a subject she was interested in. Even Hannah knew what she wanted to major in. Fashion. Go figure.

All she knew was that she wanted to get the most out of life. Even though she lived in a big, thriving city like Dallas, she had never traveled anywhere else. When the university offered her a scholarship, she jumped at the chance to study abroad. She wanted to see more of the world. Maybe she'd find a job that allowed her to travel internationally.

A humming noise coming from her desk jolted Cheyanne out of her thoughts. Sitting up on her elbow, she reached over and grabbed her phone. She pulled back a bit when she realized who the text was from. Declan.


The simple message surprised her a little. He hadn't bothered to contact her in the days that followed there strange lunch date together. She had pretty much given up on the idea that he would even bother trying to see her again. She wasn't exactly saddened by his silence, but she had been a little disappointed when more than a week had past and she still hadn't heard from him.

She sent back a small greeting.


A few seconds later she received a response.

How u been?

Fine...u? She texted back.

Pretty well.

Okay where was this conversation going, she thought to herself.

That's good. She sent back to him.

What r u doin?


A minute past before the next text came.

You want to see a movie 2 nite?

Whoa. Cheyenne was not expecting that. This just came out of left field.

How do u know I don't hav plans? She asked him.

A couple more minutes past before the next text came.

Cuz the last time we talked, u said havin lunch wit me was the most fun u had since uve been here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if lunch was the most exciting thing uve done then u must not get out much.

Cheyanne was almost shocked. It was like he was reading her mind or something. How does he know these things about her? Was she just easy to read?

Her cell phone vibrated in her hand.

I'm I wrong? It read.

Reluctantly, she texted back. No.

Then come out wit me.

She didn't respond immediately. She was a little skeptical about agreeing to it. True, she was the one who had suggested they go out again, but that was before he ignored her for a week. Then again, she didn't try to contact him either.

Grunting she smacks herself on the forehead. This was ridiculous. She was acting like a fourteen year old. She had put herself out there when she asked for another opportunity to see him. Now that opportunity had arisen, and she was second guessing herself. She wasn't one to punk out, and she wasn't going to start now.


A few seconds later she got a text. I'll pick u up at that café we were at round 7.

I'll be there. She sent.

Getting up from her bed, she started to remove her work and place them back on her desk. She started to head toward her closet to pick out her outfit when her phone vibrated again. Picking her phone back up, she read the text.

I'm lookin forward to it.


Cheyanne waited patiently outside the small café. It was seven o-six, and the sun had just started to dim, creating a soft orange glow across sky. She had spent a little more time fretting over her outfit then she normally would have, but eventually came to a sound conclusion. Since they were just going to see a movie, she figured casual was in order. She picked out one of her favorite sun dresses, with a blue and white floral print that came down to her knees. The colors went great with caramel her skin tone, and she completed the outfit with some honey colored boots and a light jean jacket.

She fiddled with her hair, which she had put in a ponytail, and prayed that it would behave while she went out. She was so nervous, even though she knew there was no reason for her to be. It wasn't officially a date, but just the prospect of seeing him again gave her goose bumps.

It was now seven fifteen, and the light was starting to darken more. It was probably better for her to wait inside since it looked like he would be running a little late. Just as she was turning to enter the building, an old grey pick up saddled up next to the sidewalk in front of her. The engine shut off and a tall figure stepped out of the driver's side.

"Sorry I'ma bit late." Declan said as he approached her. "I was havin a bit of trouble ge'ting my car ta start."

"Oh, no that's okay. I wasn't waiting long."

"Good." He gave her a crooked smile and stared at her for a moment. "Ya look nice."

"Thank you. You look nice, too." Boy did he look nice. He had dressed himself in ripped jeans and a simple button down shirt over a black wife beater. The black jacket he wore was made out of some tuff material and looked kind of heavy, but on him, it just made him look gruff and sexy.

Cheyanne had to catch herself from staring to long. "Well, shall we?"

Declan stepped back an extended his arm to the truck. "Yar carriage awaits."

She smiled and walked with him around the truck. Opening the car door, he made sure she got into the car and was secure before heading around to the driver's side.

"Now I've got ta warn ya," he began while buckling himself, "the truck here's a little old. It might cry and cuss at us along tha way, but I promise it will get us where were going."

She was a little skeptical. "How old is it?"

"Uh, well the owner I bought it from had it about fourteen years before me, and he had bought it used so...pretty old. But I promise dis t'ing is like a tank. Hasn't failed me yet."

Well that was comforting.

The two of them road across town for few minutes, barely speaking a word to each other. Neither of them could think of anything interesting to say, and there wasn't anything interesting that either of them wanted to talk about. For fifteen minutes, they sat in awkward silence.

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