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Train of Thought


"And have a nice weekend," Sylvia said to the only two passengers in this part of the train as she gave back the tickets.

The smartly dressed woman who had accepted them gave a small smile in answering. "I always do." Her green eyes were actually twinkling as she said that and Sylvia found herself returning the smile, despite her exhaustion. And exhausted she was. It was Friday and late while she had been on her feet since eight that morning.

This was the last car and they wouldn't reach another stop for at least an hour so she decided to take a rest. She didn't sit with the passengers but sat down directly behind the raven-haired woman. A deep sigh escaped her when her legs no longer needed to support her weight.

Sylvia shamelessly stretched herself out, heedless of what those two women behind her thought. Only one of them could see her anyway and she seemed something of a non-entity. Having found a comfortable position she lazily directed her gaze out the window, watching the world whiz by.

Her ears perked up when the passengers started talking, well one of them was. It was the one with the infectious smile, Sylvia noted. She liked to eavesdrop on these conversations, it was surprising what juicy stories you could stumble upon.

"I just love travelling by train. You don't have to do, worry or even pay attention to anything. You just sit back, relax and let yourself be led to your destination." Sylvia couldn't hear any response, which was a little odd since she had no problem with the soft-spoken words from just before.

"And then there is the sound," the woman continued. "The steady rattling of the train on the tracks. A steady thrum that follows the rhythm of your breathing. In at every kadeng and out with every kadung." Sylvia absently noted the woman was speaking the truth. Funny how she had never noticed how her breathing was being led.

"It's so relaxing to just sit back and let yourself follow the rhythm. A train journey is just filled with them, the rattling of the train tells you when to breath in, and out. The world outside shows you when to blink." Sylvia frowned slightly at that even as she looked out the window to see what she was talking about. "A tree goes by and you blink." Sylvia blinked.

'I guess she's right, funny I missed so much.' Her thoughts were interrupted by the woman's next words. "And another tree, a new blink. And every blink lasts a little longer, every blink makes your eyes a little more tired." Once again Sylvia found this to be true so when a row of trees came by she simply closed her eyes until she thought she was past before opening them again.

They went by a signal post so she closed her eyes again, slowly and barely in time to notice the trees that allowed her to close her tired eyes again. "Yes, it is so relaxing to let the train do it all for you. Breathing, blinking, thinking. Your weary eyelids can't keep up, they just want to sink down. Cover your tired eyes and sink so your mind can drift on the steady rattling of the train. No worries, no fears. Just breathing and relaxing."

It was so true, the train really was so powerful. Guiding her, telling her tired body what to do. So she let it. Sylvia closed her eyes and didn't open them again as the woman kept talking.

"Train travel is so relaxing, you don't have to do anything but sit and let the train do the thinking for you. Telling you how to breathe, calm and steady. Is the train telling you how to think?" Someone murmured her agreement but Sylvia was to busy doing what the train told her to do to notice who it was.

"That's good, very good. So now that your mind is free of worry and fear, it can concentrate on making you one with that all-compassing rhythm. Drown you in it. Let your hand glide up over your body." Sylvia's hand had rested on her thigh but now snaked up her body till it covered her right breast." Yes, just like that. So is your tit humming? Is it suffused by a need thrumming in pace with the train." Sylvia could feel her chest rise and fall but that wasn't the answer. So she shook her head, heedless of the fact that nobody could see it.

"Well then you will just have to make it. Let your hand go to work, don't bother your mind with the details. Use your other hand to find more places that are lacking. That are crying out for attention." She did and found her left breast as silent as its counterpart so she began kneading that one too. Her quiet moans began to fill the car, still in tandem with the rattling of the car.

Her hands traveled over her body, playing it like an instrument as it began to magnify the rhythm of the train. It drowned out thought all together so when the woman said to kneel her body simply did that without bothering to inform her mind. The rattling of the train filled her universe, it was her universe.

It wasn't until the train slowed down that her thoughts started up again. It was the disconnect between the steady need inside of her and the train that caused this. But the fact that she found her tongue curled around a searing hot button that was pulsing with that same need was what really woke her up. It didn't stop her hand pistoning evenly into her own pussy or kept her tongue from licking the pussy in front of her but Sylvia could direct her eyes upward. See who she was pleasuring even though she already had an inclination as to who it was.

They traveled over an unbuttoned blouse, a taut tummy with rippling muscles and stopped for a few moments to appreciate the sight of two gleaming globes peaked with stiff nipples. Eventually her eyes continued their journey until they met two green eyes. There was no panic or uncertainty in them.

"The train tells you what to do, as the train goes so do your thoughts." A hand began to stroke her head. "Slower and slower they go, one thought for every kadeng."

'What is she...talking about? Oh...no she is...right, I...can't...have...to...' And the train stopped.

She was kneeling on the floor with her head in the lap of a strange woman. She was going down on that woman while fingering herself and there was nothing she could do about it. She was aware, just incapable of thinking. Of forming plans or conclusions, she could only continue to kneel and pleasure the beautiful woman that was still caressing her head.

An infinity later the train began to pull up, and with it her thoughts started up again. 'Okay...Sylvia...You can...do this. Just...pull your hand out...of your pussy...not to rub your clit...or stick them into her pussy. Rub them around her asshole.' Her thoughts were speeding up alright, but she had forgotten to what they were speeding up. They were going to match the rhythm of her body, her pleasure-soaked body that was obediently licking out the goddess before her. The conductor of her thoughts.

And so her thoughts of escape derailed as contemplation on how to best pleasure the other came back on track. Sylvia's eyes drifted down to focus on the pussy before her, drinking in the sight of her flushed labia as her mouth lapped up her arousal. She stopped masturbating so she could use her hands on the subject of her attentions, inserting two cum-coated fingers into the raven-haired's sex.

She became a part of the train, pistoning in and out in sync with the machine. Not slowing down as the woman shuddered in orgasm. Nor did she stop when the woman came for the second time, or the time after that. Time was meaningless to her, she did not even recognize there was a now. There was just up and down, in and out.

The train slowed down and Sylvia came to with a start. She blinked and looked around, noticing with a start that they had reached the station. She rolled her shoulders and stood up, she felt really good. There was a funny taste in her mouth, one she couldn't quite place, but it wasn't unpleasant so she gave it no more thought.

She turned around and saw the only passenger standing up so she stayed where she was to let the busty beauty pass. A blush came to her cheeks. 'Busty beauty? What the hell am I thinking, I must be more tired than I thought.' Of course the woman was nice enough, Sylvia had seen her before as the woman always took this train on Friday. She had never approached the woman though and she wasn't interested in women that way anyway.

Said beauty stopped before her. "It was an enjoyable ride as always. I guess I will see you next week then."

"We aim to please," Sylvia quipped.

The woman grinned in return. "Oh, and Silly Silvie shouldn't forget to come by tomorrow."

Sylvia's smile turned dreamy, "she won't Mistress". The woman nodded at that and left with a hypnotic sway in her hips.

Sylvia watched the passenger leaving, that same dreamy smile on her lips until she blinked and came back to herself. With flaming cheeks she pulled her hand away from her breast, still tingling from the brief massage.

She shook her head to clear it. 'Okay, I must be really tired if I am zoning out like this.' She looked back. 'I didn't even notice the other woman leaving. I think I should just stay in tomorrow and go to bed early.' Having made up her mind she got back to work.


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