tagMind ControlYou May Be Right

You May Be Right


"You May Be Right"

"I'm telling you, Mandy, you are definitely brainwashed! Don't even try to deny it again, okay? I'm sick of hearing 'Oh, I'm just fine, I haven't changed'--after all, that's exactly what a brainwashed person would say. Trust me, you're brainwashed. You just haven't noticed it, that's all."

"And I'm telling you, Clarice, that I am definitely not brainwashed! And that's exactly what a non-brainwashed person would say, too! I am totally the same girl I've always been! I'd notice if there was something wrong with me! Listen to me. I don't sound brainwashed, do I? I don't look brainwashed, do I? No. I am completely, totally, and in all other ways in control of my own mind and body. My thoughts are one hundred percent my own. All right? Can we drop this?"

"Sure, Mandy. We can drop it...if you'll do something for me first. Just do one little thing for me, and I'll admit I was wrong and drop the whole thing for good."

"God, finally! I am so sick of hearing about this! You were seriously starting to creep me out, you sounded so paranoid. So what's this one thing?"

"Try to stand up."

"...I don't feel like it. I don't, that's all! I'm perfectly comfortable down here on my knees--don't look at me like that! It's just a very natural position for me. I enjoy kneeling, it's the right place for me to be, it's where I belong, it's where I've always belonged..."

"There! There, do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That! That tone in your voice just now! You were speaking in this empty monotone, and your eyes were all glassy and you were just staring straight ahead, zoned out and...and brainwashed!"

"No, I wasn't! I was just, um...lost in thought, that's all."

"You were lost in your programming, is what you were lost in."

"No way, Clarice. There's just no way I'm going to believe you on this one. I'm way too strong-willed to be turned into a sex-crazed, vacant, docile, mindless, obedient...umm...anyway, I am. Besides, how would anyone even be able to 'brainwash' me?"

"Duh, Mandy! You've been listening to that stupid 'sleep learning' thing ever since you flunked your French midterms three weeks ago! Remember, you were all, like, 'God, this textbook is so fucking dull, I might as well try sleep learning, because I fall asleep whenever I read this thing anyway!' And so every night, you fall asleep listening to it, and by the time it gets around to the learning part, you're already snoring. You never even listened to the lessons while you were awake; you probably don't even know what it says. And I'm sure that at some point, the 'learn French' part got replaced with 'become an obedient sex slave', and your brain just soaked it all up every night."

"No. No way. There's no way you could make someone into a helpless, obedient, brainwashed fucktoy, mindless and born to serve, perfectly docile and slutty and...um...and all those other things, just with a sleep learning tape. It probably doesn't even work. Sleep learning is probably just bullshit."

"No, it works, Mandy. I did some reading up on it after you bought the tape, to see whether it was something that could help me with my studying. It really does sink in when you're asleep. And in your case, what's sinking in is 'become an empty-headed fucktoy'."

"Oh, come the fuck on! It's just helping me learn French, that's all."

"All right, then what does 'je voudrais le poulet' mean?"

"Umm...'I something the chicken'..."

"See? See?"

"See what? That just proves it doesn't work at all. If it did, I'd know more French than I do."

"You don't not know French because it doesn't work, you don't know French because it's teaching you how to be a horny bimbo slut, Mandy! I mean, come on! Look at how you're dressed!"

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?"

"*sigh*...Mandy, let's do a little thought experiment here. I want you to close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking down the street."


"Go ahead, close your eyes."

"Oh, fine. There, happy now?"

"Now imagine the crowd of people you pass through. Go ahead, picture some of the women, the sorts of things they'd be wearing."

"Yeah, okay..."

"Describe them to me."

"I dunno, jeans, skirts, sweaters, t-shirts...you know, just clothes."

"And how many of them are naked except for a black leather dog collar with a little silver nameplate that has 'SLUT' engraved on it, and a little hook for a leash to attach to?"

"...all right, so it's a little bit daring. I'll grant you that. But I just like the way it feels. It feels good to have a cool breeze on my skin, on my hot, wet pussy lips. It feels good to let people see my body. I'm sexy and desirable, and I like knowing that people are looking at me and it's getting them turned on to see me nude, just like it's getting me turned on to see them seeing me nude. That's just...that's just natural. It's so natural to want to display my sexy body to anyone who asks, it's so natural to feel the collar like a caress around my neck, like it was always meant to be there. It's perfectly...perfectly perfect, that's all. I want everyone to see me naked and lust for my sexy body. Why do you think that's some sort of weird thing all of a sudden?"

"Mandy, we've been room-mates for two years now. You covered up on your way into the shower, for fuck's sake. You were so careful about your body that I never even saw you naked before last week. Now you're kneeling on the floor wearing nothing but a leather collar, fondling your tits and pinching your nipples while you talk about how much you like being nude. Doesn't that suggest anything to you?"

"I am not fondling my tits, Clarice!"

"Look down, Mandy."

"...oh. Um, I...I guess I got a bit carried away, there. Sorry. I'll stop it now."

"...look down again, Mandy."

"Oh. Sorry. Um, you, um...you don't mind if I just...keep going, do you? My hands don't seem to want to stop just yet."

"And that doesn't suggest 'brainwashed' to you, having hands that refuse to do what your mind is telling you?"

"Well, okay, I'll admit that it's a bit, um...a bit strange, yes. Not that I'm saying you're right, but...well, I'll agree that I do seem to be a bit more, um..."


"I wouldn't go that far, no. I'm enjoying sexual pleasure more, I'm exploring my body and my sexuality, yes, but 'slutty'? I think that's a bit--oh, hi, Steve. I...oh, God. Ohhhh...oh, yes, let me just, *zzzzzzzp*... mmmm.... slupslupslupslup... oh, yes, mmmslpppppp, gllllmmmmm, unnnnh, oh, mmmmmm....oh, oh yes, oh, bend me over, oh fuck, yes, use me, fuck me, oh, oh god oh fuck, oh, please don't stop, yes, fuck me, oh god feels so good, unnnnh, hnnnnh, oh yes, oh yes yes yes yes! YES! Oh, it feels so fucking hot, yes, use me, fuck me, make me your whore, your slut, your bitch, don't stop, oh, right in there, yes, right up my, oh god yes, so tight and hot and oh, oh, oh! Can't think, oh fuck, don't want to think, just want to...cummmm, oh oh oh... Oh fuck yes, yes, oh please cum, Steve, all over my tits, yes, oh fuck yes, oh god it feel so good to have your cum on my face and my tits, ohhhhh....."

"Are you done?"

"Hhh...hhh...hhh...sorry, just need to...catch my breath, oh..."

"No problems, just let me know when you're ready."

"I'm...I'm good. I just...wow. That felt... amazing."

"And you don't think there was anything unusual about that?"

"Well...I mean, no, not really. Not much."

"So my boyfriend walked into the room, and you crawled over to him, pulled his pants down, sucked his cock, took him into both your pussy and your ass, and then let him cum all over your tits--all while your room-mate watched the whole thing--and you don't think there was anything strange about it at all."

"Look, if you're upset about me sleeping with your boyfriend, I...I'm really sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I just started thinking about his cock, how hard it must be under his pants when he walked in and saw me, and I just knew I had to make it cum. It just got me so horny, thinking about that hot, stiff cock pumping into me, using all my holes, thinking about fucking and sucking and about how hot it would be to do anything he wanted, anything at all, to give myself completely to him and become his willing sextoy, his obedient fucktoy, his horny, submissive--"



"You're masturbating."

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry, I just...oh, feels so...so good, fingers in my snatch, I..."

"So you just had two orgasms from fucking my boyfriend, which you admit you 'couldn't help' doing, and you're still so horny that you need to jill off in front of another woman--"


"And that seems to be turning you on too...the point is, you just finished having sex and you're ready for more, you're turned on by the thought of being a submissive fucktoy, and you're kneeling naked on the floor with a man's cum dripping off your tits. Does this sound like the sort of thing you'd do of your own free will, Mandy?"

"I...huhhh...I...okay, yeah, you... ohfuckyes... you may be right, Clarice..."

"'May be'?"

"...but if you are...oh, unnnh, oh...I don't care, I...nnnh, oh, feels so good, feels so good to be...be brainwashed, be slutty, be, ohyesrightthere, be obedient and horny, want to be, yesssss, want to be even more brainwashed, don't ever want to...huhhh, huhhh...don't ever want to resist, want to give in more...and more...and become a, a perfect slutty fucktoy sexdoll slavegirl oh fuck cumming cumming cumming i am brainwashed i am brainwashed cumming cumming yessssssss...."

"Good girl, Mandy. Good girl. Now, come over here and lick my pussy."

"Yes, Mistress."


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