Training Celina Week 01 Ch. 02


We still wore our sirik chains connecting our collars to our wrists and ankles.

"We want a double pussy and ass dildo in each of them, fastened in by a thin leather crotch strap please." Master Chan spoke for both himself and Mistress Mei Ling.

"Slave Candi will be first."

Releasing her lead, the store man ordered Candi to bend forward over a bench. We all watched him insert a dildo into Candi's pussy and then a separate one into her ass. She screamed loud and long, so sore was her cunt. The huge dildos went into the docile slave easily, with slave Candi now just groaning softly, and whimpering a bit when he forced the last couple of inches of each one into her. He then padlocked a thin leather crotch-strap tight between her legs forcing the impaling instrument to stay in place.

Fuck, she looked gorgeous I thought to myself.

Then it was my turn. I, Celina, was similarly stuffed full of huge dildo in both my holes, my ass still felt wide open and gaping. It was filled easily. I also yelled out loudly, so sore was I after the previous ordeal. They were then padlocked via a crotch strap into place. Both of us were then told to stand up straight and thrust our tits out. We did and I felt my over used pussy lips and ass cheeks suck the dildos deeper inside me. I am sure Candi felt the same. The store man then produced a pair of stunningly high heeled shoes for us to put on and, with a swift, clean tug on the leash we were lead away again, but this time we were standing on our stupid-sized heels ... teetering along after Master and Mistress. What the fuck would happen next?

Master ...

Man, I was so horny. My slut had only been gone for less than 2 days, and on one of those I had fucked Rika. But yet I wanted more release for my pent up lust. I knew that Celina did not like me fucking Rika ... it made her jealous, and, although she was my slave, I cared enough not to fuck Rika every day -- even though my slave would not necessarily find out!

So I went to my PC and played some videos of Celina. I had many including some from the time she was sold at auction and the last time we were in the boathouse together; the time when she fastened her own tits to the wall -- fuck that was hot!

As my lovely slut appeared naked on screen I flipped out my cock and began to stroke it into a state of solid erection. I would pleasure myself with the thought of Celina in my mind's eye. It would soon be Saturday and then I would see her again.

Celina ...

It was well into the evening now. I gasped softly with every step as my lips were stretched around the large penis gag strapped into my mouth, tormented almost beyond endurance by my condition. I was still wearing a full sirik plus the double dildos and the crotch strap and now an awful, deep throat penis gag. I had struggled at first to accept the long rubber shaft down my throat and had choked quite badly but necessity had demanded that I soon adjust to the oral invasion and I started to breathe by default once again through my nose, just as I had with the muzzle. The rubber shaft around which my mouth was stretched had a taste of male sperm about it. How did they do that?

The two dildos flexed and pumped upon each additional step with maddening insistence. In reality, it was my own internal position that changed as I walked, but the effect was the same. Juices were running down my inner thigh, and my nipples were so hard that they ached. I was so desperately horny. The sirik, with the chains connecting my ankles now reduced considerably in length, and heels, only intensified my unwanted arousal, forcing me to take small slave like steps, swinging my hips lasciviously as I did. Fuckkkkkkk ... despite the pain and aches in my body I so desperately wanted to cum -- againnnnnnnn! What a fucking slut I was. I thought the audience would have gone home but they were still here. The same eyes watching both Candi and I; Rola, the Yangs, students from CAL plus poor Candi's family. They were certainly having a full day out! Several pairs of eyes watched us both.

After being 'kitted out' at the storeroom, Candi and I had been taken back into the stable. There our leashes had been fastened to separate large wooden posts and we were instructed to walk around with our backs straight, our heads down and our breasts thrust out. The sirik helped us with these demands on our posture. This made my task so hard from the get go, but that was several hours ago and now I wanted so badly to stop walking. My feet and legs ached in the outrageously high heels and my cunt, ass and mouth throbbed so much that it was driving me crazy. I knew Candi must feel the same. Master Chan and Mistress Mei Ling had watched us all of the time, as had the audience. Fuck they were patient. I saw that several large screens were replaying our earlier experiences and so this no doubt also kept the watchers entertained.

What a day this had been ... still was. This was some fucking start to our training!

I was so aware of the way my breasts swung and quivered humiliatingly with every step that my wandering mind anticipated, both with horror and a shameful longing, the inevitable tit-torture that we would have to endure at some stage of our stay here. Candi had already been savagely clipped when she was riding the horse. Fuck, despite my predicament I was so hot! I knew that my time here with Mistress Mei Ling or Master Chan or whoever would include more of them whipping me, fucking me and making me perform disgusting, degrading acts, and I knew also that he, she or whoever would have little difficulty forcing me to cum again and again.

I continued to walk the same path around the post to which I had been attached. My steps were short and choppy ... I looked like a slave; I felt like a slave, I was a slave! The short steps highlighted the swinging of my hips, a thought that intensified the fires burning from deep within my slutty body.

"Stop!" ordered Mistress Mei Ling.

It was such a surprise that I almost stumbled. Both Candi and I stood still at our separate posts watching as Master Chan, not Mistress Mei Ling, walked towards us. He bypassed the English gyrl and came over to me. I moaned into my penis gag, helpless with lust, as he reached out and groped at my breasts, then lowered his head to lick and bite my aching nipples. My head flew back in ecstasy. Despite the protective nature of the crotch strap I nearly came on the spot, I was so close!

Master Chan let his eyes trail down my naked body. Gripping my hair tightly he pulled my head back via my pony tail. He cupped my pussy lips in his free palm, lightly squeezing my labia around the thin leather crotch-strap he'd pulled up tight between my legs. I groaned around my gag even more under his touch while he also closed his lips over my right nipple, tonguing my erect teat once more. I whimpered in helpless lust as both nipples, swollen and aching hard, were sucked and tongued. Then Master Chan trailed his lips over my heaving breasts. I could do nothing but placidly stand there, horny as fuck bound, on a lead, a huge long rubber shaft embedded into my mouth, and with both other holes stuffed full of dildo! Master Chan lifted my right breast in both hands, and sucked in great mouthfuls of flesh around my nipple. My wrists and ankles were chained tight and so I could do nothing but allow the Master to touch me and use me however he wanted.

He was sucking my tits so hard around the nipple that I almost felt as if they were caught in a vacuum. When he pulled his mouth away, under the sheen of his spit now coating my breast, there were several blue, purple bruises. Love bites ... fuck he had marked me with his mouth. Occasionally Master Si had left me with similar marks on my body and so I knew they would be with me for a few days. Master Si ... I could not wait to see him again? I wanted so to have him take me, here and now ... how I missed him already.

"Slave Celina has my mark on her flesh now," Master Chan grinned at me.

Love bites! Could any action have been less well-named? A shamed tear ran down my cheeks, as I continued to twist my hips back and forth, squirming on the monster shafts that had been forced deep into my body and locked in place. I groaned in painful pleasure as Master's fingers and thumbs sank deeper into my right breast which he still held in his hand, and his mouth once more went into action marking me with one last purple/red bruise.

Then I was taken by surprise. I was pushed up against the wooden post around which I had been walking. The post was no more than 3 inches in diameter and so my breasts pushed easily to either side of the tall piece of wood. He looped my leash, which remained still clipped to my collar, tight around my left breast, then around the post, and then around my right breast, then back around the post. I was tied to the post by my breasts, ingenious ... and very painful. Several more pairs of eyes were now watching me. I could only guess at what was about to happen but it was very clearly a favourite part for many of them.

My tits seemed much larger than I knew them to be as they bulged, my skin being squeezed until it was shiny and taut. I clamped my mouth down hard around the penis gag, forced to moan in a heady mix of merging pain and pleasure. Secured in place by my sore titties, I was forced to stand right up against the hard wooden length of the post, my ankles, still sirik chained to my wrists and collar, spread to either side of the wood which was hard pressing against my stomach. So tight was I held against it that the post was actually resting in the small grooves that had been embedded into my body caused by the crotch-strap digging into me so much.

Then something amazing happened! Well, amazing for me anyways. Master Chan moved to the other side of the post so that he faced me. He approached my naked, bound tits and in turn fastened a large ring into each nipple. This felt so good to me that, unbelievably, I now really was teetering on the brink of cumming. Then to my painful horror Master Chan fastened a small weight to each ring, and connected each ring by a small, tight chain that was then padlocked into place. The Master had locked my nipple-rings together, thus locking, as well as tying, my breasts around the post. Fuck, this now hurt incredibly ... but I could not recall ever juicing so much, I was filled with such need!

Under the seal of my gag I cried out in pain. How I wished that my breasts were bigger so that they were not quite so stretched and pulled tight. My nipples were on fire as the rings, weights and chain conspired to pull them both downwards and together. The pierced teats and the surrounding areola were cruelly pulled towards one another with the chain and the rings mercilessly unyielding. Master Chan had disappeared behind me and I soon discovered why as a blaze of pain erupted across my bare, exposed ass.

The Master was using his belt to lash my bottom. I wailed in hopeless protest, terrified that I would be whipped to a humiliating orgasm, so close was I to the edge of ecstasy, and every blow struck my dildo impaled ass and forced my similarly filled cunt against the post making the small amount of give in the plastic shaft fuck me as if it were a real life cock. Shit, much more of this and I would explode!

Another blaze of pain was laid across my skin, then another. These first few were not too hard but the Master was just getting his eye in! The next stroke was harder, and the next harder still, as Master Chan discovered that his hot, horny, dildo-stuffed, Asian slave could take more. Tears stung my eyes, as I was made to squirm against the post under the feel of Master's belt as I was lashed. I pulled against my own bound breasts as I twisted and jerked; squeezing my tightly bound tittie flesh even more painfully, and also deliciously, tighter. It reminded me of the pain I felt that last time in the boathouse when Master Si had made me clip my nipple rings to the wall.

The leather crotch strap was now firmly embedded into the slit of my pussy, pushing the oversized dildo even deeper inside me. Its passage was eased not just by my writhing and twisting, but also by the flowing juice from between my thighs. I was going to cum; I knew it and could feel the sensation rising from the pit of my stomach. Several more hard lashes with his belt moved me nearer and nearer to the edge. Despite the pain and the crowd of people now watching I was aware of nothing but my need to climax.

The Master lashed me harder still, putting more force into his swings now, surely leaving severe stripes and welts across my ass. My hands, still chained behind my back, fluttered helplessly above my throbbing, burning, bottom. Squealing in pain, trying to plead for merciful release under the huge penis gag strapped into my mouth, I jerked and twisted up against the post like a hooked fish as the Master lashed me still harder. I pulled hard against my bound titties. Fucccckkk this hurt so much. Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain ... I was struck again and again and I wailed behind my gag. Then I screamed, squirming up against the post as the Master finally swung his belt with full force. My breasts were throbbing mounds of pain, my ass so thoroughly lashed that my cheeks were almost numb and I felt like I was sandpapering skin off my belly and inner thighs as I squirmed up against the wooden post.

But I was almost over the edge. The heat in my groin was pure pleasure. Fuckkkkkkkkkk I'm going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

My tear-blurred vision went grey. I saw flashes of light before my eyes and a wild shiver passed through my entire body as my pussy spasmed around the shaft locked into me. I realised, through the mists of my mind, that I was rubbing my groin harder and harder against the post, dragging my pussy lips across rough wood, forcing the dildo just slightly back and forth inside myself. Managing little tugs of movement across my clitoris with the crotch-strap! Then I cried out as I came, wave after wave of humiliating pleasure coursed through me, leaving me gasping for breath around the rubber penis in my mouth. The watching audience cheered and clapped as I came before them.

Vaguely I heard the Master utter his satisfaction with my performance "Well done, Celina," I think he said.

Finally my climax was over. Utterly exhausted and totally spent. I could hear more faint applause as I was left hanging limp from the post by my bound breasts. Master Chan freed the leash strap from the post and let me drop down to my knees. My breasts were free of the leash now, but I was still chained securely and weighted through my new nipple rings.

Master Chan knelt down to my defeated body and removed the penis gag. I spluttered and spewed forth copious amounts of my own spit as fresh air, in a torrent of relief, flooded my mouth. He still left my breasts squeezed together around the damn post, nipple rings still padlocked in place. My wrists were, of course, still secured behind my back. The Master unbuckled his trousers, and pulled out his bursting hard cock. Totally subjugated, I made no move to pull away when the rock hard shaft was placed on my tongue.

"Suck me," he ordered. I knew he would be almost at bursting point after lashing me to orgasm, "and do not swallow my seed until I give you permission."

I obediently closed my lips over the Master's cock, and let the twitching shaft slide deeper into my mouth.

"Oh...oh....oh fuck ... you horny little slant eyed cunt!" the Master gasped. "Good slut, good slave!"

I worked my lips up and down him, tonguing, licking, and kissing. Master Chan came quickly. I gasped as a stream of sour, salty, sperm pumped into my mouth. He put a hand out to the post to steady himself then, when he was finished, Master half dropped, half fell, back leaving a string of cum connecting his cock to my lips.

Mistress Mei Ling now approached me having watched Master Chan at work on my body.

"Show me your tongue!" she ordered.

I obediently held out the mess of saliva and semen resting in my mouth for her inspection. Slimy strands slipped off either side of my tongue, oozed through my braces, down my chin and dripped onto my throbbing, aching, breasts. My ass was on fire and my stomach, pussy lips and inner thighs rubbed raw. She made me wait with my tongue out. Would she fasten a new tongue stud to me that would allow her to clip my tongue hanging outside my mouth? Mei Ling knew about this option ... she had done it before. Not daring to speak without her permission, this waiting with my mouth open and my tongue hanging out was a new kind of agony.

"Swallow," she finally ordered.

I closed my eyes as Master Chan's semen slid down my throat. Mistress Mei Ling allowed Master Chan to approach me again and allowed me the privilege of licking his cock clean. Then, once more, she took the control back and fastened the penis gag back inside my mouth, trapping the residual sperm before she reached around my body and released my padlocked together nipple-rings. She patted my dildo-stuffed pussy and ass before scooping up my lead again and lightly kissing each of my sore, marked and abused breasts.

"Good slave!" she said, repeating Master Chan's words from a short while ago, "Celina has done well." I felt a strange glow of pride.

Once more I was clipped to the post. But I was not made to walk round it again. This time I was allowed to watch as Master Chan turned his attention to Candi. It was her turn now. She was not as used to this as I was and her nipples were not already pierced, and her stepfamily was watching! She was in for a harder time than me. How would the lovely, delicate English girl handle it? I was about to find out.


It had been a long hard day, my first full one at slave school. I was sore but to counter that I had experienced a thoroughly explosive orgasm. I was also comforted by the fact that Master Si wanted me here. I would be able to serve him better after my 'schooling' and so whatever it was I needed to learn or endure would be worth it for that reason alone.

I was back in our dorm room. I looked round at the other girls. There was no sound except for Candi's sobbing. She had experienced the same as I had at the stable post including the belt lashing, the tit torture and the orgasm. Her tits were a little bigger than mine and so hadn't been stretched quite so much but she had not been pierced previously and so the piercing was administered as a part of her lesson. This would have been even more painful both mentally and physically for poor Candi. We had been 'allowed' to keep our nipple rings in place although the cumbersome weights had been removed.

Monique lay on her bed face down and was very quiet. There was a lot of reflecting to be done by all of us and I was sure that the others were as concerned as I was by the fact that Brittany had not yet being returned. She had been severely punished earlier in the day and when that punishment had become more gratuitous it was clear that the guards and Masters enjoyed inflicting pain on what was a beautiful, tall, blonde all American gyrl. I hoped she was okay.

In a similar fashion to Monique, both Candi and I also lay face down on our beds. We had little choice in this matter for several reasons. Firstly our asses were so sore that we could not bear them to touch even the soft sheets of the bed, but added to that we had all, at not inconsiderable pain, had a butt plug inserted into our already well used ass holes. Master Hagrid had personally performed the insertions and told us all that our asses were still too tight and needed to be loosened in time for tomorrow's lessons. So, when we had been suitably lubed up, he proceeded to insert butt plugs into each of us. Finally, we were chained ankle and wrist to the 4 corners of the bed primarily to stop us masturbating now that the crotch straps had been removed.

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