tagBDSMTraining Celina Week 01 Ch. 04

Training Celina Week 01 Ch. 04



Rika ...

Fuck this was hot. I was so pleased that Master Si had brought me with him. I was watching Celina and the other slave, Candi her name was I think, beat the shit out of each other with whips and canes and stuff as well as giving a round of serial blow jobs to male slaves. Just playing this over in my mind was turning me on.

Of course, as always, Master wanted his own enjoyment and so for the last couple of hours I had sat with my hand cupping his cock and my fingers curled around his erection. Several times this contact had caused him to stir, but I was under instruction not to make him cum until he said so. Master liked to challenge me and so I was now waiting for a signal to start and move my hand slightly to bring him off.

I looked out and saw Celina's braces reflecting the light of both the covered outer edges of the stand and the sunlight of the open air main arena. She was upset I could tell. She was bent forward resting her hands on her knees, panting for breath; and naked still ... that goes without saying. Celina had lost the 3rd round which meant that she was now only two to one up with two rounds still to go. Despite being on her side, sort of, I was pleased that she had lost as it meant that the remainder of the competition would have a more competitive edge about it.

I had been told what to wear by Master Si, and so I now sat here with my hand on his cock, braless in a tight white vest top and a short yellow skirt. My legs were bare and I wore 4 inch red heels -- Master wanted heels as they highlighted the shape of my legs so he said. I had on a white lacy thong which I was grateful for because I had inserted a string of vibrating pussy balls into my cunt before leaving!

For the last few hours my thighs had been rubbing together desperate to make use of the balls, but I had been scared to. Now, however, I was so turned on that I just had to flick the remote. Immediately the balls sprang to life. Their operation was so silent that Master could hear nothing. I had to disguise my shock however, with a feigned coughing fit. Master glanced at me but paid no real attention as he was focused on the arena and his slave-slut Celina.

The balls whirred and I could feel my juices beginning to flow. It was no use they were going to make me cum in no time at all; my breathing had already become very ragged. Now Master did watch me and knew that I was climaxing but he wasn't sure how or why. My thighs rubbed and my pussy clenched its lips together as if trying to keep the pleasure locked away inside of me.

I was over the edge and I arched my back as the first throes of a very public orgasm danced delightfully through my body. I did not want to yell and so had the presence of mind to bury my head in Master's shoulder effectively gagging myself into his arm. Master patted my head as I sobbed my climax into him.

Finally I came to rest. I glanced around and saw other people smiling at me. I had clearly provided the entertainment between rounds and that made me feel so ashamed. I glanced up at Master and he looked down upon me.

"Did I say you could cum slut?" he asked.

He hadn't given me permission and so meekly I shook my head.

"No Master," I whispered.

"No slave, I didn't."

With that he pushed my head away from his shoulder, returned his attention to the arena and left me to stew in my own juices wondering whether I would be punished later.

Celina ...

At this very moment I hated Candi. So pleased with herself was she that I hated the very sight of her. I had been so near winning but had lost. Two to one was now a close competition and Candi looked rejuvenated. Fuck!

"Now, my slaves, ladies and gentlemen ... now for round four." Hagrid spoke again.

"For this round you will both be attached to individual fucking machines. You will be left on the machines for one hour to see who can cum the most. The machine's dildo has sensors attached that are able to sense when my slaves are cumming. After one hour both slaves will then have electro stimulators attached to their nipples whereupon for a further 30 minutes they will be expected to cum more under this additional stimulation. This round will be very hard for the slaves."

The watching audience applauded loudly.

"Needless to say the slave with the highest orgasm count at the end of the time wins the round."

This time I really was shocked. Horrified really. The very thought of what this could do to my poor pussy terrified me.

I was led by Master Hagrid over to the huge well-oiled fucking machine. At the same time Candi was moved towards a similar device. I was attached to it with leather straps before Master moved me into position such that I could slide easily onto the large, thick, well lubed dildo. We were both secured in the same standing position and ready for the next ordeal.

"Now, as you both know ..." Hagrid announced, addressing the two of us slaves and the audience. "... There is an electric sensor on this dildo that can tell when the slaves are climaxing. So there will be no confusion about the number of orgasms each slave has by the end of the allotted time. The machines will tell me."

Master Hagrid patted my ass cheek, and turned on the machine. Immediately the dildo began to pump in and out of me, stroking the walls of my pussy and my little erect clit with every revolution. I groaned loudly and shouted out the agonies of my pleasure and my pain simultaneously. Neither Candi nor I were gagged which meant, I guessed, that the Masters and Mistresses were happy to hear the moans and groans of our predicament.

I watched Candi as she closed her eyes to the feel of the invading phallus and momentarily I felt as if we were on the same side rather than sex contest rivals. But the on rush of my first orgasm soon took that feeling away from me.

Through the mists of my ecstasy I saw Candi shiver uncontrollably and knew she too was cumming. The cheers and applause of the crowd rang out as the damn automated dildo kept pumping away at my overused pussy. I managed to cum, so I thought, 5 times inside the first 45 minutes before Master Hagrid stopped the machine. I was tiring though. 5 times in 45 minutes is a lot of orgasm. If I had been left to my own devices there is no way masturbation would have taken me anywhere near 5 in such a short time.

But this was not masturbation it was a fucking pumping machine and so it just kept fucking me, relentlessly, unremittingly and uncompromisingly. I was almost on the verge of exhaustion; my breath ragged and irregular. But I was pleased with 5. I glanced down and saw juices coating my thighs where the dildo hadn't quite plugged me then I glanced across at Candi.

She was slumped in her bonds, the leather straps holding her semi upright. Mistress Mei Ling approached me and looked at the reading on the LED of the machine upon which I was impaled. She smiled.

"Slave Celina, after 45 minutes, has climaxed 4 times."

The audience cheered, but I was confused. Not 4 times -- 5 times! I had cum 5 times I was sure. But the reading said 4 and I dare not question. Mistress Mei Ling moved over to Candi. She looked at the LED on her machine. Candi looked completely fucked. She hardly glanced at Mei Ling. Then the reason for her apparent exhaustion became clear.

"Slave Candi, after 45 minutes, has climaxed 6 times."

6 fucking times ... no way!!!!! I wanted to demand a recount but knew that it was no use. She must be one hot, juicing chick to cum that many times. Fuck, 6 times was once every 7 or so minutes. How?????

Candi ...

I was exhausted. They had told me I had cum 6 times to Celina's 4. Back home I ordinarily wouldn't have cum this many times in a month never mind in just 45 minutes. How had that happened? Whatever else was about to happen to us I knew that I had very few orgasms left in me and so I just hoped that Celina had peaked as well. I looked across at her. She too looked tired out. I smiled inwardly thinking that I might also have this round won ... I certainly hoped so.

"Okay slaves, continue."

The machines were switched back on and my body immediately went rigid as the invading dildo started to pump and vibrate once more. I did not feel stimulated anymore just sore and bruised but still it did not stop. I could feel the rubber shaft deep inside my body but that feeling wasn't building up into a climax and I just hoped that Celina was feeling the same.

I glanced across at my sex slave rival and to my horror saw her body arch and a cry of orgasmic success ring out loud from her mouth. Celina had cum again I was sure of it.

Then the further 15 minutes must have been through because Master Hagrid approached me and Mistress Mei Ling went over to Celina both holding crocodile clips connected to wires.

"Now my slaves," Hagrid spoke, "we are going to shock you."

I wanted to cry out nooooooooooo! I had never had anything like this done to me before but I was in no position to stop it happening. The clips were attached which caused my cry to come forth anyway.

The probes were attached to my nipples just as they were Celina's and the switch was thrown. I convulsed slightly as the electricity jolted through me, creating a surprisingly exquisite pleasurable type of pain. Again, the switch was thrown and the current increased. Oh nooooooooooooo. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!! The second bolt of electricity did it and I was cumming again, riding the dildo which still pumped away inside of me. It felt so good, so painful, so pleasurable, sooooo badddddd!

Then I fell slack. No more left inside me. I was done, finished and completely dry of juice. The electricity was switched off. Both Celina and I are lifted from the fucking machines and left in a useless heap of naked, used, slave flesh on the floor.

Master Hagrid reads out the result. It was as I had thought.

"Slave Celina has cum a total of 5 times and slave Candi a total of 7 times. Slave Candi is the winner of round four and the score is two rounds to each slave. The next round will be the deciding round."

I heard the crowd cheer and I felt pleased with my victory. I had returned form the dead so to speak. Two to nil down, I was now level. I saw a tear fall and roll down Celina's cheek. She must be devastated -- I was pleased, and I was sure now that I could win.

Celina ...

Fuck!!!! I had screwed up. I had this contest won and now Candi was level with me. What would round 5 be? I had no idea ... all I knew was that I felt exhausted. Mistress Mei Ling spoke.

"So my slaves for the final round you will both become pony girls."

I looked up concerned. I knew what this was, I had read about it but it wasn't something I had ever tried.

"You will be made up like a pony and then you will perform for us around the arena."

If I looked shocked then poor Candi looked horrified.

Mistress and Master approached their slaves and started to work on us. First we were both pulled to our feet and made to stand on our wobbly legs. A gag was moved towards my mouth. But this was no ordinary gag, it was a pony gag - a bit - it was a completely different experience to being gagged 'normally'; not least because of what went along with it.

Mistress Mei Ling was 'dressing' me and her hands were surprisingly gentle as I felt the bit press between my teeth. It was leather, and cushioned somewhat, less hard on my teeth than some other styles, like for instance the large ball gag that had been used previously on me here at the school. The strange taste of the leather was warm and somehow sexual in itself and the delicious, animal smell of it gripped me immediately.

When the bit was first placed into my mouth, I was prepared for it, but it was when the bridle went on as well that things got a little more disconcerting.

I was now kneeling on the floor, naked still except for a pair of thigh high patent leather, high heeled boots. My wrists were fixed firmly behind my back in leather shackles and I struggled to keep my balance as my Mistress slipped the bridle over my head. It constricted the movement of my mouth with a strip of leather under my chin and another across my forehead. I automatically tossed my head so that she could see my displeasure. Mistress Mei Ling stroked my hair and rubbed my shoulders ... fuck she was treating me like a real pony!

I couldn't help but turn slightly to see what the next part of my outfit was. After all, following a bit and harness, maybe some reins; wasn't that enough to turn me into a pony? I quickly found out, that we weren't yet done. Mistress Mei Ling came around the front of me to where I could see her and I watched her smearing lube onto a black butt plug. I stared wide eyed as I never seen one like this before. It was a lot bigger than any of the previous ones used on us and I felt myself wince involuntarily at the size of it. I'd never had anything that large penetrate my ass and just looking at it I felt a quick surge of panic flush through me.

There was more to it though - the bottom end of it was not merely a handle like most of our other toys, this one was rather similar to a whip. Leather strips fell from it in a thick bunch and I saw it immediately for what it was. My tail. I had been impaled upon a similar device when being trained as a pet previously but the dildo end was nothing like this one in terms of its size. Fuck it was huge!

I looked at my Mistress Mei Ling, my eyes wild and I started bucking and wriggling. In the kneeling position I was in, it was difficult to get up, or avoid my fate in any way and, in my panic, I tried to tell her through my gag that I did not want the dildo inside me!

In two quick steps Mistress was behind me and I discovered that as well as looking like a whip the plug worked like one too and the slap of the tails against my ass proved it to me. I continued to wriggle even after the first lash fell and it was followed by two more sharp, swift lashes. I felt myself shaking involuntarily just a little and tried to breathe deeply and remain calm.

I felt Mei Ling's fingers, wet and warm from the lube she'd be using on the tail probing at my asshole. She pushed me down onto all fours so that my ass was high in the air and then slipped one and then two gloved fingers inside my ass hole. I moaned under the bit and then glanced at Candi who was pretty much in the same condition as I was. I started to relax a little more, telling myself this was fine, this I had done before, I had taken things up my ass and this was nothing unusual. A third finger caused me to moan more loudly under my gag, treading that fine line between pleasure and pain as she began to speed up her thrusting into my tight asshole.

It seemed like she tried to spread her fingers a little as she penetrated me, preparing me to be impaled on the huge monster plug. I felt Mei Ling lean forward to kiss my shoulders lightly as a reward for attempting to correct my behaviour but then I squirmed as she withdrew her fingers from me.

My eyes widened when I felt the large tip of my 'tail' press against my asshole and I tried to relax. It didn't look like it'd be that much bigger than three fingers... how wrong I was. With one swift hard push that would've made me squeal out loud in pain without the bit-gag I found myself shuddering; first from the size of the plug and then from the quick, stinging slaps for my attempted squeal. So desperate was I to have it removed that my first thought was maybe I could reach it with my wrists if I managed to approach it from the correct angle. But I soon felt more leather straps on my body, around each leg and one that lead up my back to my bridle, making sure my tail was kept firmly in place. A final strip ran down my back and then up my front again and I felt Mei Ling's fingers against my now wet again cunt as she pulled it through. I could feel that as soon as I stood up, the angle of it would press against my clit, maybe not enough to get me off, but just enough to excite me, and I dreaded it, knowing that if I came I would be punished and maybe even made to forfeit the game ... but then it would be the same for Candi.

Master Chan approached me and grabbed me under the arms pulling me to my feet. Mei Ling then took over again and I felt her clip a leash to the back of my bridle and jerk it slightly, pulling my head straight. With my tail in place, it was difficult to find a comfortable position. I squirmed, trying to find a position that worked and quickly felt a sharp pain against my upper thighs. Not only was I dressed like a pony; it appeared I would be whipped like one too. Now Mistress Mei Ling walked around me, looking at the finished result, and I noticed a riding crop in her hand.

I watched her weave in and out of sight as she circled me, taking in the vision he'd created. I was a pony girl.

I struggled to remain still, eyes dead ahead. She finally spoke, for what seemed to be the first time in an eternity.

"I'd almost forgotten" she held something in her hand. It was difficult to see what she held without looking directly at her, but it wasn't long before I found out.

My nipples where roughly, painfully pinched as first one and then the other were decorated with small bells on something that felt much like a crocodile clip. Any movement I made, no matter how subtle, they would tinkle lightly. They were tight and hurt, made worse by the fact that my nipples were hard from anticipation and apprehension.

My Mistress looked down on me with a smile, and I could tell from her face that I met with her approval, in looks if nothing else.

"Perfect. You look just perfect. Now, shall we see if you can prance like a good pony slave Celina?"

I was moved to the edge of the arena in front of the VIP box where Master and Rika sat. I glanced up and saw them staring at me, Master with a huge grin on his face. I suspected it wouldn't be the last time that I became a pony girl. Candi was moved up along side me and the crowd cheered and applauded loudly.

We carefully, and gingerly, made our way around the arena edges, as master Hagrid and Mistress Mei Ling stood to our sides holding our reins and forcing us to prance in our thigh high, leather high heeled boots.

Walking was a little difficult with the butt-plug firmly fixed in my ass. However, I realised that by keeping my ass 'turned out' so that the tail fell properly and sat at the right angle would make things easier and as I grew more comfortable, I managed to walk around a little easier, head still held high.

"That's how I want to see your ass slave, sticking out behind you. It's just how I like you. You're a good pony" Mistress Mei Ling's voice was harsh but complimentary. Then I felt a slap against my lower thighs from the crop. "I want your knees up, real ponies pick their legs up when they walk." She slapped me again in the same spot, just as the stinging had began to subside from the first slap. I started to walk a little faster, trot even, picking my knees up higher as I continued around the arena. Candi was being paraded a little behind me now so that she could be viewed clearly and, although I couldn't see her, I heard similar slaps and comments being made to her.

What was the competitive element of all this I wondered.

My high-heeled boots made me trot and prance just like a real pony and it flashed through my mind how perfect I must look. However, my thoughts were interrupted by the hiss of the crop through the air as it landed against my thighs with a loud, sharp slap.

"Higher. I want your knees right up high. I don't want you to disappoint me."

I lifted my knees as high as I could manage without losing my balance and continued to trot around the large space.

"Faster now pony." Mistress Mei Ling wanted more and I once again felt the sting of the crop on my thighs. I moaned softly behind my harness. The strip of leather that ran between my legs was doing just what I had expected. I was stimulated just enough by it to be excited but I knew that I wouldn't cum from the stimulation, even when combined with being whipped it wouldn't be enough to give me the orgasm I began to crave. I picked up my pace, desperate to avoid being lashed again.

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