tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 04

Travelers Ch. 04

byMoon Glade©

When Martin introduced me to Herr Kickens the show manager I was at first disappointed when he immediately said no to hiring me. He explained to me that I did not hold an EU passport and, although many other establishments did not care, his was not willing to take the risk. When I asked if I could be a part of the show as an unpaid volunteer he told me that if I really wanted to that I would need to come back the next morning at 9AM to be tested for STD's by the troop physician.

The next morning after a physical exam and blood test I was told to have only a light lunch and come back at least two hours prior to the seven PM show to get my results, and, if they were good, to "get prepared and be prepared" for the show. When I asked what that would entail Mr. Kickens told me that tonight's act was the Brouwermann Brothers, two identical twins who had emigrated from South Africa.

"The Brouwermanns specialize in simultaneous penetration of the anus and vagina, they are very black and very big, is that a problem?" Mr. Kickens asked.

"I'm not prejudiced." I said with a smile that belayed my trepidation about their size and the fact that double penetration was something that I had only seen once in a porno film and, while I did find it exciting to think about I also found it equally frightening to think about, especially if both men were larger than average. My only experience with two men at once had been with Russ and my husband in Mestre. Anal sex was something that my husband and I had tried only twice and I found it somewhat stimulating, but only to the point of frustration because I could not cum without clitoral stimulation combined with vaginal penetration.

That afternoon when I arrived at the theatre I was introduced to a sweet young Dutch girl by the name of Anneke who was about twenty. She told me all my results were fine and that she would ‘prepare' me for the show. She explained that she would administer an enema to my bowel tract to insure that my anal passage was clean and ‘presentable' for the audience and that she would also lubricate my anal passage.

My heart was beating like a jackhammer as I worried about what I was letting myself in for even before Anneke asked while applying the lubricant, "You are very tight down there, have you done much anal sex?"

"Not much," I answered trying to keep the shake out of my voice.

Anneke laughed and said, "I was scared too the first time and I also had not much experience with anal sex before being introduced to The Brouwermanns, but don't worry, I am more petite than you. They are very big but very talented and knowledgeable about giving double pleasure."

A few minutes later I had a loose robe on and was introduced to the two shaven head black Adonis's. They were very good looking, very muscular and very big, but they quickly put me at ease as we worked out a script.

"Herr Kickens likes to encourage audience participation only up to a certain point for obvious reasons." The two brothers explained. "So what we will do is pass out Oreo cookies to all the female members of the audience. One cookie will have no cream in its middle, but instead will be this note." Said one of the twins as he drew a circle around an Oreo on a sheet of paper and then took some scissors and cut out the circle. On the small round piece of paper he wrote on one side:


You like to


And then on the other side:


Cream in the



I laughed and said, "You will have to explain to me what this is all about."

One of the brothers scraped away the cream from an Oreo and put the note between the two halves and said, "Put this in your purse and when we pass out the cookies exchange the one we give you for this cookie, then we will ask who the lucky winner is and it will be you. When you come up on the stage you will be given a choice between us or an electric dildo."

"Which should I choose?" I asked and we all laughed.

Then getting into the spirit of the idea I told them what I would do to get the act going and we all agreed on the skit up to the point where they would take over and "make me the cream in the cookie."

I looked at both of them and then thought that I had better be honest and said in a slightly shaking voice, "I have never been simultaneously penetrated before and I have had very little anal sex in my life, please be gentle with me."

They both smiled and simultaneously leaned down and kissed me first on the cheeks than on each side of my neck and then on my ears while they simultaneously whispered into my ears in twin husky voices, "Double the pleasure, double the fun, the Brouwermanns will blow your mind and rock your world." As they simultaneously slid their hands inside my robe and each cupped the side of a breast and then caressed me with that same hand as it slid down to my hip and then trailed across my pubic hairs.

That quick act sent a jolt of electricity through me and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation of what was to come.

I just had time to get dressed and meet Martin and Jeremy in front of the theatre. As I walked up to them Jeremy said, "I thought you went shopping today, I don't see any bags."

"I couldn't decide on anything" I answered as we went into the theatre and took our seats.

Just before the first act began Anneke went through the audience distributing Oreo cookies to each of the women in the audience explaining that it was for the door prize.

When the main act started Herr Kickens did some magic and suddenly the two Brouwermann Brothers were on the stage facing the audience in only small speedos that barely could contain their huge members. I swallowed in fear and anticipation as Herr Kickens asked the female member of the audience that had a secret message in their Oreo to come up on the stage for her prizes.

When I walked up on the stage Herr Kickens asked my name and if I had ever seen the show before. I honestly answered that I had seen the previous evenings show and had even been asked to remove Alain's shirt and rub his magic lantern as part of the final act. Herr Kickens then gave a little speech about how important audience participation was and thanked me.

Then standing with the two Brouwermanns just behind us Herr Kickens told me that, "Tonight and tonight only as the winner of the door prize I could have a choice of a giant black battery operated dildo or, if I was really a brave, horny and naughty Amsterdammer I could be the "cream in the Brouwermanns cookie."

I hit my mark and then backed away from the offered dildo that Kickens held out to me and backed up until I was standing between the two Brouwermanns and then in a wide-eyed Betty Boop manner I dropped my hands down onto each of their bulging packages and said, "But I want them both!"

The audience's laughter was still in my ears as I turned and dropped to my knees in front of the Brouwermanns with one arm wrapped around each of their inside legs bringing their thighs against my cheeks as I stared at the back of the stage for what seemed like minutes but could only be seconds as I took two deep breaths and then arched my back and sat on my heels as I reached up and pulled down their speedos.

I could not help gasping when I saw the size of the two huge penises dangling just inches from my lips. My heart was thundering in my ears as I gingerly raised each of them to my lips and began to kiss away their two glistening drops of precum.

Gradually they became more and more erect and I began to alternate between sucking each of their two massive ebony plum like penis heads into my mouth. The pedestal we were on was slowly rotating so that the audience could get a 360 degree view of what was happening and finally I held two totally erect and massive cocks in each hand as I held their cock heads together and licked them simultaneously. My eyes searched the audience for Jeremy and when they first landed on Martin I could see the look of admiration in his eyes and smile as he gave me a secret thumbs up, but the look on Jeremy's face was one of confusion. I could see that he was hurt and angry, but also tremendously fascinated as he stared at his wife's performance in front of what must have been an audience of 50 people.

Then I was being lifted to my feet and they began to simultaneously caress and kiss me as they removed my clothing. They laid me down on the white flacati covered platform as it slowly rotated and with one of them on each side of my body began to caress and kiss my breasts, nipples, neck, ears, hips, thighs and legs as I trembled in pleasure and anticipation.

Finally one of the brothers mounted me and very slowly began to insert himself into my wet and needy pussy as I spread my legs as wide as possible to accommodate him. At first I felt quite a bit of pressure and some discomfort as I adjusted to the size of the head of his penis, but just as the fear of the unknown was beginning to subside I realized that what I was beginning to enjoy so much was just the head of that massive instrument!

My fear level once again shot up and I could hear my pulse roaring in my ears as ever so slowly and gradually he increased the amount of penetration and as I felt my lips being forced wider and wider I thought about how it felt that first time when I lost my virginity and forced myself to relax as much as possible and concentrate on my increasing level of arousal.

Finally he began to increase the temple of the penetration and his thrusts and withdrawals became faster and faster as I felt myself stretching more and more to accommodate him. I had never been so completely and totally filled before and I was beginning to grunt in satisfaction with each thrust as my hips came up off the platform to meet him with greater and greater animal intensity.

Then, as I felt the first inklings of my orgasm beginning to build he suddenly withdrew from me and stood up fully erect and took a bow to the applauding audience! I could feel my anger and frustration beginning to rise but before I could react the other brother was filling the hungry void that was left by the first's withdrawal and my legs came up this time and wrapped around his back as I took every last centimeter of this new second black giant.

Now I was becoming quite vocal as my grunting turned into moans of pleasure and I began to repeat over and over again, "That's it! That's it! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"

Once again just as I could feel my orgasm approaching he suddenly withdrew from me and left me writhing in unfulfilled ecstasy and stood and took a bow to the audience as my hand went to my swollen clitoris and tried unsuccessfully to bring myself back to that same level of pleasure.

Now the first brother lay down on his back next to me and without any prompting I straddled him and quickly inserted that wonderful and massive instrument of pleasure back into my now greedy wet and wanting to pleased pussy. As I pumped up and down on his hardening cock I could feel the other brother rubbing my anus with lubricant and then sliding a lubricated finger into my ass. I could feel his large finger just barely separated by a thin membrane of skin and tissue from his brother's cock thrust into my anal passage with increasing ease as my anal muscle relaxed and began to accept the digital penetration.

The three of us began to develop a rhythm as my anus began to clasp at the finger in it and I began to smile at and kiss the brother below me as my level of pleasure and satisfaction began to increase once again to the orgasmic level I so desired.

Then suddenly the finger was gone and I felt the brother below me withdraw all but the tip of his penis from me and his hands held the cheeks of my ass open as I felt the tip of the other brother's penis pushing slowly and steadily at my anus. When the head slid into me I began to shake my head from side to side as I bit my bottom lip and then I began to moan louder and louder as I shook my head from side to side, "No, No, No, Please Stop, Please Stop, It won't go! It won't go! Oh God No! Please! Please! Please!" as the invasion of my anal passage slowly and relentlessly continued.

I began to break into a solid sheen of perspiration and I could feel the growing wetness of our mingled perspiration collect under my breasts and in the small of my back as they both skewered me like a lamb on a spit.

But now something had changed. The Brother below me was letting himself slowly sink back into my vaginal passage as the invasion of my anal passage began to become complete. I now felt more filled and more fulfilled than I ever had in my life as I gasped for breath. I was still mumbling incoherently "Please, please, oh God please." But now I was actually begging them to continue. To not stop what they were doing to me.

At first they established a rhythm of withdrawal and insertion opposite to one another and then as I began to tremble with my first orgasm they both filled me completely and held still inside me as my anal and vaginal passages spasmed and clasped their cocks. Then they began to establish a new rhythm and they both began to thrust into me and withdraw at the same time as I began to gasp for air. Strobe lights began to flash on the stage adding to my disorientation as I was shaken by the most gigantic orgasm of my life that I felt radiating out from my center to my hard erect nipples and down to my toes. I think even my dental enamel felt the pleasure as I collapsed like a wet rag between them as they both simultaneously ejaculated into my totally accepting anal and vaginal passages.

After the show only Martin was waiting for me. When I asked where Jeremy was Martin only shrugged and said that he had stalked off into the night with out a word. I was starved so we stopped for Rice Tafel at The Sayan and when we got back to the hotel Jeremy was not there and neither was any of his things. I looked for a note and when I could not find one I looked for my passport and realized that he had taken my passport as well as his with him when he took the passport case.

I went next door and told Martin and he said not to worry that as long as we stayed in the EU the passport would most likely not be a problem. But I did worry because Jeremy had taken all of our money as well as my passport and now I was totally dependent on Martin.

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A very erotic tale .

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You really thought there would be no repurcussions?

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