tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 05

Travelers Ch. 05

byMoon Glade©

Martin was kind enough to delay our departure for Zuid Limburg by a day while we waited to see if Jeremy would come back to the hotel. When he didn't my pride took over and I did not want to wait for him either the next day and we took the still new smelling Mercedes out of the garage and started south to Maastricht and Valkenberg where Van der Meer, the owner of the club and an old friend of Martin's, lived.

We drove from Amsterdam to the Hotel Castle Neerekanne on the Maas River precisely on the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. It was the most interesting, tranquil and beautiful hotel that I had ever stayed at. Martin joked that, even though we had adjoining rooms, I would be sleeping in Belgium tonight and he would be sleeping in The Netherlands. He then told me about a place where he once peed on Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany all at once called Dreilandpunkt not far from where we were.

Maastricht was nothing like Amsterdam. It was a beautiful and relaxed city with no canals and no graffiti but plenty of tulips. Valkenberg was even nicer. It was in the beginning of the Ardennes in an area of great natural and pastoral beauty. Van der Meer was a delightful host and his villa was actually a converted small castle.

That night we had a wonderful meal prepared by his chef in the large baroque dining room and afterwards we went into a beautiful library filled with leather bound books and sat in front of a roaring fire while we drank port and nibbled on chocolate from a small chocolate factory from somewhere called Gulpen. The chocolate was much much better than anything Godiva had ever produced.

Van der Meer looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, "I hear that you had quite a bit of fun in Amsterdam."

I blushed and then laughed and said, "I enjoyed your club the most of all."

Van der Meer looked at me speculatively and said, "Would you like to see my businesses in Belgium?"

"I thought you were Dutch?" I asked.

"I am, but for tax reasons I have two clubs, of a different sort, in, or I should say just outside of Lanaken, Belgium."

"And what kind of clubs of a different sort would those be?" I asked.

"I own two brothels, one is for twenty to thirty year olds and the second is for thirty to forty year olds." he said.

"You mean that you only allow men of a certain age to patronize the two?" I asked.

"No, No," he answered laughingly, "the women in each brothel must either be between twenty and thirty or thirty and forty. I will not employ any girls younger than 20, although 18 year olds may legally work in brothels, because I think a girl should be at least 20 before she decides to enter the life and take money for sex. She needs to give it away for a few years first in order to know herself and men."

"Are you a good pimp?" I said with a bit of a cheeky smirk.

"I am not a pimp. I am one of the best and most progressive employers in the area. I will not employ anyone beyond 40 even though many women are at their most beautiful and attractive beyond that age because by the time a woman in the business is 40 she should be a millionaire and able to retire and pursue other interests. I provide a child care facility for my single parents and for my married employees. Many of the women in the area with a child and no husband want to work for me because I provide safe employment for them and excellent pre-school for their children. And my clients are among the most successful men in Limburg and many of my employees have met their husbands in my brothels." Van der Meer answered in a very serious manner.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to insult you, I know very little about the brothels or prostitutes other than the sad stereotypes." I said.

"Would you like to see my brothels and talk to some of my employees?" He asked.

"Yes, yes I would. That would be very interesting to me and I would be afraid to ever go near one of those places otherwise from what I have heard and been told." I said.

"A lot of what you have heard and been told is true also. Tomorrow I will first take you to a friend's brothel that I often supply girls too when they do not meet my standards. I will not tolerate tattoos, piercings, girls who use drugs, smoke or even drink too much too often. I only employ the kind of women that the kind of client I want to attract would consider marrying, and if fact many of them do." He said with some degree of smugness.

The next day we started out by touring his friend's brothel and I found the experience very distasteful. The girls were attractive in a hard sort of way, but all of them either had a tattoo or metal hanging from their noses, navels, lips, or brows. The place reeked of cigarettes. The few customers I saw did not seem very successful, clean or well-mannered. When we left I asked Van der Meer how much the girls made an hour.

"They are all basically self-employed," he said, "and they typically charge 50 euros upfront and whatever they can make in ‘tips' above that. I do not allow tips in either of my houses and my girls charge two hundred euros an hour. Each girl has a website with photographs a brief biography and a list of what they will and will not do during that hour."

"How do you know that your girls don't take tips?" I asked.

"Each room has a microphone in it for security as well as two different panic buttons that the girls can push at any time that will bring Bruno or Jan up from the cellar. But by having the right kind of girls I get the right kind of clients and in all the years that I have been open I think that they have only had to come upstairs once at one house and never at the other. As far as the clients know there are no men on the premises of either houses and it is important for the women to feel and be in control at all times as much as possible." He answered.

The next house we visited was the 30 to 40 house and the women were attractive and smiled and laughed and seemed much happier than at Van der Meer's competitor. The place was sparkling clean and it smelled of fresh air and lavender soap. The clients were well dressed successful looking business men who were well mannered, clean and for the most part attractive. I talked with several of the women who were not busy and they were friendly and open. I discovered that most of them were very well educated and many of them were married and in fact many of them had met their husbands here.

When I asked one of the girls doesn't your husband mind you doing this kind of work she told me that he would if it were anywhere else but here. She told me that it was a safe place to work, that condoms were an absolute must at all times and the clients knew that and not only accepted it but appreciated it. She explained that she only worked two days a week and that the child care offered was the best in Limburg and that I should visit the preschool and the school which was accredited and just for the children of employees.

When we left I asked Van der Meer if we could visit the child care facility and he said no problem as we would pass that on the way to the 20 to 30 brothel. The place was sunny, clean, warm and had a caring atmosphere that all of the child care professionals sustained with enthusiasm and professionalism.

"Now I see why you got mad at me calling you a pimp last night." I apologized as we drove down the road to the 20 to 30 brothel. I also began to think that working in one of Van der Meer's brothels for day or two in order to get together enough money to regain some degree of independence from Martin if we did not travel well together and for all I knew Jeremy was back in the states right now cleaning out our joint account I thought.

At the 20 to 30 house I was very impressed my how attractive all the girls were and by the quality of their clientele. Most of the men were not unattractive and they all appeared to be affluent, successful and self-assured and well spoken. I was introduced to Sandra who was an American married to a Dutchman. We hit it off immediately and when she invited me to lunch Van der Meer and Martin said go ahead as Van der Meer said he wanted to spend sometime going over accounts and I could see that Martin was more than interested in spending some time alone with a particularly attractive brunette.

Over lunch Sandra explained to me that she had worked for the same firm as her husband when they met, but because of a non-nepotism policy and the fact that he was in a position well above hers she decided to leave the company. A girlfriend worked here she told me and I decided to come take a look.

"Hank, my husband, was not too thrilled with the idea until he came and took a look himself and talked with Van der Meer. Now I make ten times more money than my husband does and we intend to retire before we are forty and sail around the Caribbean. I may take a year off though to start a family when I turn 30 next year." She said. "I cannot believe you are 29!" I said.

"Van der Meer has all sorts of beauty spa benefits for his employees and even though I truly love the work I only do it three days a week." She laughed.

"How much money do you think I could make in a day or two?" I asked.

"That really depends on you, but I have an EU labour and you don't so I don't know if Van der Meer would let you work here, he is very strict about obeying the law." She answered.

"If I could talk him into allowing me to just work one day how much do you think I could make?" I asked.

"Well the math is simple," she said, "if you work eight hours and have one client every hour that would be 1600 euros and your take would be 1200 euros because Van der Meer only takes one fourth. That is why he is so great to work for and why he doesn't allow any of his girls to take or ask for tips. Tips are often what cause trouble at houses when the customer things he is getting ripped off for more than he bargained for. Van der Meer is no fool though because he gets all the bar and food profits and he does very well there because a lot of customers, he likes us to call them clients, use the place as more of a social club meeting place than just a brothel."

That night, after explaining to Martin that I needed some money of my own for clothing and other purchases if we were going to travel together, I approached about a one day gig and Van der Meer finally said he would think about it.

The next few days I hung around the 20 to 30 house and got to know some of the clients and all of the girls. Typically only four or five girls worked at a time and they all had very flexible schedules, but they had to have their schedules fixed at least two weeks in advance and then honor them as they did get out of town clients who would drive in to see a particular girl.

Five girls including Sandra were scheduled for that Saturday and Van der Meer said I could substitute for one of the girls who was having wisdom teeth removed on Friday if she was not up to coming in the next day. That Friday evening over dinner with Van der Meer and Martin at one of Valkenburg's best restaurants situated in an old mill, Van der Meer told me I was on for Saturday because Sandra was having her period and would be acting as receptionist and the girl who had her wisdom teeth out had called and was not up to working.

"So there will be three of us working Saturday." I confirmed.

"Actually five counting Bruno downstairs and Sandra as receptionist." Van der Meer said.

Saturday morning I got to the brothel at ten AM and Sandra had Bruno take some stills and interview on film for the web site and computer in the outer waiting room where clients could look and see what was available. Bruno told me to be as seductive and honest as possible in my interview and explain that I was only available for the one day.

Bruno filmed me in a skin tight black cocktail dress while I looked into the camera and explained that I had never done anything like this before. "In fact," I said with a giggle, "there have only been four men in my life who have been in here." And I pulled up the skirt just high enough to run a finger between my vaginal lips. I then brought the finger to my mouth and pulled down my lower lip and licked my juices off the finger while I explained that in high school and college I held onto my virginity by learning how to do other things very well. Then I said that I sucked my middle finger all the way into my mouth and then pulled it out with a popping sound and gave the camera a mischievous giggle. Bruno said it was one of he hottest interview films he had ever done.

Sandra was very nervous about something as she explained to me different procedures and went over how to properly put on a condom and what to watch for as signs of possible STD in making visual inspections. She explained that it was important to be in control of the situation at all times and to go with your intuition if you were not comfortable in any situation.

"The most important and largest sex organ for men and women is the one between our ears." She said in summary.

"Yes, and I'm very good with it," I said with a giggle as I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips.

Sandra and I had a quick laugh at that then she got very serious and said, "Tineke and Eeneka called this morning and Tineke broke her leg late yesterday on her last run at Val d'Isere and they aren't going to make it back, so you should make quite a bit of money today if their bookings want to transfer over to you."

"You mean I'm the only girl?" I asked with some degree of trepidation.

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