tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 03

Travelers Ch. 03

byMoon Glade©

The next day we spent in Delft and when we arrived back at our hotel we went to Martin's room ate some hash candy that we had bought the previous day and had a few glasses of Clynelish before going to a rijstafel restaurant. I was hungry, a little drunk and very stoned when we finally left for the restaurant. We had never had rijstafel before and when all the plates came I was overwhelmed with choices. Martin explained the various dishes to us and what was best to start with. I sampled everything, but when I came to Gado Gado I knew that it was my all time favorite Indonesian dish. Throughout the meal we kept downing cold Bintang beer and by the time we finished I could tell I was really looped!

When we got back to the hotel Martin handed me a beautifully wrapped box and said, "All technology, no aesthetic."

Inside was the strangest looking dildo I had ever seen. When I turned it on the shaft began to twirl and some marbles in the shaft began to twirl. A smaller extension of the thing fluttered and vibrated as well. I could tell by the position of the twirling marbles and the extension that one was meant to stimulate the outer lips and the other the clitoris.

"It's called a Rabbit." Martin told me.

"It is not nearly as beautiful as last night's gift." I said.

"Ugly things can also cause one a great deal of pleasure too. My only request is that I be there for its Maiden Voyage." He said.

It got very quiet in the room and I could hear my pulse roaring in my ears and I knew that this was the moment that I had dreaded from the beginning. This was a much more serious turning point then returning to the room with a still wet dildo after pleasing myself. With shaking fingers I began to unbutton my blouse and then let it drop to the floor and undid my bra. I could feel my erect nipples when the air hit them and I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes and removed my pants. Finally I was sitting on the edge of Martin's bed in just my thong. I must have known this was going to happen I thought to myself because I only have two thongs and I rarely wear either of them and why did I decide to wear one this morning?

I pulled off the thong and scooted up onto the bed and began to rub the velvety tip of the dildo against my outer lips. I was already wet and the head of it slowly began to slide in. I kept my eyes closed as I concentrated on what I was doing until Jeremy said, "Turn it on."

I opened my eyes to give Jeremy an irritated look and then I heard Martin say in a hoarse voice, "I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you do." And I finally got up the courage to look into Martin's eyes as I turned the device on. After that my embarrassment was quickly replaced by my arousal. The dildo began to gyrate inside me and the small marbles were stimulating my outer vaginal lips while the extension stimulated my clitoris and I began to cum almost immediately.

When I heard Jeremy say, "God, I don't think I have ever seen her this turned on!" As I pumped the shaft in and out I began to glory in my own exhibitionism.

Then I heard Martin say, "A totally aroused woman is a most beautiful sight to behold."

Before that statement I was enjoying myself in spite of their presence, but after that statement I began to enjoy myself even more because of their presence. I began to look into each of their faces as I pumped that twirling, whirling, gyrating and fluttering joy giver into myself with greater and greater intensity.


That night after Jeremy had taken me back to my room he wanted to make love to me, but I was tired and when I jokingly told him not without Martin here to watch, he got really mad and said, "There are plenty of other sluts in this town." and stormed out of the room. He did not return until after midnight and when he did I could smell the cheap perfume of another woman on him. When I asked where he had gone he said, "The red light district" and turned his back to me and went to sleep.

The next morning Jeremy tried to act as if nothing had happened, but I would not speak to him and left him at the hotel while Martin took me shopping for clothes. When we came back to the hotel to have a light lunch I saw Jeremy coming down the street in the direction of the red light district. I gave him a peck on the cheek to confirm my suspicions and I could smell that perfume on him again, this time a musky smell. Jeremy told us to go ahead and have lunch while he used the spa.

I was so pissed during lunch that finally Martin asked what was wrong. I told Martin my suspicions and he did not comment other than to say, "Amsterdam has some amazing temptations for both men and women."

I looked at him quizzically and asked the question that had been on my mind for the last two days, "Where did you go that rainy evening?"

Martin laughed and said, "The scent of a woman can motivate even an old fart like me. I went to visit an escort I use to use when I did business over here. High class escorts are basically the most honest of women. They want my money and in order to get it they are willing to give me their company and favors. I only look as repulsive to them as five hundred guilders does to anyone."

"Martin a few minutes ago you said that Amsterdam has some amazing temptations for both men and women, but from what I can tell I have only seen temptations for men." I said with a smile.

"Well we will have to remedy that," he said as he pushed another beautifully wrapped box across the table to me.

"What is it this time?" I asked.

"Something in between" he said.

When I unwrapped the gift there was a really cute pink jelly rubber butterfly attached to elastic waist and thigh straps. "I take it you would like me to wear it" I said while dangling it from my fingers.

"I would like that very much" he said.

"But what does it do?" I asked.

Martin simply smiled at me and said, "This afternoon I will show you some of the temptations of Amsterdam for females and if you wear that I will also show you what it can do."

"Martin what do you have in mind?" I said archly flirting with him as I pulled my lower lip down with my fork.

"This afternoon I will take you to Amsterdam's best sex show and you can see up close some of this city's temptations for females." He said.


When I went up to the room to put the butterfly on Jeremy was watching television and tried to act like nothing was wrong between us. When I started to put the butterfly on he became very interested and asked to see what it was. I reluctantly handed it to him and after examining it he said, "Where is the control?"

"Martin must have it." I answered.

"I should have it." Jeremy petulantly commented.

"Do you think you should be in control of me? I asked with a smirk.

"Do you think Martin should be; I am your husband you know?" he countered.

That statement really pissed me off! Jeremy must think he can do whatever he likes and still be my lord and master I thought.

"Jeremy you don't own me, and even though Martin is paying for our trip, he doesn't own me either. The difference in you two is that you take me for granted like some possession you acquired long ago. At least Martin treats me like a cherished possession." I told him in a shaking voice.

Before Jeremy could respond to that Martin knocked on our door and when I let him into our room I was disappointed when he extended the invitation to the sex show to Jeremy as well and he said he wouldn't miss it for the world because I just did not want to be around his selfish sneering immaturity any longer.

Martin suggested we stop at the brown café first then go to the sex show and afterwards go to a Dutch pancake house that served something called poffertjes. "The Dutch were eating pancakes with apples and bacon worked into them and poffertjes long before the brown cafes came on the scene, but I think they must have been anticipating the munchies." He said as we set out down the small side next to our hotel.

I had more or less forgotten the small jelly rubber butterfly I was wearing when suddenly I felt it buzzing and vibrating against my clit at we walked along and I let out a small scream of surprise and then giggled as I grabbed Martin's arm.

Martin laughed and turned the remote control in his pocket off as he said, "I intended to catch you by surprise the first time and I think I did."

"Boys and their toys, I suppose you will be playing with your new toy all afternoon?" I asked as he turned it back on and off and I jumped a little and giggled again.

"Would you like that he?" He asked.

"I'm not sure; it's mildly arousing but a little disconcerting when you are not expecting it." I said not knowing at the time that it would become very arousing and very disconcerting when left on continuously.

At the brown café Martin gave me a few longer jolts of stimulation and at first I was a little embarrassed and irritated at his playing with me, but when I realized that other people either couldn't really hear it buzzing or didn't care what was going on (after all this was Amsterdam) I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation.

By the time we left the brown café I was stoned and enjoying longer and longer periods of stimulation from the butterfly. My clit was now stimulated to the point that I could feel it had become slightly rigid and as it became more enlarged the stimulation of the butterfly became greater as well.

I took Martin's arm in the street and laughingly said, "I hope you bought extra batteries."

When we got to the theatre I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting seedy, but it seemed more like a small community playhouse than anything else. I also was not expecting the audience to consist of almost as many women as men, but most of the audience looked like married couples.

A magician came on and started to warm up the audience with various tricks. His assistant was an incredibly beautiful woman in a skin tight outfit and when the magician asked for a volunteer from the audience just about every man in the place raised their hand.

The magician had the volunteer help him to lock the assistant into a box that was suspended above the stage. He then had the volunteer walk around the box and check the locks. When everyone was satisfied the magician told the audience that the volunteer would now make his assistant disappear by concentrating very hard on that and then tapping the box three times with his magic wand, and the magician then handed the volunteer his wand. The volunteer from the audience did as he was asked and suddenly the box popped open and there was the magician's blond assistant in her high heels and thigh highs, but nothing else.

The magician then turned to the volunteer and said, "I think you were concentrating on the wrong outcome young man." As the audience laughed and applauded. "This time I want you to concentrate on making my assistant disappear, now remember you must concentrate very hard on the outcome you desire." And once again the assistant went back into the box and the volunteer tapped it three times with the magician's wand.

This time when the box was opened only a small cat was in the box and the assistant was no where to be found. The magician removed the cat from the box and frowned at the volunteer and said, "Young man you were concentrating on the wrong thing. Here you got what you wanted anyhow." As he handed the volunteer the small cat and the audience roared in laughter.

Martin and I were both laughing and applauding when Jeremy said, "I don't get it"

Martin said to him, "What do you call a small cat?

"A kitten," answered Jeremy non plussed.

Finally Martin had to say to him, "How do you describe a small cat other than to call it a kitten?" And finally Jeremy got the joke.

The first act was some sort of a tableau about Pan and Europa. The girl who played Europa was a very beautiful and dusky skinned North African (probably Moroccan) with incredibly green iridescent eyes. The scene started with her playing the flute and some guy with leggings on to make him look like a satyr spying on her. Soon she was playing his flute and as I watched the scene unfold I could not help thinking that my oral talents were as good as or better than hers. Perhaps the almost continuous stimulation that Martin was now subjecting me to with the butterfly had something to do with those thoughts and I was beginning to squirm in my seat more and more as the action got hotter and hotter on stage. Finally the girl pulled back and opened her mouth as Pan shot several long ropes of sperm into her mouth and onto her face. The scene was back lighted in such a way that it was actually rather artistic.

The magician came on again and did a few more tricks and got a few more laughs and then the second act was a take off called "Sinderella" about a young girl who left the orgy early because she had to be home by midnight. Sinderella left behind not a glass slipper but instead a very familiar looking Pyrex glass dildo. In fact it was the same exact model that I had become so intimately familiar with a few nights before. Three very attractive sisters were on stage while the prince tried the dildo on each to try and find out who Sinderella was. When he finally found the right girl because the fit was so perfect, Sinderella began to dance around the stage holding the dildo in her with her vaginal muscles! She then danced her way into the audience and asked several men to test the fit to see if she was truly Sinderella and the men pumped the dildo into her several times before she danced away to another person in the audience who got to see if she was a ‘perfect fit.'

I was beginning to lightly perspire from the constant stimulation that Martin was subjecting me to and by the time the third act started I was also becoming incredibly frustrated because the butterfly was only strong enough in its stimulation to keep me in a constant state of semi-arousal, but not strong enough to satisfy me.

The third act was some sort of a take-off on Aladdin and his magic lamp that would produce the Genie to give you three wishes. Aladdin though in this version was a very attractive guy by the name of Alain and when they asked for some female audience participation my squirming got me drafted into the act and I was brought up on the stage. The magician asked me my name and asked them to give me a big round of applause for being such a good sport. After that when he asked me to remove Alain's shirt I decided that I could do that without any embarrassment.

As I began to unbutton Alain's shirt the lighting dimmed and the music began to play some sort of erotic jungle beat. When I got the shirt off it was obvious by Alain's chest and definition that he was a weight lifter and when the magician said, "You must rub Alain's chest three times for Genie to get her wishes." I did so without compunction.

As I was rubbing his chest the song "I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair" began to play and after the magician requested that I continue to rub his chest for the fifth or sixth time the music died and the lights came back up and the magician came onto the stage and consulted his magic book and then said, "I see what the problem is, you need to rub his bulge, I thought the book said his bulging chest, but actually it just says his bulge." As he said this the magician looked down at the bulge in Alain's slacks and the audience laughed. The magician then asked the audience to give me another big hand of applause if I would rub Alain's big bulge three times.

I laughed and went along with the show and when I reached down to rub his bulge the lights went down again and the music started up again and so did my butterfly. When I rubbed him I could tell that he was huge and I continued to rub him for sometime while the lights were so low that it was nearly dark in the theatre. When the lights came back up the magician said, "That's once," and the lights went low again and by the time they came back up and the magician said, "That's twice," I could feel what ever he had down there expanding rapidly under my hand. During the third rub I unzipped his fly and dropped to my knees in front of him and had begun to pull out the most massive cock I had ever seen up till then when the lights came back up.

The audience began to applaud wildly and I looked at Alain's cock just inches from my face with one glistening drop of pre cum on its tip and my tongue acted with a mind of its own and licked that drop of pre cum into my mouth. I licked my lips in anticipation and as I began to lean forward the magician quickly said, "Lets hear a big round of applause for Suze!" and Alain was pulling me up back onto my feet.

I leaned into him and as I embraced him I whispered in his ear, "Let me…I want to.."

And before I could finish the sentence he said to me, "I can't let you" and the magician quickly took my hand and led me back to my seat.

When I sat down Jeremy leaned over and said, "What the hell are you thinking behaving like?"

I said nothing as I watched Genie come on the stage and get her three wishes; one in the mouth, one in the ass and one in the pussy all at once! I watched in envy as Alain fed that beautiful snake of his into her wet willing pussy and I said, as much to myself as to Jeremy, "I would have fucked every one of them if they would have had me."

Martin explained that all the performers were tested weekly for STD's and that they only had unprotected sex with other members of the troop or their spouses. He explained that the audience did not want to see them performing with condoms on and for those reasons no matter how enticing my willingness may have been Alain had no choice.

When we were in front of the theatre on the street Jeremy said, "You are my wife and I expect you to behave like my wife not some performer in a sex act."

"You only want me to be a performer Jeremy when it means a warm dry rec vec or seeing Europe in a Mercedes Benz. You think you own me and can control my behavior when it suits your needs." I said in response.

Jeremy looked at me and then said, "I'll see you back at the hotel, I'm going for a walk to cool off."

I watched him walk off knowing he was using the argument as an excuse to go whoring in the red light district again and my fury at him reached the breaking point as I turned toward Martin and said, "Will you help me teach him a lesson?"

"What do you have in mind?" Martin asked with a smile.

"Do you know the owner of the sex show because I want to apply for a job?" I asked.

"De Herr van der Meer? Yes I know him well. My company did the investment banking to help him get started. But I can't introduce you to him because, ironically enough with a name like ‘of the sea' he lives in Valkenburg and that is about as far from Amsterdam and the sea as one can get and still be in The Netherlands." Martin explained.

Then a smile came over Martin's face and he said, "But I do know the manager Herr Kickens very well and he knows that I am close friends with his boss."

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