tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 07

Travelers Ch. 07

byMoon Glade©

When the team goalie came into the room he was already totally erect and totally nude except for his condom. He walked up to the foot of the bed and reached down with his hands behind my knees and pulled my bottom to the end of the bed and slid his entire length into me without saying so much as a word. I gasped at the deliciousness of the feeling of a hot hard cock in my hungry core and I could feel myself once again searching for satisfaction, but before I could get any closer to my elusive goal I could feel him shuttering his climax into me. After a few more thrusts he withdrew and went into the bathroom to clean up.

When the high scorer came up to the bed I was not the least bit shocked or disappointed at the lack of foreplay this time as I wanted another hard cock in me as quickly as possible. This time the soccer player took the time to caress the sides of my breasts even though he entered me just as quickly, and unfortunately came just as quickly.

I could not figure out why they were so primed when they got to me. What I did not know at the time was that Sandra, my 'conductor' had collected the money than told them all that as 'conductress' she would only let them 'board' the train after she punched their ticket. When one of them asked what she meant she said that she would have to inspect every one of them to make sure that they had their condoms on correctly.

"Gentlemen I will be sitting just inside the door to the room and if you want on the train I will have to give your condom wearing skills going over, but don't worry, it won't hurt a bit because I promise not to bite." She said with a laugh as she licked her lips. And that was why they were all coming to me so erect and ready.

Afterwards Sandra told me that she was sucking them all to full attention as she put it to make them cum faster when they got to me and to make the process orderly but enjoyable for them. At the time though what she was doing was causing my level of frustration to slowly reach the boiling point.

The next two players were repeat performances of the first two and I found myself on a sexual plateau just short of cumming when the team captain's turn came. The team captain was in no hurry even though Sandra had primed him for me. He did not walk up to the bed and go straight between my legs like the others. He walked to the head of the bed and bent down and just prior to kissing me said, "Thanks for doing this for the team."

I looked up into his blue eyes and before I knew what I was saying I said, "Please...please make me cum."

I think he heard the plaintive pleading and need in my voice because he stepped back and ran his hands over my body and then kissed me again and said, "I will make sure that everyone considers your pleasure as much as their own from now on." Then I heard some of the team still waiting urging him to hurry up and he smiled and slowly entered me and established a slow grinding circular rhythm that was the most sensuous of any of the players up until then.

As I began to feel more and more frustrated with ever reaching an orgasm I began to rub my nipples as he thrust in and out of me in long slow strokes and then I heard him say, "What kind of a team are we? Susie (he got my name wrong) should not have to stimulate her own breasts! We need two men to cover these nipples with their tongues."

A few minutes later when I was groaning in pleasure and telling them how good it felt to have six hands caressing me and both nipples being licked and sucked at once the team captain leaned over me with his cock as deep into me as he could get it and said, "Have you ever had your toes sucked?"

When I smiled and just shook my head no he said, "We need two toe suckers, any volunteers?" In less than ten seconds I felt both my big toes being sucked into two different mouths. It was such a strange feeling, but after a few minutes I began to get very aroused by it and I thought I had some idea what it must be like to be on the receiving end of one of my blow jobs.

And then it hit me! I had stopped thinking about it. I had stopped seeking it. And it came! I began to thrust myself up off the bed into him harder and harder and my whole body was straining so hard that I broke into a fine film of perspiration and I began to scream, "Yes, yes, yes! Oh God Yes!" as the biggest orgasm of my life up till then swept over my body.

I could feel my vagina spasm and clamp tightly around the team captain and then he was cumming too and when he pulled out of me I could almost simultaneously feel the rush of cool air into me and its replacement with another hot hard cock. Only now my plateau of sexual arousal was on a higher orgasmic plane and I began to cum with every thrust. I was so frantic in my arousal that with each new entry I could feel my vaginal muscles working the cocks like the muscles in my mouth had in high school and college.

Sandra came up to me and said, "Are you alright?"

I looked at her and said, "Don't let them stop, oh God please don't let them stop."

Sandra stepped away from the bed and said, "You heard the lady, if any of you want a second or a third even, I think she is up for it."

The team, my sex team, did not leave until after five in the evening and by then my knees were so shaky when I got off the bed that I almost fell. My breasts were red and irritated from stubble burns and my clitoris was engorged and swollen to five times its normal size. My lips were swollen and it became painfully obvious that I could not put my Levis back on so Sandra gave me a loose dress to wear. She had called Martin and asked him if he would come pick me up because she told him, "I'm not sure I trust her alone with a cab driver in her state."

When Martin arrived he took one look at my glazed expression and said, "I think I know what the problem is and the cure," and he took me back to The Hotel Castle Neerekanne.

Martin took me up to my room and asked, "Did you pull a train?"

I looked at him smiled and simply said, "All aboard!"

"I think you had GPS earlier and now you have KPS," he said.

I looked at him with a mischievous smile licked my lips and asked, "I certainly did have Greedy Pussy Syndrome but what is KPS?

"It usually follows GPS and it stands for Kranky Pussy Syndrome." Martin said with a laugh.

"And its symptoms are...?" I asked.

"Contact dermatitis, I see that on your neck, stubble burn, and I suspect your breasts, your nipples are now so sensitive that your blouse feels like sandpaper against them and your clitoris is so swollen that you feel every pulse in it. You are so primed for sex that you feel like you could fuck the entire Dutch army right now, but you are so sensitized that you don't want to be touched anywhere by anybody." He summarized.

"You must be some kind of a mind reader Martin, how do you know all that?" I asked.

"I suffered through this with Ulla many times until I discovered the cure. Go ahead and take a shower and shampoo while I run a special soaking bath for you in my room." He said.

Martin walked to the phone and called first housekeeping and asked if they had any powdered starch and if they would bring it up to the room. He then called the kitchen and asked to speak to Giancarlo the chef. He asked him if it was possible to get risotto con tartufi but then was reminded that it would not be available until November. Martin then said, "Of course, my apologies, would it be possible to get two servings of your ravioli con fungi and gorgonzola a bottle of Amarone and a bottle of your best Champagne sent up?"

When I came out of the shower Martin was running about five inches of scalding water into the bottom of the bathtub and then he sprinkled powdered starch in and began to mix it around until it was totally dissolved. He then added cold water until the bath was tepid and told me to soak until room service brought us dinner, but that I should just gently pat myself dry when I got out.

Over dinner Martin asked if my skin felt soothed and I told him that it did and asked why risotto and why pasta. He told me he knew I was famished and depending on what I was doing with my mouth this afternoon he knew that warm pasta was the best choice. When I asked about the wines he told me Amarone was wonderful with this pasta as well as roast meats and that the champagne was as much for the ice as the champagne.

"And what do you intend to do with the ice?" I asked.

"You may want to give yourself that part of the treatment as it involves intimate contact." Martin said. "Martin I am so sore, so horny and so sensitive that I would prefer someone like yourself who has had previous experience with this situation to be the one to give me the full treatment whatever that is." I said to him with total conviction.

After dinner Martin got up from the table and gathered up every towel and bathmat in our two rooms and disappeared into his bedroom for a few minutes. Then he returned and poured us each a large glass of champagne and told me to go into his bedroom and lay down on the towels.

Martin came into the bedroom and scooped up a glass of ice and ice water with a tumbler and drank it and chewed the ice. I lay on the bed watching him in fascination wondering what 'the treatment' would be. Then with a cube of ice still in his mouth he got on the bed with me and unloosened my robe and began to kiss my nipples allowing the ice cube to touch them. Next he moved down to my knees and began to work his way up to my inner thighs with a new piece of ice in his mouth. I spread my legs wider in anticipation of what was coming and then he kissed my vaginal lips with his cold mouth and tongue and suddenly I felt the rounded ice cube shoot into me, then another and a few minutes later yet another.

I giggled and said, "That is so cold, but maybe it will put out the fire."

Martin continued to gently soothe me until I began to drift into a dreamy state of relaxation. Then I felt him gently spread my lips and suck my horribly swollen clitoris into his cool cold mouth as his tongue stroked me. I could feel myself and the bed becoming increasingly wet as the ice cubes melted inside me and were replaced by more.

The next morning I woke up in my own bed. At some point I had fallen into a deep and soothing sleep and Martin had carried me back into my room and put me into my own bed. When I walked into his room he was sitting in the window alcove reading his Wall Street Journal in a white terry cloth robe. I walked up to him totally nude and stood in front of him with the morning sunlight streaming in through the window and stood there until he sensed my presence and lowered the paper.

Martin smiled at me and said, "What would you like for breakfast?"

I dropped to me knees in front of him and undid his robe and buried my head between his knees taking him in one hand and looked up into his eyes and simply said, "You."


If this story is well received, Suze will be continuing her travels into France.

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