tagLoving WivesTravelers Ch. 06

Travelers Ch. 06

byMoon Glade©

Sandra just looked at me and nodded her head yes and then said, "I hope you're up to the challenge."

Tineke and Eeneka both had nooners and when they both showed up promptly at noon Sandra explained the problem and then showed them my video. When they both wanted an hour with me she explained to them that in order to try and accommodate everyone that we would take appointments of one half hour for the first time for 100 euros a half hour. The two clients flipped a coin to see who would have me first.

I was very nervous when my first ever ‘customer' or ‘John' came into my room, but when he asked for ‘French' I felt more confident because I knew that I would be able to please him in that way better than most. What I did not bargain for was the taste of the condom in my mouth! It was like chewing on a rubber band and what I liked the most about sucking cock was the silky feel of the skin and the hot salty taste of sperm in my mouth and both of those were denied to me with the use of a condom.

I must have risen to the task though in spite of my distaste for the condom though because when he went back into the waiting room and the other customer said, "How was she?"

He said, "She has the most incredibly talented mouth I have ever experienced."

I did not know that at the time and when my second customer asked for ‘French' as well I thought it was because of my interview tape. I was disappointed when he did because I was now pretty hot and I found sucking cock in a condom very unsatisfying, but I gave him my best effort and soon had him holding my head saying over and over again, "You suck it so good, you suck it so good."

In the meantime two walk ins had arrived and Sandra explained our situation to them and showed them my tape. When my second customer entered the waiting room he said to Sandra, "That girl has the most incredibly talented mouth of any one in Limburg; please; please talk her into becoming a regular!"

Well the end result of that statement was that I had to do two more blow jobs and by the time I finished sucking my fourth condom covered cock my mouth was burning and I had a taste in my mouth like I had been eating automobile tires!

We had a lull then and Sandra came in and said, "Did you attend MIT?"

When I asked what she meant she told me that all my customers were saying that I had the most incredibly talented mouth they had ever experienced and laughed.

I told her that I did not think it was so funny because I was now horny as hell and had a rubber taste in my mouth. She laughed and tossed me some gum and started to say something when suddenly it sounded like half the world was coming in the front door. Sandra headed back up front and I rinsed my mouth with mouth wash and opened up three pieces of gum to chew.

After a few minutes Sandra was back in the room and said, "We got a problem! The Ubach over Worms soccer club just beat their local rivals the Heerlen soccer club and they are here to celebrate and there are fourteen of them."

"I don't think the last guy is going to want to wait seven hours for me." I said to her.

Sandra told me that they were watching my film right now and perhaps only some of them would want to stay she then paused and said, "But if they all want you would you be willing to pull a train?"

"You mean do a gangbang?" I asked incredulously.

"No I mean pull a train; that is a much more controlled situation. I will be your conductor and make sure that they all stay orderly and take their turns and behave themselves and wear their condoms at all times." She said very seriously.

"How do we talk them into that?" I asked.

"We let them talk themselves into all having you at once, one right after another, no waiting and no preliminaries." She said then paused and said, "Are you up to that?"

"Sandra you are asking me to fuck more than three times as many men as I have had in my entire life one after another. What if I say yes and after four or five I just can't do anymore?" I asked.

"Then I offer to refund their money and apologize that you weren't up to the task and we hope that they all leave quietly. If you decide to do this the most important thing is that we control the situation at all times. I will let you make the final decision after you have had a chance to meet with them and gauge whether or not you think you can do this." Sandra explained as she turned back to the waiting room.

In the waiting room the film was just ending as Sandra walked back in and she explained to the team that since I was the only girl and since there were so many of them that she would offer them a half price special if they wanted to try and see if they could convince me to pull a train. Then Sandra came back to me and told me that I should go out front and talk to them and see if I felt like giving it a try.

When I walked into the waiting room I was knocked off my feet at how many men fourteen are when you are contemplating taking them all on, but I was also knocked off my feet at how athletically fit , young and good looking they all were.

I looked around the room and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter at the thought of doing this many hunks one right after another. I was already horny and frustrated from my morning blowjobs and I knew that I wanted them as badly as they wanted me. Sandra asked them all to sit down and I walked to the front of the room in the same skin tight black cocktail dress I wore in my introduction film.

"Gentlemen we have to have some strict ground rules if I am going to consent to…to doing this…you…all of you. I have only had intercourse with four different men in my entire life so if I am going to do this you are all going to have to make me some promises." I said.

The room got quiet and I could feel them waiting to know my terms.

"Everyone in the room with me will have to have a condom on at all times. Once a condom has been…used, you will be expected to dispose of it and put a new one on before returning to the room. In return for your cooperation if I don't satisfy everyone in the room we will refund the money of those who I could not do. There are fourteen of you and I have never done anything like this before, so to be honest with you I don't know if I will be able to do you all or not, although I know my little pussy is very hungry and horny and really wants to be a very naughty girl, I can't promise anything." I said with a giggle to break the tension.

"How do we decide who goes first?" one of the team said.

"We go by who scored the most goals." Another said.

"You would say that, you scored the most goals, but I like the idea since you scored three and I scored two that means I'm second." Said a third.

"I scored one goal so I'm fourth." Another said.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, you are all forgetting that no goals at all were scored by Heerlen and that is because of our goalie. As team captain I say the goalie goes first then the highest scorers to the lowest scorers and then, because of my excellent leadership, the team captain and after that in order of jersey number from lowest to the highest." Said one of the players who obviously was the team's captain.

Sandra took me aside and said that I should go back to the big room the one with the adjustable bed that could be adjusted to any height. She also told me to put a lot of lubricant on, but what she didn't know at the time was that I could feel my moisture running down my legs already in anticipation.

I went back to the room and with a thundering heart stripped down to my thigh highs and heels and got up on the high bed. I could feel each pulse of my heart in my rigid nipples and clitoris and I was trembling in a combination of fear and arousal as I waited for my first.

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