tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 02

Traveling Ch. 02


Traveling 2 – Workout room and sauna

I had been on the road for about three days and was staying at a great hotel. The workout room, though small, contained two bikes, two treadmills, a small weight machine and a sauna! The sauna was more like a small closet, with room for maybe four people. I love saunas, especially after riding on the bike for 30 minutes or more. So, for the last two afternoons, I had gone to the workout room, road for 30 or 40 minutes, stretched out and did some sit-ups and then headed into the sauna. The small sauna and a smaller entry room, or changing room, that was equipped with large bath towels and eight hooks, presumably for your workout clothes, which is where mine was hanging after every workout. And, for two days I'd had the place to myself. Today, was different.

I had been on the bike for about fifteen minutes when another guy came in. He was probably 25 or so, nice looking medium build, blonde and about five ten or so. He had on running shorts, cut high on the leg, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. He had no tan to speak of, probably due to his very fair skin. He wasn't hairy at all, with his legs having little to no hair on them. He spoke, his name was Bill and he was in town with several colleagues. We exchanged pleasantries and then he hit the treadmill that was directly in front of my bike. From this position, I could see that he had a nice butt, toned legs and was as he jogged, I was able to see much of the bottom of each ass cheek.

Now, I'm 38, nice looking, with an average body for 38. I travel often for work which gives me a great many chances to have sexual encounters with both sexes. Now, I've had several male to male encounters from my college years to as recent as about two months ago in a hot tub at a different hotel. I'm just over six feet tall, about 205, brown hair and green eyes. My cock is seven inches fully hard, shaved smooth, with heavy balls that are also shaved smooth. My cock points directly in front of me, with a slight downward banana curve. It is slender, and perfectly cut. And right now, it was getting a little stiff watching Bill jog in front of me.

I went back to focusing on my pedaling, speeding up to get my mind of his smooth legs and firm looking ass. After my 30 minutes, I got down on the mat and started doing my usual sit-ups. As I did, I was sitting slightly facing Bill as he worked the treadmill. My shorts were pretty baggy, and I wasn't wearing underwear. I saw him glance towards me several times, as I was on the downhill side of my sit-up. But as I came up, he'd be looking down at the treadmill. I really didn't think much about it at the time, just keep going until I'd finished my one hundred. I then got up, stretched a bit and said, "nice visiting with you, I'm heading to the sauna." And with that, I went to the sauna, stripped off my clothes in the outer room, grabbed a towel and headed in.

I'd been in the sauna, relaxing for about fifteen minutes before Bill peeked in. "Oh, hey!" He said, "I was trying to figure out if it was okay to get naked or if I had to leave on my shorts, guess it's okay." He then closed the door and about a minute later came in and sat across from me, a towel wrapped around his waist. After he was seated, he tossed open his towel, and just like me was fully exposed.

He avoided looking for a minute or two, but I did not. His cock was cut, about a third hard, and like me shaved smooth. It appeared to be thicker than mine, though not by much. I had to lean back and stop looking, as I felt my cock twitch and begin to harden, reaching about half of its full hardness before I closed my eyes and thought of something else.

I felt my cock begin to settle down, and then heard him shift a bit on the wooden bench. When I reopened my eyes, his cock was at full attention, stretching to a full eight or nine inches long and very thick. It was sticking straight up with a slight banana curve towards his body. He was staring at my cock when he realized I was looking at him, he cleared his throat.

"Sorry man, this thing," pointing towards his stiff cock, "has a mind of its own!"

I smiled and replied, "Yes, I can see that." My own cock began to stiffen a bit more.

I then said, "So, I take it you're into guys?"

He grinned slightly and said, "Well, sort of. My girlfriend and I had a threesome about a year ago and I really got into the submissive role, so now I get hard every time I see a hot guy, especially if he's naked."

"Oh, I see," smiling through my response, "well, as you can see by my own cock, I have a similar problem, but not in a submissive way." My own cock now fully erect.

"So," I went on, "just how submissive are you?"

"Well, very." He said, "I've gotten into taking orders well from her and from our neighbor who's now our regular third. You know, "he continued, "I suck him, I eat is cum out of her pussy, he fucks me while I fuck her, all kinds of stuff like that."

I was really hard now, "So, do you and him ever get together one on one?"

He shook his head, "No, not yet, but we've talked about it trying it without her."

Taking a chance that he'd follow my orders, I simply said, "Well, why don't you take care of that problem you've got."

He looked puzzled, "what do you mean?" he asked.

I sat up straight, looked him in the eye and said, "I want to watch you jerk off."

He smiled, "really? Right here?"

"Sure, why not?" I replied, adding, "now get busy and jerk that big cock off."

He didn't say anything, he just wrapped his hand around his cock and started pumping. With all the sweat we were both pouring out, he needed no lube. He pumped his big cock faster and faster and was teasing his balls with his other hand. His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard. Adding to the excitement, I started to tease him with dirty talk.

"You like performing for me don't you?" I said, he simply moaned a 'yea'. "You wish that there was a big cock in your ass don't you?"

"OH FUCK YES!" he moaned loudly, pounding his cock faster.

"You have a nice cock, but you're a little bitch aren't you?

"Yes sir, I'm a cock slut," he gasped.

"You're a cock slut and a cum whore aren't you?" I was now stroking my own cock, taken in by the sweating, cock pounder in front of me.

"OH, YES! OH YES! I'M A CUM WHORE!" he yelled as shot after shot of white cum blasted from his cock, landing first on his chest and then streaming down his stomach. He came gallons as I sat there watching his continue to pound his cock until every drop of cum had been milked from his balls. He was coated in the sweat and cum, which was now puddling on his stomach and groin area.

"Very nice cum whore," I said, "Now lick up that mess," I said in a stern voice.

Without saying a word, he scooped up a handful of the creamy, sweaty mixture and licked it from his hand. He kept scooping and eating the cum until he was completely clean of cum.

By now, my own cock was needing relief. I had been slowly stroking my cock and was now picking up the pace when I decided to take my chances.

"Why don't you stand up, turn around and bend over so I can fuck that tight ass of yours," I said.

"Really? You'll fuck me?" he asked, standing up and turning around.

I'd been right, he had a nice butt with soft white globes making up his cheeks. He bent down and reached back, spreading his ass cheeks to expose his tiny hole.

"Is this good? He asked.

I walked up behind him and wiped the sweat from his back, spreading it across his ass crack and onto my cock. "That is just right," I replied.

I pushed the head of my cock against the tight hole and heard him take a deep breath, then relax and I felt that his hole had loosened up a bit. I pushed forward, the head sliding into his anus past his sphincter muscle then he became tight, his ass clamped down an my stiff cock. I wiped more sweat from him and coated my shaft with it. He then took another deep breath and when he released it I felt the tension ease a bit. I lunged forward and sunk more than half of my seven inches into his hole.

"OHHHHH! FUCK!!!!!" He exclaimed, then added, "That feels so fucking good!"

I slapped his ass cheek hard and said, "Cock sluts aren't supposed to talk unless they are asked questions."

"Yes sir!" he replied.

I slapped his ass hard again and said, "That wasn't a question!"

He took another deep breath and when he relaxed again I slid in completely, my shaved pubic bone now pressed against his bright white ass cheeks.

He groaned loudly as I then started to pull out to the mushroom head of my cock and rammed it back in. He was now holding onto the bench where he had been seated and was pushing back to meet my thrusts. I could clearly see that he had been fucked in the ass often and that he loved it.

I was now pounding faster and harder into his ass as he began to moan louder and louder. My balls filled with cum and soon it was blasting into his tight hole, shot after shot filling his anus. I pulled out for the last two shots and let them land on his back. His hole was pouring a river of cum out and it was sliding quickly to the floor as it hit is sweaty legs. I wiped my cock off on his ass, leaving a small trail of my cum on each cheek. I then spread the remaining cum on his back all around, being sure to cover his butt and ass crack.

"Wow, Bill, that was fucking great," I said, gently spreading the cum around his sweaty back and ass.

"Thank you sir," he replied, still bent over.

I stood him up, turned him around found that his cock was already hard again. I took it in my hand and started to slowly jerk him off.

"Bill, why don't you come to my room in about an hour and we'll play some more," I suggested.

He quickly replied, "I have to go to dinner with my work mates, but I'll be back before ten, will that work?" He asked.

I smiled, released his cock and said, "Sure, that's great."

I then grabbed my towel and started to dry the sweat off of my body. Bill did the same, cum still running out of his ass as he put his leg up on the bench to dry it off.

"Bill," I started, "I'll expect you to suck me off and rim my ass tonight. Will that be a problem?"

He turned around to face me, "Oh no sir, I'll be happy to suck your cock and lick your ass," he replied very enthusiastically.

"Good," I said, "I'll see you tonight." I told him what room number, then headed out leaving him to finish cleaning himself off. After I got to my room, I showered and reshaved my crotch and used Nair on my ass to make sure that I was good and ready for Bill. I then dressed and headed out to dinner.

When I returned to my room, I stripped naked and waited for Bill to show up. I had only been with one submissive guy before and I knew he would probably let me take pictures of our fun and games, so I plugged in my camera to let the batteries charge. I then sat back and started reading some online porn.

At 9:45 or so, there was a light knock on the door. I walked over, naked, my dick starting to harden and looked through the peephole and saw Bill. I opened the door and he smiled saying, "Wow! You're naked and ready!" Then he walked in and said, "What would you like for me to do for you sir?"

I closed and locked the door, then picked up my camera off of the desk, "Strip for me Bill," I said.

He unbuttoned his shirt and kicked his shoes off at the same time. He wasn't wearing socks, so now he only had his shorts to go. He stopped, hesitating for a minute then said, "I'm wearing my girlfriend's thong, she likes me to wear her panties when I'm traveling. That okay?"

I snapped several pictures of him and smiled, then said, "keep going cock slut!"

As he pulled his shorts down, he revealed that he was wearing a hot pink lacy thong. The tiny material barely covered his eight and one-half inches of thick cock. The head of his cock was sticking about three inches out of the material. I had him turn for me and took several more pictures.

"Get on your knees and start sucking my cock," I said. He did, dropping to his knees quickly and pulling my cock into his mouth. As he started sucking, pulling me into his throat, I kept snapping pictures. He was moaning around my cock, taking every inch in. I felt his gag point, but he opened his throat and swallowed, pulling me the rest of the way in. Once his nose was touching my smooth pubic area, I sat the camera on the desk and held his ears, slowly working his mouth back and forth on my cock.

"Oh! You little cock slut!" I moaned, "That feels fucking great! Keeps sucking you little whore!"

He moaned and picked up the pace, sucking harder and swallowing more of my cock.

"Play with my balls bitch," I said and he immediately grabbed my balls and started tugging and pulling, rolling them between his fingers.

"Oh yea, that's it my little cock slut!" I was getting closer and closer and knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"Are you ready for my cum? Are you my cum slut?" I asked, panting, trying hard to hold back the load that was building.

He simply moaned and nodded. With that, I unleashed my load, filling his throat. He continued to swallow and suck, pulling my seed into his belly. I grabbed the camera and I pushed back before the last shot and sprayed it across his face, then drug my cock back and forth across his nose, cheeks and chin. He was still gently massaging my balls, milking the remainder of cum out of them.

"That was very, very good," I said, patting my cock on his cheeks. I then asked, "Would you like to cum now?"

"Yes sir, I would love to," he replied, his hands still stroking my cock and teasing my balls.

I moved over and laid face down on the bed, I then told him to take the panties off and kneel between my legs.

Once he was nude and in between my legs, I looked over my shoulder and said, "Now, cum slut, I want you to jerk off and shoot your cum on my ass, then I want you to lick it all up and tongue my ass until my cock is hard again."

He grabbed his long, thick dick and started pounding away, his hand moving so fast it was a blur. I told him to use his other hand to fondle my ass. He reached down and started rubbing my ass cheeks and running his finger along my crack.

After just a five minutes or so, I felt him move in tighter between my legs and felt the first blast of his hot cum land in the center of my crack. Shot after shot of cum landed on my ass cheeks and in my crack as he moaned. He spread my cheeks apart and shot his last few drops directly on my anus.

When he was finished, he laid down on the bed, scooting up to my ass and I felt his warm tongue begin to lick the cum from my butt. His tongue streaked upwards from between my legs, up my crack and then back and forth over my cheeks. He was licking and sucking at the same time, trying to get his thick load off as instructed. He licked, kissed and sucked every inch of my butt, taken time to make sure he left no trace of his cum. After several minutes, he spread my ass cheeks again and I felt the tip of his warm tongue press against my anus. I groaned and moaned and spread my legs wider. He held my ass open and began to press into me, licking and then pressing again.

"OH! SHIT! YEA COCK WHORE! EAT MY ASS! EAT IT!" I was groaning loudly.

He moaned into my ass, his tongue dancing away at my butt. He would stop only long enough to kiss my cheeks or catch his breath and then he would be at it again. I could feel his tongue enter me and my cock started coming to life. The more he kissed and sucked, the harder I got. Finally, unable to take the pleasure much longer, I reached back and pushed his head up.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you again?" I asked, breathing hard.

"OH yes sir!" he replied, also breathing hard.

I moved up from the bed and told him to sit on the edge of the bed. I then slid two pillows under his lower back, reached for the night stand and grabbed my KY. I had him lean back, which caused his legs and ass to raise way up. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and then greased up my cock and circled his anus with the KY. I then eased forward, my cock easily penetrating his ass. He took a deep breath and when he released, I shoved the whole seven inches deep in his ass, with my balls slamming into his ass cheeks.

He screamed into his fist as he took the full length at once and I could see a tear in his eye. I waited for a minute or so for his ass to adjust to the fullness, then I began to pound his ass hard with long full strokes.

"You like my cock, little bitch?" I said, panting as I shoved into him.

"Yes sir! Oh yes sir!" he replied.

"Are you my cock whore?"

"OH!! Auugghhh!!! FUCK! Yes sir, yes sir!"

I pounded harder and harder, his smooth legs on my shoulders, my hands gripping his thighs as I fucked his hole. I slowed my pace only long enough to wrap my hand around his now fully hard cock and I started to squeeze it and jerk it roughly.

"Who's cock is this?" I said, squeezing hard.

"YOURS! YOURS!' He screamed.

Pounding his ass harder and harder now, "and who's ass is this?"

Again, through grunts and groans he replied, "MY ASS IS YOURS SIR! AAHHGGG FUCK ME!"

With that, his cock erupted, cum spraying all over his chest and stomach, dripping down my hand and only his balls.

"Clean yourself bitch," I said.

He immediately began to wipe up his cum with hand and feeding it to himself.

That was all I could take, I began to shake as I unloaded into his tight ass. Shot after shot of my sticky cum blasted into his butt. We were both moaning and panting and groaning. After my cock had unloaded in his butt, I pulled my drooping cock from his butt and again watched a river of cum leak out, this time dropping down onto the bed and floor.

"Bill, that was awesome!" I said, adding, "You've got a great butt and an incredible cock."

"Thank you sir, I hope you were pleased," he replied.

I moved onto the bed beside him moved to kiss his lips. Soon we were in a deep French kiss, our tongues battling and teasing each other.

"Let's shower," I said, climbing off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

We showered, staying in the hot water long enough for our skin to begin to wrinkle and our cocks to get hard. He then dropped to his knees and sucked me off again. I then dropped to mine and returned the favor, sucking as much of his huge cock as I could. Neither of us came much that round, be we did have a great time. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and he promised I could fuck his girlfrined next time.

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