tagHumor & SatireTreat-n-Trick on All Hallow's Eve

Treat-n-Trick on All Hallow's Eve


This is a true Halloween story, so please don't hold against me any lack of ghosts or vampires. I'm the only vamp, and my MASTER Scott felt way too hard to be made of ectoplasm. ;-) There are skeletons in the treat scene, but they're just symbols of our love enduring beyond the grave. The truly haunting moral is how our own spirits manifest as angels or demons while we treat or trick our lovers on All Saints' Eve or any other nice or naughty night. Early on that evening, I was as charming as a submissive Asian girl can be when I visited my MASTER'S home, so he could eat my sweet treat. Then after midnight when he returned the favor by visiting my place, I played on him a devilish trick indeed. Here's my horny little tail. ;-) I hope it turns you one just a little bit without horrifying you too much.

Dressing up in costume and running wildly about your neighborhood in mock disguise is truly wonderful fun, but sometimes what a girl needs most is a good old randy fuck. Last Allhallows' Eve was one of those, and after bobbing for a few apples and soaping a couple of windshields, I've finally shown up for the private Halloween party we've arranged at your retreat. As soon as the door of our cozy lust nest closes behind me, I let my angel's outfit that I've cut and sewn together from one of my old skydiving parachutes fall to the floor and stand naked before you in a pool of white silk. You don't seem very surprised, but I'm about to be.

Understanding exactly what I need right now, you waste no time with words of greeting or a welcoming kiss, but take me gently by one hand and lead me towards your bedroom, shedding various items of your clothing along the way, until we stand upon the threshold of our paradise both in the same state in which Adam and Eve were cast out of theirs.

A smell of floral incense suffuses the softly lit room underlined by jazzy music of haunting melody yet insistent rhythm, but what rivets my attention is your bed. Stripped of blankets, it is still nearly impossible to make out the color of the sheets as they are completely covered by drifts of colorful, highly-perfumed flowers. I'm absolutely undone, almost swooning on the spot as a chaste 19th century virgin maiden was supposed to have done upon first viewing her lover's erection.

The romantic boldness of your gesture leaves my eyes moist with tears and my pussy moist with welcome. In utter submission I turn to you speechless yet with soul crying out, "Take my everything, Masterful MASTER Scott, it's all for you, and no one but you."

I move towards our floral bower, but you stop me with a gesture and stand between me and your bed. Your blue eyes search deep within mine for any signs of my usual independent spirit, but can find no trace of anything except my total surrender to your slightest whim. You smile a slow sardonic smirk. This is exactly the state you had hoped your torrid tactic would reduce me to - your helpless love slave.

"Put your two hands flat on the center of my chest." Is your first command for me. I lay both hands on your broad chest. Your skin seems slightly cooler than my palms, and I can feel your heart beating powerfully just centimeters under my right hand.

"Push me back unto the bed." You tell me, and I give you a shove that topples your crewcut, six-foot, 220 pound hunk of my solidified dreams to lie face upwards among the blossoms. "Lie on top of me and rub your beautiful tits all over my face." Is your next order. No sooner said than done.

There is no more cool skin anywhere. Torrents of heat are being generated between us. As my golden breasts and tan nipples massage the pale cheeks and pink lips of your broad, handsome face, you knead them with your tall, hooked nose, then dart out your long tongue in rapid licks here and there until gradually my entire breasts become wet with your saliva.

"Fuck my mouth with your stiff nipples." You demand loudly. I try to cram as much of my right breast as possible into your mouth as you nuzzle it and suck more insistently than any infant. My whole upper torso has become hot and sweaty, and red splotches of arousal begin to appear. "Give me the other one." You insist. Now my left breast plunges, erect nipple first, into your hungry mouth. It is ravished just as thoroughly as the right one was. If I had as much milk as a Holstein, you would drain me dry!

"Now lie full length upon my body and massage me with your wonderful breasts, your firm belly and your fantastic thighs." Is your next directive. Stretching out my body alongtop of yours, I feel the warmth and firmness of your manly chest. As I begin rubbing my tender tits in a circular motion against your pectoral muscles, alternating currents of scorching heat and shivering cold are coursing down from my shivering boobs and through my trembeling belly all the way to my moistening vagina.

My breasts are rubbing across your skin with little jerks and bumps. Your saliva has all but dried up, and I can't help but wish that my tits had been thoroughly doused by a longer-lasting lubricant gushing forth in thick greasy white ropes from your pulsing penis. To feel that divine warmth splashing upon my nipples . . . but I quell this disobedient thought, because your explorations are leading you in another direction now. Perhaps later you'll deign to shoot your hot cum all over my breasts. Now you have other uses for your helpless love slave.

As I roll my belly and thighs across yours, the heavy sweet fragrance of crushed flowers is overpowering the subtler tang of the incense smoke. The music's rhythm has picked up a throbbing beat which echoes the augmented coursing of my blood throughout all my veins. Your body is also echoing my movements now becoming explicitly insistent in its carnal demands upon mine. Your cock is prodding pointedly between my inner thighs, so unless the choreography of our horizontal dance changes soon, its tempo will inevitably explode into a violent fuck.

You have no intention; however, of releasing me from thralldom yet. "Roll over," you instruct me, "and support your body above mine on your feet and elbows." Doing so, I suddenly feel your tongue dart out to lick hotly at the base of my neck between my shoulder blades, and a delicious chill runs down my spine. "Now slide your body very slowly above mine, so that my tongue traces the entire length of your backbone." You direct me. I feel your hot licks, kisses and nibbles moving slowly toward my nether regions.

When your tongue reaches the indent just above my crevasse, you have a new demand. "Lean forwards a bit and spread your legs so that my tongue has full access to your succulent, petite ass." You plant a warm kiss on my ass hole, and your hands reach up to stroke and massage my breasts lovingly. Suddenly your tongue darts forth into my ass hole, and you begin to lick it like a child does a lollypop. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Tonguewise, you've got yourself a virgin ass here, and she's casting her virginity away with joyous abandon. Rotating my hips and buttocks slightly, I instinctively aid your tongue's rimming and reaming of my rectal vent. This sensation is like nothing I've ever known, but one I could quickly learn to love, I'm thinking to myself when . . .

"Stand up, and turn around." Your preemptory tone shocks me out of my pleasant musing as a sleeper suddenly wrenched from a dream, and I reluctantly lift my butt away from its comfortable seat. Pushing myself carefully erect so as not to fall backwards onto you, I keep my balance with some difficulty. Standing on your bed straddling you as you lie among bruised blossoms in our secret flower garden, I sway giddily for a moment, then step carefully over your precious body with first one foot then the other, trampling more petals beneath my feet, until I' m standing, legs spread wide with my feet buried in blossoms on either side of your broad manly chest, looking down upon my MASTER'S handsome features composed in contemplation of his vassal's vagina.

You gaze up into my gash drinking in the view of my womanhood from this perspective. How does it feel to have this kinky Japanese girl, Kin Ky, who for some miraculous reason you believe to be an exotic, more than beautiful, perfect girl, who you treasure as the world's most beautiful, amazing woman, stand naked over you at your beck and call to do with whatever your heart desires, to make any fantasy into reality, ready to obey any wish you crave?

At last your sweet, innocent lips issue the command I'm longing to comply with: "Now squat down and kiss me with your labia. Cushion your cunt on my sucking lips and thrusting tongue. Fuck my face ferociously for ever and ever. Don't stop until you've had an eternity of orgasms and flooded my mouth with an ocean of your delectable pussy juice" In eagerness and yet with reverent respect I lower my poor unworthy offering to my God of Love, my humble gift to you of my hot horny pussy, dripping with the piquant secretions of my feminine lust, unto its throne of bliss.

Back in the saddle again. Ride 'em cow girl. Irreverent images course coarsely through my consciousness, but I know these are to be welcomed rather than banished. In randy worship on the alter of your face, my body is totally in servitude to your kinky will, yet my imagination is way free. Thy holiest commandment is: Let sex be fun! I release my self completely into the moment, your lips and tongue sucking my clit and fucking my pussy, my buttocks rocking into a rhythm in time with the background music, then double time, triple and beyond, pounding, pummeling, bashing my horny cunt onto your mouth again and again and again, your gentlest ministrations only inciting my healthy young body to more and more frenzied fucking. There is constantly renewed energy here to keep balling your face endlessly.

My spirit leaves my body and hovers above two devotees of eros locked in passionate sexual combat amid the drifts of flowers and wisps of incense smoke. A willowy Japanese girl grips her lover's face firmly between her thighs showering his countenance with a rain of pussy juice as she flagellates him with her feminine flower. The black-haired western man thrusts his tender weapon deep between her labia into the very vestibule of her vagina seeking but not quite reaching the advantage of her Grafenberg spot. Vivid bolts of orgasmic energy flash across the spiritual firmament transforming this episode of ardor into a window on the eternity of our adoration for each other.

I see us younger now, as junior high school students in their first fumbling investigations of the delightful mysteries of sex. With what terrible urgency the boy had sought some means of pleasuring his sweetheart without violating her sacrosanct virginity. How happily they stumbled upon this charming solution! Now our hair has whitened with age. This grandmother's womb has issued many daughters, who in their time have straddled their own lovers in facial copulation, yet the grandfather still thirsts for the few drops of nectar remaining in her withered flower. Now the flesh has melted from bones long buried and forgotten. Unable to rest, our skeletons have sought each other out of their subterranean solitude, so that my pelvic bone rests upon the jaw bone of your skull, and my bones are jumping yours with rattling thumps and bumps of our passion that transcends the grave.

Now I'm taking a time trip on your face. The robust body of a Cro-Magnon woman squats on her lover's bearded face as he lies upon a bearskin bed strewn with flowers in a smoky cave. The Cro-Magnon man has an eight-inch tongue, and she is whimpering, moaning, groaning, shuddering, and squirming with ecstasy. How I long to be in her place! Next we're Neanderthals our noses larger, our foreheads receding from bony brows, our chins receding beneath heavier jawbones and bigger teeth, yet your tongue is plunging just as deeply into my cunt. What heavenly bliss our ancient ancestors must have known and have so gener-ation-ously bequeathed unto us!

Huge heaving spasms of orgasm wrench me back into my body as your persistence in eating away savagely at my vagina with vigorous licking of my vulva and merciless chewing of my clitoris have finally taken their toll. As I lose my balance and begin to fall off your face, you suddenly flip my tiny frame over, so you can gain a different angle from the front. "Spread your legs open," you instruct me, "and lift your feet back towards your head." With my sexual organs spread as fully open as it is possible for me to offer them to you, completely exposed for your delectation, you pause in our urgency for just a moment to enjoy the view. "God, Kin Ky, you have absolutely the most beautiful pussy in the world!" You rhapsodize. "No flower blooming unseen to waste its perfume on desert airs was ever more deserving of a place in the pleasure gardens of paradise." Having thus brought me to the brink of my next orgasm with a few well-chosen, poetic words, you bend forwards to sip the nectar from my pretty flower. How wonderful it is to know my chosen one finds me worthy.

"Grab hold of my head, and fuck your pussy with my face." You guide me, so I use my hands to press your face tightly into my vagina only releasing you periodically, knowing you must have some freedom to position your mouth over my next pleasure point. I stretch my thighs as wide as possible, but am still able to dig my heels into your back, spurring you onwards, nor are you loath to continue. Nay, far otherwise! You intend galloping me through several more orgasms with your tongue before fucking me with your long, stiff cock even though that purple headed scepter is already dripping with pre-ejaculatory semen. This is an exercise for you in sexual self-discipline. You know I want all twenty centimeters of your broad staff inside me as much as you want to fuck me fully and vigorously all night long, but you want this cunnilingus to last forever. You love the taste of my pussy as much as I love your hot cum spurting forth unto my tongue, but more than anything, you love the feeling of giving me so much pleasure while withholding yourself from complete satisfaction. Your final release will be far more intense for the waiting, and meanwhile, you join my orgasms by sensual empathy without yourself ejaculating.

After reaching a fresh record for giving me oral orgasms, you have a new command. "On your knees, you kinky slave," you bellow imperiously, "prepare for your lord and MASTER Scott to do you doggy style!" I struggle feebly up from where I've melted in a puddle of sweat, pussy juice and crushed flower petals to crouch submissively before my sovereign lover awaiting his royal will. At last we have come to this All Saints' Eve's moment of spiritual truth. Will tonight prove to have been but one more pleasantly sordid coupling in sweaty lust or an illuminating moment of mystical transcendence on our endless pilgrimage to kinky enlightenment?

Your firm hard-on grows harder still as you view this slender but comely Asian girl, who is crouched in total submission before you, patiently waiting for you to do with her whatever your heart desires. We both know where you want to stick your stiffened cock. You are longing to slide your rigid rod into the one major opening in my sexy body that you know very well no lover has ever had the pleasure of fucking - my ass hole. This is all right with me. I'm expecting it, even longing for it, although I've never enjoyed the idea of butt fucking. Even contemplating it just makes me feel an urgency to void my bowels, and I know that I'll miss the taste of the lost cum squirted uselessly into my lower intestines to mix with my shit and later be shat out to stain the waters of the toilet with ugly brownish muck. Moreover, that the only man ever to penetrate my anus was a rapist adds emotional overtones of disgust to my aesthetic distaste. Now I want you to enjoy yourself in my tightest passage; however, as my precious sacrifice of love for you.

We Japanese girls are trained by our culture to submit ourselves totally to our MASTER. Making such a sacrifice is our duty. When we perform our duty, we find a sweetness and beautiful truth in doing it with complete acceptance. Not being able to sacrifice for our lover would make our love less than perfect, so I need now for you to exercise your masterly prerogative and occupy my ass hole violently with your arrogant scepter.

You run your moistened right forefinger gently around the rim of my puckered sphincter, serenely contemplating the pleasure to be gained from a deep penetration and vigorous dubbing of my petite and succulent ass. Perhaps a groan or two will escape my lips as your pubes pound harder and harder against my buttocks, sending shock waves rippling through the fatty tissues that pad my bottom. Maybe it will be better this first time to fuck my ass slowly, prolonging your pleasure and stimulating me by reaching forwards to fondle me and titillate the nipples of my tits while you gradually increase the pace of your thrusting into my lower intestines. The broad purple head of your big cock pressing very gently against my sphincter, ever so patiently forcing the portal wider and wider until your engorged head has gained complete sanctuary inside, and next your stiff shaft slides more easily in behind as your humongously swollen head explores more of my delicious tightness more and more deeply until your full twenty-centimeter length is lodged inside me, then in and out with gradually increasing pace, that's the way to do it you decide, but then you hesitate. Something's not right here. You know it won't be too nasty but rather intense pleasure for you at the minor expense of perhaps, at the worst, some slight momentary discomfort for me. Surely after your release you can hold me tightly cradled in your strong arms , kissing away any tears of already vanished pain and sharing your pleasure with me by telling me what a fan-fucking-tastic ejaculation you just shot up my poop chute.

"God damn it!" You think to yourself. "I'll even lick and suck all my cum out of her sweet ass afterwards, if necessary, just to enjoy the fabulous view of Kin Ky's incredible body with her sexy shoulders arched back, the hourglass of her figure accentuated to perfection while I ram myself into her anus as hard as possible and penetrate her viscera as deeply as I can while I'm shooting my wad into her guts." You sigh, but your decision is made. Allhallowmas Eve isn't the right time for this. There's an ungranted request of mine to prove our equal partnership in kinkiness involving submitting yourself to being bound by silk scarves and initiated into the mysteries of kinky sex that your male intuition tells you is an essential key to fully enjoying anal sex with your own kinky lover, Kin Ky, and you want your first of many butt fucks of me to be nothing less then perfect. "Well," you continue your interior monologue philosophically, "this evening I'll just have to find satisfaction by watching my cock fucking her cunt in half a dozen different positions, and that's a pretty spectacular view, too, not to mention that it feels fan-fucking-tastically fine!"

Placing your broad sit-eyed head at the entrance of my other portal to paradise, you make your royal entrance there instead. I'm momentarily disappointed at not having a change to undergo sacrifice, but I also realize how much better butt fucker you will become after my kinky ministrations to you with the scarves and other tools, so I give myself over to the your current fuck, which is growing more engrossing by the moment. At first you slid your erection in slowly as if your size and length might hurt me. Far from it, my vagina welcomes her lord and owner's coming in and taking possession of his rightful domicile eagerly and hopes for more cumming soon, but you continue, in just a bit and then out, slowly not giving me the full twenty centimeters of your broad shaft. You must know how much I want it deep and hard, but you continue to enjoy teasing our bodies with this scrumptious slow torture by interminable inches. I begin trying to rock back into you to take you further into my sugar scoop, but you hold me in check, determined that our fuck will proceed at your pace this time. You're kneeling behind me, but unexpectedly you place your left leg over my body, outstretched to rest on your foot on that side, while resting most of your weight on your right knee. Now you're entering me from a slightly different angle, adding new sensations deep within my vagina and in my outer labia as well, as you continue bringing me along towards another orgasm with your masterful, slow, patient strokes. No doubt practicing tantric yoga, breathing out a sub-vocal mantra carefully from deep in your diaphragm, as you often do to hold yourself in check. I'm sure that you're also enjoying watching your purple headed cock, glistening with my juices, sliding in and out between my labia. I, myself, have nothing more interesting to look at than some very battered looking flowers, so for added stimulation I stretch back my right hand to find yours and pull it forwards, so I'll have something to suck on. Wait a minute. Isn't that the hand that was recently fingering my ass hole? What the hell. I suck on your fingers anyway, then take them out again, not because of their taste, but because I don't want to bite you involuntarily during my cresting orgasm. How many is that tonight? I've lost count.

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