tagHumor & SatireTricked by a Treat!

Tricked by a Treat!


Ken wasn't thrilled to be taking his niece and nephew out 'trick or treat'n' on Halloween. He couldn't say no to his sister when she had asked him to do it as a big favor to her. She had always taken her children out on Halloween herself, but she had to work this year and needed her brother to take them for her. Kim promised to repay him sometime when he needed a favor in return.

Ken waited for the kids to get ready. Thank goodness, they were young enough to have to come back fairly early for bedtime. He figured an hour or two and the whole ordeal would be over with and he would be on his way home.

Sandy and Bud jumped through the doorway and screamed "BOO!" at their Uncle Ken, both giggling when he jumped a little. Sandy was eight years old and her brother, Bud, was ten. They were pretty good kids as far as kids go. Sandy was dressed up as a Princess, crown and all. Bub was dressed as a vampire, his hair slicked back with some shiny goo and fake blood running down his chin. He had a black cape and the teeth associated with vampires. To Ken, he look like a small version of the old movie guy, Boris something or another... Especially when he kept saying, "I vant to suck your blood."

Off the three of them went, into the night to scare people out of their goodies. The kids were excited as they skipped down the sidewalk, anticipating the treats they would get during the evening. Ken walked along scowling and wanting the evening over with quickly. "Ah hell," he told himself, "it's not going to kill me to take the kids out."

The plan was to go up and down the block to houses that obviously invited costumed guests, then over to the next block and so on, until the children were tired of it and ready to go home.

The three passed a lot of others out gathering treats as they were. Superman, two pirates, a cute cheerleader, a couple of clowns, Donald Duck, several cowboys and a cowgirl, Batman in cape and pointed mask, Wonder Woman or Xena, Ken wasn't sure which...goblins, bandits, Cinderella, a Fireman, an M & M candy, a Robot and a number of other odd looking creatures. People were generous and the kids sacks were half full by the time they reached the end of the second block. But the children weren't ready to call it a night just yet, so on they went, to the third street over from home.

Ken noticed by the end of the third block, both kids were dragging their feet a little. He watched Sandy yawn and knew it wouldn't be much longer before they could head back. He heard Bud ask, "Uncle Ken? Do you think we should go to this house? It's awfully dark.."

Ken looked up at the house they were standing in front of and saw a candle burning in the window near the door. It was hard to tell if the door was open or closed from the distance they were standing. He watched as someone peeked from behind a curtain and smiled to himself. 'Someone trying to be scary' he thought. "Sure, why not? This is the last house on the block guys...go get your treat and then we head for home."

While his niece and nephew walked towards the house, Ken stood looking up the block, watching ghosts crossing the street and witches scurry after them. He smiled to himself, thinking of all the fun Halloweens he'd had over the years. After a few minutes he realized the children hadn't returned yet, and looked back towards the house they had gone to. He was startled to not see the kids on the sidewalk or at the door of the dark house. He looked around thinking they had gone on to the next house while he'd been daydreaming, but didn't see them.

Ken walked quickly up the walkway to the house the kids had gone to and started to knock on the door. Before his knuckles hit wood, the door opened. He didn't see anyone standing there and wasn't amused. This wasn't very funny, it was actually frightening that the kids were not visable. "Hello?" he called into the dark house. "Excuse me? Are you there? My kids came to your door and now I don't see them! Hello? Somebody here?" he was growing more nervous. Where did Sandy and Bud vanish too? This was starting to piss him off and scare him a little at the same time.

He glanced back at the street, hoping to see the kids on the sidewalk, giggling at his lameness, but the sidewalk was empty. He looked in both directions and still no kids. 'They came up here and I bet their inside, playing a little joke on old Uncle Ken' he thought. "Okay, so you scared me, time to go home kids!" he spoke loudly, thinking the little brats would jump out at him any second, but it was a quiet as a tomb in the dark house.

This was not even funny, Ken was growing more and more uneasy and worried. Where else could Sandy and Bud have gone so fast? Nowhere. They had to be inside this house. Ken stepped through the doorway and into darkness. His eyes adjusted after a minute or so and he peered around, trying to see the children or whoever lived there, in the room. He heard a floorboard creak somewhere in the back of the house. "Sandy? Bud? Where are you two hiding? Come on, it's time to go home!" he called out and got no reply, only silence. He briefly recalled the times he had scared his sister half to death on Halloween. He loved to pull pranks on her during the holiday and had for many years. Now he felt like she had, nervous as goosebumps crawled over him, not knowing what to expect.

He was halfway into the dark room when the door behind him shut and he heard it lock as it did. "Oh yeah...good trick!" he said out loud and even smiled a little. Something brushed his cheek, making him jump back a little. It was some material that was made to feel like a spider's web. Ken brushed it away and walking towards a doorway, probably one that led to the bedrooms he was thinking. "Sandy? Bud? C'mon guys, time to go!" Ken called out and listened for them to answer. Silence. He wished his sister had taken them out to 'trick or treat' herself, like she usually did. It sucked she had to work late this time, he had lost the kids and she would, no doubt, kill him.

His heard was beating faster now, worry was gnawing at his guts as he searched the hallway first then approached the first door he saw. Ken wasn't amused if this was a joke of some kind. He thought it was a pretty fucking stupid one if it, indeed, was a joke! And someone was going to get a good cussing for this bullshit! Ken pushed on the first door and it opened inward on creaking hinges. Ken shook his head in disgust, this was starting to really make him mad.

The room was empty, of life anyway, it was full of the things one usually finds in a bedroom though. A dresser stood against the wall to his left, the bed was in front of him as well as two nightstands on each side of it. He saw some kind of dark stain on the bedspread and felt a thrill of fear go through him. He went over to it and rubbed his finger on it and felt another chill along his spine, when he found it to be wet and sitcky on his fingertip. "What the fuck?!" he said quietly to himself. It felt and, he smelled his finger, smelled like blood!

Ken stood frozen to the spot, his mind trying to figure out what was going on here! What happened to his niece and nephew? Maybe, he thought, it was time to go get help...the police maybe. He had to do something...but couldn't decide what it was he should do.

As Ken stood there, trying to decide a course of action, he heard a noise come from someplace else in the house. This got him moving...he rushed back into the hallway and looked towards the other end. He saw a faint glow coming from under a door and hurried towards it. His heart was pounding with fear for his niece and nephew. He didn't know what he'd do if something bad had happened to them! Fuck! His face was pale when he flung the door open and stepped inside.

Before he could react, something covered his mouth and darkness overcame him. He couldn't even struggle, his last thought was his sister would kill him if he lost the kids.

Ken opened his eyes to find himself lying on a king size bed. Black satin sheets were pulled up to his naked waist. He lifted the cover and looked under it to see that he was completely naked. He jumped when a bell went off...no it was his cellphone's ring! It was lying on the night stand next to him. Ken snatched it up, confused as he answered.., "uh..hello.." and heard his sister's voice on the other end. "Hey little brother, the kids are home, thanks for dropping them off but you could have come inside." she said, sounding very normal. "What?" Ken asked her, "The kids are there?" "Well of course they are silly, thanks again. I owe you one." Kim said with a laugh and hung up on the bewildered Ken.

He leaned back on the black satin pillow behind him and saw himself reflected in a mirror on the ceiling. "Now what the fuck is going on here" he said in a low voice. He didn't see his cloths anywhere and wondered who had removed them in the first place. And what the hell had happened that he couldn't remember anything after opening the door, until waking up?

Music began to play somewhere nearby. Ken sat up and listened, it was very low and somehow seemed sensual to him. Suddenly candles lit around the room, no one was lighting them, they just sort of lit up. Ken's mouth dropped open and his heart skipped a beat. The door started to slowly open as he watched, his heart jammed up his throat now.

One creamy, white leg appeared from within a black dress that had a slit from the ankle to the waist and worn by the most beautiful woman Ken had ever lain eyes on. She looked very pale and had hair as black at the night. Her lips glistened in the candlelight, red and very luscious. Her slender fingers had nails that were painted black, when she came closer, he could see stars and moon's painted on the tips. The dress was held shut at her waist, by a pin with clusters of black gems. It was open from the shoulders down to her belly button, he could almost see her breasts. Ken felt his cock twitch as he stared at the beautiful lady standing only a few feet from him now. "What is.." he started to ask but stopped when she put a finger to her red lips in a sign for silence. She let the finger drop to her throat and slowly ran it down the front of her body. She moved it up again to touch a nipple through the black dress that clung to her body. Ken watched as she slowly stroked herself through the dress, tilting her head back when she reached her pussy and a moan came softly from her throat.

The woman in black had beautiful hair, it fell in long waves to her waist. She reminded Ken of a witch in a way, 'maybe she's into the gothic thing' he thought to himself, not taking his eyes off of the sexy lady. As if he wasn't even there, the woman continued to rub and stroke her lovely body. She swiftly unclasp the pin at her waist and let the dress fall open, reveling long legs that started below the most beautiful pussy Ken had ever seen. The hair was trimmed very close, almost shaved, but in the shape of a black cat. He smiled thinking, "Ahhhh..pussy! Here kitty, kitty!"

The woman threw him a quick glance, as if she had heard his thoughts. Ken stared at her and she went back to touching herself, which didn't bother him one bit! Under the satin sheet, Ken could feel his cock swelling with lust. Now the witch woman let the dress slide across her shoulders and fall to the floor. She stood there in nothing but black, six inch heels, with her hair curling all around her body. Her breats were heavy, but not droopy, not even close. The nipples stood out and were a dark reddish color. She had a slender waist and the curve of her hip continued downward and around, shaping her ass into an upside down heart. A perfect ass if he'd ever seen one and he'd seen his share of 'em. The witchy woman swayed, her hips moving like a pendulum before Ken's eyes. He watched as her tongue slid across her top lip and her hands cupped her breasts for a moment, then squeezed them together. His cock was throbbing with desire and he reached out to touch the beautiful women, but she eluded his hand, dancing away from him with a sexy smile on her lips.

The woman was driving him crazy with lust for her! Ken was getting more excited with every move she made, but still she kept her distance. He didn't know how much more of it he could stand. His cock was throbbing under the sheet and demanded release!

From somewhere, a chair appeared about 8 feet from the bed and now the witch was straddling it, her back to him. Ken watched as she arched her back and rubbed her hot pussy against the back of the chair. Then she lifted one leg almost straight up and over so she was turned around facing him again. He could see the moisture between her legs as she teased him. Her long, black nails standing out against her white skin. She was sitting on the chair now, legs spread open and hands cupping her tits. He could see a sparkle from her half closed eyes as she looked at him.

Finally, the woman stood up and moved to the side of the bed where he lay. She grabbed his head and pushed his face into the y between her thighs, pressing him into her damp snatch. Ken's tongue darted out to lick and suck the lovey pussy offered to him. She tasted like honey and had a musky odor that filled his nose. His hands went to her ass and gripped her cheeks tightly, so she couldn't pull away.

Ken couldn't get enough of the woman, she was grinding her snatch into his face and he was slurping the delicious juices flowing from it. Holding her tightly with one arm, he put two fingers in her wet pussy and slowly finger fucked her, listening to her moans as he did and flicking her clit with his roving tongue. His cock felt almost painful now, he had to fuck her or explode. She was cumming in his mouth and when he felt she was finished, he jerked her onto the bed and started sucking her tits and trying to get his cock positioned to penetrate. She managed to wiggle away for a moment and turned over to crawl on hands and knees, but he was on her too quickly for her to escape. He rammed his cock into her from behind, doggystyle, and felt his balls smack against her as he sunk his meat deep inside of her dripping pussy, never noticing her hand slip under the pillow...to pull something out.

Ken was in heaven as he slammed his cock into the tight wetness of the woman, fucking her velvety cunt in quick, hard strokes. She moaned and struggled to get away for a minute, but Ken held her hips tightly as he jackhammered into her. He felt his balls tighten up and knew he was about to cum. He grunted with each hard thrust and felt himself let go deep inside of the woman. It felt like he was shooting gallons of hot cum into her and when it was done, he fell across her back and both of them fell onto the bed. He lay a moment, trying to catch his breath, then lifted onto one elbow and turned her towards him, intending to kiss her beautiful mouth.

Ken screamed when he saw the horror that was laying next to him! The woman's face looked like it was a hundred and twenty years old now! She was drooling from sunken lips in a face lined with deep wrinkles. Her eyes were sunken back into the face. She cackled when she saw his expression of horror as he jumped up from the bed, and backed away from the nightmare he had just fucked. His cock shrivled up to nothing and goosebumps covered his exposed flesh. His eyes were almost popping out of his head and his mouth was twisted into a grimace of disgust.

The old hag was laughing hard now and Ken watched as she reached up and pulled her face off! It was a fucking mask! "What the fuck?" he stammered, not sure what was going on here. "Happy Halloween from Kim! Consider yourself re-paid for the years of torment you gave her every Halloween!" the woman was said. She was once more the beautiful women he started fucking. Looking at her, he felt his lust stir once again.

While Ken's heart returned to a normal beat, he listened as Shasta, the witch, explained that his sister, Kim, had paid her to play the trick on him. She hadn't paid Shasta to fuck Ken, that had just happened and as it turned out, it was pretty damn enjoyable! For Ken, it was a Halloween he'd never forget...

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