tagGay MaleTrinity: Origins Ch. 04-08

Trinity: Origins Ch. 04-08


"Vanessa Romane." Vanessa quietly replied after a few minutes. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. She mentally scolded herself for having such a reaction to Reyhen's adopted brother. "I'd say it was a pleasure to meet you, but this is kinda embarrassing."

"It's all your brother's fault." Remi grinned and gently lifted Vanessa back up to her feet. "He was the one that pushed me out of the way while we were watching you...uh...clean?"

"Our brother." Vanessa corrected him as she groaned in discomfort. "You saw that?"

Vanessa gave Reyhen a look that clearly said 'I'm going to kill you at the first opportunity that no one will catch me.' Remi was oblivious to the look, his mind was still wrapping around Vanessa's correcting him. He was feeling more at ease, seeing how true RJ's words from earlier were. Remi was still very nervous, but he knew that he immediately liked Vanessa. If he was honest with himself, he knew that he was more concerned about Alec.

RJ had never had a sister before, so Vanessa was a welcome addition. Remi had always been the older brother, and he couldn't stop the slight jealousy he felt towards Alec. He knew that he was being silly, and that RJ wouldn't even cast him aside, but emotions were a difficult thing to stop. Remi could only hope that over time his insecurities would go away.

"I'm going to go get changed." Vanessa shot another evil look at RJ. "Peanut, why don't you show Remi around the downstairs."

"Peanut?" RJ gasped. "You can't call me Peanut."

"Sure I can." Vanessa smiled sweetly at him. "I just did...Peanut."

Remi held back his laughter at the outraged looked on Reyhen's face. He wasn't sure what he enjoyed more, the fact that Vanessa could tease RJ so easily or the way she said his name. It just flowed from her mouth, like she was meant to say it. Remi quickly shook his head, clearing any such thoughts. He had other things to concentrate on, and the reddening face of his younger brother was one of them.

"She...I.... URGH." Reyhen wasn't able to complete a thought as he watched Vanessa laugh and run up the stairs. "She can not call me PEANUT!"

"I don't see how you're gonna stop her." Remi grinned and muttered quietly under his breath. "Peanut."

"TRAITOR!" RJ yelled and lunged at him.

"Who's a traitor?" Alec's voice echoed down to them as he made his way down the stairs. He had changed into a pair of old blue jeans and a plain tight gray T-shirt.

"He is!" Reyhen glared at Remi. "Vanessa called me something, which I totally didn't appreciate, and then he had the nerve to mutter it!"

"Settle down, Peanut." Alec used the nickname since he overheard Vanessa saying it. He reached out a hand to Remi. "You must be Remi. I'm Alec."

"Good to meet you, Alec." Remi gave him a small smile, not wanting to be rude but not wanting to be completely open either.

"Since our dear brother hasn't done it already," Alec ignored RJ's curses and muttering. "Why don't I show you around the house?"

Remi nodded and pulled RJ with him as he followed Alec. He was just as impressed with the inside of the Manor as he was with the outside. Everything was tastefully decorated, but it had a comfortable homey feel to it. Remi couldn't stop himself from relaxing and enjoying Alec's company, not that he really wanted to at that point. He could see that RJ's comparison of the two was fairly accurate.

"Peanut, where are you, Peanut?" Vanessa's voice called from the foyer.

"She is MINE!" RJ snarled and took off, leaving Remi and Alec standing alone in the kitchen.

Alec nervously lit a cigarette as the sounds of scuffling could be heard from the front of the house. The two men glanced at each other from time to time. Neither one of them really knew how to start a conversation. Remi took a deep breath and figured that the truth would be a good way to begin.

"I didn't want to like you." His soft voice could barely be heard over Vanessa and Reyhen's fighting in the foyer.

"That's what I was afraid of." Alec replied just as softly. "I was worried that you would hate us for our sudden appearance and think we were taking RJ away from your family."

"Away from me." Remi looked at the pack of smokes on the table, his silent question obvious on his face. Alec nodded and pushed them towards him. "We're the only ones left of the family."

"I know that feeling." Alec gently tapped his cigarette into an ashtray. "It's that way with us too. It's only me and Vanessa now."

"I'm sorry." Remi's words were heartfelt and sincere. The pain of losing a family was one that he didn't wish on anyone. He looked at Alec curiously. "You're not going to ask how?"

"That's your place, and RJ's, to share when you're ready." Alec smiled softly. "I don't know you well enough to feel comfortable asking that question."

"You're making it really tough to dislike you." Remi laughed as he heard RJ yelling out 'Uncle!'. He smiled at Alec. "Not that I really wanted to."

"Even if you did, I'd understand." Alec laughed along with him. "I can't make you believe this, but, neither of us want to take RJ away from you. We just want to get to know him and you too. You're both welcome here. Please think of it as your home."

"Thanks, I'll try and do that." Remi finally allowed a full smile to grace his lips. Alec was amazed at how open the man's face became as his dimples showed.

"Ride'em cowgirl!" Vanessa whooped as she rode into the kitchen on Reyhen's back. "Whoa, boy!"

Alec clutched his stomach as he laughed at his brother and sister. Vanessa had changed into a pair of soft, faded black jeans and a green tank top. Her hair was pulled back in a simple braid. She was riding on Reyhen's back, her legs wrapped around his waist. RJ looked really pissed off as Vanessa slid off his back and patted his ass.

"Thatta boy." Vanessa grinned. She pinched RJ's cheeks as she kissed his forehead. "You're just so cute! Peanut, my little pony."

"Vanessa..." Alec tried to warn her.

RJ snarled and swung his foot behind Vanessa and gave her a light shove on the shoulders. Vanessa stepped back, her leg knocking against RJ's foot. She tilted backwards for a second time that night. She allowed her legs to bend at the knee, throwing her right hand back to catch herself. After catching her balance she pushed off the ground and back up into a standing position.

"Smooth move there, Sis." Alec laughed.

"Well, I have been dealing with you long enough to pick a few things up." She winked at the guys before turning towards RJ. "You fight the same way Alec does."

"That should make for some interesting sparring then." RJ grinned at Alec.

"We'll see." Alec chuckled and ground the butt of his cigarette out in the ashtray. He noticed that Remi was being quiet and was sneaking covert glances at Vanessa. "So, Remi, did you bring your luggage with you?"

"I, uh, no." Remi glanced up at Alec being caught a little off guard. "I just thought that I would be going back to the hotel tonight."

"No way, mister." Vanessa shook her finger at him. "You'll be staying here. There's another room right next to Reyhen's that you can stay in."

"We can get your clothes tomorrow." Alec smiled. "You look like you're about the same size as me, so my clothes should fit you."

"You have your own room?" Remi raised an eyebrow in question at RJ. "You didn't mention that."

"Correction, you both have your own rooms." Vanessa smiled brightly. "That is, if you'd like one. Our home is your home now." Alec nodded in agreement to his sister's statement.

"Wow. I don't know what to say." Remi stuttered. He had never felt so off balance before.

"You don't have to say anything." Alec grabbed a bottle of champagne out of the fridge. "The room is your is you want it, no pressure at all. How about we have a drink to celebrate?"

Vanessa moved over to a cabinet and was reaching up to grab some glasses. They were just barely out of her reach. Before she could say anything Remi was on his feet and taking the glasses down for her. She smiled gratefully at him before taking the glasses from him and sitting them on the table. Alec and RJ shared an amused look as Alec uncorked the bottle of champagne. Alec filled the glasses and handed one to everyone.

"A toast?" Alec asked as he raised his glass.

"To family, old and new." Reyhen said after a moment.

The rest of the group echoed his words before clinking their glasses together. They stayed up late into the evening talking and getting to know one another. All of them felt at ease and were looking forward to the days to come. If only they knew what strange things were looming on the horizon.

The sound of thunder woke RJ up as it echoed through the sky. He sat up quickly in bed covered in a cold sweat. It had been a long time since he had the nightmares, but for some reason they had returned that night with a vengeance. His body trembled as images and feelings lingered in his still sleepy mind. Reyhen swung his legs out of bed and stood shakily on his feet. He felt a chill in the air and pulled the t-shirt off of the floor he had discarded as he got ready for bed.

He retied the strings at the waist of his pajama pants before stumbling through the darkened bedroom and into the hallway. A flash of lightning illuminated the empty hallway, causing a chill to run down his spine. He moved quickly to the door of Remi's bedroom and quietly moved inside. RJ was barely able to make out where the bed was in the dark room. He quietly sat down on the edge of the bed, shaking the sleeping form that was lying in the center.

"Bro. Wake up." He whispered. "The nightmares are back."

"Nightmares?" A sleepy voice asked from the bed. "Reyhen, is that you?"

"Alec?" RJ wanted to smack himself. "I'm sorry. I thought Remi was in here. I didn't mean to wake you up."

"S'ok." Alec sat up in bed. "What's wrong?"

"It's...I..." RJ's voice trembled.

"Hey, are you okay?" Alec slid closer to the young man. He reached out and gently squeezed the back of RJ's neck.

"I don't know." RJ sighed as a sense of calm rushed through him from Alec's touch. "I used to have nightmares all the time, but they went away. They came back tonight though."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Alec gently asked, not wanting to push the subject.

"I...yeah." RJ nodded. "If you don't mind."

"Course I don't." Alec slid back towards the center of the bed and lifted the covers. "Wanna climb in? It's a bit chilly tonight."

RJ smiled softly and climbed under the covers. He lay down on his back as Alec lay on his side next to him. It was warm under the covers and RJ felt safe for the first time since waking up. He looked over and tried to make out Alec's face in the dark.

"I'm not sure where to start." His voice was quiet.

"Start wherever you feel most comfortable, bro." Alec's voice was soothing.

"Okay." RJ smiled to himself as he heard Alec call him bro. It sounded, and felt, right. "My parents died three years ago."

"I'm sorry." Alec whispered.

"Thanks. They had taken a vacation to Europe, a second honeymoon." RJ closed his eyes as memories rushed through his mind. "They were supposed to be gone for only two weeks, but they were having such a good time they decided to stay for a bit longer."

"What happened?" Alec reached over and grabbed RJ's hand, offering as much comfort as he could.

"It was their last day and they decided to exchange their money back into American dollars." RJ held back the tears that filled his eyes. "There was a holdup at the bank. One of the robbers had a bomb and threatened to blow the place apart if they didn't get all of the money in the safe."

Alec heard the tremble in RJ's voice and he shifted closer to his brother. Alec had a bad feeling where the story was going, but he didn't want to interrupt. He knew that it had to be difficult enough talking about it let alone having someone asking a bunch of questions.

"For whatever reason an argument broke out between the robbers." RJ let out a shaky sigh. "Before the police or anyone could do anything, the bomb somehow had been detonated. It had taken out the entire bank and parts of the building on either side of it. There...there weren't any survivors."

"Oh my God" Alec breathed out quietly.

"It was after we found out what happened that the nightmares started." Tears slid slowly over RJ's cheeks. "They are never the exact same thing, but the overall idea of it always is. Whatever the situation, I'm always alone and no one can hear me or see me. I'm always left alone..."

RJ had begun to quietly sob, and Alec wasn't sure what to do. Hearing RJ crying broke his heart and he finally reached out and pulled his brother to him. He wrapped his arms around the younger man and stroked the back of his head. Reyhen grabbed onto Alec and cried quietly against his chest. After a little while RJ's tears subsided and he became quiet.

"You'll never be alone." Alec's strong voice rumbled in his chest. "You have Remi, and you also have me and Nessa now. We'll make sure you're never alone."

"Thanks." RJ felt himself drifting off to sleep, his body feeling secure next to Alec. "Can I...stay here for the night?"

"Course." Alec simply replied. He pulled the covers tightly around them. Alec had expected RJ to move, but was surprised when the man snuggled closer to him. Alec smiled and kissed the top of his brother's head. "You get some sleep."

"G'night." RJ mumbled. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Alec whispered back as sleep overtook them both.

The next time RJ woke up the sun was streaming in through the windows. He had slept the rest of the night peacefully, none of his nightmares returning. As Reyhen stretched he realized there was a strong arm wrapped around his waist. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Alec's sleeping face. His brother was snoring gently in his sleep.

RJ relaxed for a moment, enjoying the peaceful feeling that filled his body. He had been initially embarrassed the night before when he realized he had stumbled into Alec's room and not Remi's. Before he knew it though, he was spilling some of his darkest problems to Alec without even a second thought. Reyhen thought he would have been more uncomfortable about it, but that wasn't the case at all. He felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and a bright smile appeared on his face.

RJ carefully got out of bed, making sure not to wake Alec up. He padded softly back into his room and went into his private bathroom. After going through his morning routine he could smell the scent of cooking bacon. His stomach rumbled loudly and he chuckled. Reyhen quickly made his way down to kitchen where he found Vanessa standing in her pajamas at the stove.

"Morning." RJ said as he entered the kitchen.

"Hey there!" Vanessa turned and grinned at him. "I knew the smell of food would wake someone up! How'd you sleep last night?"

"Like a baby." RJ responded with a grin.

"Good." Vanessa removed some sizzling hot bacon from the pan, placing it on a plate before adding more to the hot grease. "That was a wicked storm last night."

"Yeah, it was." RJ poured himself a glass of orange juice. He sat down at the kitchen table and watched Vanessa as she cooked.

"You want anything special for breakfast?" She asked.

"Would some pancakes be okay?" RJ's belly rumbled loudly.

"Pancakes sound great!" She laughed as she heard his belly rumble. "Would you mind starting them while I finish frying up this bacon?"

"Don't mind at all." RJ stood and moved towards one of the lower cabinets. He reached inside, barely even looking, and grabbed the pancake mix. Vanessa had turned to tell him where the mix was and shrugged to herself as she saw RJ had already found it.

A few minutes later Remi was standing silently in the doorway. He watched as Vanessa and RJ worked side by side, occasionally teasing or joking with each other. He couldn't stop the smile that appeared on his face as he saw how happy his brother was. Remi had to admit that the Romanes were a very easy family to get along with. He was already feeling very much at home.

"Something smells delicious." Remi announced his presence as he walked into the kitchen.

"Morning Remi." Vanessa and RJ said at the same time before turning to each other and laughing.

"Morning." Remi moved towards them and leaned over to grab a piece of bacon. Vanessa moved faster than he did and lightly smacked the back of his hand with the spatula. "Ow!"

"No eating until everyone is up!" She watched as Remi nursed his hurt hand. "I didn't hit you that hard." She grabbed his hand and gently kissed the spot she had hit, her thumb rubbing gentle circles over it. "There all better."

"I forgot to warn you that she hits hard." RJ chuckled, but went quiet as Vanessa turned to him, spatula in hand. "I was just warning him!"

Remi laughed as he watched the two of them continue their lighthearted bickering. His fingers trailing over the spot Vanessa had kissed absently. Remi shook his head and moved to pour himself some coffee. Vanessa told him where the sugar could be found before he even had a chance to fill his cup.

"Do the two of you need any help?" He asked.

"The bread is on top of the microwave." Vanessa pointed in that direction as she prepared the griddle for the pancakes. "You could start making some toast."

RJ was just finishing up the pancake batter as Vanessa grabbed something out of one of the cabinets. She handed the small bag to RJ, and he looked at her curiously. Vanessa grinned and motioned to the batter. He shrugged and poured the bag of chocolate chips into the thick batter.

"Who says you can't have chocolate with breakfast?" Vanessa laughed as she mixed the chips into the batter before pouring some onto the hot griddle.

"Chocolate chip pancakes?" Alec asked as he strolled into the kitchen. "Yummy! I'm starving!"

"Who are you and what did you do with Alec?" Vanessa glanced over at him.

"What?" Alec asked defensively.

"Don't what me." Vanessa laughed as she flipped the pancakes. "You've NEVER been a morning person. So what's so different about today?"

"I don't know." Alec glanced quickly at RJ and smiled. "I must have had a good night of sleep I guess."

Reyhen was thankful that his brother didn't bring up the previous night's events. He wasn't really sure he had the energy to talk about it again so soon, and he was having a great time so far that morning. He helped Vanessa finish up making the pancakes and started moving them over to the table. The four of them made quiet conversation as they enjoyed their breakfast.

"That was wonderful!" Remi leaned back in his chair when he was done eating. "I'm stuffed."

"I always knew you were full of it." RJ joked. Vanessa laughed heartily along with RJ.

"I'm glad that someone finally thinks your funny, Sport." Remi sighed and rolled his eyes. "Seriously, I'm going to have to add in a few work outs to get rid of all this food."

"You look fine to me." Vanessa smiled as her eyes roamed over what she could see of Remi's body.

"Can someone take me back over to the hotel to get my stuff?" Remi asked, quickly changing the subject.

"I'll take you!" Vanessa said as she started clearing off the table. "I haven't driven Alec's baby in a while."

"You better be careful!" Alec warned his sister.

"Aren't I always dear brother?" Vanessa blew him a kiss.

"That poor old lady's mailbox wouldn't agree with you." Alec snickered.

"As long as she drives better than RJ, I'll be fine." Remi laughed at the glare RJ shot him.

"Did you have a good time driving last night?" Alec asked RJ. "That car practically begs to fly."

"That's what I said!" RJ grinned.

"Okay, I'm going to get dressed." Vanessa grinned. "Alec, RJ, you two can finish cleaning up. Remi, I'll met you outside in ten minutes!"

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