Triple X Factor


This season we are watching a late night program called 3X Factor. It is the same concept as the X Factor contest held in the UK, but with a sexual content. The aim is to find the couple with the best attributes to make a porn movie. The winners receive a 1 million dollar movie contract.

The selection panel is made up of experienced porn actors and movie directors. The head judge is Simon Cockring. He is very explicit in his criticism. Contestants often cry after he gives his opinion. The other experienced director is Louis Balls. He is more moderate in his criticism. Then there are two well-known porn actresses, Dani Minockers with the huge tits, and Cheryl Colitty with the beautiful long legs.

The first round of selections is based on videoclips that couples have to send in before a certain date. The best and most funny clips are shown on TV. The requirement for these movies is simple. It has to be entertaining and it should show the potential of the participants to become professional porn actors. It is amazing to see the crap that people submit. Many clips are discarded because people are just far too unattractive. That does not necessarily mean that they are too fat. Sometimes it is really funny to see these over-weight couples having sex. Let me describe a couple of acts that are shown during the pre-selection.

Tall woman, small guy

The first clip shown tonight is by a middle-age couple where the woman is tall and seriously over-weight. Her partner is skinny and small. The movie is made around a private swimming pool. The act starts where the woman lies on a sunbed and the guy removes her bikini to rub her with sun cream. It is all a bit blobby. But he gives her a good massage and it even looks erotic. An erection becomes visible in the Speedo of the skinny man. He stands above the woman, so she can pull out his cock and suck it. It is tiny and sucking does not make it much bigger. Then the guy turns around and pushes his head between the massive legs of the woman. His head almost disappears but he seems to have found her sensitive parts. She moans when he vigorously moves his head back and forth. "Yes, yes, make me come," she screams.

After a while the woman is satisfied and it is the man's turn. He moves around to give her a tittyfuck. That looks really funny. His tiny cock completely disappears between the woman's jugs when she pushes them together. But he enjoys the ride and rolls his balls against her greasy body. After a while he suddenly stops. A stream of white fluid emerges from the woman's cleavage. The man is cumming, probably a bit too early. The woman grabs his gushing cock and takes it into her mouth. From the expression on the man's face you can see that he enjoys that very much. With passion she sucks out the last drops until the erection goes away. The clip ends with a hug and kiss.

"Absolute rubbish," according to Simon Cockring, "these people look very unattractive. We want athletic young lads with a big cock and girls with firm knockers and long slim legs. Also, the guy must shoot his load with force, not cum like a slowly boiling volcano!"

Louis Balls reacts: "I disagree. Most people will identify themselves with the couple in the movie. Lots of men and women are physically unattractive but can still have a great sex life. I am sure this couple will get many votes from the public."

"Yes, I think Louis is right," says Dani, "not everyone is turned on by watching those macho guys blast their sticky stuff at a girl's face. I like the passion in this clip and the natural way of giving eachother pleasure."

Cheryl has her doubts about the chances of the couple winning the competition. "The clip may appeal to elderly people but young couples want to see more action. Girls like myself get aroused by a good looking lad with a big pole. It is as simple as that. Once he has satisfied me with several orgasms, he can shoot his load wherever he wants, even in my face." With 3 "yes" votes the clip gets selected for the next round.

Older woman and toyboy

The next clip is about a woman in her fifties with a young boy that could be her son. The woman is good looking with a beautiful body. She does no longer have an hour-glass figure but she is still very attractive. Her tits are medium-size and natural. The young lad is tall and dark. He is probably from the Mediterranean. The clip starts in the kitchen where the woman is preparing food. The young man talks about his taste of spicy food and good wine. Meanwhile he cannot keep his hands off the woman. He holds her breasts whilst she is stirring the pans. Slowly he undresses her and kisses her all over her body. Soon the woman forgets the cooking and joins in the act. She unzips the guy's trousers and pulls out his toy. It gets really hard and big when she sucks it for a while.

The woman leans against the kitchen table and helps the young man push his long shaft into her vagina. He kisses her passionately on her lips and pushes his body firmly against her nipples. Slowly he increases the pace of his fucking. He pulls his hard cock as far back as possible and then rams it deep into her body. His balls swing violently back and forth. The woman clearly enjoys the wild action of the potent stallion. She screams and asks him to ride even faster. It is amazing that he can postpone his orgasm so long. Usually these young boys cum far too quickly. Most likely he has already shot his first load before the movie started.

After a while the lad pulls his shaking pole away from the female's body and asks her to give him a blowjob. He puts one leg on a chair. She kneels down in a comfortable position. Gently she moves her lips around the rim of his huge pole. As an experienced lover she fondles his balls and occasionally moves her tongue up and down the shaft. From the expression on his face you can see that he has great difficulty holding back his orgasm. However, the elderly woman knows how to keep him on the edge for a while. She is preparing for a powerful orgasm. By stopping frequently she brings him closer and closer to the point of no return. His moaning and groaning becomes stronger. The woman knows that he is now going to shoot. She opens her mouth and points the gun towards it. His loud scream announces the first shot. This is followed by a number of powerful jets that land deep inside the female's mouth. The muscles in the guy's bottom contract with every spurt. The woman then takes his shaking pole between her lips, gently massaging its tip with her tongue. That brings out the last drops of cum. "Aah, honey, that feels great, suck me dry," whispers the young lad. The experienced woman clearly knows how to satisfy a man. The scene ends by zooming in on his smiling face. Boys grow up fast!

"That is more like it," says Simon Cockring, "this movie will appeal to elderly women. I guess many of them dream of a scene like this. Most men in their fifties and sixties (like you Louis) loose the vigour of the sex act. Some may not even manage an erection, let alone a powerful cumshot. Yes, this couple gets my vote."

Louis responds: "I am not going to share my sex life with you Simon. My wife will tell you that it is still great. You are right that this movie shows the potential of this couple to win the competition. But they need to try something different. A guy shooting his load into a girl's mouth is not enough. Every porn movie has a scene like that."

"I agree with Louis," says Dani, "many woman are put off by a man shooting his cum at their face or into their mouth. I can understand that people (and guys in particular) want to see explicit cumshots. But I have seen more creative ideas, for example shooting at a mirror or spraying jizz on a glass table."

"I have no problem with facials," argues Cheryl, "but it should be part of an erotic scene. I hate guys that suddenly pull their cock from a girl's pussy and quickly move around to blast their load at her face. In particular I find it disgusting if they then start laughing. In this clip it all looks natural. The woman prepares for the cumshot that she is ready to receive. That looks normal." The clip gets 4 votes and makes it to the next round.

After watching the program I suggest to my wife that we can do better than what we have seen. "Why don't we send in a clip and see how far we get?" is my question to her.

She is not to keen on the idea. "What will our relatives and friends have to say?" is her response, "we better keep these things for ourselves. I have no problem making videoclips for ourselves. Then we have something to watch when we are growing old." I think she is right. I would not mind the family seeing us in action if we were to win the one million dollars, but I am not sure we can handle the criticism if we do not make it! So, we go to bed, make love, and look forward to another 3X Factor show next week.

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