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Trish Stratus Is Awesome


Another WWE based story this one based on Trish's return this year at the Elimination Chamber PPV and what if she met current WWE champion The Miz and his ward Alex Riley. This story contains adult themes, unprotected three way sex, dirty talk of a degrading nature and all kinds of hot sex and fucking that people under the age of 18 should not be reading. Also despite it being a three way with two guys there is no male on male action yes even with Miz's and Riley's clear overtones I ignored any guy on guy wrestler action sorry. All feedback nice and nasty can go to my email and please enjoy reading.

Backstage at Elimination Chamber Trish feels like she has never been away. All the superstars and Divas have been ultra nice to her and she got a massive pop from the crowd by helping Kelly Kelly beat down the evil Laycool. Dressed in a black vest top, tight black spandex pants and a pair of very sexy knee high leather boots Trish has a big smile on her face as she feels she is back home. Wandering around the backstage area of the arena Trish has noticed how many new faces seem to be around since she was last here. She had hosted Raw a few times since her retirement but she had only hung around a little and had only really seen half the roster now there where new guys and girls almost everywhere she turned. Trish had just left the Bella's behind in the locker room wondering if anyone could work out which was Brie and which was Nikki when she runs into the back of a light haired man carrying a big silver briefcase.

"Hey watch where you're going," Alex Riley says rubbing flat his Miz T shirt.

"Sorry didn't see you there," Trish says before looking down, "Um why are you wearing your wrestling trunks you have a match tonight or something," Trish asks pointing at Riley's tanned bare legs and his tight blue wrestling trunks.

"As it happens Trish me and my man the Miz were just having an epic work out session where I had the honour of be schooled in wrestling by the greatest wrestler of my generation," Alex says talking down to Trish who raises her eyebrow so high it almost disappears into her long brown hair.

"Man Riley I've met some kiss asses but you college jock head have to be the biggest I've ever seen," Trish mocks folding her arms in front of her chest.

Riley gets steamed turning and towering over Trish, "Oh yeah well little Miss perfect I think you will find if you trained with the Miz you wouldn't be out in the ring botching every single move you see coming."

Trish is stung by that but soon smiles, "I'm sure you think so Riley but I say if we were together in the ring I would take all my botches and beat you over the head with them until you were begging for your mommy."

"Yeah if you weren't all over me," Riley taunts and now Trish is offended, "Yeah I've see girls like you act all tough and hard but are really begging for a piece of A Ry."

"You are a real piece of work you know that Alex," Trish musses, "Kind of like a young Chris Jericho nothing but an assclown."

"Why don't you run along little girl don't you have some bra and panties whore match to try and wrestle in," Riley smirks then Trish leans back and slaps Alex Riley hard in the face.

A-Ry staggers back in shock holding his face in pain looking shocked that Trish would even lay a finger on him much less slap him so hard the taste is nearly gone from his mouth. Trish allows herself a cocky little smile having put the over macho wrestler back in his place much like she did when she first started in wrestling, slapping all the guys who though she was a dumb slut and an easy lay.

"Why you fucking bitch you're gonna pay for that," Riley says raising his arm at Trish.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," A voice says coming round the corner and Trish thinks she is saved as she stops cowering but soon her look turns to disgust as the Miz walks into view.

"Alex, please explain to me what you are doing," Miz says in his new slow calm way.

His young apprentice stutters for a bit before pointing at Trish, "This cocky little slut here hit me Miz; she slapped me so I was going to hit her back."

Miz places his hand over his face shaking his head, "Alex you still have much to learn don't you know who this is?"

"This is Trish Stratus, Diva of the decade, record time woman's champion icon to woman's wrestling though the 00'S, and this Alex is the greatest woman champion of all time."

Miz grins at Trish who is internally shocked to find she is blushing a bit at Miz being so nice to her.

"Yeah but Miz she insulted me, she insulted you and no one man or woman when I'm around gets away with name calling the most awesome WWE champion of all time," Riley says speaking up for himself.

Trish groans rolling her eyes turning to Riley, "Alex you do know your mommy is going to have to give you your testacies back at some point so you can at least act like a real man."

Riley's face darkens as he throws down the sliver briefcase and moves towards Trish grabbing her by her shoulders pushing her against the wall. Trish cowers as he raises a taped fist up at her face and again Miz calls out stopping his young protégée.

"Alex stop don't you dare hit her," Miz warns holding his hand out.

"Riley turns round to look at the WWE champion, "But Miz she's a stone cold prick tease mouthy bitch, no one would mind if I smacked her around once."

"I would now back away Alex, you know Trish Stratus isn't a prick tease," Miz states as Riley lets go of Trish putting his arm down.

Pissed Trish backs away from the wall and moves towards Miz fixing her top, "Thanks Miz find some way to keep your dog on its leash," She taunts.

Riley tries to make a move again but Miz stands in his way, "That bitch," Riley shouts.

"Calm down Riley," Miz says pushing his young rookie back, "Trish isn't a bitch or a prick tease, she's a slut," He says smiling at Trish.

Trish's face drops and Riley's breaks out into a grin, "What did you just call me Miz," Trish says growling with anger.

"Oh come on Trish," Miz says almost laughing with surprise, "Everybody knows your stories of pleasure and slutty acts are a well-known locker room stories."

Trish blushes but Riley just looks confused, "What stories Miz?"

"The stories that Trish Stratus for all her great achievements and accolades is in fact nothing more than a slut who's panties grow wet just at the sight of a hot, young tanned guy."

Trish blushes even more shaking her head but has an odd look in her eyes that Miz sees making him grin.

"Tell Riley all about it Trish talk about all your mass fuck sessions with Rock or with Angle and Cena you can't forget Cena, I bet even Booker got a go."

"Shut up Miz stop it shut up," Trish screams slapping her hands to her ears trying to block out his voice.

"See Alex she never said no, it's all true this woman went all Species style slut on anyone with a fine tanned six pack and carrying gold on their arm," Miz says evil grin plastered over his face as Trish seems to wilt under his words.

"Tell me it's wrong Trish, tell me you didn't bang anything attractive wearing a championship belt in your wrestling days," Miz challenges.

"Ok fine so what if I did," Trish says making Miz smile and dropping Alex Riley's jaw, "Is it a crime now having a fuck session with a tanned, fit wrestler," Trish asks with her hands firmly on her hips.

"Oh Trish darling I'm not here to judge in fact I'm here to ask if you would like to relive the good old days," Miz says.

"Relive the good old days?" Trish ask confused as is Riley stood behind her.

"Yeah with me and my young ward here Riley," Miz says the shit eating grin on his face only getting wider.

The idea dawns on Trish and her eyes widen, face mapped with shock, "No Miz absolutely not that's the past and I'm married now so no more cheap romps with wrestlers for me."

"Oh really the biggest slut in WWE locker room history is turning down the ultra-hot WWE champion and his handsome apprentice?" Miz asks his eyebrows raised taunting Trish.

"Yes I am Miz, I'm no longer that person find one of the current Divas to fill your sick sexual urges," Trish says flicking her long brown hair off her forehead and looks to walk away.

"Riley, take your shirt off," Miz orders and Trish can't resist turning round watching the young rookie peeling his tight top off showing his tanned buff body.

Trish visibly grins as Riley throws his top away and steps a bit closer to the 7 times woman's champion flexing and stretching. Getting hot Trish steps back but the whole of her view is taken up with Riley shirtless and in just a pair of tiny and very tight wrestling trunks.

"Still don't want it Trish?" Miz asks seeing the pained look on Trish's face at Riley's fit young body mere inches away, "Maybe this will help you make a choice."

Miz steps next to Alex in Trish's eye line and quickly grabs his own theme shirt pulling it off showing his own impressive tanned mid-section. Trish gulps and is fully stepping back now as two fit young wrestlers are in the flesh wearing little, inches from her. Her breathing quickens and sweat forms on her forehead as her back hits the wall. Trish has had wild dreams about being trapped in a corridor with two semi naked toned wrestling studs and now she is. She finds herself subconsciously licking her lips at the two hot studs and they can see it written on her face too.

"Please guys don't," Trish begs.

"Don't what Trish we aren't doing anything," Riley says grinning at how easy a sexy woman like Trish had been almost reduced to nothing just by being cornered by them in just their wrestling attire.

"We won't do anything Trish we just what the same championship whore treatment all the other guys got," Miz smiles placing a hand on Trish's arm, "Not only am I hotter than all the others with a tanned body I can see is driving you wild but I have Riley too I bet none of the others had such a hot stud as back up."

Trish shakes her head and Miz presses his advantage, "I have a private locker room you could do us both relive your slutty side for one night I bet you end up loving it."

Trish is fighting hard not to be rushed into the old emotion of lust and soaking wet panties as Miz and Riley are standing close watching Trish's self-resistance crumble on her face.

"Fine," Miz says, "If this new improved Trish doesn't want to play we will find a sexy Diva who will."

Miz steps away pulling Riley away from Trish by his shoulder and both Riley and Trish are confused at Miz's sudden change of attitude.

"Bye Trish hope you enjoy your return to the locker room," Miz waves then still holding Riley's shoulder he walks off.

Trish breathes a sigh of relief at getting out of a fuck session that could be fatal to her marriage. She reminds herself she is not that blonde little wrestler whore but as she looks up her eyes are drawn right to Miz and Riley's asses. Their tight asses jiggle up and down as they walk only helped by the hip hugging tightness of their wrestling trunks. Trish gasps watching those big muscly asses walk away from her and inside her sexy leather pants her black thong is dripping with her own pussy juices. She tries to resist but when Miz carefully picks a small wedgie from his crack and the lower parts of his tanned ass cheeks becomes visible Trish can take no more.

"Wait," she shouts at the two shaking asses carefully running in her slutty boots up to Miz and Riley.

"What's wrong Trish?" Miz asks unable to hide his own grin at his plan working so well.

"I'm in I want to be a part of it," Trish says blushing slightly.

"Yeah all right," Riley whoops jumping up to high five Miz but the Miz remains unmoved.

"What do you want to be a part of Trish," Miz asks slapping Riley on the arm in case his enthusiastic young apprentice answers for Trish.

"I want the old days back, I want to be fucked hard by two young studs," Trish says her head hanging a little but her pussy gets more and more wet as she talks submitting herself.

"Why do you want to fuck us Trish?" Miz taunts knowing the power he has over this sexy woman and how much she loves it.

"Please Mr WWE champion can I go with you big boys and have my sweet little brains fucked out," Trish says in her sexiest voice looking up at Miz and Riley trying very hard not to jump them right there.

Alex and Miz look at each other grinning before both taking Trish by the arm leading her around backstage. Trish is soaking wet and moaning softly trapped between these two hot young wrestlers hoping her husband might forgive her indulging in a small fantasy. They reach Miz's private locker room in no time and as Trish goes in first she spots that already Miz and his protégé have sizeable bulges growing in their tight trunks. The first thing Trish spots as Riley closes and locks the door is Miz's WWE championship hanging from a hook in a locker.

Miz spots Trish looking at his belt and grins, "Nice to see you still have eyes for gold Trish maybe you should show me and Alex here what you have in store for us."

Trish stepping closer to the belt is a little confused, "What do you mean Miz?"

"Give the belt a kiss and maybe a little bit more, I wanna see this world famous mouth in action," Miz orders knowing from locker room talk that Trish loved being ordered around treated like a proper slut.

Trish has a big grin on her face at such a kinky request as she leans forward and kisses the solid gold belt. She plants another kiss right on the WWE logo that used to spin then Stratus starts planting kisses all over the heavy championship belt. Miz laughs and Riley looks on in a state of shock as a Diva he admired and jerked over is now kissing and rubbing her tongue all over the WWE title.

"Oh yeah you have so done that before Trish," Miz laughs as the sultry brunette nods her head and starts sucking a little on the logo in the middle of the belt.

Turning round Miz sees his young rookie touching and rubbing his cock though his pants before turning back to the belt licking Diva, "Hey Trish this might be an extra kink for you Alex here used to watch wrestling and jerk off to you in fact I did too."

Alex swings his head round to stare at Miz while Trish swings her head to look at Riley, "Did you guys really jerk to me?" She asks

Riley nods his head and Trish stands up moving away from the belt making a beeline for Riley, "Wow that's cool Alex what moment of mine gave you the most jerking pleasure," Trish says using her sexy tones again making Alex's bulge twitch.

"Erm well I kinda always loved your ass Trish so any time you flashed it wearing those little thongs made me wank hard," Riley says blushing.

Trish's face lights up, "I love young wrestlers, the older guys used to jerk to my Muscle mag covers but now a whole new era of wrestlers who loved watching me get all hot and sweaty in the ring," Trish says with pride.

Miz sits down in his locker rubbing his salvia covered championship belt and addresses Trish, "Well Trish seeing as he jerked to your ass so much maybe you should let him see it up close."

Trish and Riley's faces both light up at Miz's suggestion and quickly Trish turns round and slowly starts bending over. Riley moans as Trish's tight booty comes into view in front of him and the more the flexible Trish bends over the more Riley's eyes widen. Trish's ass after several years of yoga workouts has lost a lot of the fat that made it such a jerking icon in wrestling but its new toned shape is hardly unappealing. Trish looks between her legs giggling at the clear sign of approval of her tight pants and ass in Riley's wrestling tights. Alex is sweating with Trish Stratus's perfect booty mere feet away from him fully bend over sticking out at him.

Miz watches Alex glaring at Trish booty and once again feels his rookie needs some friendly advice, "Why don't you give it a feel Alex, I'm sure Trish won't mind.

A grinning Trish shakes her head and Riley smiles wiping his sweaty hands on his tanned legs reaching forward and sinking his fingers into Trish's soft globes. Riley and Trish moan at the same time at the first real erotic touch and the more the young man's fingers sink into Trish's ass the experienced Diva has to brace herself as her legs grow weak. Riley starts enjoying himself groping Trish's tight ass, her pants packaging them almost perfectly for his touch. Trish groans as the wrestler's big hands play with her bent over ass cheeks slowly touching every inch of them. There is something about this dominating gentle approach that has Trish almost panting with lust maybe the fear of at any moment these two big guys could turn nasty and start roughly pounding and using her. Riley steps closer and is nearly grinding his crotch into her bent over ass, his hands really working over her ass more roughly squeezing it. This makes Trish moan a little harder and louder at the rough treatment of her booty she is even swaying from side to side letting Alex watch her firm ass jiggle. More moans from Riley now rock hard in his trunks takes a firm grip of the tight material and lowers it down so the top of Trish's black thong comes peeking out of her pants.

"MMMMMM I always loved that part of your matches Trish where your thong crept out above your pants," Alex says in a low voice running his fingers along the inside of her panty waistband.

Trish giggles, "Did my little thong make Alex jerk his big hard cock."

"Oh yeah he wasn't the only one either Trish," Miz speaks up with his own hand on the crotch of his black wrestling tights massaging the bulge though the fabric.

"Oh my, were you both dirty little Trish jerkers?" Trish asks not able to believe how many fantasies this tanned young studs are playing into.

"Yeah we are, you are the fucking hottest babe ever on TV," Riley says rubbing and groping Trish's firm cheeks even more.

"But tonight we want so much more like maybe a Stratus style blowjob for my young friend," Miz says with a cheeky little grin.

Trish stands up, "I think I can do that ohhhhhh," She is suddenly stopped when as she stands up her perfect ass rests back against Riley's sizeable crotch.

The Diva moans as she grinds her ass back feeling Riley's big cock though his tiny trunks. This stripper style ass grind makes Riley moan eyes closed and his face lifted up to the heavens. Trish gives another sexy little ass shake and Riley responses by wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her in tighter. Trish yells and for a second both are lost in lust as they feel each other out his dick pressed against her ass fully clothed but still so raw, naughty and hot.

"Thought you were going to suck Alex's big cock Trish or are you having too much fun," Miz says snapping both Trish and Riley from their last dance style grind to full attention.

Trish pulls her booty away from Alex and quickly turns round and sinks to her knees. Even Alex is shocked at how fast Trish moved as in no time at all she has one hand on Alex's impressive bulge rubbing it.

"Ohhhhhh fuck Trish your hand feels so good," A-Ry moans tilting his hips forward letting Trish take control her hand massaging his cock and balls though his wrestling tights.

Trish giggles at yet another wrestler falling under her spell of enjoying the work her soft hand does. She leans over and with her free hand grabs the waistband to Riley's trunks and pulls them down. Slowly she strips the young NXT rookie lowering his trunks down to his knees letting his 7 inch cock spring out. It pops out right in front of Trish's face and she looks in lust at the big meaty cock hanging in front of her. She ignores Riley's trunks and instead wraps her hand round the base giving his dick one slow long tug. Riley's eyes nearly pop out of his head at the pure feeling and even Miz finds himself touching his cock more as Trish gives his apprentice a hand job. Slow and steady Trish soon has the young man moaning and groaning on cue with her perfect hand jobs. Her hand jobs are really a carefully planned tease to make any guy Trish is rubbing go mad with pleasure almost keeping him constantly on the edge. Her soft hand rarely picks up the pace and soon Riley is swaying from leg to leg, his trunks wrapped around his knee pads and boots.

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