Trish Stratus Is Awesome


"Fuck Trish don't stop babe I'm so fucking close" Riley moans closing his eyes now mere putty in Trish's hands like Trish was minutes earlier when Miz and Riley teased her.

Trish smiles having the hot stud right where she wants him as she opens her mouth and slowly feeds a few inches of Riley's stiff cock inside. Alex's eyes nearly pop out of his head as Trish's warm mouth clamps down on his cock them pulls back giving one hard suck to the first few inches of his cock. His cock drops out of Trish's mouth and Alex has to lean forward resting his hands on the top of Trish's head to stop from falling over. Trish doesn't stop grabbing Alex's sticky cock and jerks it a little harder hearing Riley's groans of joy. Trish keeps the pattern going first stroking Riley then popping him a few inches into her mouth for a hard suck then back to wanking. Miz watches Trish almost play his apprentice like a musical instrument getting Riley near the edge several times before easily dragging him back. She keeps Riley rock hard and soon the former NXT rookie is sweating and panting Trish's name as Trish finally pushes Riley's cock all the way into her mouth. It takes all of Riley's mental strength not to explode right on feeling his cock head press against the back of Trish's throat. He takes two handfuls of hair and holds on as he knows Trish is completely in control of this one. Trish moans as Riley sinks his fingers into her natural brown hair and as reward bobs her head a little letting Riley feel his dick move inside her mouth. Only Miz is getting the full picture of the attractive Trish with Riley's big cock all the way in her mouth as Riley has flung his head back eyes closed soaking in all the pleasure he can from Trish's amazing cock play. Trish licks her tongue right under the bottom of Riley's shaft having to hold back her own groans as the young man's cock twitches inside her mouth. Working her head back and forth Trish starts to get into sucking Riley's massive cock as the tanned stud groans holding her hair tight. Out of the corner of Trish's eyes she can see the Miz sat slouched in a locker rubbing his stiff cock though his shorts. Trish beckons Miz over with her free hand making Miz smile.

"What's that Trish Stratus not satisfied or Stratusfied with just one big thick cock in her mouth that she needs another," Miz asks the rhetorical question but Trish's mouth is too full to answer.

As Miz walks over Trish's hand shoots out and grabs the big bulge in his tights and slowly massages it. Miz groans but his don't nearly sound as desperate or as horny as Alex Riley's. Alex is pumping forward as hard as he dares making Trish's whole head shake as she tries to keep bobbing on his cock. With one hand rubbing the spandex encased cock of Miz, Trish slides her hand between Riley's legs and rubs the young man's balls. This small act of adding hand pressure to Riley's balls is enough to bring him out in another fit of deep groans. Pumping his hips harder Riley drives further and deeper into Trish's tight mouth, his hands gripping harder on Trish's hair.

Miz grins, "Do it Riley lose control cum in Trish's mouth, fill that slut's mouth with your cum you know she will swallow and you have wanted it for so long do it Alex cum!"

Trish hearing Miz's encouragement increases her own efforts sucking harder really sliding her head back and forth across Riley's cock. Riley feels Trish sucking harder, her tongue all over his shaft. She even pulls Riley's cock out her mouth and taps the wet head against her lips groaning hungrily. Riley's dick is already leaking pre cum and some of it wipes out onto Trish's lips as she lightly cock slaps her lips. She pushes Alex's cock back into her mouth and sucks loudly making sure both guys can hear every inch of the cock in her mouth. Trish's lips tighten making sure Riley's cock does nothing but slide in and out of her mouth, the cock head poking the back of her throat every once in a while. Miz grins as Riley is trying to hold on for as long as he can but when Trish picks up the pace of her sucking he finds it near impossible. Moving her head quickly over a small area of Riley's shaft lets Trish really pick up the pace rocking her head so fast Riley could almost be to the one doing the face fucking. Trish isn't finished yet reaching under grabbing Riley's pressure filled balls and gives them a soft squeeze that makes Riley's whole body shake. Moaning loudly Riley pushes forward driving his cock deeper into Trish's mouth holding off cumming for as long as he can. One last stiffer suck from Trish and to Miz's delight Riley loses control.

"OHHHH FUCK TRISH BABY FUCKING TAKE MY CUM," Riley screams thrusting forward shoot his built up load deep into Trish's mouth.

The brunette grunts steading her head Trish keeps her mouth open taking Riley's pumping cock letting his cum shoot down her throat. Miz moans alongside her as he watches his young apprentice shoot load after load of cum right down Trish's sexy throat. To both men's delight Trish is swallowing all of Alex's cum. She gulps keeping his cock in her mouth and drinks up all Riley's load. Riley's cock twitches and drips out the last few dribbles of cum as Trish finishes swallows the last load of cum. Riley pulls his cock out of her mouth then Trish's tongue shoots out and licks the last drips of cum still hanging on his cockhead.

"Holy shit Trish that was fucking awesome, oh my god your mouth is the fucking best," Alex moans out of breath staggering backwards.

As Riley goes to take a seat Trish spins round on her knees and starts to put all her effort into squeezing Miz's hard cock. Putting his hands behind his head Miz groans happily as Trish's skilled hands massage his cock in his trunks. Rubbing his stiff dick Trish grins licking her lips reaching up to grab the waistband of Miz's trunks but Miz stops her.

"No, no, no Trish I wanna see more of you first before you get to see me," Miz says stepping away.

Trish pouts a little looking at the cocky Miz, she would love to tell him to piss off but something about a young wrestler with that kind of dominating tome makes her weak at the knees. She grabs her black vest top and peels it up her body exposing a big black bra. Miz whistles looking at Trish's dark tanned abs which look even stronger than when she was wrestling. Her frame also looks skinnier than when she was in the ring as Trish moves to sit on the floor. She unzips both her big black fetish style boots and pulls them off throwing them away. Trish also removes the little black socks showing off her bare feet as she grins at Miz. Standing up Trish teases a little trying to lower her tight leather pants exposing the waistband of her black thong before yanking them back up again. Miz laughs turning round lowering his own trunks showing off his tanned ass for a brief second before turning round laughing at the dumbstruck look on Trish's face. Alex moves behind Trish and gives her leather clad ass a hard spank making the Diva of the decade jump. She squeaks in shock and pain and looks from side to side to see Miz one side and Riley the other. Feeling blocked in by two strong men makes Trish wet and feel even more horny as she knows there is no way out of this now. Grabbing her pants Trish yanks them down fully exposing her black thong as she finishes off stripping her pants off. Now standing in front of two studs in just her underwear, Trish can feel her pussy juices leaking out onto the front of her thong as Miz steps forward. Grabbing her chin he kisses her hard pushing his tongue into her mouth kissing the brunette hard. Trish moans as the WWE champion pushes his tongue into her mouth snogging her as Riley watches with a big grin on his face. Miz kisses Trish hard pushing her backwards a little pressing the Diva up against a naked Alex Riley. Both Riley and Trish moan at the sudden skin contact as Miz kisses Trish's soft lips and Riley presses his young toned body into her back. Trish is in heaven sandwiched between two hot young studs as Riley runs a hand up her bare thigh as Miz breaks off the kiss and gives a Trish a smaller kiss on the side of her throat. Trish groans with pleasure as Miz lightly kisses her neck making her move her hips from side to side letting her feel Riley's limp cock pressing against her bare butt cheeks. Just a few seconds of ass shaking on Riley's cock has it stiffening and Riley grips her hips keeping his dick pressed against her round ass.

"MMMMMMM I miss those big fucking implants," Miz groans as his hands move across Trish's bra covered breasts squeezing her tits.

"Fuck yeah me too those big tits were the best Trish jerked so fucking much to your cleavage," Riley moans into Trish's ear with a tighter grip on her hips grinding his hard cock into her asscheeks.

"Boys your making me feel old," Trish purrs as Miz cups her big tits, "I shouldn't be thinking of you in high school and collage jerking over my pictures."

"Well tough we did, lots and lots of teenage cum," Miz teases rubbing Trish's smaller but still perfectly round and soft breasts.

"OHHHH fuck yeah," Trish groans as Riley moves his hands from her hips and cups the underside of Trish's breasts pushing them up more into Miz's hands.

Trish shuts her eyes and groans as 4 hands rub and massage her tits inside her sexy bra. Miz and Riley standing so close pinning her in this ultra-sexual situation and all kinds of dominated fantasies are bursting and forming inside Trish's head. She can't help but picture Miz and Riley in school jerking for her slutty blonde body wanting someday to get her. In her new role as a more responsible married woman in her 30's acting like her old 20's slutty self feels somehow dirtier as no one would think an older respectable woman would be massaged and worshipped by two tanned strong wrestlers. Catching her breath Trish groans loudly as Miz presses his palms and traces her fingers across her pushed up and exposed cleavage. She can feel herself getting wet as Miz and Riley both work on her tits slowly squeezing her perky breasts letting Trish cry out with pleasure. Miz rubs Trish's tits and the brunette leans back with pleasure pressing her ass back up against Riley feeling his cock slide in between her cheeks. As she pushes back against Riley's crotch Miz moves a hand away from her tits and slides his hand down in between her legs. Miz's hand presses against Trish's wet pussy and this time Trish cries out in pleasure as she is effectively groped and double teamed by Miz and Alex Riley. Trish pushes herself back and forth making sure both her ass and pussy get attention from Riley and Miz. Riley keeps his hands up now he is rubbing Trish's big tits with Miz just rubbing her pussy while her hand gropes his cock though his trunks. Trish just moans as her body is groped and touched by Miz and Riley as Miz brushes his palm harder against Trish's panties. Moaning loudly Trish's crotch gets wetter and wetter as Miz's hand pleasures her and Alex gropes and massages her breasts.

"Do you like this Trish?" Miz asks a big smile on his face as Trish's eyes close and she lets out another sharp groan of joy.

"OHHHHHHH yeah," Trish moans pushing her body into Miz and Riley's hands letting them pleasure her.

Trish is getting so hot and wet, moaning loudly as she looks down and sees the tip of Miz's cock has popped out the top of his trunks. She can't help herself reaching out and touching it with her left hand making Miz's whole body shake. Her sexy fingers run across the tip of Miz's cock brushing the cock head making it twitch inside Miz's trunks.

"MMMMMM oh yeah Trish touch my cock mmmmm you like my cock, my big hard cock," Miz groans taking his hand off Trish's pussy leaning back letting her hand slide into his pants.

Trish giggles as she gets her first touch of Miz's cock and loves how big it feels and the sexy young man groans as she slowly starts to stroke him. Riley watches Trish give his boss a slow hand job so he starts to push her bra up over her firm boobs. Trish's bra pops up past her tits letting them drop out right into Riley's waiting hands and Trish lets out a real shudder of enjoyment as Alex handles her bare breasts for the first time. Moaning Trish works her hand a little faster around Miz's cock while Riley grinds his cock against her ass and runs his hands across her still sizeable breasts.

"You like this cock Trish? Your little cock teasing head telling you your lusting for my big cock," Miz moans as Trish can only nod back, her eyes shut as she feels the two young men glare and touch her near naked body.

"Well if you lust for it so much clearly you need more of it," Miz says grinning as he steps backwards out of Trish's reach.

Trish moans now in frustration, her hand reaching out clawing at thin air trying to get back around Miz's cock as Miz walks backwards. Miz kicks off his wrestling boots and knee pads taking a seat down on one of the long benches next to the row of lockers. Still grinning at Trish Miz lifts his hips up for a second grabbing his trunks and quickly yanking them down his smooth tanned legs. Trish's mouth drools as Miz peels his trunks off showing off his thick 8 inch cock. She is snapped out of her day dream as Riley pulls on her nipples making her squeak in pain as Miz leans back sitting down legs spread wide exposing his full naked body to Trish Stratus. Riley pushes his hips forward moving Trish from her standing position almost like he is leading her towards Miz. Trish doesn't need persuading any more as she walks forward happily dropping to her knees inches away from Miz's hard cock.

The WWE champion has to laugh at her enthusiasm to drop to her knees so quickly, "Good girl Trish you really want my dick badly don't you?"

"Oh yes Miz," Trish says nodding loving the feeling of being weak and controlled by this god like body, "I want to pleasure your big cock so much.

"You dirty girl," Miz says in a low voice grabbing his cock and lightly slaps it against Trish's face.

Trish blushes bright red as Miz cock slaps her again, her hand moving down to cover her own dripping wet crotch. She keeps looking up into Miz's face as he slaps his dick against her face and Trish feels so horny from this wonderful humiliating act Miz is performing on her. Trish pushes her index finger against her panty covered slit as Riley moves around kneeling behind Trish. His hands quickly wrap around her and grab hold of her naked tits with his bare cock rubbing against the small of her back. Miz's thick cock slaps her pretty face once more as Riley squeezes her bare boobs and the young apprentice leans over kissing Trish's neck before pushing his mouth round to her ear.

"Your nothing but a dirty cock sucking whore aren't you Trish," Riley whispers and Trish nods and when Miz swings his cock again Trish turns and opens her mouth.

Miz moans loudly as Trish takes his swinging cock in her mouth and those soft lips clamp down sucking on his thick shaft. Leaning back a little more Miz pushes his hips forward giving Trish's expert mouth his whole cock to work with. Trish opens her mouth wider as Miz sinks his dick inch after inch into her open mouth feeding the brunette his big cock. Both Trish and Miz are groaning loudly as Miz loves the feel of Trish's mouth round his thick cock while Riley is groping and squeezing her bare tits. Pinching her nipples again Riley pulls one hand back and wraps it around Trish's long brown hair pulling it into a makeshift ponytail. Miz feeds his dick into Trish's open mouth until he is nearly all the way in and he doesn't even need to order Trish to start sucking as the cock hungry slut bobs her head. Moaning Trish grunts as she moves her head sucking Miz's huge cock, her tongue lapping over every inch of his hard shaft as it pushes in and out of her face. Miz is starting to buck his hips wanting to feel more of Trish's mouth and Trish tries moving her neck faster to cope with his thrusts but Riley suddenly tightens his grip on her hair forcing her head still. Trish groans as her head is now held in place in Alex's strong grip as Miz sits forwards and starts fucking her sexy mouth. Trish has a feeling these two have done this before as Riley has a hard grip on her long brown locks as Miz jumps straight into action fucking her sexy face with his big cock. She feels herself getting so wet, the crotch of her thong is soaking wet as she is forcefully held and forced to suck the Miz. Riley is holding her hair like a ponytail lifting her neck back giving Miz total access to her mouth and the young wrestler is taking it, sitting on the edge of the bench ramming his cock inside her. Trish slides her lips feeling Miz's shaft pumping in and she can feel the head of his cock brushing against the back of her throat and it makes her knees wobble. It's been a long time since she deep throated a big thick cock but from the looks of the situation she won't have any choice. She loves having no choice and when Riley uses the grip on her ponytail to push her face forward into Miz's cock Trish is so close to pure delight.

"Take it Trish you suck Miz's big thick cock, worship it, gag on it, choke on it," Riley shouts loudly into Trish's ear controlling her head.

Pulling and pushing Trish's head Alex controls her head movements as Miz pounds his cock deeper inside Trish's mouth. Trish grunts hard as Miz smashes into her mouth going deep almost making the brunette deep throat his hard cock. Miz pushes hard and finally drives his cock all the way down Trish's throat. Gagging and choking Trish opens her mouth a little wider to take Miz's cock as the young WWE champion pounds into her cock against her throat. Riley smiles as Trish chokes, gulping down Miz's thrusting cock letting it slap against the back of her throat. Alex moves Trish's head faster really forcing her to suck Miz hard letting his cock pump in hard. Miz pushes his cock deeper into her mouth as Riley controls Trish's head making her suck faster and harder. The full feeling of being forced to suck and Miz pumping fucking her face is making Trish hornier than she has felt in a long time. Her free hand presses against her wet panties rubbing her pussy hard as Miz fucks her face. Alex Riley kneeling behind her laughing as he grips her hair hard allows Miz to really keep pumping into her wet mouth. Drool dribbles down Trish's chin with her mouth being forced wide open and Miz's hard cock slamming down inside her. Trish keeps sucking, her tongue pressed under Miz's thrusting shaft but Trish keeps her mouth open letting Miz fuck her face. Miz bucks his hips harder really driving his cock into Trish now, his own earthy moans getting louder as he can feel his cock head bang against the back of her throat. Riley grins knowing his mentor is getting that same amazing feeling he got when his cock was inside Trish's warm wet mouth. Trish gulps and gasps breathing almost all though her nose as Miz's thick dick just keeps pounding into her. She can feel her jaw starting to hurt and every so often Riley will push her head back and forth making her bob and suck Miz's thrusting dick. Trish has never enjoyed being forced to suck a cock more she really missed working in wrestling for days like this as Riley's free hand roughly clamps down on her right breast.

"Ohhh fuck Trish, your mouth is so fucking awesome Ohhh," Miz moans working his hips faster making Trish swallow all 8 inches of his dick.

Miz thrusts in a little harder feeling his cock coated in Trish's saliva and seeing the look of pleasure on her sweating face. Trish gulps hard as Riley pushes her head forward a little more nearly impaling Miz's cock against her throat. Both Miz and Trish groan suddenly at the shock and pleasure running though their bodies as Miz's cock is deep down Trish's throat almost blocking her windpipe. Trish leans back and pushes forward again deep throating Miz's cock so hard her own eyes roll back into her head. The sound of Miz's cock thrusting into Trish's wet mouth echoes though the locker room and it's that warm wet sound Trish most missed about cheap locker room sex. Miz lets out a primal yell of passion and feels his balls swell as Trish's amazing sudden deep sucking of his cock against the back of her throat is beyond anything Miz has ever felt before. In a desperate bid to save himself Miz pulls back pulling his cock from Trish's mouth with a large satisfying pop before quickly getting to his feet and moving across to the right out of Trish's range.

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