tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 06

Troll Slave Ch. 06


Prince Luke worked feverishly throughout the night, handing over the promised bribes and hiding away his bags of clothes and supplies. He'd had to pay out a lot more in order to get clothes that would fit Carrie as well... but it would be worth it. Somehow that peasant girl had stolen his heart, and although he'd been unsure of whether or not to return to his kingdom - he'd left after a huge fight with his father about choosing a wife - he knew that he couldn't stay here to watch her be used by someone else. Especially because the more the Troll King favored her, the less chances Luke would have to sneak time with her... and if he was ever caught... well it was better to try and escape.

His father had wanted to him to marry after all, and in their kingdom it wasn't overly important that the girl be noble, as long as she was a virgin. Of course, he hadn't been the one to take Carrie's virginity, but he'd been slipping a drug into her food to keep her from getting pregnant. As soon as they got clear of the troll kingdom he would find a priest to marry them and they'd get her pregnant. No one would gainsay a Prince's word... and he'd had her right after her defloration.

Wincing a little, he regretted that somewhat. She had responded passionately enough at the end, but he knew that the beginning of that rendevous had been closer to rape. Fortunately she hadn't hated him for it, maybe she had even understood the jealousy that had driven him. Watching the Troll King take her had been one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do... and then he'd come at her like a beast himself. Well, he'd make it up to her now, he would.

Looking at the rising sun he realized that their escape would have to wait till the lunch hour... and he knew exactly what the Troll King had planned for his darling Carrie for breakfast. Gritting his teeth, he rushed to get the last of the arrangements in place... she'd spend the morning with the Troll King but by lunch they'd been on their way and then she'd be his for life.


Carrie found a note slipped under her door that morning from Prince Luke.

My Darling, I will not be able to see you until later today... the Troll King will have you for the morning. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I regret taking you the way I did last night, I have no excuse other than my jealousy. Do not keep this note, we would both be in trouble if it were found. I love you. -L

Her heart welled up with joy as she read the note, clutching it to her chest as a tear slipped down her cheek. He loved her. For that she could face anything, anyone; even the time spent in the Troll King's service. Perhaps when the Troll King tired of her, perhaps then Luke would have the opportunity to rescue her, just as Kylia hoped for rescue from her betrothed.

Sadly she had to tear the note up, but she could deal with that because she'd memorized every word. It would have been nice to keep it... but at least she had it in her head. As Kylia, Nadine and Ariel came in to bathe and dress her for the morning she just smiled prettily at them, talking cheerfully. They marveled at her recovery from the tearful, unhappy girl from the night before.


Breakfast that morning was miserable for both Carrie and Luke. He ran around, distracted by the images filling his mind of what was happening to her. Still, he managed to get the bundles of clothing where they needed to be and to give the herbwife the sleeping draught to put into the guard's midday ale. They'd never notice the difference in taste, trolls were rather dense. His biggest worry had been the magician's, but all of them were still asleep and would probably continue to sleep considering the noise that had been coming from their rooms the night before. Procuring another protective amulet from the old crone in the village had been nothing more than a few gold coins and a kiss on the cheek. She always said that he reminded her of her grandson.

Hurrying to the stables he saddled up the two unicorns that were waiting for him there, quickly going through to make sure that all the horses had been unshod. No one would be following them on horseback, which would slow down pursuers significantly; not that even the finest horses would ever be able to catch a unicorn. That had been one way in which Carrie had been helpful to the plan; the unicorns had liked her quite a lot and were not pleased that her virginity had been taken from her so forcefully. They'd caught Prince Luke rushing around the night before and had figured out what he meant to do with that extra pair of woman's clothing and had offered their assistance. Standing in the middle of the stables he realized that there was nothing left to do but sit and wait. A long, practically unbearable wait with nothing to do but think about what he knew Carrie must be going through.

Things started off very ill for Carrie at the beginning of breakfast; the Troll King's idea of feeding her was having her suck him off. His cock was very wide and long and she had trouble fitting very much of it into her mouth, so he had one of his guards spank her tender buttocks until she managed to work three fourths of the length into her mouth. By then her hands and mouth had brought him to the point of no return; although she didn't know whether or not she was thankful as his foul-tasting gunk began to fill her mouth. It overflowed although he ordered her to swallow it. The surrounding crowd laughed as she sputtered, swallowing as much as she could while some of it dripped out of her mouth and onto her chin and breasts.

Since she hadn't swallowed everything like she was supposed to she was denied any food except some bread, which she first had to use to scoop off everything she had missed that was now on her body. The disgusting slimy stuff didn't do much to whet her appetite, and so she only ate a few pieces while the entire company watched her mop up her body.

Breakfast was followed by the Troll King having her sit on his lap so that he could fondle her in front of everyone, allowing some of the more important goblin and imp envoys come forward to take a squeeze and lick at her pussy. Carrie felt completely degraded as the imp slid his long flexible tongue into her ass, wriggling around inside of it. Tears streamed down her face as the Troll King laughed and clapped his hands. At first she thought she was fortunate that he was unable to rise to the occasion for a second violation of her body; instead he became angry at his unresponsiveness and took it out on her, buggering her with the salt-shaker.

Bent over the table with her ass in the air, filled with a glass salt-shaker that moved in and out of her bumhole, she desperately remembered the note from Prince Luke. All she had to do was get through this morning and she'd be able to see him... but despair also filled her heart as she wondered just how many mornings like this she'd have to get through.


When Carrie got back to her rooms she was exhausted, her entire body feeling abused. The troll king had liked having her bottom filled with the salt-shaker so much that he'd decided to put the pepper grinder in her pussy... she was just blessed that he'd kept the openings at her openings so that the salt and pepper fell on the floor and not into her body. Her breasts and ass were bright pink and her nipples were aching they'd been pinched and twisted so much.

Falling onto her bed she curled up around the pillow, hoping that Luke would be satisfied with her mouth; she didn't think she could take pleasuring him anywhere else.

Slowly, waiting for him, she drifted off to sleep.

About an hour later she awoke with a start as a shadow stood over her; opening her eyes she saw Luke and smiled, a beautiful smile.

"Hello beautiful," he leaned down and kissed her, but as she tried to pull him down onto her he resisted, "We have to go."

Suddenly she was completely and fully awake, "Go?"

"We're getting out of here," he grinned at her and she suddenly realized that he was fully clothed, "Everyone's at lunch and there's a path where all the guards will be sleeping, even the magician's are still in their rooms..."

"We're escaping??" her eyes were wide and she was breathless, "But what if we're caught?"

"I don't care," he lifted her up to him, looking deep into her eyes, "I'd rather risk it... I can't stand the thought of staying here. Come away, escape with me and we'll be married and go home to my Kingdom."

"You want to MARRY me?" Carrie gasped, her head reeling... it was just all too much at once.

Kissing her roughly he said, "Will you marry me? If you want to stay you can, I'd just hoped..."

"Of COURSE I'll marry you!" she cried, kissing him passionately. Their lips locked for a few moments as they took joy in each other's company and then he pulled away gasping.

"Come on, we have to hurry..." he grabbed the clothes he'd brought for her. Carrie dressed quickly, and he thought that she looked quite nice with her breasts encased in the top and the skirt flouncing around her ankles. Something about seeing her clothed just made him want to tear the clothes right back off of her... but he knew they didn't have time.

Sneaking down to the stables they were only stopped once along the way... some guard hadn't drunk his lunch ale for some reason and he was still awake. Thinking quickly Prince Luke grabbed one of the torches from the wall; it wouldn't be lit until dark but it was a stout piece of wood.

"I'll just have to go out and fight him," he said, looking rather pale. Of all the times for something to go wrong! If they could just get to the stables they'd be free, but he knew that his chances of fighting an armed troll with a piece of wood weren't very good.

"Wait," Carrie put a small hand on his arm, "I'll go and distract him, then you sneak up behind him and hit him on the head... that way you won't have to fight him and we'll be able to get away easier."

Although Luke didn't like putting her in danger he knew that her suggestion was the better one. After only a moment he nodded; and she kilted up her skirt so that her pale white thighs were showing and then pulled her breasts out of the top of the dress. Rounded and lifted they looked like they were on display and he if it hadn't been for the urgency of the situation he would have thrown her against he wall and fucked her right then. As it was his groin tightened as she put a smile on her face and stepped forward, swaying seductively.

Without all the make-up and jewels the stupid troll didn't recognize her as being the King's newest concubine. Slavering at her displayed assets he grunted, holding out his hand, "Come here honey-face, come help out a poor soldier on a boring watch."

"Why I'd be happy to," she cooed, fluttering her eyes and making her walk bouncy so that her breasts jiggled slightly. Twirling so that the skirt went up above her waist, giving him a show of her firm ass and pink pussy, she stepped to the other side of him... now his back would be to Prince Luke.

Getting on her knees, she winced as he pawed at her tender breasts, squeezing them like ripe fruit; she tugged on his pants, revealing his long thick dick. Still, he wasn't as big as the Troll King and she could see Luke approaching from between his legs. Smiling sweetly she put her lips over the head of his dick, watching his thick lips slobber as he looked down at her, rough hands still tugging her on her breasts.


The troll's eyes rolled up in the back of his head, and he collapsed - nearly on top of her. With a little shriek she pulled away, falling back in order to get clear of his body. Again, Luke regretted that they had to leave... her skirt was up around her waist and her legs slightly spread, cheeks flushed and breasts heaving...

"Are you sure you aren't trying to tempt ME?" he asked her as he helped her to her feet. Blushing she pulled her skirt back down and tucked her breasts back into the dress, he caught her around the waist and hurried them forward.

The rest of the trip to the stable was without incident. Carrie was incredibly glad to see the unicorns and they whickered, inspecting her body with their noses to make sure that she was unharmed. Helping her onto the unicorn, Luke very nobly didn't cop a feel. Very quickly they were on the road, the people in the village turning a blind eye... they passed the gate where the guards were also asleep (thankfully) and then they were out and into the woods.

Carrie wasn't missed at the castle until that evening, and even that was put aside as humans stormed the Troll village and keep. Kylia's betrothed had finally come to rescue her.

It was a point of incredible fortune that the two lovers didn't know about. They made post-haste down the road, the unicorns speeding along to the best of their abilities. One of the advantages to riding a beast that was as smart as a human (smarter actually) was that neither Luke or Carrie had to know where they were going. The unicorns took short cuts through the woods that only they knew.

All of them spent the night in a clearing with a pool, where Carrie and Luke bathed - much to his regret. One of the disadvantages of having unicorns along was that out of respect, he and Carrie would not be able to make love. So they were forced to wait, although his dick got stiff as he slept with her snuggled delightfully in his arms.

At the end of the next day they were well into human territory, and the unicorns left them at the edge of a large village in his Kingdom. That night there was feasting and general merriment after his wedding to Carrie - no wedding sheet was displayed the next day (after all, he'd let it slip to the town's two worst gossips that their consummation had been a wee bit before the actual marriage.). Neither the villagers nor the priest protested this arrangement though; after all the Prince said she was a virgin. No peasant was going to argue with the Prince - not matter how good a mood he was in.

That night they properly made love. Luke caressed her entire body, joyful to really be able to appreciate her. Putting his mouth to her pussy he showed her that it wasn't only women who could please females with their mouths. Clutching at his hair she moaned and gasped, the villagers sitting snickering outside the house, listening to the consummation of the marriage. So they might not get to see a bloody bed sheet, this was just as good.

Moving his mouth away from her pussy Luke traveled up her body, licking and nibbling at her tender nipples. Carrie writhed underneath him, tugging at his hips to get him to enter her... although she craved the remembered feeling of being filled, was even prepared to deal with the pain. To her surprise, as he began to press into her, there was no pain. A steady pressure yes, and it felt strange and maybe a little uncomfortable... but it didn't hurt.

Happily crying out she pushed her hips up, joining their bodies together as they began to move in rhythm, the little bed knocking against the wall. Her cries of pleasure went higher and higher as she was able, for the first time, to truly enjoy making love... she'd thought it had felt good to have him moving inside her bumhole, but this was even better. Everything was slick and good, there was a little spot somewhere inside her pussy that he moved against that made her body jerk every time.

Arching her back she cried out, her nails digging into his shoulders as she screamed her pleasure. The villagers outside whooped and hollered listening to the proof of the virile skill of their Prince. They had much more to holler about later too; Carrie and Luke made love three times that night, but she came five.

The King happily welcomed his son and new daughter-in-law home, holding a large feast. At the feast were Kylia and her betrothed, along with the rescued Ariel and Nadine who were now betrothed to men in Kylia's entourage. The Troll Kingdom had been overtaken, the humans rescued, and the remaining trolls were now signing a treaty with the human kingdoms so that they could remain and even have back most of their land. The trolls themselves had chased their gluttonous and greedy king back across the mountains, angered that his lust for human women and wealth had caused such devastation to them. From that day on, the raids back and forth would cease and the two species would live in harmony.

As for Prince Luke and Princess Carrie, they were relieved when 9 months later they were rocking the cradles of twin girls - fully human and all theirs.

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