tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 05

Troll Slave Ch. 05


The next day Carrie spent the entire day with Prince Luke. Some of it was spent in what he had told her, learning to suck his dick and take it all the way into her mouth, he took her anally twice that day... but some of it was just spent kissing and caressing. She got to explore his body the same way that she had the girls, learning all of the spots that made him tick and finding out new things about the way that men and women are different. Once, she decided to be very brave and licked his anus, his hips jerked and he moaned, letting her know that men liked that sensation very much. They both pleasured each other, the entire day, although sometimes just talking as they caressed.

It turned out he didn't think that he was better than Ariel, Kylia and Nadine, he just thought that they would hate him because of their positions in the Troll court, whereas he was never forced to do any sexual favors for anyone. They also talked about their childhoods; although he didn't seem to like remembering that she was a peasant, she did make him laugh with some funny stories. He was also very amused when she told him about her comparison of his dick to the fearsome weapon of the stallion. Jokingly, he'd said that she should be just as afraid of his... that was the second time during the day that he buggered her; and although it hurt a little because her asshole was slightly swollen from the first, she found that she rather liked that little bit of pain. It made everything seem more real or something.

When she left, they shared that same kind of passionate kiss, twining her arms around his neck she pressed her body against him, loving the way he felt against her. He was all hard and firm and she was all softness and curves... it made her ache a little to let go. Their hands still held as she walked away, all the way to their fingertips before they had to release each other.

That night she slept very little, knowing that the next day would not be a training day. She would not see Luke. Instead, she would be losing her precious maidenhead to a troll. Even if he was the Troll King. Aching inside, she realized that part of the reason she was so upset was because she wished she could give it to Prince Luke...


The morning was spent with the girls; being bathed and oiled and massaged... she had to admit that she did like the pampering. Her body was aching with desire by the time that they started to dress her for her defloration; they'd been teasing her all day as they'd been ordered. She knew that her pussy was especially juicy now, their gentle touches and caresses made her want to beg for release... but they'd told her at the beginning of the day that she couldn't have an orgasm until after her defloration. This was in hopes that the Troll King would be able to make her cum... and the way her pussy was aching right now she was doubtful that it would be that hard, no matter how much the first time hurt.

Carrie moaned as Ariel sucked on her nipples, rolling them between her teeth. Then the little hoops were attached, just as they had been at her presentation; she sucked in her breath as her nipples throbbed on her aching chest. Despite her disgust at the idea of having her virginity taken by a troll - and then having to warm his bed most nights after that - she was eager to have any kind of stimulation that would allow her to orgasm. Her entire body felt like it was on fire with desire - which was probably the point.

Her upper arms were adorned with gold armbands that had scarves trailing behind; gold manacles went on her wrists, chaining them together. The heavy gold collar was adorned with rubies this time, and more rubies glittered in her hair and dripped from her earlobes. Make-up was applied to her face, making her lips a dark ruby red and her eyes lined with black. Looking in the mirror she had to admit that she looked both exotic and beautiful... she just wished that it was for someone else... someone like Prince Luke. The thought of him made her cheeks flush becomingly, and the girls all ooed over her appearance. They were made-up prettily too, telling her that they would probably be parceled out afterwards to some of the nobility for the night. The final touch was bracelets on her ankles, bracelets that would become manacles to chain her legs apart.

With a heavy tread she followed the girl's lighter footsteps to the Great Hall, blinking as blinding light assailed her. There were fireworks and great crystals in the air, sending rainbows shooting across the room; everywhere she looked there was some kind of entertainment going on for the gathered trolls. But no where did she see Prince Luke, or any other male human. Immediately the girls brought her up to two of the troll guards, who leered lustily at her body, and then the girls had to go. They had their own platform to perform on, caressing and licking each other with abandon... Carrie wished that she was their with them, getting licked and rubbed to orgasm.

Instead the guards took her to the center dais where a large frame was set up. Raising her arms above her head they attached the manacles to the frame, and then spread her legs and chained her ankles far apart. Her entire body was on display; breasts thrust out by the position of her arms and her pink wetness spread and pussy clearly visible by the wide-spread of her thighs. A great hush came over the crowd, and she blushed as everyone turned to look at her.

The Troll King walked down the center aisle, his eyes glowing lustily as he looked at her. Completely naked, he was already fisting a dick that was much bigger than Prince Luke's; she felt a thrill of fear go through her, remembering the pain she'd felt when Prince Luke used her bumhole for his pleasure. How could she take a cock even bigger than his? Eyes-wide and knowing that she was completely helpless, she couldn't help but struggle a little anyway.

Reaching her, the Troll King looked her over, grinning with his yellowed teeth. She felt slightly sick looking at his flat features and dull, rough skin; his hands reached out and cupped her breasts, squeezing them hard. With a gasp of pain her back arched, and it looked like she was thrusting her breasts into his hands for more abuse; the throngs of trolls laughed as tears sparked her eyes while the King pulled on the chain connecting the hoops around her nipples. The little hoops tightened and made sharp pains tingle in her aching globes.

Rough hands moved down her slim body, until two fat fingers rubbed along her pussy slit... the gooshed sloppily in her juicy pussy, and she closed her eyes in shame, knowing that she was wet and aroused. Raising his fingers to her lips, the King made her suck on the thick digits, mimicking pleasuring himself in her mouth. Tasting herself on his fingers she just sucked reluctantly, hating the whooping cheers that echoed around the room, hating that this was public.

Walking around behind her, the Troll King put her on display before everyone; they would be able to see exactly what she did and every expression on her face. Bending his knees slightly he placed his wide cock at her pussy hole, she could feel it pressing there, trying to burrow inside her. Reaching around he grabbed a hold of her breasts and began to push upwards. Her mouth dropped open as the pressure on her hole increased, feeling something fat and long pushing up into her body. It hurt, it hurt a lot and she tried to struggle as something inside her began to tear... it wasn't enough that he was stretching her open, making her feel like her body was splitting in half, but now something was actually breaking inside of her. Her maiden-head was taken, and he began to push up into her, sliding into her tight hole.

Gasping, her head hung down as he buried himself in her body; she could feel him, hard and rough against the tender walls of her pussy, stretching her incredibly. She almost expected her stomach to be distended, she felt like he was so fat inside her. The crowd cheered as he withdrew from her body most of the way, making her breath a sigh of relief; they could see the blood streaking his slick cock. With a mighty shove he pushed upwards, making her shriek as the breath was knocked from her body with his brutal thrust. Hard and fast he fucked her, making her sob as her poor pussy was abused badly during the taking of her virginity. Wiggling and struggling, she put on quite a show for his court as her body bounced around on top of him, tears streaming down her face.

She didn't cum. It was starting to hurt less by the time that he came, but the burning desire that had filled her was buried beneath the pain and humiliation. That didn't seem to matter though. With a grunt he buried his dick in her with a splitting thrust, shocking her poor ravaged pussy, and began to cum. More tears trickled down her face as she felt his seed unleashing into her... she knew that she could very well become pregnant from him.

Behind the cheering crowd, in a darkened corner, angry and jealous eyes watched as the beautiful girl slumped and the revolting male troll stepped out from behind her. The Troll King pumped his fists, yelling loudly as his blood-streaked dick softened... the girl just hung there as white cum began slipping down her thighs.


Carrie was taken back to her rooms, completely exhausted from her ordeal; laid onto the bed she just curled up there, hugging her abused body. The troll guards grunted low in their own language before leaving her there, completely alone. It seemed like a long time that she was left alone with her thoughts, feeling completely dirty and her pussy throbbing with pain and long-forgotten arousal. Her thighs were coated with the stickiness of the leaking cum.

The door opened and she turned, clutching the blankets to her when she recognized Prince Luke. Smiling joyfully she jumped up and ran to him, allowing him to envelop her in his arms, hugging her tightly. She almost cried again when he held her tight and she knew that he didn't find her disgusting... no he didn't find her disgusting at all; in fact his dick was starting to press into her hip. Lifting her lips to his he kissed her, roughly and possessively; she thrilled to the passion in his kiss, kissing him back desperately. They stumbled back towards the bed and he fell on top of her, his hands pulling the hoops off of her nipples; her mouth opened in a shriek and then a moan as the hoops tightened around the little buds and then popped off, making them tingle both painfully and pleasurably.

His lips moved over her neck and breasts, sucking on her nipples roughly and his hands kneading her flesh. Frantically she returned his caresses and kisses, needing to feel like she wasn't disgusting, wanting to know that the fact that she'd been raped by a troll didn't change his feelings about her. Then she felt his dick pressing against her sore pussy hole, and as his lips came down on hers again she made a loud noise of protest, muffled by his kiss as his dick began to press into her brutalized pussy. Struggling beneath him did nothing, he was much stronger than she was and she was trapped under his hard body, his hips keeping her thighs spread.

Hands pressed against his chest did nothing, his tongue invaded her mouth as his dick began to invade her pussy; pushing the sticky walls apart. It hurt, perhaps not as much as when the Troll King had pushed into her, but it still hurt; violating her despite the fact that she desired him. This wasn't what she had wanted to do, she would have pleasured him willingly in any other way, but her pussy burned with pain as he fucked her. Sobbing she tried to fight him, pleading with him to take her in her bumhole as his lips finally let hers go.

"No," he said fiercely, his eyes burning with jealousy and anger, "He took you here and so will I..." his brutal thrusts emphasized his words. Taking her wrists in his hands, he pulled her scratching nails away from his shoulder, holding them above her head in a mimicry of her earlier bondage. Carrie cried out as he continued to fuck her, pressing his dick all the way into her pussy and rubbing against her clit... to her shock a wave of pleasure went through her, making her writhe underneath him for a different reason. Her body undulated, pressing her hips against him... slowly the soreness in her pussy dissipated, being forced out inch by inch by the pleasure that was being created in her.

His lips took hers again as his groin rubbed against her pussy, making her clit swell and ache... as she began to move back against him, all the teasing and arousal from the whole day welled up inside her again. With a passionate cry that disengaged their lips, she came, her orgasm taking over her entire body with ecstacy, enhanced by the dick that was inside of her. Feeling her tight pussy clasping him, he thrust hard and held himself inside her, letting her pussy massage his shaft. His dick pulsed, spurting his own load of cum into her, soothing her aching walls from the two brutal fuckings that she'd had in such a short time span.

Gasping, her body slowly relaxed under his, and she turned up her lips for a kiss, his hands still holding hers down above her head. It was a slow kiss, gentle, apologetic on his part. They both stiffened as voices passed the door, a male guest from the party and laughing Nadine's.

"I have to go," he whispered, his dick already soft inside her and beginning to slide from her slippery hole.

"Will you be back?" she asked, clasping him to her body.

"Not tonight," he kissed her fearful face, "But neither will he... sometime tomorrow, I'll see you. I promise."

She nodded, kissing him back as a token of that promise.

Prince Luke left her there, hurrying down the hall... he'd had the plans in place for awhile but they would need some tinkering in order to include a second person. The chance for failure would be much greater... but he had to.

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