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Truck Stop Passion


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It's such a beautiful hot day that we decide it's worth the extra few bucks for the sporty convertible so we can have the top down and enjoy the weather. The rep goes into the office for the paperwork and we sneak in a quick snog. Your body warmed, by the sun, smells and feels as good as bread straight from the oven and I pull you against me and our lips meet.

You feel something nudging you down below and say with mock irritation, "Are you hard again already, after last night and this morning?!"

"Errrr sorry I just can't help it," I smile.

"...Besides," I say looking down at the light, flimsy summer dress you have on.

"When you stand in front on the sun I can see through your dress!" I whisper in your ear and then grin.

You step back a little surprised, not at me but feeling slightly exposed with this news but stop being concerned when you catch me looking at the outline of your shapely legs. Travelling up to your thighs where my eyes linger on the small horizontal bridge your crotch forms between them at the top where I know your sweet pussy is tucked away in a pair of tight white cotton panties that I admired you putting on that morning. My hand starts to subconsciously travel to my pocket but then the rep comes out again and we snap back to reality.

It's a real nightmare to get out of the city and the moment is forgotten as we fight the traffic. We leave the radio off and by the time we're out of the worst of it we've started chatting, watching the scenery and enjoying the weather. After a while we're out on the open road with nothing for miles, the sun beating down and drift off into our own little worlds. I look around at the beautiful scenery passing by, and then across at you and think how good you look. The slipstream making your dress cling to your body in all the right places, your hair blowing about a bit, a glimpse of your twinkling eyes just visible at the side of your shades.

I sigh a little and you look over at me and smile. I smile back.

"Something on your mind?" you ask.

"I was thinking you should take a break... if it's got cruise control why not use it?" I say leaning over and pressing the button.

You're about to make a comment when you feel my hand on your thigh as I lean over and when I lean back my mouth moves to your neck as I softly kiss and nuzzle it, running my other hand up through your hair and smelling it. My kisses become more intense as the smell and feel of you stir my desire and my other hand is now massaging your thigh.

"Mmmmm Rich," you moan. "No fair, I'm driving."

"That's okay," I say.

"It's a long straight road, just point us straight and key one eye it," I whisper sexily in your ear.

I lean back a bit and pull your leg over towards me, grateful it's a column gear stick for that extra bit of access. I place one of my feet in your footwell and drape your leg over my thigh where it wraps itself around mine as if it had a will of it's own. My hand moves back to your trim thigh and massages it through the flimsy dress. My firm hand stroking the length of your inner thigh then down to where my fingers curl behind your knee. I caress, stroke and tease the sensitive spot I know makes you melt and you start to rub your leg against mine as you become more aroused. My hand moves up your leg again, taking your dress with it, as my other hand moves in to fill the vacancy behind your knee, both hands expertly and tenderly fondle and caress your legs as they fall open a little wider.

I look up at you and admirably you're still focused on the road ahead but you look a little flushed, your mouth is slightly parted and I see your tongue running over your lips. My hand slips slower higher and higher, under your dress and onto the smooth warm skin below. Lazily circling higher and higher until the side of it grazes the edge of your panties and a moan escapes your parted lips. You glance down between your legs and then at me as my hand rubs over your panty covered abdomen, stroking back and forth across below your belly button, trailing my fingers over the soft material.

"Oh god Rich you get me so worked up," you pant as inch by inch my hand strokes lower and lower until the movements are almost connecting with the top of your pussy.

"But I do enjoy it so," I smirk sexily and lift your skirt up exposing your legs and white panties.

"Oooooooh fuuuuuck," I murmur as my hand momentarily goes between my own legs and grips my swollen cock as I drink in the sexy sight of your exposed body and underwear. My hand goes back between your legs and cups your mound, our skin is already warm from the sun but it feels so much hotter down there. I spread my fingers out over you, my long middle one sliding easily between your pussy lips down to where it lingers at your entrance, drawing delicious circles around it.

"Ohhhhh fuck yessss," you hiss as you bite your lower lip and the car sways slightly on the road.

"Careful now baby," I coo as I start to slide my finger up and down the length of your aching slit. I feel the heat but pressing the panties into you has now let the wetness through too and I feel it on my fingertips. My finger works up and down you... pausing at the top to linger on your sensitive clit before stroking down gently where I push you panties slightly inside you with my long finger making you moan and throw your head back. My other hand has now moved up your leg and is caressing your inner thigh while my finger is on a mission to get your panties as wet as possible.

It felt hot before the passion and the heat building between us makes it intense to the point where we feel light headed. I can feel my cock straining and pushing against my trousers, wanting you so badly. I move my hips so the head of my cock rubs inside my jeans and let out a moan but my eyes never leave the wonderful spectacle of my hands between your sexy naked legs and all over your damp white panties, which I grab and gently pull up into your pussy. You cry out as the material becomes tighter and tighter over your throbbing clit and the panties crotch shrinks as it gets tighter gradually exposing your wet, pink pussy until your lips appear either side as it slips between them.

"Ohhhh fuck, you fucking bad boy," you swear as the car swerves the most wildly it has so far.

"Mmmmm would you have it any other way?" I tease. I work your panties up into your pussy again. You moan out loud and your legs shot out straight and your knuckles whiten as you grip the wheel and I realise this could get quite risky. My gaze moves to the road, my face close to yours, and as you look at me you see a big smile cross my face and I point at the road ahead.

"Rest stop 1 mile," you say aloud, a smile to match mine appearing on your flushed face. You almost instantly reach down and hit the cruise control off and nearly break my fingers as your leg slams back down on the gas and we quickly gain another 15... 20... 25... 30mph.

"Owwww," I complain holding my fingers.

"You deserved it, teasing me like that when I can't do anything about it and nearly killing us both too!" you say back cheerily, eyes focused never once leaving the road.

"Now you're gonna finish what you started, you got me so fucking hot my pussy feels like it's on fire and I demand satisfaction!"

"Well I do feel a certain level of accountability," I chuckle and massage the bulge in the front of my trousers as I watch you pout.

One very fast mile later we totally luck out, the place is basically a parking lot with no shops and just one truck at the top end with the curtains drawn. You glide into a spot, switch off the ignition and swing to face me in one fluid movement, unbridled lust and need burning in your eyes.

"Now....," you almost growl at me. But before you can finish I've sprang forward and planted my mouth on yours and my tongue darts in and out and wrestles yours into submission stifling the next words as you get lost in the deep passionate kiss. Our hands are wild over each other as the kiss intensifies to where it's almost like we're trying to eat each other. You feel strong hands grab your waist and I move back, sitting down and sliding you down across your seat until you're almost lying down. Your knees fall wide open and your skirt rides up exposing the soaking panties, still imbedded in your pussy. You see a passion to match your own burn in my eyes then I start to lean and slide forward across my seat towards you as you lift your legs over my shoulders and feel my hair brushing up your inner thighs as my mouth moves closer to you.

My hand snakes up and over your thigh, under the edge of your panties and pulls them aside exposing you to me. You feel the warm fresh air on your now naked aroused and most sensitive spot and a shiver of pure pleasure runs through you. You're just getting over the beautiful sensation when another bolt of pleasure shoots through you as my tongue runs firmly along the whole length of your slit. You totally lose it and remember why we're here all at once, reaching down between your legs and grabbing my head, pulling it tighter into your throbbing cunt. Your legs clamp around my back, your back braces against the door as you thrust your hips into my face and I feel like some kind of trap has just sprung on me.... the most awesomely fucking sexy trap I ever heard of and though I was going you eat your sweet pussy for all I was worth anyway your enthusiasm, now also vocal, spurs me to want to get you the hardest fucking cum of your life.

You whole body seems like it's gripped around mine with the sole purpose of locking my mouth onto your pussy, which is incredibly sexy but doesn't allow me much movement. Still my mouth works up and clamps down over your clit, where you lock it firmly in place and I manage to squeeze a hand under you and you gasp as I slide a finger inside your soaking entrance. My tongue isn't idle either and with my mouth pressed tight over your clit it's alternating between drawing circles round and flicking over your swollen clit. My finger starts expertly working your pussy as I look up over your mound to see your lust filled face. You sense me watching and our eyes connect.

"Oh fuck," you moan.

"Your mouth feels so good on my pussy. Lick me baby. Ooooooh," and we lose eye contract as your head moves from side to side but not before you notice I'm also grinding my crotch against the seat.

Your juices are flowing freely without the panties to stop them and you feel the warm wetness trickling slowly down between you ass cheeks and moan ever louder realising how turned on your are. I slide my finger down over the trail and naughtily run it over and around your lubricated asshole making you squirm against the chair.

"I want your cum baby," I say dirtily.

"I wanna taste your fucking hot cum in my mouth, I want to lick it off my fingers," and I slide my finger deep inside you, curling it up and expertly finding your pulsating g spot. You allow my head to move back a bit knowing I don't need to be held there (I never did!) any longer and my tongue moves down to where my finger is licking around it and all over you. You feel a heat spreading rapidly from inside you and feel like you're sinking deep inside yourself, the scene in the car becoming more distant, just as the sensation of my finger deftly working your g spot and the undeniable urge, and recent sight of, my tongue flicking over your clit fill you for an instant and then you're rushing towards the surface, reality returning along with your orgasm.

"Oh Rich, oh Rich, oh fuck nnnnnn cumming cumming baby yeeeeeeessssssssssss," you moan as the rush of your orgasm makes you forget the outside world and a ball of white hot pleasure explodes outwards from your pussy through your whole body as it clenches and unclenches with every wave of pleasure until you have to pull my finger out of you because you think you'll die if you take another second at this intensity. I get the signal and move, gently caressing your stomach and legs as your murmur and bask in relief and pleasure, relishing the warm sun on your half naked body.

You feel a shadow fall over you and look up to see me kneeling on the seat watching you intensely. You notice the movement and see I've pulled my rock hard cock out of my trousers and am rubbing it furiously whilst sucking on the finger that was until recently imbedded deep in your cunt.

"Ohhhh babe, your cum tastes sooo fuckin' good," I say wanking myself off, looking at you lying back with your panties and freshly fingered pussy.

"Mmmmm I saw you fucking the seat earlier you naughty boy," you giggle, still high off your cum. "Now I want to see you cum for me."

You reach down between your legs and stick a finger deep in your pussy, swirling it around, enjoying the sensation before pulling it out and dragging it across my lips. I willingly open my mouth and you teasingly slide it in where I start to suck and tongue it setting you off again.

You reach down with your other hand and spread your pussy lips for me while you finger plays with my tongue, coating it in your delicious cum. It's too much for any mortal man to take and I feel a burst of white light inside my head as my whole body shakes and the first shots of hot spunk land on your stomach. I look down at your pussy still wanking hard and my cock follows my gaze as my next 2 spurts land on your hand, pussy and panties. My hand is a blur on my cock as my orgasm continues to rock me and I moan and swear working my thick shaft so that drop after drop of hot sticky cum falls between your legs where your fingers are already massaging it over your stomach and pussy. Just when I think my orgasm is subsiding you move forward and take the head of my throbbing cock in your mouth, suck on it greedily.

"Ohhhhh my fucking god!" I almost shout as your tongue finds my foreskin and you somehow manage to force a couple more good bursts of cum out of my twitching cock and onto your tongue. I take the immense pleasure as long as I can and then, like you, have to pull away, a decision not helped by the fact you'd reached up and started stroking my balls but I could take no more and collapse against you, eyes closed, kissing you softly...

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