tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTrucker's Surprise

Trucker's Surprise


My radio was on Sirius Gold and I was tapping my hands on the steering wheel of my 18-wheeler, somewhere in Pennsylvania along Route 15 halfway between Harrisburg and Frederick, Md. when I heard the CB crackle.

"Those are some long Virginia legs," said the voice with a deep southern drawl.

"What's that Jim, come back?" growled another.

There was a bit of static before the first voice returned to the airwaves, informing his buddy about a RAV4 with Virginia plates. Apparently the driver was playing with his passenger's bare legs, and it was quite a sight for some good old boys from the South.

"His hand gets any higher and it will be on her snatch," said the driver.

Their exchange got me thinking about some of the voyeuristic treats I'd encountered over the years. Mostly views of pretty young things in convertibles, their skirts slid high in the driver's seat. Every once in a while I caught a little more action, like the women who bare their breasts to truckers. It doesn't happen often, but it is much appreciated.

Once while on a sparsely traveled two-lane highway near Vineland in New Jersey I rounded a turn only to see a car pulled to the side in front of me. I noticed a guy standing next to the passenger side and figured he was answering nature's call. But when I got closer a girl who had obviously been busy between his legs jumped up and covered her face...Busted!

There should have been one of those yellow hazard signs: Blowjob in Progress!

There's something special about sitting high atop the highway and observing all that goes one around you. You have to be observant driving a rig, otherwise you'd be bored to death. Those little pleasures of seeing the long legs of a lady and getting a little wave always brings forth a nice blast of my air horn.

In any event, I was on the end of a three-day trip heading to Maryland and the thought of a cute honey displaying her creamy legs was a maximum turn on.

I snapped out of my trance when I noticed a blue RAV4 approaching in my rearview mirror. Could it be the SUV in question?

Glancing back, I couldn't tell. There was a guy and girl in the front seat, but nothing seemed unusual. As the vehicle approached my cab I glanced down and, sure enough, the guy was playing with the girl. Not on her legs, no, this was extra special.

Side by side I gazed back and forth between the highway and the car next to me. It was as if they wanted me to see her blue jeans down below her knees and the guy's right hand inside the front of her light blue panties.

The twosome seemed oblivious to me for a bit, but then the girl shyly looked toward my truck then up at the cab. There, are eyes met, and she shrugged her shoulders with a sly smile before partially covering her face with her hand. Funny, she didn't make a move to shoo away the guy, or pull up her jeans, or do anything to block the pleasant view.

Her head turned back toward the gently rolling road in front of her, then she laid her head back on the head rest and I surmised she closed her eyes. Hum, a semi-modest exhibitionist?

The driver made no effort to pass, and actually slowed down so I could see him playing with his girl's pussy inside her panties. He had to decelerate because my rig would slow a bit heading up a hill, but for the next mile or so we were basically side by side. Luckily, there was no traffic on our side, and I could watch the road ahead, look behind, and then sneak a peek at the nearby girl.

She appeared to be in her 40s, maybe late 30s, not a beauty but still a good looking woman. The sly, sensuous, sexy and experienced kind of woman you'd look at when at a party and wonder how good she was in the sack. She had reddish brown hair which flowed to the side of her head. Unlike some of the flashing honeys of prior trips, this one had on some type of sweater top. That turned out to be important when a car came flying up behind us and the guy driving the car next to me sped up and pulled in front...allowing the second car to breeze past.

As I watched the road ahead I realized that, unless someone was driving an 18-wheeler or other higher vehicle, none would notice the "handiwork" in the RAV4. The guy was driving with his left hand, the girl was sitting to the side. I watched as several other cars flew past and noticed none had a clue that the girl's honey pot was being fingered inside those cotton panties.

I figured the two would speed off after giving me a quick little show, but I was wrong. I couldn't be sure, but I think they wanted to play a little more. All I could think was how happy I was being on this limited access highway without stop lights on a sparsely traveled day.

Hitting the peak of a hill my rig picked up speed on the downside and I signally my intention of moving to the left lane. Soon I was aside the SUV and looked at the driver. He had a huge smile on his face, and surprised me when he removed his hand from his girl's panties and gave me the thumbs up sign.

So much for him not knowing what was going on. I guess it was their kick, showing a trucker some legs. Who knows? The SUV slowed a bit and I passed, pulling back in front of them, wondering all the while whether I'd get more of a show.

Slowing down, so they could pass if they wanted to, I was disappointed when the vehicle didn't move into the passing lane. It appeared as if my hopes of a repeat flash would be dashed.

I noticed the milepost and surmised we'd been a caravan for about five miles. The car had Pennsylvania plates so they were away from home, probably had visiting friends or at Hershey Park and wanted a little more excitement on the ride home.

Glancing in the rear view I noticed the RAV4 pull into the passing lane, but what surprised me was the girl did not appear to be in sight. As the car pulled closer, the view in my rearview told the tale. The girl was kneeling on the passenger seat, ass high, and he head was in the guy's lap.

What an amazing site. It wasn't really a great view until they pulled along side, and then what a view it was. The girl's panties were down by her knees, and her bare ass was plainly visible, as if she was mooning me. But mooning, as it was, was a second thought as her head was busily bobbing up and down on the driver's manhood. His right hand was draped over the girl's ass, playing with the left check, sort of kneading it right in front of me.

It was a sight to behold. She was blowing the guy, here head moving quite briskly, and he was playing with her ass while thrusting up into her mouth. I've seen lots of porno, but this was so very much better. I noticed a couple cars coming and slowed down to let my newly found exhibitionists pull ahead, and watched as she stayed in the blowing position as the cars went speeding past.

My turn to pass came, as we again had the road to ourselves, and I easily pulled aside and glanced down at the car. Sure enough, the guy was getting blown. He waved up at me, another thumps up, then he gently pulled the girl's head off his cock and said something to her. At first she was shocked, as if she didn't know I had been watching, but then she looked up, smiled, and in a very sensuous way, licked her lips at me before he pushed her head back down.

Noting a couple cars coming I motioned that I was moving ahead and pulling to the inside lane and he nodded. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone else saw what I saw, but if they did there was no acknowledgement.

Glancing back I noticed the girl was continuing her oral assault, and figured it had been a good five minutes of polishing her boyfriend's knob. She must like that cock for sure.

With all the traffic past, I hoped they'd pull aside once more, and my wish was soon granted. They pulled up, ass still in the air, head bobbing, and soon I saw the guy's hand travel past her ass and below, a finger slithering its way into the girl's hungry wet cunt. Hungry, because he ass started moving all over his hand, as if directing his finger into and around her twat.

If I had been horny before, now I was bursting. So much so that in fact I unzipped and unleashed by cock from my pants, slowly stroking to the tempo of the guy's movement in and out of her pussy. It was terribly hard to watch the road and watch the couple, but somehow we both managed to stay in our lanes.

Just when I thought I'd seen everything I watched as he inserted another finger, and then used his two digits to open up the pussy to my view. I nearly shot as I watched the pornographic scene just yards away. I realized at that moment how good it was to be a driver of an 18-wheeler!

Twelve miles had gone by since she first started sucking, and I watched as her pace first flowed, then quickened, and noticed the guy's hand leave her pussy. He placed his hand on her head and guided it up and down his cock, and soon I saw his head rear back and body, well, cringe.

The girl's head stopped bobbing as the man was shooing his load into her willing mouth. It was so erotic, so hot.

The car slowed a bit as I surmised the guy struggled to enjoy the blow job while still staying on the road. He deserved a medal, because he drove like a pro!

Looking ahead, I noticed my off ramp was only a mile away and I thought how perfect their show timing was. I waved over at the guy and gestured I'd be soon turning. Again, he gave the thumbs up and smiled.

Pulling into the off ramp I gave one last look. The girl was now back in her seat, looking right at me. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and winked.

I swear she had a load full of cum on those pretty lips.

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