tagNovels and NovellasTumbling off the Cliff Ch. 03

Tumbling off the Cliff Ch. 03


Some people are walking disaster areas, so what would happen if a very together and successful man falls for a ditzy but sexy woman?

Sparks fly between Mitch and Lisa in this romantic story.

It is a slow build to hot sex in later chapters, with lots of clashes of personality and misunderstanding in-between.


The hair stylist was fussing with his hair as the photographer checked out the lighting on some sort of instrument. Lisa watched as Mitch calmly sat in the pile of hay, the evening suit he was modelling for the fashion shot hanging open, along with his shirt and the bow tie hanging undone, his sexy chest peeking through. The female model draped over his shoulder, her breasts hardly covered by the slinky evening dress, her face close to his, her long black hair looking like she had been rolling around with Mitch in the hay.

The photography studio was hot and humid, and she had watched as he had disappeared into the changing room along with the female dresser from the magazine four times, never once hearing him complain as people fussed around him, making sure his hair was just so, the make up and lighting right.

Moving his body as he was directed by the photographer he smiled, or pulled a sexy or moody face whenever he was told, the click of the camera capturing shots that would be used in next months best selling fashion magazine for men. Lisa's job was to make sure he had lots of liquid to drink, and to watch the time as he was due to meet up with some Director for drinks at The Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane, and time was marching on. Ellie had told her to make sure he was there on time as this was an important meeting.

Feeling her temper rise as she watched the model move in closer to him, her mouth pouting as she posed looking like she was blowing in his ear, she asked in a loud voice, "Excuse me, but how much longer?"

"Who are you? Don't interrupt, I'm working." The photographer snarled as he started clicking away, "Move your left leg out more, that's it, head down, eyes looking up, a little more sex please in the eyes."

Interrupting she asked again, "I said how much longer, Mitch needs to be across town for a meeting in an hour."

"Who let this woman in, get her out."

"I'm not going anywhere!"

"Oh yes you are. Someone remove her." Turning to face Mitch and the model the photographer kept on shooting.

Watching with interest Mitch saw two of the photographers assistants go to take hold of Lisa's arms and show her out. Big mistake he thought as he watched her take a swing at one of them, hitting him in the stomach, the woman was a walking mine field, but he loved that she was so spirited. Grimacing he started to get up before she did much damage, only to be told by the photographer to stay where he was. Feeling his own anger rise at being spoken to like that and seeing Lisa being manhandled he stood up and walked over pulling her from the assistants' hands.

"She's with me, leave her alone." Pointing over to the corner of the studio he told her, "Go over there and behave."

"You need to be at The Dorchester in less than an hour."

"Do as you're told, go over there and behave. We'll finish up in about twenty minutes and you can phone and explain to Stuart that we're going to be late."

"Bloody megalomaniac!"

Swatting her bottom as she walked away he told her, "Bloody brat."

Watching the scene as it played out in front of them one gay assistant told the other, "Obviously they haven't screwed each other yet, just a matter of time!"

The other nodded, "Well if she doesn't want him, I'll take him on."


Mitch sat listening to Stuart explain that the production was on hold due to the second lead breaking his leg last week skiing, and that the part was now open and being offered to him.

Sitting back Mitch narrowed his eyes, "I take it I'm not the first replacement you've offered this to?"

"Not exactly."

"Who's turned it down?"

"Look Mitch it's a great part. Not starring part, but an important part. Pivotal to the plot. Its five weeks filming in Vancouver, starting week after tomorrow. I can offer you a straight six million. Not your usual price I know, but it's a role that will showcase your serious side and I've heard on the grapevine you're looking for this type of meaty part."

"Who's turned it down?"

"It's not a case of turning it down, more of not being free to accept."


"Butler and Farrell."

"Who else?"

Leaning forward Stuart told him, "Eric Bana, but I promise you were always a real choice. The studio just thought that your last movies being such light comedies would deflect away from the depth of the part, but I always felt that you could bring real feeling to the character and his suffering. I loved you in 'Race against Time' and saw you on stage a few years ago in 'Indigo Nights' thought you gave a very contained and electric performance."

Mitch sat back, aware he was in the driving seat. They needed him, and he had heard of the part a couple of years ago and would have liked to have been offered it then, but it had gone to someone else. But now they needed him as time was running out. He had a clear six weeks ahead, with only promotional work booked. He could easily fit it in.

"Make it ten plus half point percentage and I'll do it."

"Eight plus a quarter."

"Eight plus a half."


Shaking hands Mitch told him, "Speak to George Hardy my agent and get the contract and script over to me. When do you need me in Vancouver?"

"Next Sunday. First scene is scheduled for you on the Monday morning. I'll have wardrobe get your sizes, should be ok you're about the same size as Reynolds."

"Sorry to hear he broke his leg."

"Yeah but his loss is your gain."

Smiling Mitch thought, 'Yeah, lucky break for me.'


Lisa sat at the desk listening to Ellie making the arrangements for Mitch to go out to Canada, sorting out somewhere for him to stay during the filming and liaising with the films production team and his agent. The morning had been a complete rush, sorting out, cancelling and re-arranging his schedule. Ellie left dealing with the cancellations and difficult people to Lisa, her natural feisty nature easily taking on those who tried to argue with her on the change of plans, and the offering of alternative dates later in his calendar.

Mitch sat, the script that had been sent over on his lap, the glass of mineral water in his hand, learning his lines. The wind rustled his hair as he sat out on his balcony, concentrating on the words in front of him, running them through his mind, picturing his character and the unwritten background to the life that would underpin how he felt he could play him. Inside the apartment the cleaners were doing their stuff, and the phone was ringing as newspapers were phoning up to get a quote after it being announced he was taking over the part. Ellie deflected the calls, giving official press quotes between making arrangements, and Lisa marvelled at the efficiency and speed that everything was happening.

"Is it always like this?" she asked.

"Pretty much. Pop out and check on Mitch and see if he needs anything."

Walking out to the balcony she looked down at him, sitting in jeans and a tee shirt, glasses perched on his nose, his hair a tousled mess, and her heart did a flip flop. "Ellie sent me out to see if you need anything."

Putting down the script he smiled, "Just a little company for five minutes to clear my head. Sit down."

Lisa sat down, propping her face on her fist, "I didn't know you wore glasses."

"Only to read. How are you finding working for me? Any problems?"

"Just you."

Laughing he sat back, "You realise we've got just one week to get it together before I leave for Canada?"

"I told you, in your dreams."

Taking off his glasses and leaning forward, his face inches from hers, he looked deep into her eyes and he told her, his voice deep and quiet, "I did...last night!...and it was perfect...you were perfect."

Lisa felt herself flush, the butterflies in her stomach starting, warm and familiar as she listened as he carried on, "I kissed every inch of your body in my dream, biting that tantalising tattoo at the base of your spine, nibbling the back of your thighs, kissing the back of your knees, sucking your breasts, feeling you under my mouth, under my hands."

As he stopped talking and just looked into her eyes she heard herself say, "What happened next?"

Sitting back he laughed, "Next you threw a glass of water in my face and I woke up."

"I didn't."

"Yes you did. Somehow in my dream you were true to form. When it really happens I'm going to make sure there isn't a drop of liquid within five hundred feet of us."

Standing up she told him, "It's never going to happen."

"Oh yes it is my love. Oliver or no Oliver..... Who ever he is!"

"Just remember there is such a thing as sexual harassment, and how did you know about my tattoo?"

"Just you remember there is such a thing as sexual attraction, and you know we've got it, you and I in spades, and I saw your tattoo up close and personal when I took off your clothes the other night and put you to bed."

Walking out, her back to him as usual, she told him, "Speak for yourself Mr movie star Lawson. I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole, and if you try anything fresh I'll hit you with more than my foot in your balls next time."

Picking up the script he shook his head, aware that his obsession with her was growing more and more, day by day.


Lisa sat in her favourite chair, re-telling the afternoon scene to Shivvy, her feet tucked under her. "....and then he had the gall to tell me as I was leaving today that he wanted me to accompany him to Ireland on Tuesday."

"So are you going?"

"Of course I am. I just love teasing him. He's just so much fun to argue with. He needs me to make sure his head doesn't get too wide, and his ego too big."

"Lisa, you're playing with fire. He's so out of your league."

"No he isn't, not if you met him, He's really quite nice and down to earth. Over the last week I've watched him, and he really works hard. Harder than I could have imagined, and he's so polite to everyone. He's ever so normal really, and so cute in his glasses."

"Oh Lisa your falling for him aren't you."

"I am not. I just like him, and teasing him."

"It's more than that. I can see when you talk about him your face gets that look you had with Oliver."

"No it doesn't. Besides it's just flirting. Nothing is going to come of it."

But Shivvy could see her friend was falling again for an unsuitable man, one that was going to break her heart eventually.


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