Turkey Noodle


This, I could tell, was going to be a record-breaker! After some 25 seconds, my shaft showed absolutely no signs of letting up, and, the more that shot into her, the crazier with lust she got!!!

It took some 44 seconds for me to completely empty out, and, when it was over, my cock was half-hard and wouldn't need much encouragement to get totally hard!!!

We laid on the blanket for a while in each other's arms. After a bit, I could feel Lisa rubbing my cock!

We kissed, softly... then, with more urging!

"Know what, Hoot? I think you're ready to pump more of that delicious cum into my belly!!!"

And, with that, we did it 3 more times! I knew her and I would be up at that Dam again soon!


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