tagSci-Fi & FantasyTurkin Ch. 01

Turkin Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Serpent's Fang

Turkin took off his shirt and laid it neatly next to his bow. He secured the small knife to his hip and peered over the shallow cliff. The water below looked cool and refreshing, and even though he was just planning on a relaxing swim a good hunter is never without a weapon. Turkin dove off the rocky cliff and splashed into the water below. He swam around a bit then lounged beneath the water fall, letting the falling water soothe his tense muscles after a long day of hunting deer and yielding no results. He had held one of the creatures directly in his sights, arrow drawn and bow taught, but it was with its faun and he couldn't just leave the little guy orphaned. Better he just go hungry tonight.

Turkin washed some water through his short brown hair and over his muscular chest when he heard a noise just at the edge of the pool. It started as a rustling, then the sound of footsteps running, then a scream as a short woman with long gold and black hair wearing tight, brown, buck skin trousers and a green tunic stretched across her breasts, burst through the trees and landed face first in the mud at the banks of the pool. She didn't even notice Turkin as she scrambled to get into the water.

That was when he saw what was chasing her, a three foot long snake as thick as his arm slithered up to the shore. It was yellow in color with a strange pattern repeated on its back, two red circles with a line coming from between them. The head fanned out like a cobra and two large fangs whipped out of its mouth as it hissed at the girl.

Turkin waded up to the girl and tossed her deeper into the pool away from the snake. He drew his knife from his side and carefully approached the shore.

"Get back, it's not safe!" screamed the girl. "You don't know what you're doing!"

Turkin ignored her. He had handled bigger snakes before and this one shouldn't be any different. Just get to the side of it and grab it by the neck, then plunge the knife into its head. The snake was impossibly it struck out and landed its fangs directly into Turin's thigh. Without a second thought Turkin ripped the snake from his leg and thrust his knife into the beasts head, killing it before it had a second chance to twitch.

"You stupid idiot!" the girl screamed splashing her way up to Turkin. "I told you it was dangerous!"

"Don't worry," Turkin said, "I killed it."

"Yeah but it bit you. Quickly, I have to suck out the poison." She reached for his pants and pulled them down. Turin's soft dick bobbed free and his thigh was already beginning to swell, the snakes fangs hanging out of the wounds like needles.

She carefully removed the fang and placed them in a small pouch that she was carrying. She placed her soft red lips against his wound and sucked; her firm round breasts squeezed against his thigh as she held tightly to leg to keep it from moving. Turkin let out a low moan and ran his fingers through the girl's hair. He felt her long pointed ears and pulled his hand back in shock.

"You're an elf!" Turkin exclaimed putting his fingers back in her hair and gently caressing her ears once more.

"Yes, my name is Narian. Now please keep still and stop touching me like that lest you want the poison to spread. It is very ... distracting to an elf when you touch her ears in that manner."

Turin's cock began to rise as he stared into the deep purple eyes of the pretty elf girl kneeling in front of him.

"Dear gods it looks like I'm too late." Narian whispered.

"What's wrong?" Turkin asked.

"The serpent that bit you is called a golden sinep." Narian explained. I was out hunting them for my people. We use its venom in a potion for one of our rituals. It is a very potent aphrodisiac, but in its purest form it could be deadly."

"This is going to kill me?"

"My people have an antivenom, but the toxin only affects a certain hormone carried by men so I did not think to bring it since as a woman it does not affect me. Now please forgive me for what I am about to do but it is the only way to delay the poison long enough to get you to my village."

Narian reached out her small hands and wrapped her delicate fingers around Turin's cock. She began stroking up and down his hard, throbbing shaft and used her other hand to massage his balls. Turkin moaned with pleasure as she worked her hand up and down his rock hard cock.

"I apologize but I must make you cum as soon as possible. Your life depends on it." She gripped his shaft tighter and began pumping his cock faster. Narian leaned forward and stuck out her tongue lapping up the sticky pre cum that began oozing from the tip. Turkin couldn't take anymore and grunted, blasting Narian in the face with his hot gooey sperm. Over and over again his cock erupted, spraying cum everywhere, coating Narian in his warm man seed.

Narian licked her lips and fingers savoring Turin's seed on her tongue. "That should give us some time but we must hurry to my village for the antivenom. But first I must clean up."

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