I awaken my master in the usual way, with my skillful lips wrapped around his hard cock. His mind may take awhile to come awake but his body sure doesn't. He starts to lazily pump his hips up and down, filling my mouth more deeply, almost ready to sill his first morning seed down my throat when he notices something strange. His hands are cuffed to the headboard of our bed. He's even more surprised to find his ankles spread wide and cuffed to the bottom corners.

Boy, that sure wakes him up.

"SLUT, What is the meaning of this??" he shouts, "untie me NOW or you will be very sorry!"

"I'm sorry Master," I apologize as I continue to nibble at his cock, "but sometimes a girl just has to take her own fun. I know you will punish me severely when this is all over, and believe me, my little cunt is already wet just thinking of all the nasty things you can and will do to it, but today, it's MY turn"

I smoothly wrap a leather cock ring around the base of his hard dick. It seems no matter how much he yells, he sure seem to like what I'm doing. So far....

I decide to give him a little show to make him happy. I straddle his head and spread my legs wide. my pussy lips are so soft and wet to my fingers as I stroke them, I dip one finger inside and swirl the wetness around, painting my clit with my juices before going back inside for more honey....I grab one of our larger ball gags from the headboard, it's a very nice red rubber ball with leather straps on it. Master watches as I push it into my tight little hole then slowly pull it out by the straps...it feels so good, I do it again and again till it is covered with my cunt juice. I hold it inside as I pinch and rub my clit until I'm almost ready to cum...I press my neither lips to my Master's mouth and urge him to lick...at first he keeps his mouth closed but as I rub myself all over his face he finally opens for me. As I cover his mouth with the ball, I give an internal push so the ball pops right out and into his mouth. I reach down and buckle the straps behind his head before he even realizes what happened.

Master has such lovely nipples for a man. They protrude out just a little and form nice tight buds just right for slipping on a pair of chrome nipple clamps. I tighten them as he moans behind the gag. Master had this pair made specially for me, there are rings at the ends that can be attached to strings or weights and this feature comes in handy as I take a long piece of twine and loop it between them. I take the end of the string and pull it down to tie it around the head of his long hard cock then I give a good yank upwards....There, now it's out of the way so I can play with his balls...

Master has the nicest balls, large smooth sacks with his nuts solid lumps inside. I could (and have) spent days just licking and sucking them. Today tho, I want to tie them up, just like Master often ties up my tits. I start by taking some blue yarn and making a center loop, which I wrap around the bottom of his balls, then I separate the ends and wind one of them around each lovely sack, after a few tight turns, they are sticking out to each side. I continue to wrap yarn around and around until all that each of them are so hard and tight you could use them as tiny little dildos..

That looks so nice, ...I doubt Master will ever complain about "Blue Balls" again.

Now that his balls are taken care of, I want to play some more. The sharp little wheel we have will work just fine...I warn Master not to move as I run the points up and down the his cock and over his nuts....Master is making a lot of noise behind the gag that I'm choosing to interpret as "Keep Going...I LIKE IT"

Yeah, right...

His Cock is standing up so hard and high, I can't help but wrap my hand around and squeeze...then just stroke up and down....Master closes his eyes and groans as I lick the little pearl of cum from the tip. Then...as long as he's not expecting it....I flick the shaft with the very tip of a thin supple riding crop.

Master jerked and let out a bellow from behind the gag....

"I'm sorry Master....I'm sure that hurt so much...."*flick* "I will stop if you want me to. *flick* Just tell me...."*flick* "No, I'm afraid Moans don't count." *flick flick flick*

"how about if I hit your nipples instead...."*flick flick*

What, you don't like that....Alright, I'll stop.

I tie the cuffs on Master's ankles to the ropes hanging from the handy dandy pulleys up in the ceiling...(so nice of you Master to have put them there) then I unhook Master's them from the bed frame and pull His legs into the air until his beautiful ass is lifted above the bed. Now I can lick and kiss his tight round buns. His cock is now dangling free and I can go from one side to the other with the riding crop. My strokes are harder against his ass, leaving nice red stripes criss-crossing his backside.

I decide to take the gag out now, I'd love hear you Master as I proceed with the rest of my plan.

"SLUT, you better untie me NOW...."

"I'm so sorry Master, I just can't do that. You see...I need to Fuck you....Fuck you hard and deep..."

"listen Slut, you know I errr...I don't do that....Tell you what, I'll forget everything that's happened so far if you just take me down now."

"I'm sorry Master, I know I've been a bad girl and need to feel your discipline for this naughty, naughty misbehavior....so you can understand that I just can't stop now."

I slipped one finger into my dripping pussy, then slowly slide it into his asshole. It was so tight and that I was only able to get the first joint in...I leaned over and sucked his cock into my mouth and he relaxed until I was able to slide all the way in....

Out and in...out and in....faster and deeper....then a second finger...Master's Cock gets even harder....I reached over and pulled off the nipple clamps and he screamed out my name... He was so close to coming I could feel the heat building up in his shaft.

I pulled the released his legs and pulled the yarn off his ball, then leaned over and unclipped his wrists.

Master yanked the yarn off his balls and throws me onto my back, He throws my legs over his shoulders and drives his cock so deep into me that I think it's going to come out the other side. He pumps once, twice, and a third time before he pulls out and shoots the biggest load I have ever seen all over my face, tits, pussy....every time I think he can't have another squirt in he, he groans and hits me with more....

Finally, he collapse on top of me. "Slut, tomorrow you will be punished beyond your wildest dreams, but for tonight, I just want to say thank you...."

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