Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03


"Oh, you like that, don't you tutor girl? The thought of your husband seeing you like this? Him seeing your face in between my legs. Licking my pussy. Fucking it with your tongue. I wonder what he'd think?" Brooke questioned thoughtfully, pausing for a few moments to let Haley's thoughts run wild before adding, "I bet he'd love it. Mmmmmmm, I bet he'd just love to watch his innocent little wife tongue fuck another girl. What guy wouldn't? Ha, mmmmmmmm, bet he'd even, oh, ask to join us. But we won't let him. Ohhhhh, no, just you Hales. He can watch us fuck if he asks real nicely, ooooooohhhhhhhh and I bet you'd love that wouldn't you? Mmmmmmmm, that way you wouldn't have to feel so bad about loving my pussy so much. But you shouldn't feel bad Hales, mmmmmmm, it's not your fault you're a cunt craving whore who can't keep her mouth and tongue to herself. No, you clearly need to eat pussy. Mmmmmmm, yeeeeesssss, well go ahead, eat my pussy you fucking dyke! Oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss! Oh fuck! FUCK! EAT ME YOU FUCKING LESBIAN WHORE! FUCKING EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY! FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!"

At this point Haley had realised the only way she was going to get Brooke to shut up was to fuck her to a screaming orgasm. Or at least that was the only thing Haley could think of in that moment, and maybe if she was lucky she could fuck Brooke so hard she'd be too overwhelmed by pleasure to be able to keep talking about Nathan, or at least not coherently.

It took a while and a lot of effort on Haley's part but when she began curling her tongue to attack the other girl's G-spot Haley finally achieved her goal of turning Brooke Davis into an incoherent babbling mess.

Unfortunately Haley couldn't quite shake Brooke's words and now she had this picture of her husband cheering her on as she tongue fucked another girl to orgasm. Nathan was far too straitlaced for anything like that, but having a fantasy version of him happily encouraging her to eat pussy was oddly comforting. It helped that fantasy version and had a raging hard on that promised Haley a nice hard fucking, and thanks to Brooke's sensual moans, the words of the other brunette, and most of all the sheer thrill of eating pussy had Haley feeling like she could cum just from going down on Brooke Davis.

While Haley didn't cum even when she started humping the floor like a bitch in heat Brooke came almost violently, her screams almost deafening the other two girls as she thrashed around in her seat. As a result it was difficult for Haley to remain in place but somehow she did, and she even managed to make Brooke cum a few more times, twice with two of her fingers pumping in and out of the other brunette as she sucked on her clit, and one more time after that as she was greedily sucking the girl cum out of her cunt.

Just when Haley was done swallowing down the latest batch of girl cum Brooke reached down with both hands, grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her back roughly. Haley cried out in protest, partly because of the pain of having her hair pulled, but mostly because she was being denied Brooke's sweet pussy. The kiss Brooke gave her somewhat made up for it, but Haley still wished she was back in between Brooke's thighs, at least until she heard what the other brunette had to say next.

"Wow tutor girl, that was amazing." Brooke said huskily after she pulled away from Haley's lips and licked her own, getting another taste of her own pussy juice which was covering the whole of Haley's pretty little face as well as lingering inside her mouth, "Are you sure you've never eaten pussy before?"

"I, I'm... I'm sure." Haley stammered, her old self coming back as a huge blush filled her cheeks, "I've never done that before."

"Well you should definitely do it a lot from now on. That pretty little mouth of yours shouldn't go to waste on just one cock." Brooke said, reaching out to slide her fingers slowly down her friend's stomach, obviously building the anticipation as Haley's mouth opened in a silent cry which turned into a very loud moan as those fingers reached Haley's wet pussy and began gently sliding over the soft flesh, "And this yummy little pussy shouldn't go to waste on just one man either. Especially not such a selfish dick as Nathan."

"He's, ohhhhhh, he's not selfish." Haley moaned, but lost her train of thought when Brooke's fingers suddenly slammed inside of her causing her to cry out joyfully.

"Maybe not anymore, but can you honestly say that he can lick your pussy like I can? That his cock makes you feel as good as my tongue? That he can make you cum like I can?" Brooke asked, smirking as she gave Haley a little chance to respond, the other girl only blushing and lowering her head before lifting it again and crying out happily as Brooke began finger fucking her again, "Didn't think so... well trust me, I know a girl who can make you cum just as hard with her tongue as I can, a girl who deserves to taste your yummy little cunt. So be a good little lesbian fuck toy and go and sit on my girlfriend's face. Shove your wet little pussy in her face and feed her cunt hungry dyke mouth your yummy girl juices directly from the source."

"Brooke I... I... I've never done that before." Haley said, blushing again despite the fact she was being fucked by another girl and should have really been beyond embarrassment.

"Really?" Brooke said, sounding amused and intrigued, "Never?"

"N, no." Haley blushed.

"Huh." Brooke frowned, "Nathan's become quite the prude... unless, you're the prude."

"Well, I, I... I just always thought it would be weird." Haley blushed even more.

"Oh it's so not." Brooke said before moving in closer to whisper in Haley's ear, "Here, let me show you. Or should I say, let Peyton show you."

Giggling softly Brooke finally removed her fingers from inside of Haley's cunt and used her other hand to grab hold of her friend's hand and guide her over to where Peyton was still tied up. Then she literally gave Haley a friendly little push in the right direction.

Looking incredibly unsure of herself Haley crawled onto the bed, awkwardly and slowly climbing over Peyton's body, the whole time desperately trying not to step on her friend. So when she managed to get into position kneeling above Peyton's head Haley felt weird but powerful sense of pride. However that weird but powerful sense of pride was quickly taken away from her when she heard Brooke call out, "No, the other way. Turn so you're facing her pussy."

Haley grumbled softly as she awkwardly turned around, quickly apologising every time she tread on Peyton as she got into the position Brooke wanted her in.

"Very good." Brooke said encouragingly as she got into position kneeling beside Haley, gently kissing the other girl's neck before whispering in her ear, "Now slowly lower yourself down until your pretty little lezzie pussy is pressed against Peyton's lips. Make sure not to relax your weight down on top of her and smother her with your cunt... at least not yet."

These words made Haley blush but she obeyed them, lowering herself down with a quickness that made a lazy snail look like a racing car at top speed, the whole time carefully studying every slow movement she was making.

Brooke and Peyton found this both incredibly endearing and slightly annoying. Endearing because of how much Haley seemed worried and nervous about hurting Peyton and the situation in general, annoying because they both wanted the real fun to start again, especially Peyton.

The last thing Peyton wanted to do was to selfishly push her nervous friend but she had been forced to watch from the sidelines as both the other two girls had cum, the whole time wishing to be part of it. Sure, Peyton wanted to cum but Brooke could be a real clit tease so Peyton was used to being cruelly kept on the edge for a very long time. So just the opportunity to taste Haley was more than enough to make Peyton's mouth water in anticipation.

Unfortunately Peyton was made to wait for what felt like an eternity. Fortunately the waiting eventually ended, and when it finally did and Peyton felt Haley's pussy lips pressing against her mouth she didn't hesitate, the blonde's tongue shooting out to slide over her friend's wet cunt.

Haley cried out joyfully, her body lifting ever so slightly at the sudden attack of pleasure. Peyton followed, the blonde jerking her head upwards so she could give the other girl's pussy another lick, and then another, and then another, and then another.

Gently, and probably unknowingly, Haley bounced up and down for a few long moments, never moving out of reach of Peyton's eagerly lapping tongue. Then Haley seemed to settle down, resting gently against Peyton's face and surrendering to the pussy licking the blonde's tongue was giving her.

Peyton had been in this position with Brooke sitting on her face quite a lot recently and she had grown to love it. To be almost smothered in the smell and taste of Brooke Davis was like heaven to Peyton, and while this and any other experience could only be second best with a girl who she wasn't in love with, this still mark something very important, and very hot for her.

This confirmed Peyton wasn't just gay for Brooke. She hadn't really thought she was, but Peyton hadn't known for sure until the moment she tasted Haley's sweet pussy. Of course Peyton still didn't know for sure whether she was bisexual or if any previous interest in guys like Lucas and Nathan were just a result of her desperately trying to stay in the closet and she was in fact a complete and total dyke. In this moment she was leaning towards the latter, but Peyton didn't want to concentrate on her own sexuality as much as she wanted to concentrate on the task at hand, namely licking Haley's pretty little pussy.

While part of Haley had been trying to convince herself she might just be gay for Brooke and Peyton it was pretty much a losing argument. Sure, she was more attracted to them than any other girls, but the first time she had seen them together had awoken something inside Haley she didn't know was there, her lesbian side. It was pretty hard to deny she had one at this point, especially as she was moaning in pleasure from the feeling of the second ever girl to lick her pussy.

So this pretty much confirmed Haley was at least bi too, and, like Peyton, Haley couldn't help wonder if she had been fooling herself all this time with her marriage to Nathan and supposedly attraction to other boys all just to hide the fact that she was gay.

Luckily Haley was rescued from these thoughts by a rough feeling of pressure on her right nipple, the sensation causing her to gasp out and focus on a grinning Brooke Davis, "You like it, huh tutor girl? You like sitting on my girlfriend's face? Feeding her your yummy dyke pussy?"

Haley moaned, blushed and nodded her head as Brooke started gently playing with her nipple.

"Yeahhhh, I knew you would. I knew a little lezzie slut like you would just love this." Brooke said lustfully, reaching out to grab the other nipple so she could play with that too, "Riding another girl's face, rubbing your cunt all over her as she fucks you, covering her in your hot lezzie cream... and soon you're going to cover her in your dyke cum, aren't you? Yeah, you're going to cover my girlfriend's pretty face in your dyke cum, and I'm going to help you."

With that Brooke lowered her head and latched her mouth onto one of Haley's tits, roughly suckling on the nipple for a few moments before moving to the other. This unsurprisingly caused Haley to moan even more, her volume only increasing when Peyton, probably because of what Brooke was doing, wrapped her lips around Haley's pussy and began gently sucking.

The sensations of two knowing, female mouths worshipping her body was almost too much to bear. Then when tongues were added to the mix, Brooke using hers to swirl around Haley's nipples, and then Peyton sliding hers deep into Haley's pussy it became too much to bear.

"Ohhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I'm going to cuuuuuuummmmmmm!" Haley moaned briefly before crying out in pain as Brooke roughly twisted her nipples.

"BEG!" Brooke growled, "Beg for permission to cum you dirty little lesbo slut!"

"Please, please, please can I cum? Please Brooke, mmmmmm, I need. I need to cum. Ohhhhhh please let me cum." Haley quickly begged, "Your little lesbian fuck toy needs to cum so bad Brooke, ooooooh mmmmmmm, please let your little lesbian fuck toy cum."

"Beg Peyton too. Make sure she knows how much you want her to make you cum." Brooke demanded, now once again playing with Haley's nipples gently.

"Peyton, Peyton please, make me cum." Haley quickly begged, searching her brain for whatever she thought the other two girls wanted to hear, "I want to make me cum so bad. I, mmmmmmmm, I, I... I want another girl to make me cum. I, oh, I really want another girl to make me cum, mmmmmmm, prove I'm nothing but a slutty little dyke so I can be a good little lesbian fuck toy for you and Brooke. Please, please make me cum, please maaaakkkkkeeee meeeeeee cuuuuummmmmmm, oh please!"

"Ok Peyton, you can make her cum, but just once!" Brooke said firmly before pressing her lips to Haley's, swallowing the other girl's screams as Peyton made her cum.

Haley had been on the edge for so long that all it took was one thrust of Peyton's tongue to make the tutor cum, Haley shaking wildly in Brooke's arms as she covered Peyton's face in girl cum. Of course Peyton did her best to swallow as much of the yummy liquid as she could, but there was just so much of it, and the way Haley was shaking made her pussy rub against Peyton's in a way which made sure the blonde was practically drowned in sweet girly cream.

To enhance Haley's orgasm Brooke squeezed roughly on her friend's nipple with her thumb and index finger while the rest of her fingers massaged the soft flesh of Haley's tits. When she sensed that Haley was coming down from her high Brooke broke the lip lock, quickly kissed her way down her friend's body, undid Peyton's handcuffs and then whispered, "Don't make her cum again until I make you cum."

The moment she finished speaking Brooke began to kiss her way down Peyton's body, pausing for a little while to lick, suck and gently massage her girlfriend's boobs, then slowly kissing down the blonde's flat stomach to the juicy little treat in between her legs.

Once she reached her destination Brooke didn't hesitate in sliding her tongue out of her mouth and over the soaking wet lips of Peyton's pussy. Nor did Brooke hesitate in repeating the action, the cheerleader captain beginning to gently lick her fellow cheerleader's cunt while above her another member of her squad writhed happily on the blonde cheerleader's face.

Brooke smiled with pride as she heard Haley moan, "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss lick me. Lick my pussy. Oh Peyton. Oh, mmmmmmmmm, lick my hot lesbian cunt! Ooooooooh Goooooodddddd Peyton, make me cover your pretty face in my lesbian cum again. Oh please, mmmmmmmm, make me cum like a little lesbian slut. Oh God, I'm a lesbian, I'm a lesbian for you and your tongue Peyton, mmmmmmmm, oooooooh, I'm your little lesbian fuck toy, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, mmmmmmmm, fuck my naughty little dyke cunt with your hot lesbian tongue, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gooooooddddddddd!"

Innocent little tutor girl Haley James Scott would have probably never, ever used such foul language if it wasn't for Brooke Davis. She definitely wouldn't be riding another girl's face like a shameless lezzie slut either, so it was safe to say at this point Brooke had successfully corrupted the once shy geeky girl. But while it was easy for Brooke to get lost in that triumph she had a job to do, and that was the greatest job she'd ever had, giving the girl she loved pleasure.

So Brooke did her best to block out Haley's moans and concentrate on licking Peyton's pussy. However as she began concentrating on that simply licking at the soft wet lips wasn't enough. She needed to give Peyton more pleasure, and she needed more of her girlfriend's delicious pussy juice. Luckily Brooke knew how to get what she needed.

Peyton cried out joyfully into Haley's pussy as her own pussy was invaded by her girlfriend's tongue, Brooke thrusting as deep as she could and then beginning to gently tongue fuck the blonde. That gentle tongue fucking quickly turned into Brooke slamming her tongue in and out of Peyton's cunt as hard and as fast as she could, finally giving Peyton exactly what she wanted.

Before Haley had arrived Brooke had teased Peyton for almost an hour. At the time Peyton had loved it. She had dreams of Brooke making slow, gentle love to her for years and Peyton treasured every single moment of it. But by the end she desperately needed to cum, and while she had enjoyed watching Haley surrendering to Brooke's seduction and eating Haley's pussy every moment of it and felt like sexual torture because she needed to cum so bad. And now she was finally getting fucked hard by Brooke's tongue Peyton knew she wouldn't last long.

Wanting to make sure Haley came Peyton copied Brooke's actions and began slamming Haley's fuck hole with her tongue as hard and as she could, the blonde grabbing a tight hold of the round little butt cheek she had been lovingly fondling ever since she had been uncuffed to make sure Haley didn't thrash around too much while she was fucking her.


Haley continued to try and beg Peyton to fuck her but her words dissolved into incoherent gibberish thanks to the mind melting orgasm that rocked her body. That orgasm was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, each one as powerful as the last, her entire world dissolving into nothing but pure ecstasy.

Peyton wasn't quite so fortunate as even though Brooke easily made her cum she felt compelled to continue fucking Haley. That proved incredibly difficult as thanks to all the buildup Peyton's first orgasm was so powerful it nearly knocked her unconscious. It definitely succeeded in making her feel like she couldn't continued fucking Haley even if she wanted too, but even as she was practically gushing girl cum all over Brooke's face Peyton couldn't help thinking how the whole point of this little threesome was to fuck Haley so good she wouldn't be able to stay away from them, wouldn't be able to stop from becoming their little lesbian fuck toy. A couple of climaxes would have probably done the trick, but Peyton knew if she continued she would be able to bag Haley for sure. So Peyton pushed through the ecstasy she was feeling so she could continue making Haley cum.

While Brooke wasn't receiving the same amount of pleasure Haley or even Peyton was receiving she was still having a hell of a time. In a way Brooke loved giving her girlfriend pleasure even more than she loved receiving it, and there was no other way Brooke liked giving the girl she loved pleasure more than being in between Peyton's thighs and eating her sweet pussy. Brooke had always loved giving guys head, but she loved going down on Peyton more. She also preferred swallowing Peyton's cum, and there was a lot of it, so much so that even after she switched things up so that she was finger fucking Peyton's cunt while sucking on her clit it wasn't long before Brooke switch back to the tongue fucking so she could gulp more delicious girl cream down her greedy throat.

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