Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06


Then Brooke started curling her tongue upwards to attack Rachel's G-spot, and perhaps more amazingly twirling that wet muscle inside her cunt to touch sensitive places inside her the redhead didn't even know existed. As a result Rachel was rocked with her hardest climax ever, somehow followed up by another equally powerful orgasm, and then another. And another, and another, and so on.

Occasionally Brooke gave her just enough time in between orgasms to ask herself if this meant she was gay. After all, the evidence was beginning to mount that at the very least she was bisexual, and given this overwhelming ecstasy maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. Then again even when she had just been scolding herself for looking at Brooke's ass Rachel had considered whether Brooke Davis was just so fucking beautiful and sexy being turned on by her just didn't count because the other girl was the embodiment of sex. She chose to go with that thought during her conscious moments, which were luckily few and far between.

Not wanting to waste any of the precious girl cum Brooke paused the tongue fucking for however long was necessary so she could concentrate on swallowing everything Rachel gave her. At first that wasn't hard, Rachel pretty much squirting her cum directly down her throat, but eventually the redhead started cumming on her tongue so fast Brooke didn't get the chance to remove it and thus lost some precious drops. Then Rachel started grinding onto her face and all Brooke could do was swallow as much as she could while she got the chance.

On the bright side the majority of Rachel's cum ended up covering Brooke's face, the brunette happy in the knowledge that she would get a chance to wipe it all off her face later and then eat it. Or maybe she'd just leave it there to dry. After all, she did love walking around with girl cum on her face, almost everyone else in the world oblivious to how much of a slut she was being. But in this case Rachel would know. Her school rival/friend would know she was acting like a naughty lesbian slut, and the best part of it was she wouldn't be able to say anything about it because Rachel had been her partner in the lesbian fun.

Fun was definitely an accurate description of what Brooke was currently doing, the high school student feeling like she could happily spend the rest of the day between her friend's soft thighs. She also felt she could spend that entire time with her tongue inside Rachel's twat, however since Brooke wanted to give her bitchy friend the full experience of having another girl go down on her she opted to instead reluctantly pull her tongue from Rachel's love box and replace it with her fingers.

Brooke pushed one, then two fingers inside of Rachel's pussy, giving her friend a few seconds to adjust before working her way up to using the same hard thrusting she had been using with her tongue. Meanwhile she wrapped her lips around Rachel's clit, again starting off slow but increasing the suction until Brooke was making her friend/rival once again cum repeatedly. She then switched back and forth between these two techniques, Brooke perfectly happy to fuck Rachel into unconsciousness, partly because it was the other girl's first time and she didn't want to overwhelm her, and partly because after wanting to fuck Rachel for so long Brooke was in no hurry to stop.

That didn't mean Brooke didn't allow herself to be pulled upwards when Rachel tugged on her hair, the two girls quickly becoming lost in a long drawn-out kiss once they were face to face, then Rachel broke it and said, "I wanna fuck you!"

Grinning wickedly at this confession Brooke asked, "How? Mmmmm, how do you want to fuck me Rach? With your fingers? Or maybe your tongue? Ooooooh, or do you want to use that strap on? Is that it? Do you wanna use that strap on to fuck my slutty little pussy? Or my ass? Do you want to fuck my tight little ass with that big strap on cock you found and slam my fucking butt? Huh? What do you want to do to me bitch?"

"God, you're such a fucking whore!" Rachel laughed, a happy grin on her face.

"Yeah I am. I'm a fucking whore. Your lesbian whore. Fuck me like a whore Rachel." Brooke practically begged, her own dirty talk and the fun that had come before it making her eager to get fucked.

Rachel didn't disappoint her, "Then go get that strap on for me you fucking skank. Go get me a cock I can fuck you with!"

While saying this Rachel moved out of the way so Brooke could do as she was told. Of course under normal circumstances there was no way Brooke Davis would 'do as she was told', at least when Rachel was telling her to do something, but these were far from normal circumstances. There was no argument, no narrowing of the eyes, no allegedly witty retort, just Brooke jumping up and rushing to retrieve the strap on with obvious excitement.

That excitement rubbed off on Rachel who got off the bed and positioned herself right next to it so it would be easy for her to strap the dildo around her waist. However instead of straight up handing it to her Brooke flashed her a wicked smile, those sexy dimples of hers showing, and then she suddenly started to take off her clothes, Rachel completely captivated by the sight of Brooke Davis stripping for her. Then Brooke slowly moved forwards slightly and fell to her knees in front of Rachel. That caused a wash of excitement to fill Rachel's body, but it was nothing compared to the rush she got from watching Brooke Davis grab a hold of the base of the dildo and then guide it into her mouth.

Brooke was sucking a dildo strapped around her waist. Brooke Davis was sucking a cock attached to her waist. Brooke freaking Davis was sucking her cock. Ok, so it wasn't 'real', but that didn't stop Rachel from getting off on fucking Haley, and while she couldn't feel the same things as a guy Rachel got a hell of a view watching Brooke sucking that fake cock. Which of course she did with skill and enthusiasm, at first the other girl just concentrating on the first few inches before beginning to take the entire length of the monster dildo down her throat with what was obviously practised ease.

Rachel watched with disbelief as Brooke wrapped her lips around the base and then started bobbing her head up and down, then she finally found her voice, "Fuck, and I thought Haley was a cock sucking whore! Mmmmmm, I thought your little married friend was a slutty little cock sucker, but she's got nothing on you, does she Brooke? Oh yeah, Haley James Scott is just some novice compared to a professional cock sucker like you. Fuck Brooke, what do you charge? What do you charge all those boys for the chance to stick their cock in your mouth? Is it a dollar? Two? Are you a two dollar whore who's so cheap because she loves her work so much? Or are you smart enough to give it away for free now so you can charge a hundred bucks or more later in life every time some guy cums in that talented little mouth of yours? Because fuck, if that's the case you're going to make a fortune given the way you're working my fucking cock!"

Finally having heard enough Brooke dislodged the dildo from her throat, looked up at Rachel and demanded, "Shut the fuck up and fuck me!"

"Oh you want me to fuck you do you? Huh?" Rachel asked rhetorically as she slapped her friend's face with the saliva coated strap on, making sure Brooke got plenty of her own spit on her pretty face, "Then beg me for it! Beg me to fuck you in whatever hole you want you fucking whore!"

For a moment Rachel thought she had taken things too far and seriously considered apologising. After all she was perhaps being a little harsh to someone who had given her such great head, both for her pussy and her newly acquired cock, but like when she had been with Haley strapping on that phallic object had given her a bizarre sense of power and dominance which had her acting crazy. It was the kind of crazy she loved, but still, regardless of what they said to each other Brooke was her friend and she was treating her really poorly.

However from the look on her face and how quickly she moved to obey Rachel's command it seemed that Brooke was totally getting off on this treatment, the brunette crawling onto the bed and wiggling what had to be the sexiest ass in Tree Hill right in the redhead's face. Then Brooke pressed her own face against the bed sheets, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible, exposing both her dripping wet pussy and just above it an ass hole so tight it seemed impossible that it had been able to take the strap on Rachel was now wearing inside it.

Then Brooke started to beg, "Fuck me! Oh God Rachel please fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole! You want me to choose which hole you fuck, fine, I choose my ass hole. I want you to fuck my ass hole. I want you to fuck me up my dyke ass! Ass fuck me Rachel, fuck me in the ass! Oh shit, oh please Rachel, destroy my little ass hole! I want it, I want it so bad, please give it to me. Mmmmmm, please fuck me up my naughty lesbian butt like the nasty little anal slut I am!"

Rachel was taken by surprise at Brooke's eagerness. Sure she had called her a slut a dozen times, and while sometimes she had meant it and suspected there was some truth to it she could have never imagine Brooke spreading her ass cheeks and begging to be ass fucked. Rachel had certainly never imagined Brooke would do such a thing for her, or that she would find it so fucking hot. She even kind of liked the look of Brooke's ass hole, Rachel filled with a desire to stretch and fuck the most private of her friend's holes.

As if she was possessed by some kind of butt busting demon Rachel grabbed the dildo firmly by the base, pressed it against Brooke's butt hole and said, "You want it, you got it slut! Take this fucking dick up your fat ass!"

Then Rachel slammed forwards, forcing the strap-on through Brooke's tight anal ring and deep into her butt with one hard thrust. It was way harder than Rachel had intended, and if a guy had done that to her pussy she would have probably screamed in pain and then kicked him out. Brooke just let out this long cry of what sounded like mostly pleasure, then that cry morphed into a moan which was definitely of pure pleasure, Rachel once again being amazed and turned on by just how much of a slut Brooke was being. An anal slut. Brooke Davis was an anal slut, and Rachel loved it.

As if to prove Rachel's last thought right Brooke then moaned, "Ohhhhhh Gawwwwd yessssssss, mmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oooooooh shit, that feels good! Mmmmmm, fucking fill my slutty ass up with dick and fuck that little whore hole like the bitch I am! Mmmmmm, fuck me like a bitch! Treat me like a ass whore! Use me like the anal slut I am! Mmmmmmm butt fuck me! Fuck my butt! Fuck me in the butt! Fuck me up my slutty little butt and pound it like a total anal slut's ass should be pounded!"

Obliging her frienemy Rachel pushed inch after inch of long, thick strap-on cock into Brooke's ass, the redhead barely hearing another word out of the brunette's mouth because she was so captivated by the sight of that dildo disappearing into Brooke's butt hole. It was the most sick and twisted thing Rachel had ever seen. So wrong. So gross. So obscene. So freaking hot.

Brooke's butt took dick better than Haley's cunt. That stuck up bitch Haley James Scott's prissy little pussy had struggled to take this long, thick giant fake cock while Brooke Davis's slutty little ass took it with ease. It was such a contrast it was almost as if Haley had been a virgin and Brooke was a whore. A professional anal whore. The really cheap kind that could be found on street corners. No, Brooke was too eager for that, she was more like a porn star who only did anal gang bangs. Yes, that's what really turned Rachel on. Brooke Davis, anal porn star, appearing in hundreds of movies per year, enough to make her the biggest anal whore in the entire world.

"Yeahhhhhh, take it whore! Take it right up your skanky little whore ass!" Rachel growled as she continued sliding that big fake cock into Brooke's butt, "Take it like the ass whore you are! Fuck Brooke, I always knew you were a whore, I just never knew you were this type of whore."

"Well now you do, mmmmmm, now you know exactly what kind of a slutty little whore I am." Brooke grinned in between her moans, "You know that I'm a lesbian ass whore who needs girls to fuck her up the ass. Mmmmmmm, please give me what I need Rachel and fuck me up the ass."

"Oh yeah, I'm going to give you what you need bitch! I'm going to give you exactly what you need!" Rachel taunted, "Mmmmmm, I'm going to give your dirty little whore ass exactly what it needs! Ohhhhhhh yeah, I'm going to give you every inch of this cock right up your slutty whore ass and ass fuck you so hard that you'll be walking funny for weeks. Mmmmmm, and forget about sitting down bitch, because I'm going to fuck your ass so hard it will be like you've just taken an anal gang bang, oooooooh, which I assume an ass whore like you takes regularly."

"No, but maybe we could arrange one." Brooke suggested, becoming excited by the idea, "You, Peyton and maybe even Haley all strapping on huge dildos and taking it in turns to drill my little ass hole. Mmmmmm, doesn't that sound fun?"

"I don't know, I wouldn't want to show your girlfriend up." Rachel grinned.

"In your dreams, slut." Brooke taunted playfully.

"Oh, you just wait whore! I'll fuck this ass better than her and better than the countless others who must have taken this slutty little butt." Rachel taunted not so playfully.

"Go ahead and try bitch!" Brooke challenged, "Mmmmmm, just try and fuck my ass better than Peyton. Oooooooh, bet you don't even come fucking close!"

While Brooke loved everything up until this point it was only now she truly felt she was getting fucked by Rachel Gatina. No, actually Rachel had been bringing her usual charm since the beginning, but since up until now her mouth had been full so they hadn't been able to engage in their usual witty banter, the type of which Brooke had always imagined would being this delightfully X-rated if they ever fucked. After all, they called each other every name under the sun anyway, and Brooke did so love dirty talk with her sex. It was something which, thanks to thin walls, the brunette knew they had in common.

They were also raging homosexuals, so there was that. Ok, technically Brooke was bisexual, but she definitely had a preference, and from the looks of it Rachel was exactly the same way. She was clearly in denial about it but Brooke was very willing to help Rachel out with her confusion and proved to her that she liked girls better than guys, just like she had done for Haley. Well, maybe it wouldn't be the exact same thing, but in a way that was a good thing.

Brooke loved having Haley as her bitch, and seducing her had been tons of fun, but Brooke definitely preferred being a bottom, preferably with something in her bottom, so Rachel topping her like this was great. Sure, in the future Brooke might like to turn the tables on Rachel and top her/fuck her tight little ass, or better yet watch as Peyton butt fucked this bitch and made her their bitch, but for right now this was really, really good. In fact it was better than anything Brooke had imagined as far as Rachel was concerned.

Honestly Brooke was hesitant to admit it out loud as she didn't want to inflate Rachel's ego but she had fucked herself many times to the image of Rachel Gatina bending her over and fucking her up the ass. Anal was after all her favourite type of sex and she had imagined Rachel would be good at it. She just hadn't realised she would be amazing at it, Rachel using the exact right speed and force to stretch out Brooke's butt hole and turn it into the desperate to be abused fuck hole it was, Brooke able to fully embrace who she truly was. Namely an ass whore.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Brooke began to beg when it became too much, "Fuck me hard up the butt like the ass whore I am! Mmmmmmm, you said you would butt fuck me better than Peyton or anyone else Rachel, oooooohhhhhhhh, but so far, you haven't even come close. How about you actually start trying and slam my ass hole like the slutty little fuck hole it is! Treat me like your own personal ass whore and pound my butt! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, make it so I can't sit right for a week! Drill my little ass hole till it's gaping wide open! Ruin my fucking ass hole so I have to explain to Peyton how I bent over for you like a total ass whore! Oooooooooh Gooooooodddddddd, just fucking try to outdo her bitch. Ohhhhhhhhh try and outdo my total butt buster of a girlfriend by fucking my ass so hard you ruin it forever!"

Rachel enjoyed Brooks words for quite a while but eventually called out, "Ok, but just remember, you asked for this, whore!"

With that Rachel tightened her grip on Brooke's hips and FINALLY began increasing the pace. There was no slow build-up like there was with Peyton, her girlfriend insisting on taking every precaution not to hurt her, oh no, Rachel started brutally slamming Brooke's butt, making her squeal with mostly joy. Sure, there was some pain, but it was quickly demoted to a dull ache and then vanished like nothing had ever happened, and the entire time it paled in comparison to the ecstasy Brooke was feeling. The ecstasy she could only feel from anal sex.

Brooke had never been ashamed of liking sex. Well, maybe she had it too frequently with people she didn't care about or people who were supposed to be off-limits, but all those youthful indiscretions had led her to the pure heaven that was being in a lesbian relationship with Peyton Sawyer, while having Haley James Scott as her bitch and Rachel Gatina's dick up her ass. The point was she had always liked sex, and this was easily some of the best sex of her life, which was really saying something.

She loved the way Peyton fucked her ass and wouldn't change it for the world. After all, while the gentle build-up could be very frustrating it was a sign of just how much Peyton loved her. How much she adored her. How much she didn't want to hurt her. How could she possibly complain about that? But this rough brutal treatment was exquisite, and it came just at the right time, Rachel having done a spectacular job of stretching her ass out just enough without seeming overprotective, and now the other girl didn't seem to give a fuck about her well-being. Which Brooke sure wasn't true, but it was a hell of a turn on to pretend.


Those words, and the fact Rachel hadn't slowed down one bit since starting to seriously sodomise her, sent Brooke crashing over the edge of a powerful orgasm, the kind that she could only receive through anal sex. Because Brooke loved all kinds of sex, but absolutely nothing made her cum harder than being fucked up the ass. It was something Rachel had perhaps not believed given her tone of voice earlier, but now her cum was literally squirting out of her cunt Brooke got the feeling that Rachel would finally understand what a butt slut she really was.

Brooke was kind of right, seeing how hard the brunette came confirmed just how much of a butt slut she was, although Rachel hadn't ever thought Brooke was lying about her love of anal sex and the more she ass fucked her the more Rachel saw with her own eyes that Brooke Davis was the biggest slut that she'd ever met, and oh how the redhead loved that fact.

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