tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTV Night Ch. 03

TV Night Ch. 03


As we finish up breakfast I remind you that tonight is my evening with you and remind you to please be home on time. You nod and smile at me as we head out to work. Its early Friday, I've taken the day off to have time to finish up my plans for your night. Last month you gave me 6 hours of teeth chattering bliss, once I was actually able to speak again I told you that you would not be shaving your pussy for the next month. I knew after 4 weeks your cute little landing strip would need some clean up, I was going to start our night with that and go from there.

We both have incredibly busy schedules and when the kids were small we were so broke we just used to call it TV-Night. Now that they are grown, we have both the time and the money to do anything but after 15 years. Well let's just say the 2nd Friday of the month is more than a habit, a habit we both still look forward to, trying to outdo the other every month with a new and interesting surprise. It's also the only time I allow my sweetie to pretend she's the DOM and I let her "have her way" with me. It's always been fun to see what she comes up with.

I stop by the office to forward my phone to my cell, catch up 2 or 3 e-Mails making sure that I will not be needed for the day. I'm back out the door by 10 and my first stop is the local toy store. I am looking for something tiny, thin and remote controlled. My phone rings, recognizing your office number I answer with a "Yes Love; what can I do for you?" I just have to smile, you do it every time. Just about lunch time your mind starts to wander and drift and you start fishing for Intel. The only thing I'm willing to give you is that we will need our rain coats as parking is not a given and it is calling for a chance of rain. You finally tell me that I should be getting back to work and I just smile as I stand in the toy store looking at new toys for you.

It quickly becomes apparent that I have not been to a toy store for too many years. Lots of new textures, colors, stainless, glass. What lies before me puts our toys to shame. Being left brained I decide on 3 new toys a tiny stainless wireless bullet, an equally tiny plug with a clit teaser and sheet of nipple stickers. The clerk said the stickers had something on the adhesive that was amazing at stimulation. I know your nipples have always been extremely sensitive and your tits are amazing even after 3 kids you can still go bra-less proudly.

My next stop is to the restaurant my buddy owns. I told Jim it was a very special night and we'd like a booth in the most secluded corner that he had. They specialize in dinner but open for happy hour at 5. He has my name on the list for a 5:30 arrival.

My next stop is the Park Ranger, Sam one of my best friends, on the water front. It has always been a favorite since they opened an Ice Cream booth at the gate. We used to walk here on weekends with the kids just for the ice cream and I know Sam well. He knows all about TV Night as he and his wife attended our wedding. I pick up a key to the Gate from him so I know we will have the 400 acres to ourselves tonight, at best until Sam opens the Park again at 6 am.

Its 3:30 and I need to head home and get my plans in motion. I grab our full length vinyl rain coats and set them on the kitchen table making sure that my toys are in the pocket. I lay out my khaki's and a polo I also lay out a skirt for you with a matching blouse. I'm equally thrilled to not lay out any underwear for you. I want your pussy and tits available tonight, all night.

I know there is just a touch of exhibitionist in you. I've had you rub me in a crowded elevator just to see if you could get away with it, though I'm sure you never expected me to reach up under your skirt and work your clit till you dripped. You've even delivered me dinner in the yard in the nude, though it was dark, it still made you incredibly wet and I took full advantage of holding you there, wondering if you could stand as I worked your G spot. So tonight - I'm going to explore how far that exhibitionist will take you.

I hear you come in the door, 4:00 right on schedule! I greet you on the stairs with a kiss, long passionate and deep. I look down and ask "So are you ready?" You seem a bit confused - I don't intend to wait till 7 or 7:30 to play with you at all. I reach down and grab the hem of your sweater, as I lift it over your head I explain to you, I'm off work, you are off work, and we have reservations so I ask you again "are your ready?" Dropping your sweater on the stairs I lean in for another taste, teasing your lips with my tongue I look down and seen an incredible satin red and black lace bra. As I pinch and tug on your nipples I head the familiar groan. I block your hand reaching for my cock...tonight is my turn to tease.

With one deft stroke I release your tits from the confines of all that lace I drop it on your sweater and unzip the skirt letting it fall to your feet leaving you here in a tiny little bikini of black and red silk. I reach out and thumb your nipples they are so hard and erect. Grabbing your hips I pull you in sucking one then the other with my lips and teeth. I can feel you quiver and hold my shoulders as I pull the panties down giving an agonizingly slow swipe from the hood clear back to your ass finding you already wet with anticipation.

Stepping back I take your hand lead up to a shower. I have our clothes laid out, towels piled up. It takes seconds for me to strip down and join you in the shower. It's a large 6 foot square tiled shower with 4 shower heads 2 tiny corner seats and 1 hand held sprayer. I'm done in a flash and notice your hair is covered in conditioner as you are bent over shaving your legs resting one of your feet up on the seat. Your ass is begging me - and who am I to ignore a lovely ass like this looking at me. I take just a bit of soap and dribble some on your back working up a nice lather with your poufy thing.

Watching the soap dribble down your ass I follow it continuing those lovely little circles. I take my foot and nudge your foot out more, wider and further as I continue my circles on your clit with a soapy poof. I can see you're back heaving for breath as I stroke it with my free hand alternating from your back to your nipples, pulling; soaping and tugging you reach out to the wall for balance through your first orgasm of the night.

It takes you a minute to catch your breath; you stand up to rinse your hair facing me. I take this opportunity to sit on my little corner step, watching you, letting you finish your hair. As you reach for the faucet thinking you are done - but I'm not. I reach out to you pulling you to the floor, laying you on your back letting the shower fall on you like a soft rain.

I had a tiny amount of body conditioner to my hand massaging it into your long firm legs. I do an equal amount on each of your tits, rolling and tugging they remain erect. I adjust the water to just the hand held sprayer and rinse your tits with an alternating pulse spray pulling a moan from your depths. I drop to the floor between your legs and hand you the sprayer as I soap up your pussy, pushing your legs far open and wide I look you in the eye as I start to shave you. Never being quite sure if it's the shaving or the stroking and soaping but you start writhing on the floor, I pay special attention to avoid your clit, for now.

I continue to shave the sides matching up your lines from before; reaching for the sprayer to rinse you I notice your eyes closed, lips parted struggling to breathe as I rinse the soap away, gently opening your lips with my thumb and finger I continue to spray your folds, now grazing your clit as well. Handing you back the sprayer, I start my own tongue bath on your clit, still holding you open with my hands I hear you cry out and buck with another orgasm of the night.

After rinsing you down one more time we escape the shower dressing quickly, we have 20 minutes to get to dinner. I notice you looking around and I smile to myself. "No Dear, tonight you will not be wearing panties or a bra." So just before we head for the car I pause and reach for my pocket... "come here Dear, I have a surprise for you" unbuttoning the shirt I look at your tits, stroking them with my thumb till they come alive again. I peel off one of the stickers, noticing it's not really a sticker but more like a little cap, which I place over your nipple letting the adhesive hold it in place like a tiny Band-Aid. Next the other nipple working it up to a point, I place a sticker on it. Standing back, looking at you with little 1 inch "petals" over your nipples you look lovely. OK, so off we go, tossing the rain coats in the back seat, the restaurant is only 10 minutes down the road - right on time.

When we arrive I grab the coats and head across the parking lot. Jim meets us at the door and takes us directly to our table. We order some water with our appetizer. I see the rain starting outside and was glad for the coats on 2 counts. I watch you leave to head to the restroom for a "hair touch up" you tell me but I know your pussy is probably sill leaking and you need a different kind of touch up. You arrive back just as our salads and appetizers do. As you settle back down to the table I notice you fidgeting with your shirt, rubbing your tits with your forearm. I'm wondering what was on the stickers, but whatever it is, has definitely ratcheted up the feelings.

I ask about your day at work, making small talk, reaching down I lift your leg and lay it over my knee, sliding my hand up confirming you are still wet. I reach in my pocket and remove the small bullet and I watch your eyes go wide "not here!" you whisper at me and I glance over at you and smile holding your chin and kiss you, gently nibbling on your lip I reach down and slip it in your hot wet hole. I feel you quiver and suck in your breath and I continue to kiss and nibble your lip. Pulling back, I head back to my plate holding the remote, and keeping your knee over mine.

About ½ way through dinner I decide to test the remote on the lowest setting. No noise from it but I hear a small gasp escape your lips. I can feel your eyes as I continue to eat, eventually you go back to your dinner and I click the remote up one notch. I feel you start to pull on your leg but I hold it up and open. Setting my fork down I start to tease your clit with my thumb, reaching over and planting a small kiss on your neck under your ear lobe. I turn your head and look at your eyes that have glazed up with passion. Your lips are trying to speak but nothing is coming out; I reach for your clit and capture your lip just as I turn the remote up to the last setting.

As you grab the edge of the table I watch your next orgasm roll through your body as I continue to flick your clit firmly with my thumb. I must admit you are doing well; attempting to hold still at the table and not cry out, mostly I love watching you hold the table with some sense of resolve. Finally I hear a whisper escape you "please" so I turn it off; laying the remote on the table beside you I reach down and pull the little bullet out of your sopping, throbbing hole.

Turning your head, you look at me, I'm watching your lips I hear a huge sigh followed by "Fuck that was awesome!" As I slip the remote and bullet back into my pocket I lean to your ear... "Go to the bathroom, strip down naked and come back out wearing your rain coat only." I've got your eyes locked with mine and I have to repeat it, "go, NOW"! We both chuckle about the time Jim shows up at the table asking if dinner was good causing yet another eruption of laughter. I love Jim; he has perfect timing as you slip out of the booth dragging your coat with you.

By the time you return I've taken care of the check, your clothes appear to be stuffed in your bag and as I slip my rain coat on we thank Jim for an excellent dinner and head off to the park for some dessert.

The water front is only 2 blocks away and we decide to walk. Pausing at the gate for some ice cream we continue on deep into the park. Leaning on the railing over the river, I've raised your hand to my lips and gently sucked one of your fingers in my mouth, then move down to taste the ice cream on your lips pulling you into my arms and holding your body close to mine I continue my assault on your mouth.

I open the top two buttons of your coat peek down, your nipples are still rock hard under the little flowers, I continue to open the next 2 buttons and turn you around to face the river and slip my hand in to cradle your tit in the palm of my hand. As I squeeze and roll your nipple I hear a sigh as you lean back into my chest while you are holding the railing I reach down and open the last 2 buttons, quickly followed by "raise your leg, put your foot on that bottom rung of the railing."

Nibbling on your ear I reach into my pocket for the little plug I reach down, drawing it the full length of your slit twice coating with your juices before I slip it in. Its 10:15 and I know that Sam locked the gate at 9:00. Knowing we have the entire park to ourselves I pull your coat open exposing your lovely tits. I work both nipples, dragging my thumbs across the top, tweaking, pinching rolling them tight. I pause only long enough to reach into my pocket and hit the remote on low causing a moan start deep in your belly.

"Come over here, follow me," taking your hand I reach down and pick up your coat, walking to the edge of the woods and settle onto a bench. I pull you down on my lap straddling me with your legs. I know the remote is working your clit and I go back to your tits. I did not think it was possible but as I start to remove the petals the nipples actually seem to grow harder. I click the remote up again causing you to moan as I continue as I free the last nipple.

As I continue to work on your tits cradling you on my lap I reach back and pull the plug ever so slowly out. I hear you again, begging "please, please I need your cock" and who am I to disappoint a lovely naked woman on my lap. I get you to stand up, it only takes seconds to free my cock and as you climb back up, I gently turn you around, exposing you to anyone who may walk by. I make sure your legs are draped over the outside of my knees and I pull you open with my knees.

Wrapping my arm around your waist I pull you down and impale you on my waiting cock while my free hand works on your clit. Your feet can't touch the ground but you try and try to lift up, pushing on my knees but I hold you down and I continue. I feel your pussy start to convulse around my shaft. I put fingers under the hood of your clit and my thumb on the top, you immediately recognize my grip, trying to grab at my hand. I capture both your arms and cross them around your middle and go back to holding them and you. I can feel you try and buck, trying to pull up but I go back to holding your clit, just a little firmer now, just on the edge of painful. I listen to you, knowing how close you are "please, I need, don't, NOOOOO, don't stop!" Taking pity on you now I start to pull down on your clit with my thumb at the same time pulling up from the underside with my fingers.

You have given up trying to ride my shaft but I feel it coming anyway, the walls of your pussy milking my cock all the while you start gushing as you cum, you fill my hand and it still runs over. I release your clit just long enough for you to catch your breath and I grab it again, pulling the hood with my thumb causing you to gush again and I feel a whole new set of spasms around my cock. You finally calm, leaning back against my chest and I go in for the last assault squeezing and rolling your clit, though I feel you squeezing my shaft, this last orgasm is taking longer to build. As I stand up I hold you tight to my waist and go down on all 4s, releasing your hands to my favorite dogie position. Now I let you lead, you rock back and forth and I continue to hold and squeeze your clit. You pull forward almost releasing me and slam back on my cock; you continue 3 more strokes until on the last stroke I feel your sides pulling me in so deep and your pussy gushes for the last time.

As I release your clit and slowly withdraw my cock I hear you whisper, "OK, you won that round" as we head back home and I just have to smile at what's to come your way when we get there.

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