Twelfth Floor


Carrie Bender's mind raced as she nervously made her way to the 12th floor and the office of Richard McLish, CEO of McLish Exports.

"He is going to tell me I don't have a chance at this promotion." She thought to herself. "But why would he call me to his office and tell me himself. Maybe I am getting the promotion. No way!"

McLish, the powerful 51-year old corporate leader, was the driving force that had made McLish Exports a global business success story. His father Earl had begun the business in the 60s and had made a fortune.

Over the years the old man had carefully prepared his only son to take control when the time came for him to step down.

Upon retirement, Richard McLish assumed the title of CEO and took over the reins. If anything, McLish Exports was financially more successfully under his tutelage than during his father's time.

Carrie Bender, 36-year old employee, wife and mother of two, carefully checked her attire as she rode up in the elevator. Carrie took a deep breath as the doors slid open and she stepped onto the plush carpeting of the "McLish Floor."

Carrie had been preparing herself for the worst for weeks. She wanted this job so badly. Carrie really needed to get this promotion.

Her husband Bruce, six months ago, had been forced out of a lucrative mid-management position at one of the local branches of a major communications company. The entire balance of the Bender's lifestyle had gone steadily 'down the drain' over the past months.

Things were difficult at home and not getting any better. Even their two children, Jennifer and Mark, had been feeling the pinch lately and complaining loudly about no longer being able to swim at the Country Club. Other cutbacks in the budget were adding stress to the entire family.

McLish was in the process of replacing his Executive Secretary and Personal Assistant Sheila Andrews, who was resigning to accompany her husband on an out-of-state job transfer.

Sheila had been personally trained by Richard, knew the office in and out, traveled frequently with him, organized his days, fended off unwanted invasions of his schedule and most importantly, had taken care of Richard's personal needs for the past two years. She was invaluable.

Carrie had been with the company for seven years, beginning as a lower-level clerical person in a large office pool. Beginning pay was low and the work was hard. Like all the beginning, lower-level staff, she toiled on the second floor.

After two years of service, she received her first promotion and moved to the 5th floor as an Executive Secretary to one of the Division Vice-Presidents. For the past two years she had worked on the 9th floor as Executive Secretary to the Director of European Marketing.

Her reputation for efficiency had grown. She never missed a day of work and Carrie was well liked by just about everyone who came in contact with her. It came as a surprise to none of her friends when she was asked to interview as McLish's right-hand-person.

Despite a persistent rumor that the job was going to be filled from the 'outside,' Carrie had accepted the invitation to apply for the position.

Carrie had met Richard McLish on a few occasions; at company parties and she occasionally chatted with him on the days he popped into her department for one thing or another. He had a reputation as a good man who could be ruthless if he had to be. He was not a man to be taken lightly.

Carrie had met his wife Joanna once at a business meeting and chatted briefly with the early 40s, auburn-haired beauty.

Carrie vividly remembered Joanna's easy smile and air of confidence as they chatted. She remembered the way that Joanna often reached out and touched Carrie on the arm or shoulder to emphasize what she was saying to her. Her touch was comfortable, but her gaze penetrating, intimidating.

Joanna McLish had been married to her husband Richard nearly 25 years.

The first interview had been not much more than a screening with McLish and two of his senior vice-presidents.

Carrie had been scared to death, but managed to keep her composure throughout. After the interview was completed, she felt as if she had done her best. It helped that the important men talking to her were somewhat informal, friendly and encouraging.

Carrie was very surprised to receive an email the following week informing her that the list had been narrowed to three candidates and she was one of them.

Carrie rushed home to tell Bruce that maybe there was a chance she might get the job. They both decided it was still a long shot and they should not count on the extra money that the position would bring.

Bruce meanwhile, was having little luck finding a similar position in the area in which they lived. With Jennifer set to enter her 9th grade year and Mark his 7th grade year, the family had decided to try and avoid relocating if at all possible.

The position of Executive Secretary to the President of McLish Exports carried a hefty pay increase plus many additional benefits not enjoyed by other employees. The job was almost more than she could hope for in her present financial dilemma.

Just as important to Carrie, was the prestige of being the top Executive Secretary in the business and the challenges that the job presented. What a thrill it would be to land this job after starting at rock bottom in the company.

Richard had interviewed the three finalists personally during their second interview. He was looking for a 'special something' in one of the three.

Actually he liked all three candidates and felt each could handle the responsibilities of the job. Each of the women was attractive, had good reputations in their current positions, had displayed loyalty to their respective companies and seemed to have the 'moxie' to work in a fast-paced office environment.

Sheila had been doing all that and much more for the past two years.

He would miss her morning blow jobs, the special treatment she gave valued clients, the wild, erotic fun they enjoyed on their various trips together.

Most of all he would miss her visits to his estate where she would loyally serve both he and his wife Joanne.

Sheila had to be replaced and he was not prepared to go without that which he had become so accustomed to.

Of the three women, he hoped that the job would go to Carrie Bender. Richard had noticed her long ago and frequently made trips to the division in which she worked.

Though he had official business in mind, he always looked forward to their brief conversations where he would gaze discreetly at the mid-thirties mother of two who seemed to have no idea just how 'hot' she really was.

Carrie was tall, 5'11" and very slender. Richard had a weakness for tall, lanky women, especially if they were blondes. He guessed her weight under 125, which he thought unusual for a woman approaching middle age with two children.

Carrie's husband Bruce had given up on his waistline long ago, but Carrie diligently went on her long walks, watched her diet and kept her figure. She was truly 'long and lean.'

She was aware that she 'caught most men's eye' as she walked past and enjoyed the quiet attention of their gaze. Her breasts were not large, but McLish found them incredibly sexy. Her face was narrow, framed by long, straight blonde hair that reached a spot between her shoulder blades and the middle of her back.

Over the years Carrie had received many overtures from men in and out of the business in which she worked. Although it was a compliment that men found her very sexy and desirable, she had never really seriously considered straying outside the confines of her marriage vows.

Richard thought of her outfits as professionally sexy. Her carefully chosen skirts were hemmed to stop 3 to 4 inches above her knee when walking and at mid thigh when sitting. They were fitted enough to call attention to a set of fabulous long legs and an ass that was tight and womanly.

Her blouses were not indecently tight, but snug enough that all the men in her division enjoyed it when she removed her blazer. Richard loved to look at her perky breasts. He guessed 34b and hoped he would find out soon enough.

Carrie was not a prude by any means. In fact she was a liberal thinker who, during her private moments, fantasized a great deal about various sexual scenarios. College days and all the adventures she enjoyed were not so far gone that she didn't remember them.

But reality had set in.

She was a married mother now with children and Bruce had gained weight, lost his job and was not much interested in her anymore.

There was so much stress and pressure in their lives that sex had taken a 'back seat.' That is except in her fantasy mind during the rare times she was alone, her favorite vibrator in hand.

She admitted to herself that she missed the sexual adventures of her youth, but assumed those days were past. The truth was she just didn't have the time right now to give sex a lot of thought.

Her advancement in the company to this point had been without any hint of sexual impropriety.

As Carrie entered the outer office of Richard McLish, he sat quietly inside his inner sanctum, behind his desk, a strong drink in hand, contemplating his upcoming 'final interview' with Carrie.

Richard and Sheila had discussed the interview in detail several times. Sheila had advised Richard to be indirect in his proposal, but at the same time make it clear for her to 'read between the lines.'

Sheila looked up and smiled as Carrie entered her office and settled into a chair.

Carrie was wearing an ivory business suit with a tailored skirt that Sheila had seen her wear before. She wore a brown silk blouse with just a enough white lace to make it very feminine. Her blazer matched her skirt. She was wearing a pair of open-toe, bow-in-front 2" heels. Her long, ash-blonde hair was 'up' today, accenting a narrow, angular face with those big, blue eyes of hers.

Carrie hesitated wearing heels higher than 2" knowing that they pushed her well over 6'. Some men were intimidated by her height and she hesitated to stand out.

She had freshened her makeup. A matching necklace, earring, bracelet set complimented her outfit.

Sheila was impressed. She too had long wanted to know Carrie better and this might finally be her opportunity. After all, Sheila would be the one training her for the next few weeks should the tall blonde seize the opportunity about to be presented to her.

"Carrie you look fantastic today. I like that suit very much and I promise you he is going to like it too," Sheila said, her sweet smile embracing Carrie.

"Thank you Sheila, I am a little bit nervous about this," said Carrie.

"Just relax and be yourself Carrie. Let your feelings come out. Everything will turn out for the best. He is a great man to work for. I hope you get the job" Sheila said as she smiled at the tall beauty.

"Thanks Sheila. I will try," answered Carrie.

Sheila continued to smile at Carrie, all the while thinking how much she would like to drop to her knees between this sexy woman's legs and lick her until she emptied all her juices into her hungry mouth.

After more small talk, Sheila rang into McLish's office. In just a few moments Richard appeared at the door, holding it open for Carrie to enter.

Richard was a tall person himself, standing just a shade under 6'4.

Passing the 50 mark had been difficult for Richard, but his daily exercise, diet and the pace of his life kept him in good shape. He was an attractive, salt and pepper sort of middle-aged man.

McLish represented a paradox of sorts to Carrie. She found him intimidating, yet at the same time there was a feeling of comfort being in his presence.

Richard greeted Carrie warmly with a smile and ushered her into his office. McLish's office was easily five times the size of most of the executive's offices in the firm. She was visibly impressed as he showed her quickly around.

Luxuriously paneled, lushly carpeted, expensively furnished, it was a combination office, library and living room. There were three plush arm chairs and an oversized, extra wide couch that stretched on forever, it seemed.

A small kitchen next to a oversized bathroom with a huge walk-in shower and jacuzzi tub were located at the far end of the office.

There were large closets for McLish to keep a change of clothes for any business occasion that might arise. Richard explained that he slept many nights in the office after 'burning the midnight oil.'

Following the short tour, Richard guided Carrie to one of the comfortable arm chairs and invited her to have a seat. He removed his coat and leaned back against the front of what appeared to be a custom-made desk, probably expensive cherry. It matched the dark paneling enclosing the room.

"That desk would fill my whole office," Carrie thought to herself.

Carrie was rapidly becoming more aware of what an imposing figure this man was. His physical size, his wealth and the power he exerted in running a very successful business were evident in his demeanor.

Carrie was nervous and scrambling for composure.

Looking down at the beautiful blonde woman sitting modestly upright in front of him, her long legs pressed firmly together, he felt his cock start to harden a bit.

Richard loved a challenge and rarely found himself on the losing end. He was determined to watch those lovely long legs come apart so that he could see the treasures they blocked.

"Carrie, I want you to know that you have done an excellent job selling yourself in the two interviews we have had up till now," said Richard with a smile on his face.

Carrie silently thought to herself, "here comes the but."

Richard continued, "Your record with this company is splendid. Your recommendations are extremely good. I have known you are a valued employee for some time."

Carrie returned his warm smile and thanked him. "I like working here Mr. McLish and I do take great pride in my work," Carrie said.

"I want you to know that you are my favorite of the three finalists. It would please me to promote someone from within rather than going outside the company," he said.

"But, ("There it was finally," she thought), it is pretty evident that the other two candidates do have superior qualifications for the position and more experience in this type of situation," Richard remarked as he gazed into her blue eyes.

"Does that mean that I am no longer being considered," Carrie remarked?

"No it does not Carrie, I have not made a final decision as yet," Richard said. "I hope to make a decision today or at the latest by the end of the week."

Richard chatted for the next few minutes about the various professional responsibilities of the position. He made it very clear that the work was hard, the hours long, the travel sometimes tedious and that the person that accepts the position will be depended upon quite heavily.

"You would have a great deal to do with the success or failure of the business. I want to make that very clear to you. It is a very important position you would hold" Richard stated in a matter of fact way.

Carrie sat up straight in the chair, keeping her long legs pressed firmly together. She was a picture of beauty and seemed to have no idea of the sex appeal she exuded.

Try as hard as he might, Richard was having a difficult time keeping the lust out his eyes. He had waited a long time for a 'shot' at this magnificent woman.

"Well here we come to it," thought Richard. "I will know pretty quickly whether she is inclined to 'play ball' with me."

Carrie was a lamb in waiting. She had no idea what was about to transpire. She just knew that somehow this man had an effect on her and she enjoyed being in his office, looking up at him and listening to his voice.

Richard began talking about how he hated to see Sheila leave the position. He bragged on about her expertise, her experience and her ability to keep the office running efficiently.

"In addition, she has been a personal godsend to me, I am a man with strong needs. Sheila and I are very close and she makes coming here every day extremely enjoyable," Richard said.

Carrie missed the double meaning and continued to listen attentively.

"I remember when she was sitting in a chair right where you are and we were at the same stage of the interview process," Richard said as he gazed into Carrie's eyes. "I was so impressed with her beauty and style as I am yours," Richard said. "At that time Marie, my father's personal secretary for 30 years was still here. I very much wanted to get a fresh face into the position."

"We have had a great 'run,' Sheila and I. She has served me well, given me all the special attention a man could ask for. She understood 'coming in' that I required her personal attention from time to time and we 'hit it off' right from the start. She is an adventurous, very sexy woman who knows how to please a man," Richard stated simply as he let his gaze drop once again to those magnificent legs in front of him.

"Her salary, benefits, investments and other 'percs' have reflected her ability to please me," Richard softly said.

There it was. The cards were table.

This time Carrie caught the hint. She tried not to look shocked, but the smile slowly disappeared from her face as her eyes widened.

It had never occurred to her that McLish and Sheila were intimate and she had never heard the rumor. Carrie's nervous anxiety reached a new level.

Richard smiled and seemed utterly comfortable with the silence that suddenly invaded the room. Their eyes met and then Carrie shifted her glance to her lap. Finally she looked up into his penetrating stare and warm smile and weakly said, "I don't know what to say to that."

Richard said nothing but thought to himself, "this is going well, there will be no immediate refusal and no angry departure of his office."

Another silence of several seconds. "I don't know what to say," she repeated. She silently cursed herself for her lack of poise in this situation. She was stumbling and struggling to recover.

Richard chuckled and moved steadily forward, "Relax Carrie, you are not in any danger. All I require of you is your total discretion. Beyond that it is simply your choice to make."

"If you decide this situation is not for you, your job here is completely safe," he said.

"But, understand this, I am offering you a lot of money, prestige, benefits and personal pleasure. For some women this would be a wonderful opportunity. For others, it might seem an insult." It is strictly up to you," he said as he gazed at her awesome beauty.

"Had he just offered her the job," Carrie thought.

Carrie shifted her weight in her seat, her knees parting ever so slightly and then quickly snapping closed again. Her longs legs so hypnotizing to look at.

She thought to herself, "Can I possibly do this?" What should I do?"

She felt the dampness begin to seep out of her vagina and into her pink, imported cotten/spandex, low-rise, lace-trimmed bikini panties.

"I realize I have taken you by surprise," Richard said as he stared into Carrie's blue eyes. "I doubt really though, when you think about it, that it should surprise you all that much. I am a very sexual man with strong needs. The better my sex life, the more productive I am in my job."

"My wife Joanna and Sheila provide me with so much pleasure and I make certain they are both well taken care of," McLish said.

Carrie's mind raced. Joanna knew about his arrangement with Sheila?

This was so very new. She had not given it even a thought. She had never cheated on her husband, but had to admit there wasn't much spark left, especially lately.

This was a rich, powerful and nice looking man talking to her. She could not help being attracted to him.

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