Twelfth Floor


"Suck it dry Carrie," Richard ordered.

Carrie closed her lips tighter and sucked for all she was worth.

Finally, Richard removed his spent tool from her mouth.

"Now, look up at me and beg for the job," he said as he continued to hold her blonde mane away from her beautiful face, her cheeks bulging as she held his sperm.

Carrie raised her chin and opened her eyes. With his cum flowing over her lips and off her chin she said, "please sir, please hire me as your whore."

"You will be a credit to this office Carrie. It is my pleasure to offer you the position. Now swallow what is still in your mouth," McLish stated as he began the process of pulling his trousers back into place.

Carrie swallowed as she was told and felt the large puddle of his cum flow down her throat and into her stomach.

Richard looked down at his beautiful new whore lying on the carpet at his feet, his cum dripping off her chin. He said into the intercom, "Sheila come in here with the paperwork. I have found your replacement and she is magnificent."


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