Twelfth Floor


Now as she sat there feeling his eyes undressing her, listening to his commanding voice, enjoying his infectious smile, she felt herself being reduced to a puddle of her own secretions in the crotch of her panties.

The thought of being required to allow Richard McLish to fuck her at his whim had not entered her conscious mind. "Why did this not occur to me? "Am I that naive?" Carrie thought.

"He is offering me the position if I acquiesce to his desires," She realized.

"Could I possibly do this? My life will change. Will the guilt be too much? How will this affect my marriage and home? How long can we stay afloat if something does not happen to change the downward flow of our lifestyle?" Carrie's mind was in high-gear.

Richard continued, "If I felt that you could replace Sheila in every way, I would not hesitate to hire you for the position. I told you before, you are my favorite of the three candidates."

Carrie listened quietly, shifting her gaze from him to her lap and back as he spoke. "God, I am soaked," she realized.

"I told you in the interview that the position would increase your salary $20,000. That is a healthy increase over what you are making now.

"I must admit to you that I have done an extensive check on all three candidates and I do know that your husband is out of work and the bills are piling up. That is true isn't it?" he asked.

Carrie nodded and said, "Yes we are having a difficult time right now, but surely he will find something soon."

"From what I understand, he is not looking nearly as hard now as he was a few months ago," Richard commented.

Carrie nodded again and said, "He has become very depressed about the whole situation."

"His severance pay is running low," Richard questioned?

"It is gone, unfortunately," Carrie said quietly.

"Carrie, I have lived through a couple of dreadful downturns this business has taken over the years. I have felt the pressure of seeing things turn for the worse. I hope things get worked out for you and your family soon. I want you to know I am willing to help things improve for you," Richard stated.

"Are you able to keep your children in private school," He said.

"We borrowed the tuition for this school year," Carrie said quietly, turning her head momentarily from his penetrating glance. "If Bruce doesn't find something in the next months, they will have to go into the public school system next year."

"That is too bad," Richard noted. "The public schools here do not have the best reputation for safety and discipline, not to mention the quality of instruction. I do not want that to happen Carrie."

"I am sure we can find a way to enroll them into a school like Country Day Prep," Richard said.

Country Day was considered the most highly regarded college preparatory school in the city.

Another silence of several seconds enveloped them. It was becoming clearer just how much she had to gain by accepting this powerful man's terms.

Carrie's eyes suddenly noticed the growing bulge between the legs of her boss.

"Carrie do me a favor will you," Richard said quietly "You have the most beautiful hair. I noticed it long ago. It frames your face so elegantly when you wear it down. Let your hair down for me, will you."

Richard thought to himself, "come on woman give me a signal that I am getting to you."

Carrie hesitated briefly and then without giving herself time to think about the implications of the act, reached up, pulling the pins from her ash blonde hair.

Richard shuddered quietly as her tresses tumbled over her shoulders. He felt his cock harden in his pants and made no attempt to hide his desire for her.

"I don't think you have any idea just how utterly beautiful you are," Richard softly stated as his now rock-hard cock pushed out against his trousers.

"Just between me and you, if you accept this position, I'll bump the salary another $20,000. That will put you where Sheila is right now," Richard said.

Carrie's eyes jumped from the outline of Richard's dick into his gaze. He continued to lean on his desk, the picture of self confidence.

Richard smiled confidently knowing everyone has a price. "That should do it," He thought to himself.

Carrie looked again at Richard's fully hard cock and felt herself being pulled into his vacuum.

"I can also begin putting out 'feelers' for Bruce among my business associates. I do have a lot of contacts," said Richard as he sweetened the pot even further.

Carrie nodded and said, "That would be wonderful Mr. McLish."

Carrie sat quietly. There just were not any words filtering out of what was going on in her head. She felt her body reacting, but her mind was simply not functioning anymore.

Finally Carrie looked at him and said, "Mr. McLish I just do not what to say or what to think. This is all so unexpected."

Carrie thought to herself how odd this all was. This powerful man desired her, wanted her to please him sexually, was standing comfortably three feet from her showing her his hard cock and all this was taking place within the confines of such a professional, pleasant conversation.

It was all so very strangely exciting.

Richard simply said, "Just say I accept Carrie, so we can move forward."

Richard suddenly moved behind Carrie and she felt his hand softly caressing first her hair and then her shoulders. "Stand please Carrie," he said.

"I need time to think," she mumbled as she began to rise out of her chair.

Richard reached out and eased the ivory-colored blazer off her shoulders and folded it neatly over the edge of the chair. His strong hands returned to her shoulders as he moved between her and her chair. She felt his breath upon the back of her head as he leaned in to smell the freshness of her long blonde hair.

She felt him part her hair in back and softly kiss the back of her neck. A small spasm ripped through her and she moaned softly.

Carrie's eyes closed tightly and her head dropped. She felt her secretions begin to slide down her thighs. Richard moved just a bit closer, easing his hardness against her firm buttocks.

Carrie felt the CEO's hands drop and grasp the sides of her hips, pulling her slightly back against him.

Suddenly his touch was gone as he moved the few steps to a position next to the long, wide couch against the wall.

"Turn around slowly Carrie. You have such a magnificent body," he said quietly.

Carrie found herself turning so that she was once again facing this man who was intimidating her so effectively.

Richard's eyes focused on her flushed face and then dropped to her chest. He could see her nipples protruding through what must be a very thin bra.

Carrie suddenly looked up and said, "Mr McLish, this is very frightening to me. This is something I have never ever considered. I am a loyal wife and good mother. I am not a prude, but I have never cheated on my husband."

Richard smiled, knowing the battle was almost won and said, "I do not mean to frighten you and I do understand Carrie. Why don't you come over here and have a seat on the couch?"

Richard extended his hand toward the couch and said, "Times can be difficult, stressful. Sometimes extraordinary good fortune arrives that we don't anticipate and suddenly the ship is back on course."

I think you will find that this is a very good place to work and as long as you do your job, you will be treated according to the importance I place on your position.

"You certainly are not being offered this position based solely on the fact that you are such a desirable woman. You will have tremendous job challenges that you are capable of handling. You will be busy and I think very happy here," Richard noted.

"I know I would enjoy working here," she said quietly as she moved toward the couch." "What am I saying? What am I doing?" she thought. "I can not do this."

Richard reached out and took her hand as she approached and helped her ease onto the couch. Once again Carrie assumed an upright sitting position, her legs firmly together.

Richard quietly pulled another of the plush chairs to a position directly in front of her and sat down. Now sitting on the same level as her, he had an even better, more close-up view of Carrie's fabulous legs.

"The next move forward will almost seal the deal," he thought to himself.

"Carrie, do me another favor will you," Richard said?

Carrie looked at him knowing she should back away now. Instead she nodded. "I'll try," she said.

"Let your legs come apart, slowly, apart. Let me see what I have wanted to see for so long," he whispered huskily.

Her panties were completely soaked through and she could clearly see that Mr. McLish's cock was stiff, erect. "Let me see your womanhood," he said as he continued to push steadily forward.

Blushing, Carrie looked at McLish. The nervous tension was almost audible in the room. Carrie noted how self confident this man was. She was frightened and he seemed totally at ease. This man had her and there did not seem to be a thing she could do about it.

Thoughts of new job challenges, being able to return to the life she had enjoyed at home, of Mr. McLish helping Bruce find work and most of all, this charming, wealthy, totally sexy man with his erect penis almost in full view for her to see, flooded her mind as she swallowed and slowly overcame her fear.

In fact, Carrie was so turned on that she had passed the point of no return. He knew that and she accepted it finally.

Carrie swallowed, smiled meekly at McLish and slowly began to part her legs an inch at a time as he gazed up her skirt. Slowly her inner thighs came into view. Next came a view of the tops of her sheer thigh-hi stockings. Inch-by-inch she was spreading her legs for him.

"Look at me Carrie," Richard instructed. "Watch me look up your dress between your legs."

Carrie felt her body shudder into a small orgasm. Carrie eased her legs wider, wider and finally Richard gazed directly between the woman's legs and saw the crotch of her delicate pink panties.

"Wonderful Carrie. I am so proud of you. Much wider though, wider than your shoulders. Your panties look so deliciously soaked. Give me a good look. Carrie, I just love a good girl who knows when it pays to be bad. Tell me how hot this is making you," Richard said to her.

Carrie swallowed, now committed to her fate and opened her long, long legs as wide as she possibly could so this man could see as much as he desired. Her skirt rode up over the tops of her stockings, almost to her hips.

Carrie did not answer and had to be prompted again by McLish.

Finally she looked down, nodded and said quietly "you are making me very warm." Her womanhood covered by her delicate lace, pink panties was wide open and she felt his stare.

"I promise you that you and your family will have things much better now," he said smiling at her. "You will be a credit to this office and I will be proud to have you as my Personal Assistant."

"Thank you," she said all the while thinking, "No, this is a dream, this isn't happening."

"Now Carrie, ask me nicely if I will please hire you as Sheila's replacement," Richard said, his gaze never leaving her pussy.

He could clearly see the outline of her slit through the thin material of her panties.

This was almost too much, but Carrie looked directly at McLish and asked, "Mr. McLish please make me your Executive Secretary."

McLish smiled at her, but did not answer.

"You did very well Carrie," McLish stated as he stood and extended his hand to her. "You may stand now Carrie." Carrie brought her legs back together and stood before him once again.

McLish turned, returned to the front edge of his desk, picked up his drink and leaned back into a semi-sitting position.

"Come over here Carrie and remove your blouse for me." McLish ordered.

With a strange sense of calm suddenly enveloping her, Carrie's hands began working at the buttons of her blouse, as she stepped to a position directly in front of her soon-to-be boss.

The final button opened, the blouse pulled from her skirt, she slid the garment from her shoulders and placed it in his Richard's outstretched hand.

"The bra," he commanded!

The pink, matching cotton/spandex 34b demi-bra soon joined her blouse on his desk. Carrie shuddered with another small orgasm as the cool room air stimulated her nipples as did his eyes.

"I want you naked," McLish said simply.

Her hands reached behind to unhook her skirt and she watched it fall to the floor. After bending to retrieve her skirt from where it lay around her ankles, Carrie gracefully stood tall.

Richard smiled, "turn around Carrie and ease your panties down until they are lying on the floor around your ankles."

Carrie turned, hooked her fingers into her pink panties and slowly began to lower them. She could feel his eyes on her firm, womanly ass as the panties dropped first to her thighs and then to the floor.

"Lean forward from the waist without bending your knees anymore than you have to. Pick up your panties. Go slowly," Richard said in a low voice.

Carrie bent over, over, over. It was a long way to the floor for this statuesque blonde. He hair tumbled down. Her fingers grasped the soaked evidence of her arousal as she stepped out of them.

"Do not stand up yet," He ordered. "Spread your feet wide apart and let me see everything.

Carrie raised just a bit, spread her legs wide and bent back into the uncomfortable, totally exposing position he had demanded.

McLish put his hands on his swollen member as he stared first at Carrie's tight, pink asshole and then between her legs. Her labia looked raw, inflamed and swollen. He could see her secretions bubbling out of her cunt and down her thighs.

"Give me your panties and your dignity," he said.

Carried shuddered, his words making her even more excited. She straightened, turned to him and handed the soaked evidence of her arousal to Richard. She then stood naked before him, clad only in a pair of sheer and sexy thigh-hi stockings and her heels.

"Stand up straight Carrie. Open your legs just a bit wider for me," he said firmly.

Carrie immediately did as she was told.

McLish looked at her small, but impressive breasts. With her long, lean look, they were perfect, still retaining that perky look that turned him on so. Carrie's breasts stood high and firm. He noted her quarter-sized dark pink nipples proud in their erection.

Next he noticed her pubic hair, trimmed short, yet mostly covering the area above and through her genitals. The 'down' was a very light brown and he guessed soft to the touch.

"I will shave her personally," He thought to himself.

"I am going to give you enough money to purchase several pair of new heels," said Richard. "You are to purchase nothing shorter than a five-inch heel."

You are magnificent and each day your stature will symbolize the power of this office. When clients come to visit me, you will tower over them in all your magnificence.

"Yes sir," Carrie said.

"Spread your legs wider than your shoulders and lock your fingers behind your neck," Richard instructed as he pulled the chair in front of her.

A long, stringy excretion had worked itself out of her vagina and was hanging down between her legs, threatening to break off and fall to the floor.

"You need to cum, don't you Carrie," Richard whispered, looking up into her eyes as he leaned forward in his chair, his fingers beginning to delicately trace the folds of her slit.

"Oh God yes, please," Carrie moaned.

"Who do you belong to now Carrie," McLish asked.

"You sir," she answered. "God, please help me cum."

"If I call you into this office and tell you to get on your knees and suck me off, what will you do Carrie?" Richard asked as his fingers rubbed the hood of her clitoris?

"I will do anything you say sir," Carrie trembled, her body shook.

She could feel her powerful orgasm coming to the surface. She knew shortly this man would witness her most private moment.

Richard continued to talk softly to her as he rubbed her. "Do you want my fingers inside you Carrie?"

"Yes, oh yes, please," she begged.

First one, then two of his fingers entered her deeply, ever so slowly moving in and out of her chamber, his thumb softly stroking her protruding clit.

Carrie could barely stand, teetering, her legs buckling, her vagina flowing, the sounds of her passion rising within the confines of his office.

Sheila listened over the intercom from her desk, her skirt hiked to her waist, her fingers busy between her legs.

McLish withdrew his fingers from her orifice just in time to back Carrie away from her imminent release.

"Oh God please sir, please let me cum," Carrie could barely get the words out of her mouth.

"Beg for the job Carrie," he said simply.

"Please sir, please make me your choice. I will make you proud of me. Please I am begging you," the tall, naked, trembling woman said, her long blonde hair covering the sides of her face.

"Will you be my personal whore Carrie," Richard asked as his fingers resumed the slow, steady work of milking Carrie's cunt.

His fingers, deep in her wet cavern, curled forward and rubbed up and down on the walls of her vagina. He hit her G-spot and she was close to losing her balance.

"Yes sir," Carrie moaned. "I will be your whore forever. Oh my God, this can not be happening. God, please hire me as your whore sir."

Carrie's knees buckled as the powerful orgasm ripped through her. Her hips bucked forward and down as she first humped and then sat on his hand. Her grunts, moans and screams loud enough for Sheila to hear her in the outer office.

She had never in her life felt anything close to the power of this orgasm. On and on it went, only stopping when she could no longer maintain her balance and toppled to the floor at his feet.

Small shudders of electricity continued to jolt her body as he commanded her to look up at him.

Sheila's head was on the desk, her sweat ruining the paperwork in front of her as she recovered from her own powerful orgasm.

Carrie, with her beautiful blonde mane strewn across her face, looked up at the man who was changing her life. Sweat rolled down her chest and between her breasts.

Richard's slacks were soon around his ankles, his briefs followed. Carrie stared up at his erection. Standing powerfully, his cock was perhaps 7 to 8 inches and as thick as her wrists.

"Suck," was all he said.

Carrie rose to her knees, moved her head to his crotch, opened her mouth wide and took his manhood into her mouth for the first time.

It had been many years since anyone's cock besides her husbands had found its way into her throat and she relished the newness of its taste in her mouth.

Her hand grasped the base and she sucked the precum from the opening at the head of Richard's dick.

"Lock your hands behind your back. If I want a handjob I will tell you that," he said as he grasped a huge handful of her blonde hair and impaled her mouth with his rod.

Richard began pumping her head up and down on his enlarging cock.

"When you blow me, set a steady rhythm and do not stop until I feed you," Richard grunted.

"yeeeeeeth thuuuuuuuuuuur," Carrie mumbled, too stuffed to enunciate.

Steadily he forced her oral fuck hole up and down on his seeping hard on. Soon she had the rhythm down and though he continued to grip her blonde tresses, he allowed her to do it herself.

She felt his hardness grow and knew it would be soon.

"When I cum, do not swallow, hold it all in your mouth," he ordered.

"Yeeeettttthhhhhh thurrrrrrrr," Carrie mumbled.

Suddenly her mouth began to fill with his seed. Spurt after spurt blasted into her mouth, onto her tongue, against the back of her throat and up into her nasal cavity.

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