tagRomanceTwelve Roses Of Christmas

Twelve Roses Of Christmas


My Dearest Ellen,

As promised, I have planned a scavenger hunt for you. It is kind of based on the "12 Days of Christmas. Only I am calling it the "12 Roses of Christmas". With this letter you found a single red rose- just one of a dozen. It is your challenge to collect the others based on the instructions you get at each stop I have arranged. When you get to each stop, tell them who you are. They will provide a service or product that I have already paid for and give you one or more roses and a note that tells you where to go next. I have timed this out carefully, so DO NOT dally or try to fit in anything else!

Your first stop is the tanning salon on Main St.. Your appointment is set for 10AM.

Enjoy your day of pampering.

I Love You,


I set the note down on the table, picked up the rose and smelled it. When George had told me he was planning a special day for me, I protested. Although my shopping was finished weeks ago, and everything that I could precook was cooked, Christmas was less than a week away and the thought of "wasting" a Saturday was not at all appealing. As always, George persisted. He reminded me that tomorrow, the first of our five children were returning home so, this was the last day we were going to be alone for a week or more. He also insisted that I needed a good pampering and it was part of my Christmas present. He finally won and I, begrudgingly, gave in.

I looked at the clock, it was 9:40. I had just enough time to get to town. George was long gone, telling me he had some details to work out. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door.

The tanning salon he sent me to was not the one I usually patronized to. It was new and I didn't know the owners. I felt kind of foolish just walking in and giving my name. The lady behind the counter gave me a smile and told me that George had booked me a booth for ten minutes. I entered the booth, stripped and pushed the button to tell the clerk I was ready.

When I emerged from the booth, the woman handed me a rose and a note.

"Your husband, George is it?" I nodded. "Told me what he had planned. That is so romantic. You're a very lucky lady. I don't think my husband is capable of a thinking up a plan like this, so much for actually doing it."

"Thank you." I said. I left the salon, went to my car and opened the note.


"I hope you enjoyed your tanning. Your next destination is Loretta's for a nice massage. Your appointment is for 10:45. I love you, George."

I set the note next to the rose on the passenger seat and pulled out into the traffic.

I was grateful that George had chosen Loretta to give the massage. She was a friend and I had been to her on a number of occasions. George knew that I would not have been able to fully relax while being massaged by a stranger and that would have defeated the purpose. It was 10:45 when I entered Loretta's studio.

An hour later, I left Loretta's and walked out into the cold December air feeling relaxed and carrying another rose and note. While waiting for the car to warm up, I read the note.


My Dearest Love, I hope your enjoying my little game. You've collected 3 roses so, there is a lot left to enjoy! I think it is time for lunch, so I have made a reservation for you at the Depot in Waterville at 12:00. Love, George"

I must admit I was enjoying George's game and felt foolish for being so adamantly opposed to it in the beginning. I looked at the clock on the dashboard. Waterville was a solid 30-minute drive and it was already high noon. I set the rose and note with the other and put the car in gear.

The "Depot" is one of my favorite places to eat. They cater to the health conscious diner. The meals there are unlike anything else you'll find anywhere else. George hated eating there. He called it "Granola House". But it was obvious this day was about me, not him, so he was making it special for me. I don’t know why, but I assumed he would be meeting me for lunch and not making me eat alone. I was wrong.

I arrived at exactly 12:30 and looked about the dining room, looking for my husband. A man that I knew as the owner approached me and asked if I wanted to be seated.

I meekly stated, "My name is Ellen."

"Oh yes. I have something for you." He reached behind his podium and pulled out a rose and note. "These are for you and your table is ready." I found it odd that he did not grab a menu when he led me to my table.

"Your waitress will be right along." He said and walked away.

I took off my coat, sat down and opened the note.


"Hello Dearest, I took the honor of ordering for you. I kept it light since you don't want anything too heavy after your massage and you have quite an afternoon ahead of you. I have allotted 45 minutes for lunch, then you are to go to Dianne's Satin and Lace Shoppe. Bon Apatite!"

I had no more finished reading the note, when the waitress showed up. "A Caesar Salad." She said as she put the large salad plate in front of me. "Your husband had ordered an iced tea for you, is that alright?"

"Yes, thank you." The waitress turned and left me alone with my salad, a nice view of the river out the window and my thoughts.

"Is everything alright?" I looked up to see the owner standing at my side.

"Just lovely, thank you."

"I have to tell you, " he began. "Ever since your husband came in and told me about his plan last week, you've been the subject of a great deal of conversation. Every woman in this place has been talking about how lucky you are and what a wonderful husband you have."

It was the third time I had heard those very words and I doubted it would be my last. "Yes, I am. And Yes, he is." I looked at my watch, reached in my pocket book.

"All paid for. Even the tip." He said.


Dianne's Satin and Lace Shoppe is the nicest and priciest dress and lingerie shop for miles. I entered and was immediately approached by a clerk.

"My name is Ellen." It was getting easier to announce myself.

The woman gave me a big smile. "Yes, ma'am. Please follow me."

We walked around racks filled with elegant evening gowns, prom gowns and sexy lingerie. I figured George had purchased something slinky. He always wanted to buy me lingerie, but I always told him I had plenty. So, this was the only way he could get me to go along with a purchase. Again, I was wrong.

The clerk led me directly to the fitting rooms and took a black satin dress down that was hanging on a hook. "Your husband said a size 10. I would say he was right. I never met a man that knew his wife's size before. Try this on and see how it fits."

I entered the fitting room and looked at the dress George had picked out. It was black satin, with spaghetti straps, low cut front and open back and would barely reach to my mid-thigh. I looked for a price tag, but it had already been removed. I was just getting ready to take my shirt off, when there was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I asked and opened the door a crack.

"I nearly forgot, this is for you, too." The woman reached into the room and in her hand was a black bra.

"Thank you," I said taking the bra and closing the door.

After removing my shirt I put on the bra. It was a French cut strapless whose cups only covered the lower half of my breasts and left my nipples exposed. I then put on the dress. As the light fabric flowed over my breasts, my exposed nipples became erect and clearly visible.

I exited the dressing room and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I must admit, for a woman in her mid 40's and always complaining about my weight, I looked pretty good.

"I have these for you, too." The clerk said, handing me a pair of shoes. "They're size 7 1/2."

I took the shoes and put them on. They were black, opened toed and had a one-inch heel.

"Your husband has wonderful taste."

"Yes, he does." I replied absent mindedly, while still looking at myself in the mirror. I had no idea what George had in mind for the remainder of the day and evening, but the dress, bra and shoes must have cost a small fortune.

"Does everything fit OK?"

"Yes, just wonderful!"

"After you've changed, I have something for you at the checkout counter." The clerk left and I went and changed.

The woman handed me 3 roses and a note, then set about taking care of the purchase. "I have to tell you, your husband…"

I cut her off. "Yes, he is thank you." Carrying the bags, I headed out the door.

"A bronzed body, relaxed muscles, full belly, new clothes and only five roses to go! We can't have you wearing those new shoes with your toes looking like they do. You have a 2:30 appointment at Sarah's for a manicure, pedicure and haircut. I love you."

I set the note and roses with the others. Sarah was my best friend and owned a small day spa in the same town we lived in. Another half-hours drive back. If nothing else, George was keeping Exxon happy.


Sarah was all smiles when I walked into her day spa. "So, how has it been?"

"Wonderful! I can't believe George has done all this."

"The best is yet to come." She replied with a devilish grin.

"How long have you known about this?'

"He started making the plans three weeks ago. I got green with envy when he told me what he had planned."

"So, you know what happens next?"

"Yup, a doo, a manicure and a pedicure."

"And after that?"

"Sorry, George swore me to secrecy. Besides, why would you want to ruin the surprise?"

I nodded. "I suppose he picked out the nail polish."

"For the fingers and toes and NO, you can't change it!"

When I left Sarah's, I had bright red toe and finger nails, 2 roses, a note and a new hairdo.

"It's 4:30. Go home. You'll find a hot bath all ready for you. A rose and instructions are on the bed. Love, Me"


I don't know how he did it, but when I got home the bath was full of hot water and he was nowhere around. I slipped into the bath and read his note.

"Just 2 roses to go. Relax in the bath. Put on ONLY the clothes you picked up today! No nylons, pantyhose or panties! At 6:00 go to the bar at the Holiday Inn and tell the bartender who you are. Love, George"


The cold wind blew up the short dress tickling my naked pussy and erecting my almost bare nipples, as I ran from my car to the front door of the Holiday Inn. With only the thin fabric of the satin dress covering my butt, I felt naked, exposed and very alive.

Getting onto the tall bar stool with my short dress without exposing myself was difficult. The bar was half full with mostly men. I felt all of their eyes on me when I entered the room.

"My name is Ellen." I said to the bartender when he approached me.

He grinned and without taking my order he walked away and began mixing what I immediately recognized as a Strawberry Daiquiri. He placed the drink in front of me, reached under the bar, pulled out a rose and a wrapped box. Attached to the box was a note.

Aware that most of the eyes in the room were on me, I opened the note.


"Go into the bathroom, open the box and put on what you find inside. I really love you! George"

I didn't bother to finish my drink. I told the bartender I would be right back and headed for the ladies room.

After entering a stall, I opened the box. There was a note, a leather thong and the remote to my husbands butt plug inside. "Do not open until you put on the thong!" Was written on the outside of the note.

I pulled out the thong. It was not an ordinary thong. I had a round hard protrusion where the front of the panty would be in contact with the upper part of my slit. It was a remote controlled vibrating panty! Ever since I had bought him the remote controlled butt plug, George had said he was going to buy me some remote controlled panties.

I slid the thong on and carefully adjusted the vibrator over my clitoris and opened the note.


"I thought that it was only fair that we both have some control. I have yours' and you have mine. Go back to the bar. I'll see you there."

I tore up the note and placed the renderings and box in the garbage.

I had one leg and half my butt onto the chair when the vibrator against my clit started. The jolt made me loose balance and nearly tumble. I know that I exposed more of myself than I really wanted. "Bastard!" I said under my breath. I looked around and, of course, everyone noticed.

For revenge, I put George's remote on full power, hoping it would have the same effect.

While I was finishing my first drink, the vibrator against my clit pulsed on and off; taking me twice to the edge of orgasm, before stopping.

When my drink was empty, the bartender brought me a second- without me asking. I kept looking around, but I never saw George. I knew he was close, because the range of the remote was not very far. We played "remote tag". He would boost me and I would boost him. I have to admit it was fun. At one point a man approached me and struck up a conversation. He must of thought he was one hell of a man, because twice during the conversation, I nearly came and he must have realized it. I glanced about thinking that George had to be watching me, the timing of the vibrations was not coincidental.

I hoped George would arrive soon. The leather thong was not very absorbent and I could feel my juices running down my butt. It wouldn't be long before I was going to be sitting in a puddle.

I drained my glass and set it upon the bar. The bartender walked over to me and gave me an envelope.


"I am waiting in room 132. Here is the key. Come get your final rose!"

I opened the room door not really expecting what I was going to find.

Save for the soft orange glow from four candles, the room was dark. Set before me was a table with a vase holding a single red rose, a bottle of wine and shrimp cocktail. But, no George.

A few moments later George entered the room. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and looking very handsome. He was also wearing an enormous smile.

"Look at you!" I said walking up to him.

"I'd rather to look at you!" He replied. "My God, you're beautiful."

I gave him a deep, long kiss and reached down and grabbed the bulge in his pants. I could feel the vibrations coming from his butt plug. I broke the embrace and walked him over to one of the chairs at the table. "Sit down." I instructed and he complied.

I bent over, unzipped his pants and liberated his rock hard penis The front of his underwear (thong) was very wet. I straddled his legs, lifted my dress, pushed my thong to one side and settled my drenched pussy onto his cock.

"You still have that remote?"

He pulled it out of his jacket pocket. "I just got it back from the bartender." Under other circumstances I would have been furious, but not tonight. It did, however, explain timing how the vibrator was turned on and off at just the right moments.

"Payback's a bitch, you know. Turn that puppy up!" I said playfully.

With both vibrators running full tilt, it was only moments before I was in the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever enjoyed. George responded with an explosion of his own. I could feel the force of his semen as it slammed into the back of my vagina.

While my violently contacting vagina muscles milked the last of the semen from George's cock, we kissed and hugged.

I finally broke the silence. "Do you have the rest of the evening planned?"

"I decided I'd leave that up to you."

"Well, we are all dressed up. How about dinner and dancing. Did you bring any other toys?"

"Of course. They're under the bed."

"How about putting my butt plug in, that will open me up for you later." I was looking directly in his eyes. We had tried having him enter my ass before, but never quite made it. His reaction (both on his face and his cock) was immediate.

"And I hope you paid for the cleaning service for this tux. I think it is going to get very messy tonight."

I hugged him tight and whispered in his ear. "I love you, George. I do know how very lucky I am!"

"Merry Christmas, lover!" He replied.

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