tagErotic HorrorTwin Souls

Twin Souls


Raymond walked through the club directly towards the strange woman he saw leaning against the bar. He thought she was strange because she looked like she didn't fit in with the other patrons of the place. Sure her head was bald and she had enough earrings to drive any metal detector crazy and her clothing was perfect for the place but it was her skin that he couldn't quite figure out. To call her skin color dark would have been an understatement but she certainly wasn't black it just had this weird quality in it's tone that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He had to meet her and find out more, he was definitely getting some tonight.

"So what are you drinking?" he asked sliding in neatly next to her.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" she answered without looking at him. Turning away with her back to face him she stalked away from the bar leaving the bartender confused with a drink in his hand. Raymond paid for it, took it and chased her down to a table on the far side of the dance floor. She sat down alone and lit a cigarette.

"You won't get rid of me that easily." He said smiling and placing the drink in front of her.

"Really? Guess I'll have to kill you then." She said humorlessly before blowing a cloud of smoke into the air. "Don't you have some hooker to harass?"

"Nah hookers cost too much and they aren't nearly as great a conversationalist as they pretend to be." Raymond took a chair right next to her and sat as closely as he could. She still didn't look at him.

"Why do I doubt that you're sitting here because you want a good conversation?"

"Because you take for some horny playboy who only wants sex."

"Why would I think that?" she asked scanning the floor for someone.

"How about I start asking the questions, what's your name?" he said looking around for whomever she was searching for.

"I don't feel like telling you. Why don't you do something to prove to me that you aren't just trying to get into my pants?"

"Like what?" Raymond asked. The woman took a drag of her cigarette and turned to face him for the first time slowly blowing the smoke in his face. When the cloud finally cleared she was looking him straight in the eye.

Raymond's blood ran cold and he quickly wished he had found someone else to talk to. This girl's eyes were piercing and looked into his as if she was staring right into his soul, not only that but her irises were white and her pupils were nothing more than black slits that ran vertically across her eye.

"What's the matter? Mister suave and smooth suddenly doesn't have anything to say?" she asked after a long pause. He hadn't realized he was staring at her.

"I'm sorry. I won't bother you anymore." He got up to leave and she stopped him.

"Wow, did I just sense some manners? There might be hope for you after all, sit." She took a sip of her drink as he sat back down.

"I'm sorry but I just couldn't help but notice...how beautiful you are." He started over.

"You're a shitty liar." She took another drag of the cigarette and studied him closely before slowly allowing the smoke to escape her lips of it's own accord. "You saw my, let's just call them 'irregularities' and just had to come over and learn more about me am I right?"

"You got me there and I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage." He confessed.

She smiled for the first time since meeting him. "Good."

For a few songs they said nothing to each other Raymond suddenly feeling he was in over his head. This woman had sized him up quickly and was nothing like anyone he had ever met, he wasn't sure whether to be intrigued, or frightened. During a long break between songs while the D.J. was introducing some band she mashed out her cigarette, downed the last of her drink and stood up to leave.

"Come on, this isn't the best place to get to know one another if you know what I mean." She motioned for him to follow and he obliged taking her hand in his and trying to lead her into the parking lot. Once outside she took the lead and walked over to a very expensive sport's car that Raymond had never seen before.

"Don't sweat the car, I borrowed it thinking it would get me laid. Hasn't worked yet." She told him standing next to the driver's side door. Underneath the moonlight Raymond could see her skin much clearer and what had been bugging him about it's color. Instead of the dark brown ebony of African Americans this woman had dark gray skin, so dark as to almost perfectly black.

"Wow." Was all he could think to say.

"Easier to see out here, I love black light because underneath that my skin almost looks normal, almost but not quite. Course you already saw that didn't you?" she was now sitting on the long sloping hood of the car with her arms crossed in front of her and her legs spread just about shoulder width apart. Her mini skirt was so short he could almost see up it.

"Funny thing is it's more intriguing than freaky. I like it." He said moving closer. Taking a few quick looks around he noticed that they were all alone in the parking lot.

"I don't know why but all you guys love my freakish skin and eyes, you can't get enough." She placed her hands on his chest and started to push him back but he resisted taking her hands in his. He was mesmerized by her beauty and had to have her right here and now.

"Damn you're beautiful, I can't get over it."

"Easy there hot rod." She said angrily pushing him harder. "I didn't say you could fuck me."

"I didn't ask now did I?" he said shoving her onto the car. She gasped when her back flattened out against the hard metal of the hood and Raymond wasted no time pulling her panties off and hiking her skirt up over her waist.

"Hey fucker, stop." She said not moving.

"Fuck that, I want you and I'm going to have you." He hissed pulling out his throbbing cock. He hadn't even noticed that it was fully erect but now that he had he intended to put it to good use. Forcefully, he parted her legs and pushed them up over her and positioned himself to enter her depths.

"No." she hissed. "Don't"

"Fuck you." He took hold of her throat with one hand and held her down while he pushed his dick as far into her as one thrust would allow. A terrible chill ran through his cock and up his body driving the deepest coldness he'd ever felt right through his bones.

"Jesus, your pussy is ice cold!" he said trying to pull out. In one motion the strange woman wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his back holding Raymond in place. He struggled to break free from her grip but she simply held on tight while her pussy seemed to grab a hold of his cock and suck out the warmth from his body.

"Sorry, but when you're dead you don't build up any body heat. Just sit back and enjoy the ride it'll all be over soon enough." Somehow using her legs she moved him into and out of her pussy controlling how he fucked her. Coldness coursed through his entire body until his extremities were almost numb and his strength was sapped completely so that all he could do was hold himself up while she forced him to fuck her. Moaning and hissing in his ears she held on tight and varied the rythum at which she pumped herself with his cock. Her pussy was as tight as it was cold and felt so good wrapped around him that he thought he might actually come if she kept this up somehow. Her whispering in his ear was also turning him on to the point where he was really getting into the sex that was now being forced on him. The irony of it all was that he had tried to rape her until he made it inside and then he wanted out and she wouldn't let him.

"Oh yes, damn your cock feels so good its going to make me come any second!" she said between gritted teeth into his ear. Her moans were becoming louder and more frequent and were only interrupted when she bit his ear or nibbled on his neck with razor sharp teeth. Her hands stopped holding him in place and instead began clutching at his shoulders and back, her fingernails scratching him seductively. Somehow, no matter what she did to him it only turned him on more and more so that he felt his own orgasm building to the breaking point. How was she doing this?

"Oh yeah fuck me, harder and faster FUCK ME!" she screamed ironically because she was in complete control, Raymond could do nothing but hang on and hold back as much as he could hoping that he would come last. She pulled his hair jerking his head forcefully to one side and let out one loud shout after another as her body bucked and writhed underneath. Her hands roamed over his back pulling at his shirt until it tore and scratching his back so much he was sure it was bleeding. Slowing down she took his hair in one hand and pulled her top up exposing one of her gorgeous breasts and shoving his mouth onto the erect nipple.

"Tease my nipple, suck my titty, yeah just like that bitch." He tried his best to please her running the tip of his tongue over the surface of the areola and flicking the nipple. She started fucking him faster and more forcefully while her sucked on her tit eventually letting go his hair which he had started to think she was trying to pull out of his scalp. He kept licking and sucking on her nipple while she rode him until she went completely wild pushing him up and ripping his shirt off and clawing his chest until rivulets of blood trickled down his torso into the waist of his jeans.

"FUCK YES, I'M COMING I'M COMING!" Raymond held back as much as he could trying to ride her orgasm out, she was thrashing about so wildly he wondered if even she could hold on, sharp fingernails dug painfully into his skin rending flesh as she clutched him refusing to let go. After far too long her orgasm abated and he finally lost control completely coming inside of her squirting one jet of hot come after another inside of her while she slowly wound down the volume of her cries and forcefulness of her body motions coming to halt as he exploded again and again seemingly unable to stop shooting hot semen into her.

Once again she took hold of his head and held it painfully at an awkward angle against his shoulder while their orgasms came to a close. Hoping that he would be released he tried to straighten his neck only to have her hold it in place.

"Nope. Remember when I said I was going to kill you?" she asked but instead of waiting for an answer she plunged two needle-like fangs into the artery in his neck that fed blood to his brain from his heart. This time it was his turn to grab at her only he was trying to push her away until he realized it was already too late. Even if she did let go he would bleed to death from the wounds in his neck.

"Fuck you bitch." He muttered accepting the inevitable. She said nothing but simply held onto him while his life pulsed from his neck into her waiting mouth for her to consume. The coldness spread from his extremities to his chest and finally his arms and legs felt numb and weak so that he was unable to support himself. Falling into her arms on top of the hood of the car he waited for several minutes for the darkness to envelop him hearing only the sound of her swallowing his blood one gulp after another after another until he could hear and see nothing at all.

"His body was found in the parking lot of a local nightclub frequented by Goths, although cause of death is known to be exsanguinations how his body was drained is still a mystery." The newscaster concluded. A hand holding a television remote punched a button and the screen went blank instantly.

"But not to us, now is it Rachael?" the man holding the remote asked. Turning from the television he faced a young girl who looked to be a mere teenager but was in fact much older. Her skin color was nearly black and her long hair was as white as a cloud.

"What are you implying?" she asked quietly.

"If I'm not mistaken the young man murdered at the club is known to you isn't he?" the older man asked.

"Why are you doing this to me dad?" Rachael asked.

"Answer my question." Her father pressed.

"He's the man who raped and murdered me why?"

"The man you sold your soul to kill?" he asked. Rachael looked away when he mentioned her pact. "You go missing all night and he turns up dead the next morning now what do you think I'm implying?" he approached her menacingly. For a human Rachael's father could be extremely intimidating.

"I already told you where I was last night. I didn't kill him although I wish I had." She stood up and turned away wiping off the tears that she couldn't hold back. "If you don't want to believe me then I have nothing more to say to you." She stalked from the room while her father watched her go.

"I didn't say I didn't want to believe you." He whispered after she had left the room.

"It is a mark of your clan." Lucifer told her from the mirror. "You didn't honestly think you were the only one did you?"

"Yeah actually I did. Its funny what ideas run through the head of a sixteen year old." Rachael answered the demon.

"Too bad." He said smiling. "No I honestly don't know killed him but I wouldn't worry my pretty little head about it if I were you, dead is dead after all." He vanished from the mirror leaving Rachael to stare at her own reflection. She didn't bather trying to call him again, Lucifer told no lies but had intricate ways of telling the truth most of the time. But when he outright said he did or didn't know something he meant it, especially if he had nothing to gain from weaving the information into a tricky riddle. She sighed and wiped off the last of the tears before putting her makeup on. Not that she had anywhere to go she simply needed something to do. About an hour later she left the room to return to speak with her father.

"I understand the value of 'innocent until proven guilty' Rachael but even you have to admit that this is not good timing for you."

"Dad anyone who knows anything about me knows where I go every weekend and if you talk to any of them you'll know everything you need to know to clear my name." she said coldly.

"That won't be necessary my dear your reactions have told me everything I need to know. But there are new questions that need to be answered if your name is to remain cleared not the least important is 'If you didn't kill him who did'"

Rachael wrapped her arms around her body as the realization finally sunk in.

"Another Vampire."

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