tagIncest/TabooTwin Summer Ch. 06

Twin Summer Ch. 06


I originally decided not to publish this part of my story, but Sam, who found my secret work (and has added to it!), read it through and said I should be brave and do so -- no matter what people might think. I also think she would admit that reading it made her feel rather horny which delayed publication for an hour.

I was awoken by someone sitting astride my head and a swift slap to the cheek." Ow!" I yelled opening my eyes in the darkness.

"How dare you?" growled a husky voice. "How dare you fuck my girl-friend?"

I used my arm to grab a wrist and stop another slap.

"What the hell?" I yelled, still groggy with sleep.

"You, Ricky babe, fucked my girlfriend and I want my revenge!"

I was awake now and in the dimness of the room took in the fact that my big sister, Rachael, was a little cross with me.

"B. .but . . ." I managed to stammer. Rachael switched on the bed side lamp and sat back on my chest. She was wearing a red silk dressing gown - and nothing else. My eyes got used to the brightness and came into focus on her rather nice cleavage, but as she grabbed my ears and twisted this rapidly went out of focus again. I grabbed for her wrists and used all my strength to push her back. I could see there were tears in her eyes as well as my own.

"Sorry sis," I murmured -- "she rather seduced me, I think."

At this Rachael heaved against me and her pubic mound ground into my chin as she tried to squash me. I moved my chin trying to free it, my hands still holding her wrists to prevent another attack. She shifted again, this time grinding herself against my mouth. I opened my mouth to protest and the next thing I knew was her hot clit rubbing across my teeth.

"Seduced you, you randy fucker!" she squalled and then, trying to answer back, my tongue touched her hot pussy lips she wailed and ground herself even harder against me.

I had never thought of my sister as a sex object, but as a rather attractive, rather nice friend. But it is very difficult to think when your mouth is covered with someone rubbing their clit hard against your teeth whilst pinning back your arms. She shifted herself putting a red hot vagina over my mouth. I swallowed and then my tongue took over, probing and seeking a way between her burning pussy lips. She gasped and gasped again and her hold on me relaxed, as she swayed more and more against my face. Her clit was now my rubbing up against my nose as I buried my tongue deeper and deeper inside.

It was the early hours of New Year's day, a few hours after I had lost my virginity to Sophie, Rachael's girlfriend in the bathroom (See Chapter 2). Rachael had gone off to bed -- she was exhausted and tired from the problems with the ice and snow - and had left us together. She had seemed OK about things then, so this midnight attack was really unexpected.

Rachael, was moaning deeply and getting into a rhythm, her clit running over the tip of my nose and her pussy grinding hard against my mouth. Me, well I had to admit I was beginning to enjoy myself. She tasted different to Sophie, a little more lime, a little less honey in her juices. If I worked on it I could probably create a Rachael cocktail -- tequila and lime with Demerara sugar. Whereas Sophie had been creamed rice and honey with a touch of vodka. No, actually that would not be a good cocktail.

Someone else was in the room, I felt them pull back the bedclothes and then they sat astride me, on my chest, behind Rachael. I could feel Rachael tighten and then she moaned louder. I turned my eyes sideways to the dressing table mirror and found I could see beyond my sister's pubic triangle. It had to be Sophie of course as there was no one else in the house. She was sitting naked on my chest, her arms around Rachael, kissing her ears and caressing her breasts.

Rachael started to press harder against me, her motion becoming more urgent. I concentrated on using my tongue to get as deep inside her as possible, the tequila and lime becoming more and more intoxicating to my befuggled brain.

It was now my turn to gasp as a hand grabbed my erection. I turned my eyes to the mirror again to see Sophie raise herself and push herself backwards towards my cock whilst still caressing sis's boobs with one hand. She put a fingers of the other into her mouth and then wet with saliva, lubricated my cock. Then she pushed herself back onto my throbbing member. She moaned aloud. Unable to speak, I gasped for air as she grasped my cock and I thrust deep inside her. I also gave a deep moan deep into Rachael's moist dark cavern.

Now it has to be said that I thought that Rachael must have been enjoying herself, but at the twin moaning from both Sophie and myself, she halted as though only just becoming aware of what was going on and said "Oh fuck -- what the hell am I doing? He's my little brother!"

She raised herself from my mouth and turned around, this time sitting on my head facing Sophie. Of course this meant it was my nose that was still taking the pounding when she started to struggle with Sophie. My nose sort of ran up and down the crease of her pussy lips while she tried to wrestle Sophie off my cock -- well at least that is how I interpreted what was going on - I was definitely in the dark.

What I felt happen next was Sophie raising herself off said cock and forcing Rachael's head down - this being accompanied by sounds of struggle and swearing -- until, not only was my nose up my sister's cunt, but my cock was in my sister's mouth. This was too much for my eighteen year old body to stand and I started bucking to try and free myself. Well the more I bucked, the deeper my cock went into Rachael's mouth and the more engaged she became in the process. I flopped back as sis started to pummel my cock between her lips. I reengaged my tongue at the rear end and we went hell for leather.

I had to come up for air. I could feel the cum start to swell in my tubes and I pushed Rachael from behind to stop her making me come in her mouth. Her nice pert ass now out of the way I was able to see properly for the first time since being woken up. My eyes met Sophie's as she sat beside us on the bed. She gave me a very wicked smile and asked "Remember I said I would give you the night of your life?"

I nodded dumbly.

"I promised Rachael the same thing. She's never had a boy and I thought it would be wicked if the first boy she had was you."

She giggled, I gasped.

"Well the only way of getting her in here was to get her to remember how she fought with you when you were children -- and after a lot of persuasion she agreed to come in and attack you. I think it worked. What do you think Rachael?"

Rachael whispered very quietly: "I think I would actually like to try some cock inside me. You OK with that bro?"

I had heard that sex between brother and sister was not approved of, but well she was one sexy dame and I was not asking for approval -- my sex-brain now being in top gear. She came towards me flashing those double-d breasts at me again - they had given me the first real hard of the night earlier on. This time, having learnt well from my teacher Sophie, I was able to gently take them in my hands and I started to gently lick around the nipples until they went hard and I could then start sucking.

Rachael was on one side of me and Sophie on the other. Sophie went down and started on lubricating my erection with her mouth, then with me lying on my back Rachael came and straddled me and pushed back against me. Her cunt was still hot and moist and I went in easily.

I think we were both nervous, especially me, but Sophie made things work for Rachael, teasing her tits as she went up and down on me and playing with her clit. Rachael had been hot before we started fucking and with the stimulation of her clit with Sophie rubbing hard, she soon shuddered and moaned and collapsed on me in a juddering heap. I nearly came, but did not want to come inside Rachael, so as she collapsed I pulled myself out, my cock glistening in her cum juices. She gasped as my long hard penis came out with an audible pop.

Rachael moved over to one side, lying next to me and caressing my chest and looking into my eyes. It was a look that said "I love you bro."

Sophie came around the other side and slowly sucked my cock deep into her mouth. She grasped my swollen balls in her hand and started massaging them as she moved up and down. I started thrusting, lifting myself off the bed as she moved up and returning to the bed as she moved down. I was in fucking ecstasy as I fucked her gorgeous erotic mouth. She played my like a violin, teasing, sucking chewing and biting until I felt a tsunami of a spunk ready to flow free. I pulled back as I started to jerk cum and the first spurt flew into her face, but she followed me down and took my cock back into her mouth as I juddered jizz forth by the gallon. She swallowed, but still it came. My cock was out of her mouth again and now spurting milky sperm on her pert breasts and then as the eruption stopped and as the last cum oozed forth Rachael's hand came and she took it with her fingers, she put them to her lips and licked the cum, puzzled it seemed by the taste.

I lay back as Sophie started to kiss Rachael passionately, her own sex now white hot and unsatisfied. She took the cum that had landed on her breasts started rubbing her clit with it faster and faster. Rachael got up and sucked Sophie's tits, licking the remaining sperm from them and then she licked clean the cum that had spurted into Sophie's face. They kissed again deeply, tongues entwined, until Sophie brought herself to orgasm and they both lay down one on each side of me.

I haven't seen Sophie since, Rachael has mainly been at university and although we never mention that New Year's eve, we now have a secret smile with which we can each tell the other "I understand."

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