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Twins Reunion


All characters in this story are fictional and any that engage in sexual activity are over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy reading it!

This is my entry for the Summer Lovin' contest.

This story can stand on its own, but follows after another series, 'Twins Across the Street'. The previous series isn't required reading, but makes this tale more complete if you do.

I want to thank Guinahart for agreeing to continue editing my work. I made some modifications after she corrected my work, so any errors you find now are solely my own.

I hope you enjoy this fun tale!


It's a funny thing, to want something that's gone. For me, it first came with my ex-wife, after she left me. Now, it comes in the form of my neighbors, the twins that I recently spent a lot of time with. The three of us really connected, and I have to say, last summer was one of the best times of my life.

After they went off to college in the fall, I spent the next several weeks just hanging out as a bachelor again. I would go out with my work buddies, usually just hanging out at our favorite Irish Pub down the street. I had a few dates with some ladies I had met, but nothing really clicked with any of them. Don't get me wrong, the few that I did have sex with were incredible, but it always seemed that they were lacking in personality.

I know that I am not the most handsome guy on the planet, but I am confident that I am in the category at least. Once, a long time ago, my ex-wife had told me that her friends all figured I was about 7 or 8. I knew that guys rated women on looks, but until that time, I had no real clue that women were just as salacious, if not worse, than men can be. Hey, I was still learning.

By the time the holidays came around, the twins returned from their schools, for winter break. I didn't get much of a chance to see them, other than wave as they came and went. I did get a text from Teri though.

Merry Xmas John

We hope U R keeping warm!


The short but sweet message, reminded me of our time together. The time we had spent was great, and I longed for them. I now wished I had asked Teri to be my girlfriend, but had to admit to myself, that her life away at college would make it pretty hard to stay faithful. So, I rationalized, it was better this way.

Life went on and, after the holidays, I got more wrapped up in work than ever before. In what seemed like a few days, spring break was only a week away. I had been talking with my neighbor, Marie Rios, and decided to ask her out on a date. She seemed like an interesting woman, and damn was she gorgeous.

We went to dinner and a movie, which made for a nice evening. We got along well, but aside from her beauty, there was just no real spark. I think she could tell as well, so we called it a night. The next day, while at work, I was looking into things to do over spring break.

After several options flittered through my brain, I decided a trip was in order. I dug back into my mental 'bucket list' of places that I wanted to visit. I remembered that before we split, I always wanted to take my ex-wife to visit Napa Valley, down in California. At the time, it sounded like a very romantic getaway for us. I decided that would be my destination this summer.

Now, I wasn't about to call up my ex, and ask HER to go with me, so I was stumped. Should I go alone, or ask someone to go along with? I thought about Teri, but she was still away at school, or possibly even away at some 'normal' college spring break location. My guess, since she was at Georgetown, would be Myrtle Beach. Heck, that's where I'd go, if I was in her shoes.

Hmmm, I could always go join her... Now maybe that was a good idea. On second thought, I may not be ancient, but would still feel really old hanging around all those younger college kids. That could be awkward, to say the least. I went back to the Napa idea, and figured, what the heck? I decided to call Marie. At least we got along, even if there were no future wedding bells in sight. I could do worse than a romantic trip with a beautiful woman to accompany me.

"Hi, Marie, it's John. I was just wondering if you have any plans for next week?"

"Hey, John. Next week? Um, not sure yet. Work I suppose. Why do you ask?"

"Well, if you aren't too afraid of my stalker potential, I was thinking of visiting Napa Valley, down in California. I've always wanted to go, and hear they have some of the best wine tasting tours in the country. I was wondering if you would like to join me. I'm buying!" I exclaimed with a smile, as if she could see THAT over the phone.

There was a pause. I wondered if she was thinking about the trip, or the fact that I mentioned stalker potential. I still didn't truly know what her limits were, so it had been a gamble.

She exhaled, and then, "OK, you're on. Let's do it! I haven't had a break since moving out here, and could really use it."


We agreed on leaving on the coming Sunday, so that we could spend at least three days touring the wineries, and just enjoying a relaxing time. I was a bit nervous, but mostly because I really didn't think I was in her league. I knew that I wasn't a slouch, but she was in a whole other category by herself.

She was the very definition of an exotic beauty. She had an almost olive color to her skin, and jet black hair to go with it. Her dark hazel eyes were striking, and she could easily pass for a runway model. I was in awe that this gorgeous woman agreed to go with me.

I drove us to the airport, and the flight was pleasant. The whole trip was a nice package deal that I found on the internet, so all of the travel details were pre-arranged. After we landed, there was a shuttle to take us to the hotel. It was a beautiful place, called Bardessano, in Yountville. Having never been to this area, I was blown away. It had this almost Japanese style layout, with a short, stone façade, and a cobblestone walkway running through the middle. The path was flanked on both sides, by a petite, manicured hedge. There were fountains, little rock formations, and a general aura of tranquility. This place was like a large version of a meditation waterfall.

Not wanting to be presumptuous, I had reserved us two rooms, each with a king bed. At least they were adjoining, just in case. After getting settled in, we left the compound and took a slow walk along a well-used path. These hills were a combination of green shrubbery, and dry, almost desert ground. Such contrasting colors, I was amazed. I think Marie was, too.

We talked lightly, mostly about what we liked and didn't like, nothing too deep. I was really enjoying listening to her, talking about her passion for the Performing Arts. As the sun was setting over the next hillside, we stopped, and sat on a large flat rock.

"Marie, I just wanted to thank you again, for coming with me."

"John, you don't need to thank me. I need to thank you, for bringing me along. This place is magical."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Tomorrow should be even better. We will be riding the 'Napa Valley Wine Train', which I have heard is a great way to view the scenery, while tasting some of the best wines around."

"That sounds lovely, John."

We sat in silence for a few minutes, sitting next to each other, as the large rock slowly leaked its warmth. As the curtains of darkness enveloped us, we snuggled closer to each other, and she laid her head against my shoulder. The warmth of her cheek against me, and the slowly rising moon on the horizon, truly set the mood. Marie wrapped her arm around my back, and squeezed tightly against me. It felt luxurious, and I didn't want it to end.

It started to cool off, finally, and the only sound to be heard, were the crickets chirping in the distance. Eventually, I turned my face to her, and kissed the top of her head. She was holding tightly to me, as if she would fall off the rock without our embrace. She shook just then, and if I didn't know any better, she felt like she was crying.

"Marie, are you ok? What's wrong?" I asked, with concern.

She stopped shaking, sniffled, and reached up to wipe her eyes with the back of her right hand. She sat up a bit, and looked at me with slightly puffy red eyes.

"John, this is absolutely wonderful, and I don't deserve any of it. I'm such a horrible person..." She almost broke down again, but visibly held back the sobs.

I stared at her in disbelief. How could this lovely creature be so unsure of herself?

"How can you say that? You are one of the sweetest people I know. You are funny, beautiful, and so nice to everyone."

She almost snorted a laugh, "You wouldn't say such nice things if you knew how awful I've been." She paused, pulled her arm back from around my waist, and wrung her hands together tightly. "I was married before, to Devonte Williams, back in Chicago..."

I wanted to ask her questions, like what it was like to be married to an ex-NFL player, but decided that was probably not the best direction to go, right then. This would be her conversation, since it sounded like she needed to get something off her chest.

"John, I cheated on my husband, and he divorced me because of it. I don't blame Devonte, but I still miss him so much. I was a fool... I had it all, and took it for granted."

Now she did start sobbing again, and leaned into me, so I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She shook for a few minutes, and I just held her to let it pass. I felt bad for her, holding onto such terrible guilt. I was also a bit on the apprehensive side now, seeing as how my ex-wife had cheated on me. Her admission brought back that terrible night when my wife left me. I quickly pushed it aside. That was the past, and there was nothing I could do about it.

People deserve second chances, but I also wasn't sure I wanted to get serious with someone that had already cheated on someone she professed to have loved. I just held her, and let her know it was going to be alright. We sat on the rock for another thirty minutes, until she calmed down.

"Marie, that sounds painful, but you have to move on. You've got a lot going for you, and you should look forward, instead of backwards."

"Thank you, John, I needed that."

We got up, went back to our rooms, and I had a fitful night of sleep, filled with dreams of a naked Marie. It turned into a nightmare when there were other men in the room, lined up for their turn. I awoke with a shudder, and realized that I was sweating.

I got out of bed, turned up the A/C, and went to the bathroom. I stood in front of the sink, splashed some water on my face, and looked in the mirror. What the fuck was that all about? I was both turned on, and mortified by that dream/nightmare. I had no desire to live out that nightmare for real, ever. This was getting a bit too real for me.

I went back to bed, and we met up for breakfast the next morning. It was a light spread, of fruit and pastries, juice and some very rich coffee. We ate quietly, neither sure of what to say to the other. She finally broke the spell.

"John, I wanted to apologize for last night. I really didn't mean to get that emotional, but just sitting there with you, reminded me of the tenderness I used to share with my ex."

"Marie, it's OK, really. I'm just glad you are feeling better this morning," I said with a smile. I really had no idea what else to say.

She smiled in return, and we finished up our breakfast. The train ride that day was unique, but ultimately not what I had expected. We rode in one of the lounge cars, and enjoyed some wine. The train rode next to a highway for a while, which wasn't very interesting, but soon opened up into some wonderful scenery of the vineyards on the low rolling hills.

We got off the train at the end, and tasted some more wines, before getting on a bus to head back. The bus stopped twice at wineries for more tasting. By the time the bus got us back, we were both feeling the effects of our day's drinking.

I followed Marie up the path, to her room door. When she finished opening it, she turned, and hugged me tightly. It felt warm and inviting, but sadly more sisterly than romantic. At that moment, I knew that she and I were never going to be a couple, and I was OK with that. I held the hug for as long as she wanted, then she peeled off me and went into her room.

We flew back home two days later, after having a lot of fun together. Once we both verbally agreed that we were probably going to be better friends than a couple, we truly enjoyed each other's company. She told me all about her childhood, and her dreams to still have a family. I told her about my ex-wife, my military past, and my current job. We both agreed that it had been a great trip.

Life returned to normal after that vacation, and I spent my time fixing things around my house, when I wasn't at work. Fall approached, and I thought about my parents. Sometimes I would think about them, and all the things that they didn't get to do or see, since they died when I was only nineteen. I'm glad they didn't see my mistake in marrying Sheri, but also sad that they hadn't gotten to live long enough to see any grandchildren.

I spent another birthday mostly alone, but didn't really care that much. I did have a nice lunch with Marie, and spent the evening treating myself to some 18 year aged single-malt scotch. I also watched an old action movie, a favorite of mine called Tango and Cash. I was now twenty-five, so didn't really see the point in counting the years. I would probably pretend I was twenty-two every year from now until I died, anyhow. I laughed at my own inside joke.

Thanksgiving was always a trying time for me, since my parents used to love making a big deal out of it. When I was a teenager, they would cook enough food for an army, for just the three of us. When I was very young, we would eat dinner with my mom's side of the family, at a fairly large gathering. Most of them stopped talking to me after my parents' death. I was mad at them all at first, turning their backs on family. Now, I had just come to accept that maybe they weren't the decent people I remembered from my childhood.

Thankfully, the twins were home from school for a short holiday break. They would get a longer winter break in a few weeks, or so they told me. They both stopped by to see me when they got in, and I was rewarded with a kiss from both of them.

Katie ran home, while Teri decided to stay and visit for a while longer. I shut and locked my front door, and we made out passionately on my couch. It was as if it had only been a few days since our time on the islands, and the heat between us was just as intense. We broke for air, and just stared into each other's eyes.

"God you are beautiful," I panted.

Her megawatt smile could light up a city block. "Thanks, I missed you too. It feels like someone else missed me, too," she said, still grinning, as she felt my throbbing erection, trapped in its cloth cage.

I smiled in return, and ran my hands around her neck, upwards behind her ears, to gently pull her in for another smoldering kiss. Our lips seemed to be made for each other, and out tongues were happily dancing in tandem.

She pulled back from me, got a wicked look on her face, and jumped up.

"Last one to the bedroom, goes down on the other first!"

"Cheater!" I yelled, as I tried to catch up to her retreating form. Being honest, I really didn't want to win, anyhow. She ran down my hallway giggling. The view of her ass, and the idea of 'having' to go down on her, truly didn't seem like a punishment to me.

She flew into my room, and I was right on her heels. She bounced onto the bed, and I jumped on top of her like a pouncing tiger. She squealed, as I attacked her neck with my tongue and lips. As I worked on her neck, my hands roamed downwards, to the sided of her shirt. I got a hold of the bottom hem, and pulled it up and off her.

She finished getting the rest of her clothes off, and I sat back on my heels. She helped get my clothing off, and I rained kisses all over her. I started again near her neck, and worked my way down to her tummy. I kissed around the outside of her nipples, without touching those sensitive nubs. My lips traced a slow path down the sides of both breasts, ending around her belly button.

I teased her with my tongue, for what seemed to be nearly ten minutes, before she'd finally had enough. She was so wound up, that she forcefully grabbed the back of my head and shoved me hard, into her weeping folds. It was hard to breathe, but I didn't mind the idea of dying like this. I was in heaven, and judging by her moans, so was she.

She started bucking, and rode my face hard. It was a beautiful thing, to watch her squirm as she reached that incredible peak. The waves of pleasure washing over her looked amazing, as she continued to shudder. I moved up her body, and kissed her as if we would never kiss again.

We lie together until she came back down from the stratosphere, and we made slow, tender love, after that. I was running my fingers down her arms, running them in circles on her nipples and around the outsides of her breasts. My lips trailed down her neck, and across her collar bone, up the other side. I extended my tongue, to lightly lick behind her ear, and flicked her lobe, before gently biting it. She squealed out at this, as I continued my assault on her entire body. We moved as one, and both reached our zenith at nearly the same time. It felt incredible.

We were both very happily sated, and didn't want the spell to be broken. Sadly, she had to get up and head back home for her family feast.

We said our goodbyes, and promised to see each other during the winter break. She left, and my bed never felt so empty. Every night, I replayed that moment we had shared, in my head. She was amazing, and I had let her walk out of my life again, without telling her how I felt. I think she felt the same for me, but she was still at college, and I knew what a target rich environment that could be.

Work got busy again, as it always does before the holidays. Once the snow started falling in the mountains, and the temperatures really dropped in the north, we would get busy. Work would usually calm back down to almost nothing around the middle of December. This year was no different.

December came, and I worked from home during most of the slow times. I was looking forward to Teri coming home, more now than I had before. The one day that I went into the office, I came home to her waiting for me. I was as happy as ever.

"Hi John! Teri went on a ski trip with some friends of hers, so I thought you could use a little company to keep you warm."

So this was Katie that was visiting, damn twins. You would think I could tell them apart better by now. I chuckled at my own inside joke, as she just gave me a puzzled look.

"Never mind, I was just laughing about you twins, that's all." I smiled, making sure she understood I wasn't laughing AT them. "Would you like to come in?"

She giggled, "Of course, silly!"

She filled me in on her time so far at UNLV, and how she loved it down in Nevada. She was sporting a very nice tan, and looked phenomenal as ever.

"The sun looks good on you."

"Thanks, I love it! You should come visit me sometime."

I thought about that for a minute, and decided to shelve the idea for later. A trip to Vegas sounded great, but I would have to work it into my schedule after the holiday slow-down wore off.

"That sounds like fun, maybe I will."

Katie spent the night with me, and it was a night I will never forget. We did things that I didn't think were humanly possible. She told me she was flexible enough to put herself into a pretzel, and proved it! I was the luckiest man alive, and told her so.

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