tagLoving WivesTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 15

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 15


Tom left to have dinner with his parents. He was returning to college soon and tonight his family was having a 'Going Away' dinner for him.

Dinner at the 'house of the unclothed' followed its established pattern. In the 1st seating, the twins fed Tyler and Brenda and in the 2nd seating, the care giving trio ate. However, this time the atmosphere was very different. Everyone joined in a lively conversation.

Janice was very happy. Her plan to save the twins was working. The formerly solitary, painfully shy twins were talking and interacting well with everyone. Janice could now imagine Abby and Beth having an active, regular life in the regular society.

Janice was also happy that she was no longer plagued by questions and fears about her attraction to Tyler. The feelings between them were strong and mutual. Janice didn't understand their origins but she accepted them as real and true.

Janice was washing the dinner dishes when Brenda joined her in the kitchen.

"Janice, we need to talk," Brenda said.

Janice stiffened. She had been dreading this conversation.

Brenda continued, "You know, the twins aren't the only ones who have changed this week. I've seen my mother-in-law evolve from a matronly, joyless woman into a funny woman with renewed zest for life. I wanted to tell you that I like the new you."

Janice was surprised. She had been expecting an angry tirade because of her involvement with Tyler.

Brenda continued, "Tyler and I have an understanding. Sex with others is okay as long as we both are present. Tyler liked your kiss and blowjob. Enjoy each other. You don't have to worry about me." Brenda kissed her stunned mother-in-law on the cheek and walked away.

Bath time rolled around again and the eager twins got everything organized. When the adults came upstairs, the girls were splashing around in the tub without their artificial limbs.

For most of their life, the twins had let themselves be defined by their handicap and they had accepted the view that they were 'damaged goods'. But that was no longer the case. The twins had changed their lives by adopting a new attitude.

"Just look at them," Janice told Brenda and Tyler. "They are the active, happy, beautiful young women I always dreamed they would be."

Brenda looked at the twins and marveled at the change in them. When she first met them, they had been silent and dour, they had avoided human contact; but no more. Yes, Janice's plan had worked.

Abby and Beth washed Brenda and Tyler without hesitations, chatting the whole time. Together the twins cleaned Tyler's cock. Both twins took an unapologetic and playful interest in his penis. They stroked his full erection, caressing his balls and playing with the mushroom shaped tip of his cock.

Abby said, "We want to thank everyone for helping us. You saved us from our self-made prison of isolation and misery."

"Yes," Beth said, "You've been so loving and so patient. You didn't laugh at us when we had our fears over our first date. You even gave us kissing lessons."

Abby strove to wrap her small hand around Tyler's dick. She remembered that Tom's dick was even thicker. This caused Abby to comment, "You may rue the day when you said we could ask you anything Aunt Janice.... I know how babies are made, but it doesn't seem possible that something this big could go in me."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Tyler replied good naturedly. "My expertise is putting it in. You'll have to ask the women receiving it."

"Janice, I can take this one if you like," said the irrepressible Brenda.

Janice was slow to respond. Not because she didn't want the twins to have the information, but because with Brenda you rarely got the conventional. "Do I feel lucky?" Janice thought. "Everything is going so well". Janice took a chance and nodded to Brenda.

"Girls, I could explain it, but why don't I just show you. The boys had their fun this afternoon. I deserve a turn. Are you two willing to lend an injured, horny girl a hand?"

Of course, Brenda was perfectly capable of riding Tyler in spite of her bandaged hands. But the prospect of taking Tyler's thick dick in front of the girls was just too hot to pass up. Who knew where it might lead.

Then she had an even better idea and added, "Janice you'll need to stay. Aahh.. they might have questions."

Janice's first thought surprised herself, "Oh my, I can't." But hadn't she come to terms with her sexuality? And, hadn't Brenda told her it was okay to be with Tyler? After they all were dry, they retired to the bedroom.

"Janice, why don't you explain it the girls. I'll be the exam dummy," Brenda said as she lay on her back on the king-size bed. She completed the sentence to herself, thinking, "because I love exposing myself". The twins sat by her feet.

"Okay, so you know how babies are made." Janice started, "The man needs an erection. You've seen how easily and quickly a pretty girl, like you two, can make that happen. A woman needs more time and stimulation to be ready for intercourse."

"You experienced part of the process the other day. Everyone's vaginas got a little warm and wet due to the attention we experienced when we shaved our pubic hair. That is the state we are seeking only more so. Brenda, please spread your legs for us."

Brenda pulled her knees up and spread her legs. Janice slid a pillow under her butt to make everything more visible. Of course without any pubic hair, Brenda's pussy was extremely viewable.

"May we touch you," Janice asked. Brenda smiled and nodded.

"Girls, let's touch her labia major, the thick outer lips."

"Her vagina is in its normal state: dry, firm and closed. Penetration would be painful now. Tyler, kiss her and suck on her breasts."

As he looked down on his wife, Tyler siad, "I feel like we're part of a gym class health film."

"Kissing and caressing your partner and having the man stimulate your breasts and vagina are all actions that will give you the lubrication we are seeking. These activities will prepare your vagina to receive the erect penis."

They watched Tyler and Brenda kiss. He kissed Brenda's neck and breasts. The girls noticed how much harder and pointy Brenda's nipples got as he sucked on them. They could tell she enjoyed his actions by the sounds she was making. Janice found that her own sex was flooding with warmth and moisture.

"Let's help her along. Girls run your fingers up and down her slit. That's right. As her lips part and you feel more of her slippery fluid, push your finger in and out her pussy. See how easily it slides now? The more you do it, the slicker she will become."

"See how, like a flower, her sex has blossomed? The pink of her vagina is visible. Brenda is opening up to receive Tyler. Isn't that right Brenda?"

"Oh, I'm ready. Will one of you guide him in?"

Tyler got on his knees between Brenda's legs. He had to remain upright because he had no way to support the weight of his upper body due to his bandaged hands and broken arm. Abby and Beth reached down and placed the tip of his penis on Brenda's wet opening. Tyler rocked his hips forward and they saw Brenda begin to envelop him.

"Wow, the head slid in real easy," Beth commented.

"Is that all that goes in?" Abby asked.

"No. Normally I can put all of it in her," Tyler replied and then added, "Honey, this isn't going to work. Can we try another position?"

Giggling, Brenda responded, "You would think that after all the times we've done this... I'm kidding! Let me try being on top."

They flipped positions. Brenda straddled Tyler's hips. Janice retired to a chair in a corner thinking, "Am I really going to stay and watch this? Evidently, I am".

"Girls, can you hold his penis upright for me? Thanks. Rub it inside my lips until you locate my opening."

When they had him properly positioned, Brenda slowly lowered herself. The girls were surprised that she took all of him inside herself so easily. Tyler pushed up and drove himself into her as Brenda began rocking back and forth.

"Girls, would you mind getting beside me? I need something to lean on since I can't use my hands to keep my balance."

The twins moved to opposite sides of Tyler. Due to his cast, and the position Brenda was in, they moved up and knelt beside his head. Brenda leaned into their shoulders and placed her arms around their backs. They looped their arms under her arms supporting her securely.

Brenda rocked back and forth and said, "Great, this will work." She closed her eyes and set a slow and steady pace.

Janice's heart was beating fiercely. Was she going to watch this? Was she going to allow the twins to? Her nipples ached for attention. She had to rub and squeeze them to relieve the fire of desire. When she did so, she couldn't suppress her moans of satisfaction or the flood of fluid that rushed to her pussy.

Janice had been suppressing all sexual feeling since the passing of her husband. She now realized that she had been behaving just like the twins - merely existing, not living. She could no longer deny life. She embraced her new found sexuality. Thrusting two fingers into her sloppy pussy she began frigging herself to the orgasm she deserved. She was alive damn it, still alive!

The twins watched Brenda's boobs jiggle and were mesmerized by the sight of Tyler's dick sliding in and out of her vagina. They were excited by the view and the smell of sex, part of which they knew was coming from themselves. Mostly though, they were amazed by the knowledge that the big dick they could barely get their fingers around was completely inside of Brenda!

Tyler was in heaven. He was buried to the max inside his wife's warm, wet, tight pussy and six swaying, bouncing, jiggling tits were right in front of him. Could it get any better? Yes, it could!

Tyler said to himself, "God, smell that pussy!" He was surrounded by that womanly fragrance that Brenda had taunted him with earlier. It was so exciting and so over powering he could almost taste it.

Tyler turned his head from side to side. The twins were on their knees with their legs spread. The aroma he was enjoying was theirs. Their pretty pink pussies were actually dripping. He could see their juices running down their thighs.

All this was happening right beside his head, inches away from him. He could see the ragged inner lips of their cunts. The tissue had extended out of their hot vaginas. This was the most erotic thing he had experienced in his life.

He couldn't stop himself. These teenage beauties had been prancing around naked in front of him for days. Unknowingly teasing him with their tight asses, firm breasts, and hard pink nipples. How many times had they stroked his cock at bath time until he almost erupted? He could no longer stop himself, he didn't stop himself. He leaned over and licked Abby's pussy.

Abby jumped in surprise at the invading object, but then quickly, without any conscious thought, leaned into him for more contact. Tyler probed her tasty snatch. Then he turned to Beth and licked her hot slit. She too jumped. The girls were shocked by the unexpected contact and further shocked by how good it felt. Sparks went off in their heads. They craved more. Their rational mind worried, "Oh, my God, should I be doing this? What will happen if Brenda finds out?" But, those concerns were overruled by the primitive part of their brains that demanded more.

The first jumping twin went unnoticed by Brenda, the second did not. She opened her eyes to discover that her husband was tonguing another woman. No, two young, hot women!

The twins could see that they had been caught. They braced for her reaction. All she did was fuck Tyler with greater intensity and hissed through clenched teeth, "Give those two a good tongue lashing! And shove that big dick of yours into me harder. Harder!"

Tyler and Brenda began to fuck in earnest. The breathing of all four picked up. When Tyler removed his tongue from one twin, the girl's hand replaced it. It soon became too much for Tyler. He blew his load inside his wife's tight chamber. She felt the hot rush of sperm blasting her cervix and the thick prick arching into her as far as possible, and she climaxed as well. Brenda cried out as she felt the muscles in her pussy clench, the waves, those wonderful waves of pleasure flowed through out her body.

Janice soon followed with her own powerful orgasm. The feelings, those wonderful orgasmic feelings washed over her. Yes, even her toes tingled. Janice slumped into the chair. For someone who felt so good, she looked a wreck. Her hair was matted with sweat, perspiration covered her quaking body, and vaginal juices ran down her legs. But, of course, she didn't care. She had no cares.

The twins fought against Brenda's muscle spasms to keep her from falling. They did this while they had to deal with their own personal despair brought on by the absence of Tyler's talented tongue. They felt like crying, they were so frustrated. They had been licked, fingered, teased, and ultimately left unsatisfied! From her chair, Janice took everything in. She felt as if she had awakened from a coma, she was now a living, feeling being again. Her only qualm was an uneasy feeling in the back of her brain that had her questioning whether her re-discovered sexuality was a sign of her coming to grips with the loss of her husband... or a banner proclaiming some secret, dark desire of hers, brought to the surface by fantasizing about having sex with her son.

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