Two Days with Ulrike


"Don't move," Amber ordered, "I still need to rinse off the lather and then towel you off."

I held still while Amber poured clean water over my anus and then toweled my anus, thighs, cock and balls dry. She seemed to be very professional about it. Maybe it really was just a job for her. For me it was incredibly humiliating, but for her maybe it really was just a job.

Amber was a little rougher this time when she grabbed my arm and led me back to the bedroom. Perhaps I shouldn't have offended her. And when I got back to the room, Ulrike had pulled a latex glove onto her hand. It was exactly the same sort that the doctors and nurse use in medical offices, so I probably should have anticipated what was to come next.

"Place your hands up against that wall," Ulrike ordered, "and spread your legs far apart! You failed at the shaving task I gave you, now let us see how well you did at giving yourself an enema!"

I groaned at the command, although I went ahead and did it. Ulrike smacked me hard on the ass and told me not to groan anymore. Apparently it was a sign of disrespect.

I tried hard not to groan or whimper from that point on, but while I was bent over, Ulrike spread lubricant all over my asshole and then thrust her fingers into me.

I closed my eyes, thinking that would shield me somehow from what was to come, but I felt Ulrike's finger spearing into me, clear to the knuckle. She wriggled it, finding nerves in there that I didn't know that I had. The crude invasion of such a delicate and intimate place on my body was just too much. I gasped at first and then I made pathetic whimpering sounds and her fingers probed and wriggled and twisted around and just basically invaded a private place where they didn't belong.

"You were told to be quiet," Ulrike admonished me. "Now you'll have to be punished."

Ulrike continued to thrust her fingers deeper and harder inside of me, eliciting louder gasps. I think she found my prostate gland and my cock actually twitched and bobbed and jerked in response. I whimpered and realized I that I was actually getting turned on by the way Ulrike was abusing my asshole. I dimly noted that there was a blob of pre-come on the tip on my swollen penis.

Somehow through this haze of humiliation and sexual stimulation and abuse, I heard the words, "Amber bring me the leather belt from the top drawer."

Then Ulrike's fingers slipped out of my anus and she explained, "For whimpering and making other disrespectful noises without my permission, Adam, you are to receive eighteen hard swats across your naked bottom with a leather belt. If you move or attempt to dodge the belt or ward off my blows, the punishment will be increased."

I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, Ulrike was holding a leather belt and she had a cold, unforgiving look on her face. With fear and trepidation I realized that she intended to whip my naked skin with a leather belt.

"Eyes front," Ulrike ordered. "Look at the wall, not at me."

I obediently faced the wall and tensed my buttocks in anticipation of what was to come. I knew it would hurt; the only question was HOW MUCH would it hurt?

The first stinging blow hurt more than I thought it would. And then a second stinging blow was added to the first. The level of pain was a shock to my system. I wasn't expecting anything Ulrike did to hurt this much.

After the ninth blow I was panting and gritting my teeth in an attempt not to cry out. I was mildly confused about why the punishment stopped before we had reached eighteen swats, but I was so grateful for a cessation to the pain that I didn't ask any questions.

"Adam, you've gone soft," Ulrike said, accusingly.

It was my cock she was talking about. Due to the stinging pain she was inflicting on my unprotected backside I had lost my erection. I thought that was fairly understandable. Ulrike thought it was unacceptable.

"We'll have to re-establish your erection before we can continue your punishment."

To me that sounded like an excellent loophole to keep Ulrike from beating me anymore, but Ulrike had other ideas.

Ulrike ordered me to come back into the center of the room and ordered Amber to take my cock into her mouth and get me hard. I hesitated at first, but Ulrike threatened to double my punishment if I didn't comply quickly.

Amber guided my cock into her mouth while I obediently stood there with my hands at my sides and simply allowed things to be done to my body. I tried to resist Amber's attempts to get my cock hard, but she was really good at what she did. She knew all the right spots to stimulate. She spent a lot of time licking the underside of the head of my cock and gently scraping the underside of my shaft with her teeth. And while I didn't want to get hard, my traitorous cock didn't care. It simply responded to the stimulations Amber was inflicting on it. And while I tried to resist the sensations of Amber's tongue and teeth and saliva on my cock, Ulrike walked up behind me and forced her finger into my ass again.

The combination of Amber's mouth and Ulrike's finger soon had my cock swollen and erect again.

"And to help make sure your disgraceful flaccidness doesn't happen again," Ulrike said, "Amber will encase your member in a cock and ball strap."

I'd never heard of a cock and ball strap before, however it's apparently two narrow strips of leather. One goes tightly around the base of the cock and the other goes tightly around the base of the ball sack. Amber used metal snaps to snap the whole thing into place and it was so tight around my cock and balls that there was no way for the blood to drain from my swollen cock.

"Perfect," Ulrike said, once again slapping my swollen member. "Now we can return to whipping your ass. Face the wall again, please."

I whimpered when I noticed that my swollen cock and ball sack; now strapped tightly in their leather bondage; were turning and angry reddish color. I wondered how safe it was to tie my cock and balls up in tight bondage like this. My cock looked bigger and more swollen than ever now. Was it possible for there to be TOO MUCH blood in your cock?

Ulrike ordered me to stop day-dreaming and resume my position. Eventually I complied, although I was still worried about my cock and balls.

As soon as Ulrike resumed whipping my ass, I stopped worrying about my cock and balls. The stinging lashes from Ulrike's leather belt on my already sore ass were so painful they became my entire world. There was no way I could worry about anything else.

Despite my male pride, I soon found myself yelping in pain and my eyes actually welled up with tears and I actually started to cry.

I don't know if you know this, but there is nothing more humiliating for a teenage boy than to cry in front of a girl.

I tried to hold back the tears, but by the time Ulrike was finished whipping my naked ass, I was crying like a little girl.

"Don't move, Adam," I heard Ulrike say. "I need to immortalize this moment."

I didn't move, although I nearly died of embarrassment when I realized that Ulrike was taking photos of me with a little digital camera. She got photos of me crying, photos of my red, punished ass and photos of my swollen cock bound tightly in that leather cock and ball strap.

She then uploaded them to her computer and showed them to me.

I couldn't notice how red my ass was after being whipped with the belt. It was approximately the same shade of red as my swollen cock. Something about this actually filled me with pride. Some sort of submissive instinct inside of me was proud that I was able to take that my pain and abuse from Ulrike's leather belt. I felt that there should be a special word for that sort of pride. Or maybe there should be a special word for people like me, who could take pride in the fact that they were able to take a painful, ass-reddening spanking like that.

"Now Adam," Ulrike said as she smacked my swollen cock yet again, "you have an important decision to make. You've passed the physical inspection; your body is smooth and free of all kinds of body hair and you did a good job of cleaning out your anus as well; however if you want to go to the prom with me there is still one more feat you must accomplish for me."

I was shocked. I thought that passing the physical inspection was ALL I had to do in order to get Ulrike to go to the prom with me. Now she was telling me there was something additional?

"There's more?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Ulrike replied. "No boy has ever made it this far before. That means you've actually done quite well. However if you truly want to take me to the prom as your date, there's more."

As she said this, she slowly and gently stroked my inner thigh. It was hard for me to concentrate while she did that. It filled my head with lofty sexual thoughts, and it stimulated my libido, even though she wasn't actually touching my cock.

"I'll do whatever you want," I said, seriously wondering even as the words left my mouth if I wasn't making a huge mistake. I felt vaguely like one of those people from primitive cultures who were led to an altar and sacrificed to a pagan god. Only in this case Ulrike was the god. Or perhaps the appropriate term was goddess.

"I want you to be my slave for the weekend," Ulrike said. "Of course you'll have to call your mother and give her some sort of excuse for why you won't be home. You COULD tell her the truth, but from what you've told me so far, I don't think you're ready to be honest with your mother about your submissive nature."

Once again I was shocked, but the wave of excitement in the pit of my stomach told me that I would obey. Somehow being naked in front of Ulrike and her maid and crying in front of both of them; and having an ass that was red from a painful spanking; and having my cock and balls bound up tightly in leather bondage seemed right.

"I'll do it," I said somewhat surprised at my own words. "Could I have my phone back, please? The maid took it from me when she took my clothes."

Ulrike smile and kept eye contact with me and said, "Amber, Adam needs to borrow a phone so that he can call his mother. Please go fetch the one that he brought into this house."

So, Amber walked out of the room and Ulrike got up from her chair and pushed me backwards. It never even occurred to me to push back.

"You and I are going to have some fun this weekend, Adam Cushing," she said. "It will be humiliating for you, but I think you're going to enjoy it immensely.

The really strange this was she was right. I had never thought of myself as submissive before, but I was really getting excited from all of the humiliating things that she'd done to me so far, and my head was in a daze just thinking of Ulrike continuing to sexually abuse and humiliate me.

"Place your hands behind your back and you can kiss me," she said.

I obediently placed my hands behind my back and crossed my wrists. I imagined that they were bound there and that I couldn't get free. The image of helplessness excited me.

And when Ulrike kissed me, it was a passionate, possessive kiss. She forced her tongue into my mouth and battered my tongue with hers. I made muffled and inarticulate noises as my tongue surrendered to hers.

"You can never touch me without permission," Ulrike said. "I will tell you when and how you can touch me. If your hands or lips or cock or any other part of your body touches me without me giving the order first, I will punish you."

"Of course," I said. "I accept your terms. I will never touch you unless you give the order first."

Then Ulrike opened up a desk drawer and pulled out a butt plug. There were much larger butt plugs on the market that you could buy, although I didn't know that at the time.

"To help remind you of your submissive status, this butt plug will remain inside of you all weekend. We'll only take it out when Amber gives you an enema."

This was a new level of humiliation for me, not simply because I'd have this foreign piece of plastic invading my anus all weekend, but also because of Ulrike's proclamation that a total stranger would be forcing an enema nozzle up my ass every day and filling my anus up with water.

"You look so cute when you blush," Ulrike said, and then she took some more photos of me before the color faded from my face.

The butt plug was about two and a half inches thick and six inches long. The base was flared so that it couldn't get sucked into my asshole and get trapped inside my anus. Ulrike had me get down on the floor on my hands and knees with my legs far apart, my butt up in the air, and my head resting against the carpet. And then she smeared more lubricating gel into my asshole. It was cold and greasy and I whimpered when Ulrike smeared it into my anus, but Ulrike just laughed.

She speared my asshole with her finger again and twisted it around inside of me a lot. I think she really enjoyed violating that little orifice of mine. I think it gave her a strong feeling of superiority over me. I know it certainly made me feel inferior and defeated and violated.

Then she forced the butt plug past my tight sphincter muscle and deep inside of me. It was wide enough that there was a sharp pain as my poor anus was stretched unnaturally wide. There was a moment or two of real panic as I feared that the diameter of the bulbous part of the plug was too wide and that Ulrike would cause my sphincter muscle to tear by trying to force the plug in anyway.

"Uungh," I whimpered inarticulately as the thing was shoved inside of me, but once the wide part cleared my abused sphincter muscle, it closed tight over the stem and trapped that part of the butt plug into place.

Once it was anchored into place, the butt plug was no longer painful; however it felt foreign and invasive inside of me. It also made me feel somehow violated, almost as if I were being anally raped.

"Just think of that butt plug as an extension of me," Ulrike said while gently tapping the plastic base of the butt plug with her finger. "As long as that thing is inside of you, you'll know that you're not free from my authority. "

I whimpered at this and Ulrike fondled my sore buttocks with her hands. And then when Amber returned with my cell phone, Ulrike gave my ass a painful slap and told me I could get up off my knees and call my mother.

I dialed my home phone number and when my Mom answered I told her I was going up to Atlantic City with one of my friends from school. I'd done a weekend trip to Atlantic City once before and came back none the worse for wear, so my mother wasn't too worried when I said I was going to Atlantic City now. She warned me not to gamble more than I could afford to lose and that if I ran into any kind of trouble that I should give her a call.

She told me that she loved me and wished me a nice weekend. I said the same to her and then I hung up.

"Atlantic City?" Ulrike said as she snatched the cell phone from my hand and gave it back to the maid. "Not a bad cover story. I'll give you some cash before you leave, just so it'll look like you won some money gambling."

"Thanks, Ulrike," I said. "So, what's next?"

"Well, the next thing is that you need to start calling me 'Mistress'. If you call me 'Ulrike' again at any point this weekend, I'll have to punish you."

"Yes, Mistress," I said obediently and watched as the maid walked away with my cell phone. Obviously I wouldn't be using it again, until I was released from my Mistress's custody.

"And you need to be introduced to bondage," she added. "You'll never really know what it means to be a submissive until you're naked and helpless and at the mercy of everyone in the room."

Then she pointed towards the door and said, "Now you will walk ahead of me. I want to admire that cute tiny naked butt of yours, while we walk to the playroom."

"Playroom?" I asked as I obediently exited the room and down the corridor in the direction she indicated.

"It's where I keep all of my bondage toys," she said. "I think you're going to like it there."

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