tagBDSMDoctor's Orders Pt. 01

Doctor's Orders Pt. 01


Introduction: This is a story of a young man that learns that he craves a woman with a firm hand to control him sexually. The story contains female domination, bondage, teasing and denial, and some S&M.

Doctor’s Orders – Chapter 1 – The Physical

Here I am, 28 years old, and I’ve had it with women. I’m 6 feet tall, 185 pounds and quite fit. I’m told I’m pretty good looking. Since I make my living in fashion photography, I think I can tell a good-looking man when I see one. I may not be on the cover of GQ, but I’m certainly no dog either.

I gave my last girlfriend the old heave-ho 3 months ago. It was bad enough when I found out she was fucking another guy, but even worse when I found out that she wasn’t exactly cheating on me. She was cheating on him with me. She’d never given up her relationship with him. She just used me for sex a couple times a week.

This isn’t the first bitch that lied to me. In fact, I haven’t had a relationship with an honest woman yet. Honesty is something that I insist on in a relationship.

So life isn’t terrible. I’m working steadily. I live in a nice neighborhood and drive a new car. My next-door neighbor is a doctor. I suppose she is about 40. She’s a pretty nice lady and pretty damned attractive for her age. 15 years ago she might have been a model. She has a pool and invites me over to use it once in a while. Usually afterwards I treat her to dinner out. No hanky-panky. She is kind of like an older sister to me. Sure, I’ve looked her over. I’m bruised but I’m not dead. But she is too old for me. She’s never been married and doesn’t date as far as I know. She might be gay. And I’m staying away from women anyway. You just can’t trust them.

Sunday afternoon Beverly and I were talking over the fence and she asked me how my love life was. I’d already told her all about my last girlfriend and that I didn’t think I was going to pursue any kind of relationship for a long time. Now I told her that basically, I just wasn’t interested in women any more. I wasn’t turning gay, but sex just didn’t interest me.

“Joe. When is the last time you had a physical?” she asked.

“I haven’t been to a doctor since I got out of the army six years ago. No need really. I’m healthy as a horse.”

Beverly gave me a concerned look and said “Joe. It isn’t normal for a man your age to not be interested in sex. I know you’ve been hurt emotionally, but there could be a physical reason for your lack of desire. You really should have a complete physical”.

“It really doesn’t matter, Beverly. If I’ve given up women, I don’t need to have any desire”. I figured I had her there.

“Have you gotten tired of breathing, Joe? You might have a curable condition that could be fatal if not treated. I’m offering you my help. I’m not taking no for an answer!”

Beverly had an expression on her face I’d never seen before. She looked deadly serious and perhaps, just a bit offended.

“Don’t eat anything after 10 PM and be at my office at 8 AM, Joe. We’ll draw some blood and need a urine sample. Then we’ll schedule for a full exam at the end of the week.”

It didn’t sound like a request. It sounded like an order. Beverly was a good friend and I didn’t want to offend her so I reluctantly agreed. At 8 AM I was in her office peeing in a cup and getting stuck with a needle.

Friday at 10 AM, I was ushered into an examination room by a cute nurse named Julie. She was tall, thin and had boobs that looked too big for her thin frame. I see that type a lot when I’m working. Julie asked a bunch of questions, most of which I’d already answered on the form I’d filled out. When she got done she handed me a hospital gown. “Take off your clothes and put this on, sir. I mean ALL of your clothes. The doctor will be in to see you in a minute.”

I did as I was told and waited. I was pretty nervous. Having some stranger give me a physical was no big deal, but having a female friend do it was another matter completely.

I only waited about 5 minutes and despite being a little chilly, I had sweat on my palms. Beverly stepped in accompanied by a nurse.

“Hello, Joe. I’m so glad you came in. This is nurse Meredith and she will be here assisting me with your exam.”

I ‘d never seen Beverly in her doctor’s attire. Her red hair cascading across her shoulders, contrasted nicely with her white coat. I started thinking about photographing her. She really was attractive for a woman her age. Meredith was very differently built than the tall, slender Beverly. Meredith was about 6 inches shorter and broader in the waist and hips. Still, she had a nice sized rack and very pretty face. Her blonde hair was parted on one side and just reached her shoulders. Meredith was actually making me start thinking that it was too bad I’d given up women.

Beverly interrupted my thoughts by speaking. “Good news, Joe. Your blood work and urinalysis are completely normal. In fact, I’d say better than normal. Your HDL cholesterol is only 120, which is excellent. Your LDL cholesterol is above average, which is even better. From the lab work I’d have to say that you are as healthy as a horse.”

I figured I was anyway, but now Beverly was satisfied too. Or so I thought. She checked my reflexes, my pulse in about 5 places, looked down my throat, in my ears, up my nose, listened to my heart and lungs and even did an EKG. She couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

“Okay, Joe. We save these two tests for last because they make some patients uncomfortable. I need you to stand up. I’m going to reach under your gown and check your testicles for any abnormality. Testicular cancer is rare, but when it occurs it is almost always in men under 30.”

I wasn’t real anxious to have my next-door neighbor feeling my balls, but I was having trouble organizing my thoughts into words that would convince her this wasn’t necessary. I glanced over at Meredith and she was looking at me with a completely emotionless, professional gaze. Damn, she was pretty. That wasn’t helping me any.

I stood up and Beverly reached under my gown. She turned her face towards the wall since she couldn’t see under the gown anyway. In every respect she was being a professional. She slowly and gently rolled each testicle between her fingers. I couldn’t help myself. I started to get an erection. The gown tented outwards, which I saw Meredith noticed.

“Oh God. I’m sorry, Beverly” I stammered.

“Nonsense, Joe. There is nothing to be sorry about. That is a perfectly normal reaction. In light of what you’ve told me, I’m glad that happened. Your testicles have no abnormalities. One more test and were done. I save this for last because men dislike it so much. Bend over and put your elbows on the table. I need to check your prostate.”

Damn. The things I do just to keep from pissing off my neighbor. Beverly was smearing lubricant all over her gloved finger. My ass was hanging out of the gown when she gently inserted her index finger and started feeling the prostate.

“Just relax, Joe. It is more comfortable if you relax” she assured me.

It seemed to me that she was taking an awful long time, but seconds can seem like minutes when you are uncomfortable. She finally pulled her finger out discarded her glove. I turned around and pulled the gown closed.

“Joe. I didn’t like the way your prostate felt. It was abnormally large for a man your age. When is the last time you ejaculated?”

“Jesus, Beverly! That is getting pretty personal!”

“Sorry, Joe, but I’m asking you this as your doctor. Meredith and I are professionals. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“It’s been about 3 months.”

“And did you achieve this by masturbation?” she asked.

“No. It was with my ex” I replied.

“You don’t masturbate? Be honest with me, Joe. 99.9% of men masturbate. It is nothing to be ashamed of.”

God! I could feel my face heating up as it turned bright red. “I used to, and I tried a couple of times after I broke up with my girlfriend, but I didn’t ejaculate. It just didn’t feel good.”

“What about nocturnal emissions? Do you get erections?”

This woman was relentless. “None. I’ve never had a nocturnal emission. I wake up with erections sometimes, but other than that, none.”

“Okay, Joe. That probably explains your enlarged prostate. You can get dressed now. I’ll be back in a moment,” she said as she and Meredith left the room.

Finally I got to put my clothes back on. My face still felt hot. I was wishing I’d just told her I was uncomfortable having my neighbor give me a physical and gone to see a different doctor.

Beverly returned a few minutes later with Meredith.

“Joe, you seem to be a very fit young man. The only thing I can find wrong with you is an enlarged prostate, which is probably a symptom caused by your lack of libido. I can’t find any physical reason for your lack of libido. I’m probably going to recommend some psychological counseling, but first I’d like you to try a prescription. I have samples so you won’t need to go to the pharmacy.” She held out a bottle with some blue pills. The label said Sildenafil Citrate.

“The instruction are on the label but I want to go over them with you. Take one tonight at bedtime and then one when you get up and another about noon. Then take one daily after that. I’d like you to come back in a week for a follow up. It is important that you don’t ejaculate before then so even if you are feeling better. No sex and no masturbating. Do you have any questions?”

“No. Thanks” I replied.

“I’m glad you came in, Joe. Trust me. One way or another, we’ll get your problem licked.”

That seemed like a strange choice or words from the very proper and professional Dr. Beverly.

I took one of the pills at bedtime as instructed. I woke up with a raging hard-on. Well, that happened sometimes. I must have been having a dream. Maybe I was dreaming about that sexy nurse, Meredith. I took another pill and then had a light breakfast. I did a little work sorting some photos and preparing some model portfolios. About 11 AM, the phone rang.

“Hi Joe. This is Beverly”.

“Hi Beverly. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to talk to you about yesterday, Joe. It was clear to me that you were uncomfortable with me giving you a physical. I’d be happy to refer you to another doctor if you’d like. I value your friendship and if I have to choose, I’d rather have you as a friend than a client.”

I didn’t quite know what to say. Beverly was a good friend and I was kind of dreading facing her after she’d had her finger up my ass. “Gee, Beverly. I’d hate to lose you as a friend too” I stammered.

“Why don’t you come over and we’ll talk about it over lunch, Joe? Bring your trunks. It is a lovely day for a swim. And don’t forget to take your medicine before you come over.”

Well, the best way to get over a fear is to face it so I decided right then that I was going over. “Thanks, Beverly. I’ll be over in a few minutes.” I took my pill and grabbed my swim trunks.

When I got there, Beverly was dressed in white shorts and a sky blue scoop neck blouse. She looked elegant and attractive, as always. Lunch was already on the table. As we sat and chatted over lunch, I was starting to feel an erection coming on. Although Beverly’s attire was rather conservative, just her pretty face and the shape of her breasts under her blouse were arousing me. I’d really never spent much time thinking that way about her before. I had to start letting my mind wander to other subjects so I could stand up when lunch was finished.

“Go change into your trunks and we’ll head out to the pool” said Beverly.

I went into the guest room where I customarily changed and undressed. I’d just put my trunks and went back out to the kitchen. Standing there were Beverly, nurses Meredith and Julie, and a dark haired woman I’d never seen.

“Surprise, Joe. This is turning into a party. You already know Julie and Meredith. This is Erika, a friend of ours.”

I was a bit stunned so I just said “Pleased to meet you.”

“Meet us out at the pool, Joe. We need to get changed,” said Beverly.

I went out to the pool and laid on one of the chaise lounges. A few minutes later, I was astonished by the site that appeared before me. All four women were coming out of the house in the briefest of tiny bikinis. Beverly, who had always worn conservative one-piece suit in the past, had on a white thong bikini that barely covered her nipples and pubic mound. The other three women were in similar attire. I noticed that I’d misjudged Meredith, who looked just a bit overweight in her nurse’s uniform. She was extremely strong and fit looking. Apparently she was an athlete. Erika was stunningly beautiful and also athletically built. Her large breasts poured out of her black bikini. Beverly and Julie were tall and willowy with nice sized breasts, but Meredith and Erika were more robustly built and had at least D cups.

I just sat there with my mouth open. All four women approached me and sat on the chaise lounges next to me, two on either side, all facing me. They were all smiling like the cat that ate the canary. I had already put my towel on my lap to cover my throbbing erection.

Beverly spoke. “Joe, it is time to be completely honest with you as your friend and your doctor. It isn’t healthy for a young man like you to not ejaculate. Most men your age ejaculate every day. We intend to make you cum as many times as we can today.”

I couldn’t help but notice that she had slipped from her professional ‘ejaculate’ to ‘cum’.

Beverly continued. “The pills you’ve been taking are 100mg of Viagra. You have so much in your system now that I think you could cum 3 or 4 times without losing your erection. You don’t really need the Viagra to perform normally, but we are going to try to wear you out, so it will help. You aren’t a prisoner here, Joe. You can leave now if you want to, but if you stay, you will follow the doctor’s orders for the rest of the day. Are you staying or leaving, Joe?”

I was so turned on right then that I could barely get the words out. “I’m staying, doctor”.

“Then the first thing we need to do is get you out of those trunks!”

Four pairs of hands quickly removed the towel and trunks, exposing the most awesome erection I’d ever had. I practically came just from the friction of my trunks being pulled off. Good thing there was a privacy fence around the pool.

“The next thing we need to do is get rid of that awful hair. Get the shaving kit, ladies,” Beverly instructed. “Get the depilatory too.”

I kept quiet and just let them do what they wanted. Erika smeared a lotion all over my body while Julie and Meredith lathered up and then shaved my entire pubic area. My erection didn’t subside one bit through the entire process. Once the shaving was done, all four women removed the lotion from my body with wet towels. All of my body hair was removed with it. “Okay. Everyone in the pool”, said Beverly.

With Julie and Erica pulling my arms, I stood up, led by my throbbing erection. They led me to the steps and I walked in. The water was cool, but still my erection remained firm. That didn’t surprise me considering I hadn’t cum in three months and I was surrounded by four gorgeous women wearing practically nothing. Then to ensure I would stay hard, Beverly had duped me into taking about 6 times as much Viagra as an impotent man would need.

Beverly’s white swimsuit had turned completely transparent in the water. I could clearly see the pink nipples on her nicely shaped breasts. She saw me staring and smiled.

“See something you like, Joe?”

“Yes. As long as I’ve known you, Beverly, I had no idea how beautiful you were.”

“Too old to even think about, huh Joe? Well this old lady is going to teach you a couple of things today”, she smiled a very strange smile. “Come over here, Joe”, she said as she removed her swimsuit top, revealing two very erect nipples. “Get a good look. Touch them if you’d like.”

My cock was throbbing as I reached for her lovely white breasts. I rubbed them with both hands and gently tugged her nipples. Beverly’s expression showed her approval.

“I wonder how they taste?” she hinted.

I didn’t have to be told what to do, I immediately lowered my mouth to her right breast and sucked the pink nipple into my mouth, gently biting it and pushing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. I had one hand on her amazing ass and the other on her left breast. Beverly was moaning her approval. I switched to the other breast after a bit and then felt someone up against my back.

Julie reached around me with both hands grasping my rock hard erection in one hand and my newly shaved balls in the other. She kept a firm grip on my cock and slowly pumped it. The sensation of her hand playing with my shaved balls was incredible. They’d never felt so sensitive before. The complete lack of hair allowed Julie unhindered access to the nerve endings on my scrotum.

Beverly had both hands on my head, pushing it into her breast. Between moans she said “Julie, don’t make him cum in the pool”.

Much to my disappointment, Julie released her grip on my cock. Her hands now wandered over my hairless pubic region but deliberately avoided contact with my penis. The entire region felt as if it had suddenly become 10 times as sensitive to touch.

Beverly, grasping the sides of my head in both hands, pulled my head up from her breast and stared into my eyes; her face only 3 or 4 inches from mine. In this position my erection was pushed up between our bodies and the sensitive underside was rubbing against her smooth, wet skin. She then pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately on the mouth, her tongue dancing with mine. God! I’d never been so turned on before! And I thought she was too old to consider as a sex partner!

Beverly said, “Joe, I’d like you to float on your back. The girls will help support you. I want to get a better look at that beautiful penis of yours.”

Julie put her arms under mine and supported my upper body. Meredith and Erika each took a leg. I was on my back with my erection looking like a periscope sticking out of the water. Meredith and Erika pulled my legs apart and Beverly was able to step between them. She started gently touching my most sensitive parts with her fingertip. She moved all around the glans and then with painful slowness down the underside of my cock to my smooth balls. I jumped as she touched the root of my cock, just where the scrotum connects.

“So you’ve discovered a new sensitive spot, Joe?” asked Beverly. “It is normally covered by hair and you don’t feel much through it. We shaved you not only because we prefer the hairless look, but also because it makes you more sensitive. You’ll feel things you never even imagined before. Like this for instance.”

Beverly grasped my erection in one hand and circled the thumb and forefinger of her other hand around the top of my scrotum. She pulled my balls downward and pushed my cock up flat against my belly. This alarmed me at first and I started to struggle but Julie, Erika and Meredith and tightened their grips and I realized I couldn’t get away if I wanted to. Beverly then touched her tongue to that very sensitive spot where my cock joined my scrotum. She started licking and sucking it while stroking my cock and pulling down on my balls. I thought I’d cum any second but it wasn’t happening. I was moaning and moving about trying to get to orgasm, but despite Beverly’s oral assault, it just wasn’t happening.

“It looks like you aren’t going to cum just yet, Joe. You do have a lovely penis. Nice and big and set of large balls underneath. I do enjoy playing with you. Do you want to play with Joe, Julie?”

Julie enthusiastically agreed to play with my genitals and she and Beverly traded places. Meredith and Erika continued to support my legs and hold them wide apart. Julie started licking my smooth scrotum and slowly stroked my cock. Then she wrapped her hand around my scrotum the same way Beverly did and pulled my balls down. The other hand stroked my cock as she licked the head for a minute and then popped it into her mouth. She relaxed her grip on my balls and I thought I was going to cum, then she pulled them down even more tightly and I didn’t quite reach orgasm. I moaned in a combination of pleasure and frustration.

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