tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo Do Ron-Ron Ch. 02

Two Do Ron-Ron Ch. 02


Two Do Ron-Ron 2: Party Doll

I'm Veronica, known to my go-go dancing public as Ron-Ron. I live with my boyfriend of over a year, David, in a beautiful old house in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, in 1968.

A couple of months ago, David invited our college friend, Gabe, to fuck me while David watched. It escalated into some pretty serious bondage and double-teaming with Gabe and David, all three of us loving every minute of it. Then a third guy—my boss at the go-go club, Chet—was called in to also make use of me, the whole thing was filmed and I ended up pierced in twelve places. Quite a night.

We all thought it was a shame to waste the piercings and the fact that I had totally gotten off on all the dominance and bondage stuff—David said I'd never performed better—so once I healed up Chet started me dancing naked in the back room at his club, Sparks.

I get paid triple for dancing nude, so I wasn't unhappy in the slightest. Also I like to see men watching me naked, imagining what it would be like if they jumped up on the little stage and threw me on my back on the floor, if they mounted me against my will and got off on me in front of everybody. It makes me hot to think about it, and I dance better when I'm hot.

So it didn't totally surprise me when Chet came to me one night after closing. "I have a proposition for you, babe," he said, sitting down on the couch in the tiny dressing room as I toweled off after my shower. "You don't have to do it, but this is a personal request from one of my best longtime customers."

It turned out this guy wanted me to dance naked at his son's eighteenth birthday party, and there was a suggestion that I should be the kid's special present. He was a virgin, and his father thought he would be better initiated into sex by a pussy he knew was clean and safe and talented. He'd never fucked me himself, of course, but he was very familiar with my bare body from his nights at the club and I guess he liked what he saw it could do. Standing up, anyway.

Chet went on to say this guy would pay me a thousand dollars for the weekend, which was a month's salary at the club. Even after Chet's commission, it was still a ton of money, and David and I could really use it, so I said yes, sure.

"That's my girl," Chet smiled, and pinched my bare breast affectionately. "I'll drive you there Saturday afternoon and collect you Sunday night, and I'll also be at the party, so you won't be alone. This is a big deal for you, and I don't want you to get scared."

Meaning, basically, it was my first gig being paid to let someone fuck me, so maybe I'd be nervous. Well, I guessed I was now officially a hooker. But I didn't feel like one. "Just the kid, right?"

"Well, I got the impression his dad wants to try you out first," Chet said a little reluctantly. "Would that be a problem?"

"Not for me," I said, laughing. Over the past month, David had brought home a couple of guys from his stockbroker house, and he'd given them the use of me to sweeten a deal or two. One at a time, of course, on two separate occasions. I'd enjoyed it, and so had they, especially when David tied me to the bed in front of them and watched them enjoy me right back. So this time I was personally getting money for it, no difference.

The next weekend, Chet drove me to a gorgeous estate in the Sea Cliff section of San Francisco, big fancy houses on big plots of land right by the Golden Gate bridge, very exclusive and expensive. As requested by the guy who had hired me, I was wearing a knee-length fox fur coat he'd supplied, my own thigh high boots, and nothing else except a black leather collar and all my piercings, including the labia clip with tiny bells on. My blond hair was loose as usual and falling to my ass.

As I got out of the car, I felt the cold sea air on my bare pussy, and hurried after Chet, who rang the front doorbell and at the same time attached a leash to my collar. "He wanted me to deliver you like this," he said, half apologetically, and I smiled, though I was shivering a little, and not from the sea air.

"Hey, I'm just the present," I said, and felt a thrill: I was an object, a piece of property; I was merchandise being delivered to its owner—a temporary owner, but still I was bought and paid for, and I liked the feeling.

The door was opened by a tall man I recognized instantly from the club, Jack. He was about forty and at least six-four, dark-haired, green-eyed, not classically handsome but ruggedly attractive. As Chet put the leash in his hand, I felt another thrill shoot through me; I felt small and female and helpless in the power of men, and both of them saw it.

"I'll be back later for the party," said Chet, "Enjoy her." Jack smiled and nodded, then he tugged on the leash and led me inside.

I followed him downstairs to a room that had obviously been carefully prepared. Soundproof, no windows, with a huge fur-covered bed in the center of the floor, and various posts and rings and hooks scattered around the walls and floor and ceiling, even a small cage set into the far wall, a few strange-looking pieces of apparatus, of wood and black leather.

"Kneel," he said, and I went immediately to my knees. "I take it Chet explained what the deal is?"

"Sort of," I admitted. "He said you wanted me to dance nude at your son's party, and be his birthday present after you had tried me out?"

"Sort of," he smiled. "Oh, by the way, tonight you address every man here as 'Master'. Now take off the coat."

I slipped the beautiful soft red fox off my shoulders and knelt there naked except for the boots and collar and leash. He walked completely around me, studying me, and I held myself very still and well postured, shoulders back to show off my tits, back arched to show off my well-rounded heart-shaped ass, all my steel shining in the warm lamplight.

"Very, very nice," he said then. "On the bed."

"Yes, master." I was shivering with anticipation by now, and he saw it and smiled as he watched me get on the bed and lie on my back, my right leg straight, my left bent at the knee and flopped outward so that my pussy was well displayed.

"Chet said you dance as well horizontally as you do vertically onstage. I'm planning on finding out before I let my son use you."

While he spoke, his hands had been busy on me, spreading me out, tugging on the fine chains that ran from nipples to clit. Now he fastened my wrists to fur-lined shackles and pulled the chains up so I was stretched out for him, though I could still move my legs. Another clip-chain was snapped to my collar, holding me perfectly.

He ran his hands down to my inner thighs, playing with the rings and the little bells of the labia pin, sliding a finger inside my cunt and moving it around, exploring deep. Then he lifted my hips to his mouth and his tongue found my clit. I arched my back, gasping, as he tongued my clit hood and drew my little pink pearl into his mouth, then bit the soft inside of my smooth-shaven pussy.

He didn't wait long to mount me and ram his way in; I was already dripping and my clit was throbbing hard. He wasn't the biggest or longest I'd ever had, but he was hard as a rock and really thick, filling my cunt, just as I like it to be filled.

Skillful too: he plunged in, then withdrew all but the head of his cock, keeping it just touching my entrance, over and over again, until I was writhing under him, begging him. "Oh God...Jack, please, fuck me, I want you in me now!"

He slapped my face. "You were ordered to address all men tonight as 'Master', slut!"

"Forgive me, master, please use me, master!"

Then he pushed in for real and started fucking me like a stallion, slamming into me as hard as he could, holding me still with his hands at my waist. I drew my knees up, spread them wide and began to thrust back at him, meeting his movement, feeling him fill me up, feeling his cock in me and his balls pressing against the steel pussy rings, feeling him tug at my nipple rings and chains, even playfully biting at the small steel ring in my nose. To him, I was an animal, purchased for pleasure, nameless, there only for him to use.

Then his pace increased, and so did my hips slamming back at him, and we came together. I'm pretty proud of the fact that once I'm being fucked, I can instantly figure out the rhythm for us both to climax at the same time. I haven't been with a lot of men, ten or twelve maybe, but my body knows what to do to make us all happy. I'm five-six, 36C-24-35, really curvy but slim otherwise, and thankfully I'm built to orgasm from fucking alone, which pleases me and the men who fuck me.

After, we lay quiet for a while. Then Jack unfastened my hands and kissed my shoulder. "God, you really are a great piece of ass. You're everything Chet said you were. You'll do fine for Nate. Now go clean yourself up, there's a shower and all kinds of makeup in the bathroom over there. I'll bring you something to eat, and then you can just take it easy, watch TV, till the party's on upstairs. I'll come get you."

He brought me some fancy sandwiches, milk, a dish of strawberries, just something light; I wasn't really hungry, but figured I better eat while I had a chance. Then I dozed a little, awakening when he came back to lead me upstairs.

I was now dressed for action, as ordered, in my tear-off black bikini, with the boots and collar; and when I was brought, leashed, into the party room everybody cheered to see me. It was all men, of all ages: Jack's friends and his son's too, maybe a dozen or fifteen guys all told. I smiled, tossed my ass-length blond hair and got up on the little stage area to start dancing.

The fantastic sex with Jack had set me up. I was on fire, and I moved like a tiger, my body shining in the lights. Guys grabbed for me, sometimes I let them reach me and sometimes I didn't. My bikini didn't stay on long, and neither did the boots.

After about an hour, at Jack's signal, I ran down to dance in front of Nate, Jack's son, as instructed. He was tall, like his dad, and frankly I couldn't believe he'd never scored himself a chick. He looked more like twenty-five than eighteen. He was gorgeous: dark hair, blue eyes, well built. But maybe he was shy. He hadn't taken his eyes off me all night, and I danced in front of him now like a newly purchased slave girl in front of the young prince, the young master of the harem, rubbing my thighs against his leg, my breasts against his chest, hoping to please.

Suddenly I felt my arms seized by two of Jack's friends, and two more grabbed my legs. I was lifted and carried over to a long cushioned stretcher against the wall, on top of a table. The men fastened my wrists and ankles to rings in the stretcher's side pieces, so that I couldn't move, and hooked my collar to another.

Then they began decorating my naked body with birthday cake icing: buttercream rings around my tits, cherries nestling in whipped cream on my nipples and navel, my whole smooth pussy covered in whipped cream and a lighted candle stuck in the icing just above my clit. Not only was I the birthday present, apparently I was the cake as well.

They carried me out into the room to the Happy Birthday song and set me down in the middle of the floor. Then the birthday boy came over to blow out his candle.

His other candle, I could see, was already blazing away. "Come on, Nate, blow it out and make a wish! Or just blow it!" "Put that candle in the cake!" Everybody was laughing and yelling, and I thought he'd be embarrassed, but he was only thinking about sticking his own lit candle into the tempting piece of cake offered so deliciously before him.

He blew out the real candle, then started licking the cream and icing off me. Three of his friends came over and went to work on my breasts and belly, popping the real cherries into their mouths and then sucking on my nipples. I was cleaned off in about thirty seconds, and dripping wet, and then Nate knelt between my legs and unzipped his pants.

He was in me in one quick thrust; hey, he was eighteen, he was a virgin, there was a naked chick tied down for him to fuck, he wasn't going to waste time on foreplay or worry about an audience. He was as well hung as his father: he gave a few quick, deep thrusts, driving all the way in, and blew his load in me, then he looked down at me, and gave me a great big grin, and all the men cheered him. Virgin no more!

Then one by one, all the other party guests had a piece of the cake too, or a piece of the piece. Some wanted to fuck me, others wanted to just eat me, some wanted me to suck them off. I hadn't expected this, and I panicked, and began to fight them. But that was just what they wanted, a nude girl, tied down for their pleasure and struggling helplessly, and one by one they raped me. But can you call it rape if you're secretly enjoying it?

"Hey, pretty slut, Jack paid good money for that hot pussy of yours," one of them said when I struggled under him as he pushed his way into me. "We're gonna get our own birthday present out of you. The more you fight the better we like it, a hot naked chick squirming under us as we fuck her senseless."

When Chet came along to take his turn on me, he pretended to gobble away at my ribcage, biting my breasts, tugging on my navel ring.

"Nicest piece of birthday cake I've ever had," he said, casually slipping inside me and beginning to thrust. "You make a great slave, slut."

"Thank you, master," I said, and gave myself over to the familiar forceful rhythm of his fucking. We'd done a handful of sex shows at the club, and he was my preferred partner; we knew how to bring each other off superbly, and the party stopped partying just to watch Chet expertly fuck me until I screamed.

Finally everyone had had their turn on me, and I found myself lifted again and carried downstairs to the room I'd been in earlier. Hands untied me and helped me shower and clean myself up, and then everybody but Jack, Chet and Nate left, with happy thanks for the great party.

I will never forget the rest of that night, and I bet Nate never will either. Jack and Chet, taking turns, showed Nate exactly what a man can do to a woman. They each fucked me missionary style, just for the hell of it, then Jack flipped me over and did my cunt from behind.

Chet pulled me up to all fours and fucked me doggy style, my arms tied behind my back, then Jack demonstrated ass fucking to his wide-eyed son, whipping me first to get my ass warmed up.

Then they showed him double-teaming, Jack on his back with me impaled on his cock, Chet shoving into my ass from behind, and Nate didn't need to be told to come round and force my mouth open to take his dick.

This was a favorite configuration, and I was a quivering piece of meat, feeling two cocks in me separated only by a thin wall of sensitive flesh, filling my ass and my cunt, pounding away against the steel rings, feeling the third cock filling my mouth as I eagerly sucked it off.

"Remember," Jack said to Nate at one point later on, cock buried deep in my cunt and my legs over his shoulders, "women are made to be used, and men are made to use them. Use them to please yourself, and you'll end up pleasing them as well."

When they finally left Nate alone with me, at about three in the morning, I found out he was a very quick learner. He eagerly applied all the techniques he'd been shown, then fastened me spread-eagled to the bed and began to give my body the most thorough, leisurely, slow handling I'd ever had, from my toes to my ears. He licked and kissed and sucked and stroked every inch of me, for at least twenty minutes.

By the end I was on fire, moaning, begging him to fuck me, and finally he did, removing some of my rings to get better access, even whipping me with Jack's short five-bladed leather whip until my thighs and mound and flanks were pink against the rest of my whiteness. He was eighteen, and as insatiable and inexhaustible as he would ever be in his life, and obviously he'd decided he liked fucking.

He slid into me now like an experienced man would, not a boy anymore; he knew what to do to get a helpless screaming response out of me, and he enjoyed watching me give it. Tonight, I was being trained as much as he was, responding like an animal to pleasure and pain both.

"You're amazing," he said softly, as I lay gasping for breath. "I could fuck you forever." He probably could, too.

Then we fell asleep for a few hours, until Nate awoke with a raging hard-on and started in on me all over again.

All Sunday we were alone together in that basement room. Someone left a tray of food outside, and he took pleasure in feeding me like a pet as I knelt before him. His shyness had worn off long ago, and we started to talk. He was a sweet, intelligent kid, off to college in a few weeks, and I instructed him what to do if he wanted to please the girls there. They'd eat him up. So to speak.

Finally Jack returned, bringing Chet with him, both of them grinning ear to ear, and the birthday was over. I cleaned myself up and came out of the bathroom naked.

Nate came over to kiss me, and ran a possessive hand over me, like a man with a prize thoroughbred filly.

"Can't we keep her?" he asked his dad, only half kidding, and the men laughed. "Could you sell her to us, Chet?"

"She'd probably like that," said Chet, "being sold as a slave. But no, we have to get her home."

"We filmed the whole thing, son; you can watch it anytime you want. But I'm sure we could arrange for another birthday treat," said Jack. "Or Christmas, or the Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving. Don't you think so, slut?"

"Yes, master," I said demurely, eyes cast down, and they all laughed again.

Jack gifted me with the beautiful fox coat, its pocket full of my fee for the weekend, and I gave Nate the black leather collar and leash as a keepsake of his first time, which pleased both him and his father.

As Chet and I drove away, I hid my face in the big soft fur collar, knowing I was a whore now, but I still couldn't stop smiling.

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